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Chapter 584 - Reappearance of the First Ancestor

He sat on the mountain while releasing a formless domain. All types of crushed rocks and other debris floated into the void, slowly moving about. A powerful aura pervaded the air. 

Shi Hao stopped moving. He was greatly amazed. This deity seemed extremely powerful, even more formidable than Yang Li and pangolin. He seemed to blend into the void, becoming vague and indistinct. Only his eyes revealed their great power. 

Black light flickered around Shi Hao’s body. The imperishable golden body battle clothes covered his body, protecting him underneath. However, there were no powerful divine fluctuations that rippled outwards. After some special methods, these battle clothes looked just like how they did before the rebirth. He was silently enduring, waiting to erupt at the critical moment to take this deity’s life!

It was because he didn’t have many opportunities. He needed to exploit this opportunity, to the extent where he needed to create an advantageous factor himself. 

“Unexpectedly the Imperishable Golden Body, this type of precious artifact passed down from the archaic era!” This deity’s cold eyes lit up, becoming like a small resplendent sun. They were becoming increasingly intimidating. 

Moreover, his original body appeared. This was a male that was as brilliant as a heavenly sun. Fine silver scales covered his body, and behind him was a pair of divine wings that looked like they were formed from silver. 

“Yang Li, pangolin, Underworld Earth’s deity went together to Stone Country Imperial Capital to force you out and kill you, but they then chased after you. So this was the reason why!” The deity nodded. 

Even if he was the one that saw this Imperishable Golden Body, he would also have immediately chased after Shi Hao to obtain it. This was just too important. If one could completely comprehend it, then it would be a great natural opportunity. 

This type of thing would be fought over even if all seven deities found it at the same time. They wouldn’t be able to reach a compromise over who could possess it either. 

Now that Shi Hao came and those three weren’t to be seen, it left the deity rather surprised. His eyes became colder, clearly having sensed some kind of premonition. 

This really left him surprised. He originally thought that the three had already killed Shi Hao and were secretly studying his supreme being bone. He never expected that this wasn’t the case. 

His eyes became incomparably deep. He didn’t immediately take action and said, “You are just in the Formation Arrangement realm. For a deity, you are just like pottery dogs and chickens that can’t take a single hit.”


He took action, pointing outwards. The void began to distort, and the formless domain scattered. He wanted to trap that youth. 

Shi Hao weaved through the air, travelling several tens of thousands of li with a single step backwards. He retreated from this area of death and confronted his opponent from the distance. His expression was serious, every action he took extremely careful. 

A hu sounded. Crazy winds stirred about. This deity displayed a pair of silver wings, leaving behind an afterimage in his original spot before chasing over. As the divine wings moved about, the mountain peaks below all cracked apart. Many enormous boulders were swept up into the skies. 

One could well imagine how terrifying these wings were!

He possessed extreme speed that far surpassed that of the three deities before. It was as if a hurricane wreaked havoc through this land. 

Shi Hao’s expression changed. The other party was too fast! He displayed the seventy-two transformations, turning into a Kun Peng and also stuck the earth withdrawal talisman onto his body, disappearing into the distance like a streak of light. 

With a shua sound, the silver deity stopped in the air. His eyes were cold as he said, “So it turned out to be like this. You possess extreme speed, so those three couldn't immediately catch you.”

Shi Hao also stopped, maintaining his distance. 

“Your strength isn’t enough, so there’s no way you could have killed three deities. You could only depend on outside strength, using your extreme speed to guide them there, and that was why you were able to return alive, while they disappeared.”

A simple test already allowed the deity to understand everything. He spoke this calmly. 

Shi Hao’s expression congealed. This deity was incredibly sharp. After some simple actions, he immediately found out everything, accurately deducing the conclusion. It seemed like Western Tomb World couldn’t be used again. 

This deity was like a glorious sun, shining resplendently. “An archaic treasure successfully drew their greed. They all wanted to obtain it for themselves, so they chased after you. Sigh, truly lamentable!”

Shi Hao sighed. This deity was incredibly terrifying. Not only was he sharp, he was also extremely calm. He stood there, unperturbed without making a single mistake. 

He felt that even if he suddenly erupted with power and used the Imperishable Golden Body to fight against this individual, he still wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. This deity was incredibly formidable.

“Who are you? What kind of background do you have?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Heavenly Country. Yin Yi.” His reply was extremely simple. 

“Heavenly Country… blood sacrifice!” When Shi Hao heard this, his eyebrows stood vertically and bloody veins filled his eyes. Blood sacrifice was precisely Heavenly Country’s ancient technique, leading to this operation of crossing realms. 


