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Chapter 589 - Final Battle

“At the very least, for most people, Immortal palace is a place that can dominate the world.” Huang Yu continued to speak slowly. His voice sounded mild-mannered, and a gentle smile rested on his face. 

When he reached the great wilderness, Shi Hao no longer retreated or fled. There was only a battle left. There was no way of avoiding it. 

“Now I truly wish that I can become Supreme Hall’s sole inheritor. Then, one day, I will fight my way into the higher realms and overturn your so-called tyrannical Immortal Palace!” Shi Hao said. 

The higher realms’ creatures bullied others too far. This Immortal Palace was especially arrogant, casually ordering an old servant to come down to the lower realm to kill him. He was just too overbearing!

“Alright, let’s just fight here then. If you try to leave, I’ll turn around and devour a few million of Stone Country Capital’s residents to fill up my stomach a bit,” said Huang Yu. 

His body was covered in an old-fashioned daoist robe that fluttered about in the wind. His gray white hair scattered about before him. The smile on his face was turning cold as he stood there with his arms behind his back. He was going to deal with Shi Hao here. 

“Hand over your life!” Shi Hao roared loudly. He had to defeat this old servant, or else his father, mother, friends, and all of Stone Country Capital would be in danger. Immortal Palace’s people acted without the slightest scruple because they were just too powerful, not fearing the retaliation from others. 

In his hands, the country suppressing divine halberd shone. Its color scheme was a dark black that transitioned into a golden color. The halberd’s blade was dazzling. This was a true deity magical artifact, and right now, divine might was rippling out from its surface. 


He brandished the battle halberd. A terrifying streak of light hacked out. This was a type of revival for this true deity magical artifact. Powerful divine radiance flickered about, pouring down like a stellar river. 

Then, the old servant that had his arms behind his back only reached out a single palm, and with a light press into the void, all of the killing light that rushed over was immediately obliterated. 

That palm was extremely rough. There was faint golden light flowing about its surface, as if it was a demonic world plate. All of the country protecting divine halberd’s power was scattered. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. This old servant was much more powerful than Yang Li, pangolin, underworld deity, Yin Yi, and the others. As expected, this single person was equivalent to the joint strength of several deities. 

“Come, let me see how powerful your imperishable golden body battle clothes and your supreme being bone are.” Huang Yu said indifferently. 

Shi Hao sighed. The other party even knew about these trump cards, really leaving him a bit helpless. It seemed like he wouldn’t be able to use the imperishable golden body battle clothes to launch a surprise attack. 

The black and gold battle clothes covered the surface of his body. A black divine flame throbbed around him. The imperishable golden body battle clothes shone as it was completely activated. 

Since the enemy already knew about it, hiding it any further would only be digging his own grave. He could only use it at its great power to fight against Huang Yu. 

Perhaps it would only end in him being covered in blood, because the great enemy on the other side was practically impossible to defeat. Shi Hao’s eyes revealed a firm and persistent expression. His body was covered in symbols, an effect produced by the accumulation of precious techniques. His vitality was blazing furiously, ready to unleash his most powerful might and fight to the death!

“Interesting, to possess such accomplishments at your age really isn’t simple. What a pity it is that you were too rash, young one, and doomed to live a short life.” Huang Yu began to walk forward in a seemingly unhurried manner. 


Shi Hao released a light shout. His voice was like the cry of a sword, making even the space here tremble in response. He activated all of his body’s spiritual essence, igniting his flesh’s power. The true deity magical artifact took to the air and released its most terrifying attack. 

The great golden halberd seemed to come alive like a vicious beast. An enormous golden body unexpectedly appeared that was covered in flickering scales. The horns on its head were sinister in appearance. It raised its head and roared. 


The great halberd rushed forward and hacked outwards. 

Meanwhile, the enormous golden beast roared, swooping down as well. On top of that mountainous body, a pair of horns shone dazzlingly. They matched up with the blade of the halberd as they struck down onto Huang Yu. 

“What a vicious beast, what a vicious halberd!” Huang Yu nodded. His figure shifted outwards, avoiding the attack of this true deity magical artifact. He leaned to the side and reached out an arm. 


