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Chapter 590 - Using the Supreme Being Bone 

The storm of energy was everywhere, forming an extremely powerful domain. Fortunately, it was already starting to scatter and it was no longer as terrifying as it was in the beginning. 

Shi Hao’s pupils were like golden lights. His chest shone and bone text emerged. Together with the sound of scriptures, it truly manifested. He used his most powerful precious technique to kill Huang Yu!

Huang Yu’s body was covered in blood. His face was incredibly downcast, and mangled flesh could be seen all around his shoulders, thighs, and other areas. He could actually survive under this type of terrifying attack. 

However, his mind was still stable, and his injuries couldn’t be considered too severe. One had to admit that he was truly an extremely terrifying existence among existences that had their divine flames lit. 

He rushed out from the maelstrom and flew over with powerful killing intent!

The domain warped the space around them, confusing one’s sense of perception. Even though Huang Yu’s divine senses were powerful, it was still hard for him to see through the void. He simply wished to break free from this place as fast as possible. 

“Yi, something’s wrong!” Huang Yu sensed danger. All of his fine hairs stood on end. He quickly moved to the side, disappearing from his original spot. 

Shi Hao rushed over. His supreme being bone shone, and a layer of holy symbols passed through his body. He shouted loudly, “Hand over your life!”

In front of him, a creature in rather terrible shape rushed at him with great speed. The outside of his body was swirling with radiance, and countless golden feathers danced around him as if a god was descending. 

“En?” Shi Hao was shocked. He felt like something wasn’t right. However, his supreme being bone already shone, and the symbols condensed in the air. It was already activated, so he couldn’t retract it now. 


This was a collision of great power. This existence surrounded by divine feathers released its most powerful attack, colliding straight into the reincarnation force. Both sides clashed against each other like raging waves, erupting with extraordinary power. 

Finally, that figure backed up in retreat, struck by the reincarnation force. It quickly began to degenerate. The battle clothes on its body scattered away like ashes, and its body was also crumbling apart. 

However, this wasn’t Huang Yu!

“You are quite good at grasping opportunities, actually owning a divine eye that can even see through this domain!” Huang Yu’s voice was ice cold. 

Shi Hao’s expression changed. The supreme being bone’s power was extraordinary when it displayed its power, but it couldn’t hit Huang Yu. What it destroyed was merely a human shaped puppet. 

While Huang Yu was speaking, his actual body already silently moved forward to deliver a counter-attack towards Shi Hao. He wanted to thoroughly eliminate this lower realm geniuses to prevent future grievances. 

He used the puppet’s body to obstruct the supreme being bone’s attack. It was clear that he had long made his preparations all for the sake of dealing with this type of sudden situation, which now showed its effectiveness. 

After all, Shi Hao still hadn’t fully understood the profound mysteries of the reincarnation power and simply borrowed power from the bone to display it. That was why there was a restriction of use, so he temporarily couldn’t display its power again. 


Huang Yu’s palm descended with hundreds of thousands of jin of force, enough to completely blast a mountain peak into ashes. The most terrifying thing were the large amounts of symbols that followed around that palm. 

This was the finishing blow. It reached Shi Hao’s chest!

He might be able to avoid a flesh palm, but when these symbols rushed down and landed on his body, it was simply impossible to evade. This counterattack was instead successful. 

“It’s about time to end this.” Huang Yu released a cold smile. 


Suddenly, Shi Hao’s chest shone again. Bone texts emerged, accompanied with a wave of flourishing light. Terrifying energy pervaded the air. 

“What?” Huang Yu was astonished. He had made sure to confirm that the supreme being bone couldn’t be used in succession, needing a specific amount of time for preparation before its power could be displayed again. How could it be like this now?


The most powerful wave of energy rippled over. Huang Yu’s palm was dissolved. All types of symbols were wiped out. A large explosion erupted between the two of them, and endless light rushed into the heavens. 

“So it turned out that you actually had a true deity beast skin?” Huang Yu was astonished. 

This was a piece of beast skin that had merged together with Shi Hao’s chest. Right now, it displayed its origin power, neutralizing this palm’s power. Powerful energy flourished about. 

