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Chapter 591 - Desperate Situation


Something shocking happened. The old servant reached out his hand to block the attack. His finger struck down on the great halberd, releasing a metallic sound. He then borrowed this force to bounce back far into the sky. 

Shi Hao's arm felt a bit numb. The other party's strength was truly extraordinary!

What was going on?

The old servant's aura became more powerful. The supreme being bone clearly suppressed him, so why did he seem like he was becoming more and more formidable? The effects of the supreme being bone's symbols shouldn't have expired yet. 

The wounds on Huang Yu's body quickly closed. His aura began to flourish with greater and greater power. Even though his appearance was still old and his skin was sagging, his entire being became more dangerous. 

"Haha…" Did you think that I was already at the end of the rope, that my life is going to end soon? Wrong, my Immortal Crane Race is one with extremely long lifespans. Moreover, before coming down to the lower realm, Immortal Palace even bestowed a divine pill onto me that can increase my vitality. Thanks to you, I was able to borrow your supreme being symbols to dissolve the final bit of medicinal strength of that divine pill, allowing it to completely merge with myself."

Shi Hao frowned. He decisively withdrew, pulling back a safe distance. He sighed inwardly. This type of expert was hard to deal with after all. 

"You used my attack to refine your divine pill?"

"I'm old already, so my courage is small and I wouldn't willingly risk such a thing. It was just something I had to do in the most desperate situation." Huang Yu's gaze was indistinct. 

Shi Hao was silent. In reality, the most important reason was that the difference in strength between the two of them was too great. The old servant was quite a bit more powerful than normal deities that ignited their divine flame. 

If Shi Hao ignited his divine flame, he would definitely be able to use his supreme being bone to slaughter the enemy!

It was precisely at this time that the supreme being symbols scattered and the figure that was produced disappeared. Shi Hao turned around and fled. Huang Yu naturally rushed after him in pursuit. Brilliant light seeped out from his eyes when they opened and closed. 

"Where do you think you're going?!"

His arms moved, and a pair of golden wings appeared. It was the true immortal crane wings. It was even more ferocious than before. Countless golden feathers danced about, and together with those wings, they swept out a large expanse of light. 


When Shi Hao dodged out of the way, many of the mountain peaks below were destroyed. When they were swept by the golden light, they all collapsed. Smoke and dust surged high into the air. 

By now, Huang Yu naturally recovered to his optimal state. His wounds have disappeared, and his entire body was pulsing with golden light. 

"Youngster, you don't know how high the heaven or how deep the earth is. Why don't you come and have a taste of this old one's magical artifact?" He opened his mouth and spat out a small golden hammer. Lightning streaked out towards Shi Hao. 

"En?" Shi Hao was astonished. This wasn't a normal attack. The small hammer released the sound of thunder, and there was lightning hacking over with extreme speed!

"Go!" Huang Yu shouted loudly. The lightning hammer shone and rumbled with noise. It collided with the true deity magical artifact in Shi Hao's hands, leaving him greatly shaken and coughing blood from his mouth. 

This small golden hammer wasn't simple!

"Endless sea!" Shi Hao shouted. A black wave rose from behind him. A Kun fish brandished its tail. Its enormous body surged with endless black great yin energy to defend against Huang Yu. 

The black wave released the force of great yin, boundless and chilly, a power that surged with a 'soft' force as it attacked the Immortal Palace's old servant. 

Ear-splitting lightning sounds fell as it collided with the black sea. Blinding light erupted between the two sides. It was as if an explosion from outer space took place here. Endless rays of light shot out in all directions, immediately sending Shi Hao flying outwards. 

The difference in strength between the two sides was just too great to make up. Shi Hao's life was at risk. If this continued, he would undoubtedly die!

"You should just give up!" The old servant laughed coldly. He reached out a large hand and grabbed outwards. This was a divine ability that contained a world within the palm. It surrounded heaven and earth, completely covering this place. 

If it was just someone at the same cultivation level as Shi Hao that displayed this attack, then that would be that. However, this was an old monster that was attacking. His cultivation realm was too high. Shi Hao's expression changed. It was too hard to escape from this little world. He had to fight with everything he had and stake it all!


He released a loud shout. A pair of Kun Peng wings appeared behind him, one pitch-black like ink, one blazing brilliantly with golden light. The two collided together, erupting with yin and yang energies, merging together. There were wisps of chaotic energy seeping out. 

"En?" Huang Yu was astonished. A crack appeared in the palm world. Shi Hao actually broke out. 

"What a formidable divine ability! If I can successfully cultivate it, my strength will definitely double!" The old servant was also of a bird race, so he naturally desired this type of precious technique. His eyes were burning with passion. 

The two sides fought while moving, their bodies quickly flying above the mountain range. They fought from one battlefield to another; it was incomparably intense. 

