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Chapter 592 - The Curtain Drops

“Child, do you really think you can kill me? Aren’t you just saying that out of anger?” Huang Yu laughed faintly. He carried a small golden hammer that crackled with lightning in his hand.

Shi Hao sighed. He looked into the sky towards the horizon. That was the direction where Stone Village rested. Would he still be able to go back after this battle? Would he be able to see those people again?

Then, he looked into the void, wishing he could peer through the world and say a few final sentences to his parents who were in Immortal Mountain.

He was silent, feeling rather disappointed and confused. He was actually forced into this situation. After this battle, would there still be a little Stone in this world?

“You are so young, and your natural talents are so unordinary. Having you die here really is quite a pity. I really will give you the option of staying alive, as long as you serve me for a hundred years.” The corners of Huang Yu’s lips revealed a faint smile as he spoke. 

“Today, if it isn’t you that dies, then it’s me that will!” Shi Hao’s voice resounded through the air. His gaze was incredibly fierce. 

“Why do you insist on going about things the wrong way… Truly lamentable. Since you wish to die, then I’ll carry out your wish!” Huang Yu spoke with a ridiculing tone. 

He then rushed downwards, displaying all types of methods. Even though he looked calm on the outside, he was still extremely careful, fearing that Shi Hao truly had some special methods. 

He was someone who was naturally careful. Even though his cultivation was extremely high and he possessed great strength, he wasn’t willing to show any carelessness towards this younger generation youth Shi Hao. 

Endless lightning radiance streaked across the sky. When the small golden hammer struck down, it was as if the entire mountain range was submerged in electricity! 


In that instant, it was unknown just how many mountain peaks were blasted apart. Rubble flew through the sky, and all types of mountain bodies continuously collapsed, collapsing into ashes and broken pieces. 

Endless lightning interweaved into an ocean. The rumbling sounds shook all of Fire Nation. This was an absolutely astonishing scene!

This wasn’t everything. Huang Yu used all types of divinie abilities. He turned into his original body, spreading his Immortal Crane wings and filling the sky with golden feathers. They turned into divine arrows, and all of them shot towards Shi Hao’s flesh. 


At the same time, golden pillars appeared in the void one after another. These were all formed from the natural laws of gold. There were divine flames burning about on every single pillar. Countless symbols could be seen here. 

Shi Hao released a long roar. All types of true deity weapons were activated at the same time to defend against this attack. This place immediately erupted into chaos. 

The decisive battle between both sides made heaven and earth lose color. The changes that were taking place in this place were absolutely astonishing. One could see the blazing radiance from several hundred li out, almost covering the sun. 


A golden bird claw slashed over, distorting space as it descended. It almost tore apart Shi Hao’s neck. Several terrifying wounds that were dripping with blood were left behind. 

The imperishable golden body battle clothes lacked protection in areas close to his face. Even this small weakness was taken advantage of by Huang Yu, almost killing the little Stone through it. 

Shi Hao widened his eyes in anger. He activated the magical sword and used it to continuously strike the golden claws. Thunderous sounds rang through the air. 

In the distance, many experts were alarmed. They moved closer, witnessing the terrifying divine might that was rippling outwards as well as the chaotic skies for themselves. They were all stupefied and frightened. 

“The little Stone came to my Fire Nation and is fighting the last deity! I truly hope he can win!”

“The situation doesn’t look too good. He is on the defensive and in danger!”

Everyone’s expressions changed. That deity was too powerful. After igniting his divine flame, his body was resplendent with radiance. With a wave of his hand, the entire world would resonate in response. How was one supposed to fight against this type of power?


Huang Yu brandished his wings to collide with Shi Hao, striking him until he coughed out blood from his mouth and nose. His ears and eyes also had scarlet liquid trickling out from them.  

The situation was dire. Shi Hao was doing everything he could, but he still couldn’t contend against this opponent. 

“Hand over your life!” Huang Yu shouted. Another magical artifact unexpectedly appeared in his hands, a golden fan made of feathers. With a ferocious fan, a great hurricane emerged. 