This male named Yin Yi erupted with radiance, becoming several times more brilliant than a heavenly sun, so blinding that it made others’ eyes hurt. It was impossible to stare straight at him. 

If an ordinary cultivator looked at him face to face under such a close distance, their eyes would have definitely gone blind.

Shi Hao withdrew. He was somewhat affected as well. The resplendent light delivered scorching pain to his eyes, affecting his spiritual senses, effectively disrupting them. 

The most terrifying part was that after the most terrifying radiance erupted, Yin Yi disappeared from the void, vanishing without a trace!

His fine hairs all stood on end. Without even thinking, he moved the Kun Peng wings and fled towards the distance without lingering in that place a second later. The other party came from Heavenly Country and was proficient in assassinations, so he was definitely hiding in the void. 

As expected, the moment he fled, an indistinct figure struck down on his ruined figure. Terrifying fluctuations erupted. His assassination methods were astonishing. 

Yin Yi displayed his true body and didn’t chase after him. He only coldly and emotionlessly opened his mouth, saying, “You shouldn’t count on my following you into that place of danger.”

Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t guide him into Western Tomb World. He stopped in the void and confronted him.

“Come here and fight.” Yin Yi said in a flat tone. 

“You have ignited your divine flame for so many years, yet you still have the nerve to say those words. You want to fight against a little cultivator like me in a decisive battle?” Shi Hao ridiculed. 

Yin Yi didn’t say anything and instead sent a palm slapping down. A large silver hand covered heaven and earth, immediately collapsing one of Heaven Mending Pavilion’s mountain peaks. Many of the ordinary people that were building palace halls exploded into a bloody mist. 

“You…” Shi Hao was furious. Veins bulged on his forehead!

“If you try to leave, then I’ll sweep this place clean. Regardless of whether it is the ruins or people, everything will turn into ashes. Then, I will go to Stone Country and unleash a massacre, overflowing the heavens with its blood and piling corpses into mountains.” Yin Yi was extremely calm, as if what he said was an extremely normal thing. He was cool-headed and unperturbed as he stood in the void, “If you flee, I will destroy everything you care about.”

Shi Hao really wanted to hack him apart and then turn him into mincemeat. Those that came from Heavenly Country were cold-blooded after all. For the sake of reaching his objective, he would use any means, fair or foul. 

Heavenly Country was an assassin organization to begin with, so there weren’t any normal experts that came from this power. Cruelty and ruthlessness were characteristics they shared. 

“Yang Li, pangolin, Underworld Clan’s deity, the three of them wanted to seize the imperishable golden battle clothes and needed to fight over it, but I don’t. I am the only hunter here, and I do not want to chase you, so the fight will take place right here.” Yin Yi coldly said. 

Shi Hao was so angry he laughed. “Who do you think you are, forcing me like this? Why don’t you just tell me to take my own life and offer up the precious clothes?”

“I will give you a fair chance to fight. If you aren’t willing to accept it, then I will first destroy this place, and then unleash genocide on Stone Country. You can then feel remorse and despair.” Yin Yi coldly said. 

Shi Hao’s eyes were like lightning. His long hair stood up vertically, and an inferno blazed within him. He truly wanted to immediately kill this deity. This cold-blooded expert from Heavenly Country was definitely not joking. He really was going to do it. 

“Heaven Mending Pavilion can be considered glorious in the ancient era, established by an exiled disciple. If I recall correctly, he was ultimately executed by an extremely powerful expert from my Heavenly Country.” Yin Yi said. 

“What?” Shi Hao was shocked. Ghost Grandpa’s death had always been a mystery for him, but today, he obtained this secret information. It was actually related to Heavenly Country! No wonder this person headed straight here. 

“What execution? You guys definitely ambushed him,” Shi Hao said. He knew how Heavenly Country did things, so how could they have taken action honorably?

“Death is death, who cares what method he used. What is unfortunate was that my Heavenly Country’s powerful senior also fell as a result.” Yin Yi shook his head. 

He looked at Heaven Mending Pavilion and said, “I originally wanted to personally give him a final send-off and never expected that it had already declined, becoming a thing of the past. Why don’t I just give these ruins a final flattening!”

He raised his hand to shatter the former location of Heaven Mending Pavilion. The first was to force Shi Hao to fight against him, and the second was to fulfill an aspiration of his, forever leveling this place. 

Shi Hao roared. He could only fight it out. With a qiang sound, he pulled out a broken blade that was entirely black. This was precisely what had been left behind by Ghost Grandpa back then. 