Shi Hao continuously tossed Demonic Sunflower Seeds into his mouth. The sparkling black seeds contained powerful divine might. If not for these, he would have long ran out of energy. 

This was the most miserable battle Shi Hao had ever fought. His body was covered in hidden injuries, and they were all inflicted by Huang Yu through the battle halberd. His blood vessels, bones, and other areas were all injured. 

With his powerful build, how many people in the lower realm could injure him? Yet today, he encountered the most dangerous situation where he might die at any time. 


Huang Yu sent lightning hacking down, and he even supplemented it with a great divine ability, blasting Shi Hao into an enormous city. He landed on an altar. Without batting an eyelid, he opened up a passageway to escape. 

A moment later, he rushed out from a transport formation. He had entered Fire Nation. 

Huang Yu naturally chased after him. He wished to beat down Shi Hao miserably and force him to flee back to his ancestral land so he could learn all of Shi Hao's secrets. 

"Wu, did he really grow up in this type of place?" Huang Yu said to himself. He had investigated Shi Hao carefully beforehand. He went missing when he was still young, and when he reappeared, he regrew the supreme being bone and displayed outstanding accomplishments. 


Shi Hao's eyes shone. The time limit had passed, so he could use the supreme being bone again. He erupted with divine might. The little figure flew out from his chest again, once again defying space as it rushed over. 

This time, the little figure completely erupted with power. When it caught up to Huang Yu, it immediately disintegrated, covering the Immortal Palace old servant with the supreme being symbols to kill him. 

Huang Yu roared. He wasn't fast enough to avoid this figure formed from symbols, so he was struck once again. 

Only, this time, it was completely different. He changed from being aged back to being young. His white hair first turned black, and then his skin developed luster again, no longer sagging. Finally, his eyes became sharper than before. 

"The feeling of being young truly is good…" Huang Yu sighed. 

Shi Hao was dumbstruck. Then, he began to curse endlessly. This damn freak!

This old servant didn't become small and instead obtained a youthful appearance. His vitality was exuberant, and the state of his body was so good that it drove Shi Hao mad. He recovered the other party's vitality for absolutely no reason. 

"En?" Shi Hao noticed that even though Huang Yu became younger, his divine force became weaker, not as great as when he was in his aged state. This was the only opportunity he could take advantage of. He threw himself forward and made and did everything he could to kill his enemy.

Unfortunately, he miscalculated. Even though Huang Yu's current dao wasn't as great as when he was older, the difference wouldn't be too excessive. He was still a level higher than Shi Hao, making him extremely difficult to kill. 

This truly left Shi Hao feeling helpless. If he made his opponent older, he still had quite a lifespan left, but if he made him younger, since he was an old man to begin with, he was instead helping him recover his vitality. 

Shi Hao felt a huge headache. This was the first time he encountered this type of opponent. Even though the supreme being symbols were powerful, when facing an opponent who was so much more powerful than himself, he truly felt lacking in strength. 

"If I had ignited my divine flame and had enough divine force, I could kill him with a single blow. What a pity…" Shi Hao truly couldn't think of a way. 

"Golden law, suppress and kill!" Huang Yu lightly shouted. He didn't want anything unexpected to happen, decisively using the most powerful types of divine abilities. 

Numerous golden pillars appeared, seemingly supporting the heavens as they scattered the clouds above. Every single one was incomparably thick with symbols engraved on their surfaces. 

Shi Hao was trapped within. He had encountered great danger. He rushed left and right. With a hong sound, he was blasted until his entire body trembled, causing blood to flow from all parts of his body. 


In the end, he clenched his teeth, sacrificing his own blood to several true deity magical artifacts, and only then was he able to blast apart a small opening, allowing him to escape. His entire body was covered in blood. 

"Do you see now? This is the difference in strength between us. It's useless no matter what kind of defensive measures you use. In the end, you will still be defeated," the old servant said coldly. 

"You old thing…" As soon as Shi Hao opened his mouth, blood began to continuously trickle out. He hurriedly closed his mouth and nose and fled in a certain direction. 

Huang Yu was astonished. Magma roiled through this place, and the world was full of spiritual essence. He even saw a group of fish moving within the scarlet liquid, leaving him so surprised he couldn't help but say, "These are Flame Fish, no, these are a mutation of Flame Fish, Yang Fish! They are known to reside in places of great yang force and possess great divine substance!"

This was, of course, Fire Nation's ancestral land. 

Even now, Fire Nation was still engaging in internal struggles. They still haven't completely calmed down, so they couldn't tend to this place. 

Shi Hao originally wanted to guide Huang Yu here, but he found it rather difficult to do so. When he was blasted down towards an altar, he took advantage of the situation and sent himself here. 

With his current cultivation realm and imperishable golden body battle clothes, he naturally had the power to open up the underground ancient palace. He entered Fire Nation's Ancient Holy Emperor Palace!