This type of wind was too terrifying. It was golden in color, immediately blasting several dozen mountain peaks into ashes. Anything that made contact with it would inevitably turn into ashes. 

This really was a scalp numbing power. 

Shi Hao looked like he had been struck by lightning. Even though he had deity level magical artifacts protecting him, he still flew outwards. His flesh trembled greatly. Blood flowed out from his mouth. This time, he was swept up by the great winds, making him fly out who knew how many li. 

“Yi, you still want to escape? You should just die here!” Huang Yu cried out. His gaze was cold, and killing intent surged. There was no point in hiding anything now. 

Shi Hao really was fleeing. He wanted to get a bit closer to Stone Country, maybe even take one last look at Stone Village if possible. There were too many great memories in that place, and every time he thought about it, he would always feel great warmth. 

Only, he knew that there was no way he could get close to it. As soon as Huang Yu discovered Stone Village, it would inevitably be placed in danger!

Even with the Willow Deity’s great formations there, if Huang Yu knew its location, he would definitely act carefully, trapping them inside of the village and carefully plot against that pure land. 

This vicious bird’s thoughts were always meticulous. He was just too careful and difficult to deal with. 

“You wish to die in Stone Country?” Huang Yu smiled coldly. He could tell what Shi Hao was thinking. He was fleeing while coughing blood, wishing to enter Stone Country’s borders. 

Shi Hao didn’t pay him any attention. However, he continuously lost blood, and his injuries worsened greatly. 

Finally, he found an ancient city. He stepped on the altar, opening a passageway and disappearing from Fire Nation. 

“The little Stone’s great battle affected two countries. The most crucial moment has arrived. Who can offer him a hand?!” News transmitted outwards from Fire Nation, creating a huge commotion. 

Everyone knew that when those two were found again, the great battle would have most likely ended. 


Shi Hao appeared within Stone Country’s borders, blood trickling out from his body along the way. He continued to fight while retreating. 

Huang Yu smiled coldly. He wished for Shi Hao to continue fleeing until he ran out of strength to save him some effort. He was naturally mistrustful in nature, fearing that Shi Hao might have some special methods. 

“Three Life Mountain… I’ve arrived.” Shi Hao said softly. His body was already dyed red with blood. He unexpectedly returned to this mountain range again. He had previously cultivated for a period of time in isolation here. 

He looked towards Stone Village, quiet and lost in his thoughts. Then, he said to himself, “Father, mother, I don’t know if we can ever see each other again.”

Finally, he looked towards the heavens and said, “I haven’t fought into the higher realms yet, unable to compete against those exceptional talents and heavenly geniuses. I am truly unwilling to accept this fate…”

At this moment, Huang Yu caught up. He rushed forward murderously, and with a cold smile, he said, “You can go on your way.” 

“You go on your way first!” Shi Hao said, his voice cold and resolute. 

In addition, right at this moment, endless fiery light erupted from his entire body, as if he immediately ignited the heavens. It was so brilliant that even the sun became dim in comparison. 

A mysterious and powerful energy rippled outwards, engulfing all directions. 

Shi Hao rushed towards Huang Yu. In his surroundings, ten heavenly passages burned, linking together. Another abnormal fluctuation rippled outwards, filling the air with a terrifying energy. 

“Live sacrifice!” He released a light shout that rumbled like thunder. 

There was no way. He had to use his life in exchange. While fleeing, he continuously stored up power, ammassing strength all for the sake of erupting at this moment. 

Live sacrifice. When Shi Hao opened his ten heavenly passages back then, he had stepped foot into it before in the past. At that time, even the Willow Deity was startled, stating that this contained a power that could damage the harmony of heaven. 

Only, how could it be that easy to live sacrifice a deity? This was especially true when the deity was as powerful as Huang Yu. It would be even more difficult to deal with. 

Using oneself as a live sacrifice, using that as a primer to then offer the other party as a live sacrifice!

Shi Hao rushed towards Immortal Palace’s old servant. A pair of Kun Peng wings moved about, increasing his speed to the fastest it had ever been his entire life. 

“You…” Huang Yu was horrified. When the ten great heavenly passages ignited, it was as if they could burn through anything. It made his heavenly passages resonate in response to sacrifice them as well. He naturally had to retreat. 