He struck down on the side of the halberd’s blade. His fingers were like the most powerful weapons as they landed on the blade, releasing ear-splitting metallic sounds. All types of symbols covered this place densely. It was as if the vast sky was going to be shattered. 

Shi Hao felt as if he had been struck by thunder as he staggered backwards. There was actually blood flowing out from his palm and fingers, and the area between his thumb and forefinger split open. The other party had a secret technique that had been transmitted through the great halberd, inflicting damage onto his flesh. 

If not for the Imperishable Golden Body shining and blocking ninety percent of this power, he might have been in great danger!

Shi Hao was astonished. This elder couldn’t even be considered to be in the same level as the pangolin, underworld deity, and others anymore. He was just too much stronger than the others! He unexpectedly took on the true deity magical artifact bare-handedly right from the start! How was Shi Hao even supposed to fight him? 


Suddenly, he noticed that there was a ring on Huang Yu’s thumb. It flowed with radiance just now, bestowing his hand with some type of mysterious luster. 

“You borrowed the power of a magical artifact?” Shi Hao released a pent of up breath of air. If the other party truly took on his true deity magical artifact with his bare hands, then there was no need to continue fighting at all. The disparity between them really would be too great. 

“I’m old already, and no longer as courageous as before. Even if I could use my body to take on a true deity magical artifact, I still wouldn’t try it myself.” Huang Yu smiled. All of the wrinkles on his face sagged downwards. 

Immediately afterwards, killing intent surged like an ocean. He erupted with great power, his body turning into a streak of flowing light as he swooped over to attack with full power. 

The true life and death battle didn’t allow any time for either side to take a breather, nor would there be any unnecessary words. Once it began, heaven and earth would collapse. It now began!

Shi Hao released a long roar. A broken sword floated around him, and the golden magical sword rose. They both moved around him. He himself even more so erupted with the greatest power. 

Green and lush stalks of grass took root in the void one after another. At this moment, they all released heaven overflowing radiance. One stalk of grass was equivalent to a divine sword. They streaked through the sky. 


All of the sword energy rushed towards the skies. They were abnormally dazzling. Endless sword energy rushed into the heavens around Shi Hao, making him look like a reborn True Phoenix that was spreading all of its feathers. It was a magnificent and divine sight!

Huang Yu slaughtered over. As soon as he entered this area, he was submerged under endless sword energy. 

However, the old servant that came from Immortal Palace was unimaginably fast. Like a ghost, he flickered in and out of existence several dozen times, continuously changing his position to dodge the sword radiance and slaughter forward. 

His original form was without a doubt a vicious bird that possessed extreme speed. This was why it was so fast. 


The old servant released a short shout. He raised his hand and struck forward, forming a large golden claw that was incomparably sharp before grabbing towards Shi Hao’s true body to capture and kill him. 

It was just like that, fast and incomparably forceful. The old servant’s strength was completely unimaginable!

“Star Splitting Sword!”

Shi Hao roared, displaying the greatest sword intent he grasped. Around him, green grass covered the sky. Symbols broke apart heaven and earth, releasing an undying brilliance that made the sky appear pale in comparison. 

A Kun Peng spread its wings, a Suan Ni spat out divine lightning, and sword energy covered the sky. They all merged together, forming the shape of a single stalk of grass, producing a single symbol. Everything exploded in an utterly terrifying manner!

“Yi?” Huang Yue was startled. When the sharp golden claw descended and made contact with the grass sword, both sides released endless streaks of blinding symbol light. 

Shi Hao coughed out a mouthful of blood and retreated backwards. His body continuously trembled. The difference in strength between the two sides was just too great. Even if he displayed all of his power, it was still unable to make up the difference. 

Huang Yu rushed over like a ghost. His expression was grave as he shouted, “Speak, did you obtain a beast skin and learn a portion of the grass character sword intent?”

“None of your fucking business!” Shi Hao said. However, he was inwardly shocked. 

“Did you see the six dao… secret sheet?” Huang Yu stared at him. 