Soon after, Huang Yu appeared, following him inside. His expression was rather strange as he followed Shi Hao past the sea of magma and into an enormous palace. 

Great flames burned outside the great gates, but for an existence that ignited its divine flame, this couldn't be considered much. Huang Yu directly entered and immediately saw the pond of rebirth. 

"Divine pond?! What a pity it is that it had been used by someone already…" He felt incomparably regretful. He only found a bit of magma in the pond. The scarlet liquid carried bits of golden yellow color. 

"This is divine liquid left behind after a Vermilion Bird underwent nirvana?" Huang Yu was greatly shaken and left speechless. This was something that he longed for greatly. He collected the bit of divine liquid that remained. 

Shi Hao fled while fighting. When he reached a wall, he pushed apart the stone doors and rushed inside. Huang Yu's expression became downcast, but he followed Shi Hao inside. 

Shi Hao was astonished. This fellow was just too daring, actually following him here! He never expected things to go this smoothly. He fled onto the battle arena. 

There were many gates in the Wall of Gods and Devils. This was one of the paths. There was an arena to fight on here. 

Shi Hao wanted Huang Yu to follow him inside. With the help of this place, he was going to kill his opponent!

"Yi, not good, this place restricts one's cultivation realm!" Huang Yu's expression changed. 

All types of creatures rushed out from that wall. They threw themselves at the two of them. Shi Hao had already blocked off the route of retreat a while ago. His face was expressionless. He wanted to deliver the final blow. 

These creatures naturally couldn't injure Huang Yu. Then, finally, a Zhuyan that was incomparably terrifying jumped out. It rushed murderously towards Shi Hao and Huang Yu. 

"Why is the cultivation level of the three of us the same?" Huang Yu's expression fell. He felt as if things were turning extremely bad. He attacked ferociously to make his way out. 

However, forget about Shi Hao, just that Zhuyan that jumped out was incredibly vicious and terrifying. Its palm slapped downwards, shaking the mountains and moving the earth. It tore off a large chunk of his flesh and devoured it. 

Shi Hao moved even more so like a powerful dragon. He went berserk, attacking frantically. Every strike was astonishing to the extreme. 

Huang Yu's couldn't defend himself anymore. His body trembled continuously as he fought intensely against Shi Hao. He coughed out large amount of blood from his mouth, his body seemingly on the verge of breaking apart. 


Shi Hao released a shout. He avoided an attack from the Zhuyan and rushed towards Huang Yu to continuously clash with him. Finally, the broken sword in his hand pierced through his forehead. 

Pu. Blood splashed high into the air. 

Huang Yu shouted with great fury. How could he die in the hands of this younger generation youth? He roared, setting himself aflame with his own divine flame and quickly turned into ashes. 

"En?" Shi Hao frowned. 

He was still fighting the Zhuyan. After a final strike, he killed it. He wanted to leave this place first and return to the surface to rest before coming down here again to investigate things more closely. 

It was because he had exhausted too much during this great battle, almost completely drying himself up. He didn't want to waste energy here, because this place was extremely strange. Who knew if another great battle would erupt again. 

He arrived at the surface. However, as soon as he did so, all of his fine hairs stood on end. He quickly rushed out to avoid a strike that would have definitely killed him. 

Huang Yu appeared again. He stood there with a cold smile on his face. 

"You…" Shi Hao's expression changed. He had a feeling that something wasn't right with what happened just now. As expected, there were problems. He had acted too rashly during that desperate situation. When he was in the palace, he unexpectedly failed to carefully examine if that Huang Yu was real. 

"That was just one of my spirit bodies." Huang Yu said indifferently. He was extremely careful and naturally wouldn't carelessly follow Shi Hao inside. Only, he felt that there was a great opportunity here that couldn't be missed, so he sent a spirit body inside to look around. 

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. This old thing really was careful, not taking any risks at all. After the three deities were killed in a similar fashion, this type of method naturally wouldn't work. 

"Do you still want to flee? If you do so, then I'll immediately return to Stone Country to kill the War King, Peng Nine, and the others. Then, I'll pay your parents back at Immortal Mountain a visit. Finally, I'll unleash a genocide in Stone Country!" Huang Yu sneered. He didn't want to delay things any longer. 

Shi Hao remained silent, but his pupils became more and more deep as he looked at his opponent. He didn't say anything. 

"You seem rather unwilling to accept this. You want to kill me, but you lack the strength, thus resulting in your current sullen mood!" Huang Yu laughed and said, "If you want to live, then I'll give you a chance. Let me seal you up, and then willingly obey my orders for a hundred years."

"I was actually forced into such a desperate situation…" Shi Hao sighed. 

"If you don't bow down, then accept death!" Huang Yu's face fell. 

"It's you who will die!" Shi Hao fiercely raised his head. He made his decision. His gaze was resolute, and he pointed his sword at his opponent. 

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