The ten great heavenly passages linked up. After the live sacrifice, they became even more different, forming a domain that surrounded this place. It was unexpectedly merging with the old servant, making it difficult for him to flee. It was as if he had been caught in a swamp. 

This was still because he was powerful. If it was anyone else, they would have long been confined in place without being able to budge an inch. 

Hou… Huang Yu roared, his gray hair flying about chaotically as he struggled intensely. He didn’t want to be sacrificed alive together with another person like this. 

Ten great heavenly passages linked up together and burned furiously. This was a flaring of life force. After being supported by the imperishable golden body battle clothes, the power of this live sacrifice was terrifying to the extreme. It could definitely set the heavenly passages of a deity aflame!


Huang Yu shouted loudly. He was truly anxious now, because right now, some of his heavenly passages had been forced to appear. They were going to be sacrificed together and burned through. 

Around him, the small golden hammer, golden fan, other weapons, as well as the thumb ring on his hand emerged. They all shone to suppress Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao shouted loudly. The broken sword, country protecting divine halberd, beast skin, and other true deity magical artifacts also appeared to hold off those weapons. He offered himself as a living sacrifice, and he was going to pull Huang Yu down with him. 

Once this began, it was incredibly difficult to survive. It would be hard for him to make it out of this alive. 

There was only a single line of life, and even at the most crucial point, he might not necessarily be able to grab it. After all, the one he was dealing with was a deity. If he didn’t offer himself as a living sacrifice, how was he supposed to sacrifice the other party?

Huang Yu became anxious. He continuously muttered to himself, chanting incantations. Finally, he shouted, “Immortal Palace descend!”

An indistinct void image appeared, originating from his body. There was a majestic and boundless aura being exuded. It suppressed towards Shi Hao to destroy his body and completely wipe out the flames. 

This type of divine might was utterly terrifying!

What is this? Shi Hao was astonished. 

The void image gradually condensed. It was a bronze immortal palace that was incomparably large and imposing. It carried a terrifying pressure with it, as if the force of the immortal dao was falling down. 

“This is the void image of my Immortal Palace. A great one imparted it onto my body. I never expected that I would truly have to use it here.” Huang Yu’s face became pale as he said in a downcast manner. 

Shi Hao was astonished. This was Immortal Palace? It actually had substance in the higher realm and wasn’t just the name of an organization. It was made of bronze. Even though it was an indistinct void image, it gave off great and boundless profound mysteries. 

In addition, there were many void figures in its surroundings. They were all bronze palaces, and they were linked together. Only, they weren’t as large or clear as this one. 


Shi Hao not only coughed out blood from his mouth, all of the skin on his body broke apart. He bled from all seven apertures. His body was on the verge of collapsing. 

“It was originally already a situation of nine deaths and one life, but there was a shred of hope. Now it seems like that shred of hope is going to disappear too…” Shi Hao said to himself. 

“You should just calmly go on your way! There is no shame in dying under the void image of Immortal Palace. This is the immortal dao’s supreme treasure!” Huang Yu sneered. He now calmed down. 

“Just an insignificant void image, yet you want to suppress me with it? Aren’t you ridiculing me a bit too much? If I can live, there will be a day when I go to the higher realms and destroy the real bronze immortal palace!” Shi Hao said. 

Huang Yu carried a mocking sneer as he said, “Just with you? No way! You will also never have this chance. Your life can just end right here.”

“Then ten deaths and no life it shall be…” When Shi Hao reached this point, he raised his voice, shaking the heavens with his roar. “However, I will bring you down with me!”

“Keep dreaming!” Huang Yu’s mind jumped. He took precautions and began to back up. 

“Supreme being bone, open for me!” Shi Hao roared. At this moment, his entire body shone, especially his chest area. Endless light drowned out this place. 

At the final moment before destruction, Shi Hao’s expression became calm again. He said softly to himself, “Stone Village, I really want to go back and look at you all one more time, but I can’t. Also, father, mother, I have just met you two and had a reunion, but in the end, we have to part ways again… I am truly unwilling…”

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