Back then, Shi Hao truly obtained a piece of beast skin in the Void God Realm, but each time he tried to open the little world contained inside, he would always fail. He only saw the two characters ‘six dao’. 

“What is the six dao? Why don’t you finish up what you are saying?” Shi Hao said. 

“You only obtained half of the sword intent. It seems like you most likely haven't’ opened that beast skin’s inner world yet. It doesn’t matter. After I kill you today, I’ll investigate myself,” said the old servant. 

Huang Yu’s figure flickered. He rushed forward, and with a loud sound, golden divine feathers erupted from his body and shot out like ten thousand swords!

The great halberd in Shi Hao’s hands spun about, forming a golden storm to block this expanse of golden divine feathers. In addition, he weaved through the skies to dodge them with the Kun Peng’s technique. 

However, the elder was too fast. He was like a divine rainbow as he rushed over. Energy rippled beneath his foot as he rushed over. In addition, the space between his brows flickered, sending out a streak of scarlet multicolored light. This was an attack of the mind. 

Shi Hao dodged. He turned into a Suan Ni, and then from his mouth, he spat out symbols to defend himself. 

Lightning immediately covered the skies. Thunder rolled, destroying the elder’s divine will. 

“Youngster, you will definitely pay the price for carelessness!” The elder said coldly. His arms moved, actually turning into a pair of golden wings. They were like two divine swords as they hacked through the lightning and sliced down on Shi Hao. 

He was a vicious bird. A portion of his true body was revealed. He was incredibly ferocious and possessed outstanding power. 

The sound of thunder rumbled through the air. It truly was powerful, enough to blast similar level creatures into charred coke, but Huang Yu was just too powerful. He was a level higher and hard to defeat. 

Divine wings hacked downwards and sword energy rushed towards his body. Shi Hao immediately felt as if he had been sliced through. He moved the Kun Peng wings and directly rushed several dozen li into the heavens. Only then did he avoid this attack. 

When he turned around, he discovered that the elder was just too fast. He followed closely behind and was about to attack him again. He was truly worthy of being an archaic vicious bird, far surpassing other creatures at his cultivation realm. 

Shi Hao’s pupils shone with cold light. He quickly turned his body around, rushing downwards to fight the elder head on. Perhaps he could only use his supreme being bone now. 

Huang Yu’s eyes released cold radiance. He quickly turned around, and when there was still a set distance between them, he displayed a precious technique. When he opened his mouth and cried out, symbols flew chaotically everywhere, all of them rushing towards Shi Hao. 

He was extremely cautious. The only thing that he felt restraining fear towards was Shi Hao’s supreme being bone. He didn’t want to rashly try to face it. 

“En? Not good!” Huang Yu’s eyebrows jumped. He felt a sense of danger descending. 

His eyes flickered as he looked around. He discovered that there were several pieces of purple symbolled bones in the void. They had been hiding in the void before, so when he rushed past, he didn’t notice them. Only now did he become aware of their existence. 

“High level divine crystal condensed into divine bone! It was refined into a great killing weapon!” His mind was jumping crazily as he quickly rushed to the side. 

However, it was clearly too late. This was what Shi Hao arranged after he ran away, placing them in the void. They now completely detonated. 


This place exploded. Space itself began to distort, and parts of the sky became indistinct. Huang Yu was right at the center of it all, so he naturally suffered the most terrifying attack. 

Shi Hao brought out a dual pupil. He peered through the void, watching the miserable scene of the daoist robe covering Huang Yu’s entire body shatter under the great storm and his body trickle with blood. However, he didn’t die at all. 

Perhaps none of the wounds could be called serious injuries!

“Just a one time killing dao weapon. If you think that could kill me, you are too childish. It can’t even severely injure me!” Huang Yu’s voice was ice cold. 

Shi Hao sucked in a breath of cold air. Without even waiting a split second, he relied on the dual pupil to see through the energy storm. He rushed in from the side to face Huang Yu. 

At this moment, his chest shone, using the supreme being bone. This might be the only opportunity. He was going to make his move during the chaos!

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