This was one of Stone Village’s two ancestral artifacts. After their seals were lifted, the divine might they produced was astonishing, a bit more powerful than even Stone Country Imperial Palace’s magical artifacts!


The two sides clashed once again, activating all types of precious techniques and displaying many mysterious methods. It was incredibly intense. 

Shi Hao not only used the imperishable golden body battle clothes, he also merged with a piece of beast skin. Its defensive power was astonishing, temporarily allowing him to fight against Huang Yu’s power. Their battle was incredibly fierce.

The old servant’s expression fell. Not long ago, he had been injured by the explosion, making blood flow from his body. Now, he fought intensely again, yet he was unable to immediately seize a younger generation youngster. 

Shi Hao released a long roar and began to fight against the elder. He exhausted a large amount of divine force. All types of light continuously surged between these two. 


Suddenly, the elder revealed his original body. He rushed forward with extreme speed, overflowing the heavens with golden radiance to smash into Shi Hao. 

He was actually a Golden Crane, an archaic vicious bird with a great reputation. Its innate talents were extraordinary. This race was the most difficult once provoked. At this moment, it spread its wings, sending out streak after streak of divine light. 

These attacks were extremely terrifying. This was his race’s great divine ability, one called ‘Immortal shining wings’!

This light left Shi Hao feeling horrified. He quickly moved out of the way. Every streak of light that descended would blast apart a few mountain peaks below, turning them into ashes. 


Finally, a wing with golden feathers moved outwards, breaking through the halberd and beast skin’s symbols and making Shi Hao cough out a large mouthful of blood. The other party’s strength was still a bit greater in the end. 


However, Shi Hao didn’t back up and instead raised his hands to oppose those immortal crane wings. He charged outwards, actually taking the initiative to fight decisively against Huang Yu. 

Huang Yu released a snort. It was just a supreme expert, yet he was unable to deal with Shi Hao after all this time. A wave of fury naturally stirred within his heart. 

“En, what?””

He was startled. Shi Hao’s hand suddenly erupted with dazzling light and also released a roar that shook one down to their soul. 

Huang Yu quickly backed up in retreat. He also used the most powerful symbols to repel the enemy’s attack. An insignificant supreme expert unexpectedly made him feel danger, forcing him to this state. 

Huang Yu formed a human body. His palm and fingers became golden. Natural dao laws swirled about, and with a hong sound, he sent it towards Shi Hao. Golden multicolored light immediately erupted into the air!

As a result, Shi Hao staggered backwards. He was greatly shaken. Meanwhile, Huang Yu released a muffled groan. The area between his thumb and forefinger split apart with his hand bones almost cracking apart and blood flowed outwards. This made him furious. He was actually injured again!

“Another true deity magical artifact! How many do you have?!” Huang Yu was completely shocked. If not for the ring on his finger emitting light, he would have suffered greatly just now. 

On Shi Hao’s arm, a bone could vaguely be seen. It merged together with his arm and released an undying divine force. As expected, it was another true deity magical artifact. 

Back then, Shi Linghu and Shi Feijiao had used this bone and beast skin, only, because their strength weren’t great enough, they couldn’t break through the ancestral artifacts’ seal, so they couldn’t reveal their true divine might. 

However now, it was different for Shi Hao. He was powerful enough himself, so he could activate them. 

Meanwhile, these two artifacts were quite primitive and practical. They could merge together with one’s flesh to display their terrifying power. 

“Youngster, you are truly angering me. Let’s see how much longer you can hold on for!” Huang Yu spoke coldly. The smile on his face had already completely vanished. 

A great battle erupted. Shi Hao exhausted his divine force to the limit, activating several divine artifacts at the same time. However, as a result, he became so tired he coughed out large amounts of blood, finding it difficult to continue like this. He truly couldn’t hold on much longer. 

After all, regardless of whether it was was the country protecting divine halberd, beast skin, or that bone, they all needed an extremely large amount of spiritual essence to nourish them. Only then could they display their divine might. 

“En, the opportunity has arrived!”

Suddenly, Shi Hao was happily surprised. After becoming a supreme being, his supreme being bone’s recovery strength was astonishing. After this short period of time, he unexpectedly could use it already. 

Dao sounds shook the sky. His chest bone shone. A faintly discernible little golden figure was sitting on top of the bone. It erupted with heaven overflowing might!