However, he didn’t immediately use the imperishable golden body battle clothes and wanted to wait for an opportunity to kill this Heavenly Country’s cold-blooded deity, delivering a life threatening blow at the crucial moment. 

Only, before that, he could only continuously avoid killing blows. A single mishap could end in his body and soul being wiped out. 


Shi Hao hacked out with the sword. Dark light erupted. 

Yin Yi said, “Once I kill you, this place will fall as well. This type of success is far inferior to the glory of Heavenly Country’s powerful senior cutting down Heaven Mending Sect’s first ancestor. It is just too insignificant in comparison.”

He formed a sword art and hacked outwards, displaying the slaughtering profound mysteries of Heavenly Country. The symbols acted strangely, releasing waves of wuwu sounds as they filled the void. 


Even though Shi Hao avoided the edge and fled far enough, a streak of sword energy still lightly brushed the broken sword. Symbols erupted and wrapped themselves over. 

He was greatly shocked. An expert that ignited his divine flame was terrifying after all! Even a casual strike was this formidable. Heavenly Country’s symbols were truly tyrannical as well, directly wrapping around his weapon to try and destroy it. 

Shi Hao moved his arms to try and scatter it. 

At this moment, the broken sword shone on its own, erupting like a black sun. A boundless wave of life force descended into this world, leaving all sides shaken!

This had never happened before!

Ever since Shi Hao grasped this sword, powerful fluctuations like this had never happened before. It was as if an ancient deity was resurrecting!


A figure walked out from the broken sword. Gray hair scattered about his head, ancient clothes covering his body. This was an elder with eyes as sharp as sword radiance, his gaze directly piercing into the innermost depths of one’s heart!

It was unexpectedly Ghost Grandpa! He had reappeared in this world!

Only, this time, it was different from the past. His eyes were resplendent without any perplexity or craziness. He was like a deity that descended into this world. The aura he released was powerful and terrifying. 

In addition, the sword that was inserted into his head was now dissolving away, becoming powerful divine force that entered his body, making him even more powerful. 

“Did my will not scatter all for the sake of settling things with Heavenly Country? What a pity, my final appearance was still not enough to meet the one I was waiting for.” Ghost Grandpa spoke. 

“You are… that exiled disciple?” Yin Yi was shocked, backing up a few steps. 

Shi Hao was naturally dumbstruck as well. He truly never expected Ghost Grandpa to appear again, moreover more powerful than he could have imagined. His aura surged like a boundless sea. 

“You are already dead, just a remnant will. Back then, my Heavenly Country’s great expert came down to the lower realm to kill you, and today, I will wipe out your will!” Yin Yi shouted. 

“Creature that walks in the world of darkness, you only know how to assassinate, but can still be called a powerful individual.” Ghost Grandpa calmly said. 

“After passing away, everything turns into nothingness. No matter how strong you appear today, it is still pointless. I will cut you down!” Yin Yi roared. His entire body erupted with radiance, and the sword in his hands became incomparably red, continuously dripping with blood. It was going to release its most powerful attack. 

Ghost Grandpa reached out his hand and said, “Sword, come!”

The broken sword in Shi Hao’s hand flew into Ghost Grandpa’s hand. Without any excessive movements, it hacked outwards. The symbols that covered the sky were completely crushed. 

The sword that was dripping with blood in Yin Yi’s hand completely shattered, and that arm began to blast apart inch by inch with pu sounds, turning into a bloody mist. He screamed towards the sky and quickly retreated. 

“Just a fake deity that has just lit a divine flame, yet you dare to talk nonsense of wiping out the final traces of this place. Is someone like you capable of doing so?” Ghost Grandpa calmly said. 

This type of apathy and indifference made Yin Yi’s eyes surge with redness. His killing intent madly surged, truly wanting to roar towards the heavens and go berserk. 

However, in the end, he chose to escape. As someone from Heavenly Country, even though he was cruel and cold-blooded, he knew even more so how to endure silently. He wanted to hide in the void and flee now. 

“You want to flee, but is someone like you even capable of doing so?” Ghost Grandpa continued to speak without any fluctuations in his voice. With the broken sword in hand, he lightly hacked through everything in the void. With a pu sound, Yin Yi staggered backwards, revealing his true body. His legs had been hacked through. Blood poured outwards, delivering him so much pain that he screamed miserably. 

Ghost Grandpa was truly different from before. He wasn’t crazy and was instead quite normal. In addition, he became who knew how many times more powerful than before. 

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