Huang Yu sneered. A pair of golden immortal crane wings appeared on his back, increasing his speed to the limit. He decisively backed up, avoiding the radiance. “Do you really think I’ll just obediently let you attack me?”

Shi Hao didn’t say a thing. Kun Peng wings appeared behind him and he followed with great speed. However, Huang Yu didn’t flee in a straight line into the distance and instead continuously changed directions, moving about like a specter. It was hard to pinpoint his direction momentarily as he was continuously backing up, stalling until the supreme being bone’s symbols scattered. 

“Youngster, you still aren’t enough. I’ve already said that you wouldn’t live long if you acted so rashly against me.” Huang Yu said indifferently. 


Concentrated bone texts suddenly appeared from Shi Hao's chest. Then, like a heaven overflowing flood, they all poured outwards. In addition, there was still one person that rushed outwards as well, and as if it didn’t seem to obey the laws of space, it immediately rushed out over ten li and arrived in front of Huang Yu. 

“What?” Huang Yu cried out in alarm. The other party’s speed was just too fast, and that figure gave off an extremely dangerous aura. 

This was the little golden figure that sat on top of the supreme being bone. It had left the bone, enlarging its body until it was identical to Shi Hao to carry out a great decisive battle!

In the past, Shi Hao only used it once when fighting that decisive battle against fairy Yue Chan’s main body. A single attack seized the opportunity and captured the fairy. 

And now, this was the second time it was displayed, and it was going to destroy the enemy in one strike as well!

As expected, when the little figure that sat on top of the supreme being bone rushed outwards, it brought endless symbols with it. It formed incomparable might that made even deities tremble!

In addition, its speed was just too fast. It disregarded space and directly attacked Huang Yu. 

Even if the old servant was a vicious bird that was innately warlike and possessed great speed, right now, he was also shivering inwardly, continuously changing directions to avoid this attack. 

Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough. He was completely submerged within the supreme being bone’s symbols!


Immediately afterwards, Huang Yu cried out loudly. His body quickly aged. His hair became white, his skin sagged, and his eyes became blurred. He began to decline greatly, his body about to collapse. Old skin began to crack apart and fall off. 

This aging speed was too horrifying of a sight. It was as if time had been sped up, and his life was about to reach its end. It was as if he was going to breathe his last breath any moment now. 

The supreme being bone symbols created another Shi Hao, another divine body. Apart from using symbols to suppress the enemy, it also attacked with the most oppressive methods. Its hands formed a blade imprint before hacking down on Huang Yu. 


It ignored space itself, and because it was formed from the supreme being bone’s symbols, its offensive power was astonishing. Its hand that was like a blade almost hacked Huang Yu in half, sending blood splashing high into the air. 


Huang Yu cried out loudly. That sword blade brushed past his neck and hacked into his shoulder, slicing all the way into his body. There was an enormous gash where blood poured outwards from. It was an incredibly terrifying sight. 


The Shi Hao created from supreme being bone symbols, after kicking out fiercely, struck down on Huang Yu’s head, hoping to end his life with a single strike and end this greatest disaster. 

However, what was rather astonishing was that even though Huang Yu was now extremely aged, he didn’t die under this strike. His head was split apart with blood flowing everywhere, but a metallic sound rang through the air. Its skull didn’t break!

“This doesn’t seem right!” Shi Hao was shocked. Just now, the other party was severely injured by the hand blade, yet now, he could endure this attack. 

This old servant looked like he was in his late days, but that wasn’t actually the case. His body was still full of life and he did not reach the end of his lifespan at all. 

That was why he still had a portion of divine might to use!

Was the reason it acted passively just now because the attack from the figure created by the supreme being bone was too sudden and violent?


Shi Hao’s original body rushed over. With the country protecting divine halberd in hand, he drew out a terrifying streak with it. The blinding halberd blade sliced towards the old servant!


Blood splashed high into the air. Huang Yu was cleaved through. 

Meanwhile, the Shi Hao formed from the supreme being bone’s symbols took action as well. It swung its arms down, truly causing Huang Yu to cough out a large amount of blood and fly outwards, straight into the dazzling halberd blade the true body held. 

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