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Chapter 583 - Battle Clothes Rebirth

“A sparkling white bone cauldron?” Shi Hao was stunned. He never expected this type of transformation. Unfortunately, it was too late no matter what they now said, because that cauldron had already disappeared. 

Stone Clan’s ancestral artifacts really were mysterious. They were actually so unordinary, exceeding everyone’s expectations. 

“What do I do? There are three deities left. How do I deal with them? How can I get rid of this great trouble?” Shi Hao said to himself. He couldn’t think of any methods. Perhaps he could only face them alone. 

“Even if you go, you would only be throwing your life away,” said Hairy Ball. It spoke while grimacing in pain. Its body was covered in injuries, and half its body was missing. Its golden fur was dim. 

Fortunately, after accepting that golden drop, its body’s innermost primordial precious bone healed, and all of its essence energy gathered there to nourish it. 

“Don’t rashly advance. You cannot treat your fate like a game.” Several uncles advised one after another. 

What choice did he have? What was he to do? Shi Hao carefully thought to himself. These deities would definitely be looking for him, because they promised Underworld Lord and Demonic Sunflower Garden’s supreme beings that they were going to kill him. 

If he didn’t appear, the deities would likely take their anger out on others, bringing disaster to those at his side and destroy Stone Country. 

He wanted to face them alone and have everything be directed at himself to avoid having those he knew to fall into danger. That was why he was determined to force ahead. Otherwise, who wouldn’t cherish their own lives, throwing it away even knowing that it was dangerous?

“Little big bro, you can’t go on your own!” Qingfeng said. Not long ago, Shi Hao entered the imperial palace without any regard for his own safety, drawing the three deities away to save everyone else. He himself almost died in the process. 

“Little Uncle Hao, you can’t die!”

“Yeah! Little Uncle Hao, you can’t abandon us! Everyone was so worried just now. You can’t be like that.”

“There is still a gleam of hope,” said Shi Hao, comforting everyone. He had no other choice. He didn’t want to bring disaster to the people around him, so he could only continue moving forward. 

In addition, with one deity on his own, it might be the best opportunity. He wanted to get rid of this disaster now!

He brought out the imperishable golden body and caressed it with his hands. It was hard and had a special tactile quality that felt like a lump of iron. When it wasn’t in use, it was only the size of a fist and without much luster. 

“It’s not enough even if you have the battle clothes.” Little Red shook its head. 

The archaic era treasure, after being passed down all the way until now, became incredibly damaged. Even though it had undergone many repairs, it was still far from being comparable to its most splendid phase. It was still difficult for one to fight against another whose cultivation realm was higher even with this treasure right now. 

When Yang Li, panglin, and underworld deity saw the Imperishable golden body battle clothes, they had also said that this had great research value. The symbols and materials were all incomparably precious, but if they were actually used for combat, then it wasn’t as valuable. 

“I have another piece of material that might be able to allow it to transform.” Shi Hao brought out a piece of rock that was bright red and replete with moisture. It seemed almost translucent in his palm. 

This stone curled with scarlet multicolored light. There were many patterns on its surface, as if it was the feather of a phoenix, appearing layer after layer, clearly containing many profound meanings and mysteries. 

Needless to say, this was a piece of a ‘heavenly material’. 

“What is this?”

“Phoenix pattern stone,” Shi Hao replied. This was the rare precious material he obtained from Southern Meteor Divine Mountain earlier when he wanted to settle a grudge from the elder who called himself Southern Meteor.

It was hard to find a piece of this type of rock even after thousands of years, something that was just too hard to obtain. If it was merged into a precious artifact, it might allow it to undergo rebirth, increasing its level by a large amount. 

Shi Hao had always been reluctant to use it, because he was scared of wasting it. He had read many bone books and found out that it had to be used together with many other secret materials for it to display its optimum effects and ensure the success of the upgrade. 

Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to gather everything even after searching through all of Stone Country’s treasury. He was still missing four types of secret materials, so he hadn’t used it all this time. 

However, he had already made the preparation to fight to the death. With no other routes left, he was going to merge the phoenix pattern stone into the imperishable golden body battle clothes regardless of whether it would succeed or not. 

He had no other choice and could only take the risk. If he succeeded, then the imperishable golden body battle clothes would be upgraded. If it failed, then the rare divine material might be wasted. 

“Good stuff! Only, doing it like this is a bit wasteful… if it were to fail…” Hairy Ball and Little Red both spoke like this. 

How could Shi Hao not be aware of this? However, this was all he could do. 


A streak of fiery light surged. The phoenix patterns merged with the stone, and several other materials broke down as well, turning into a translucent fluid before entering the imperishable golden body battle clothes. 

The cry of a phoenix rang through Stone Village. A phoenix rose into the air, burning with raging flames. The black battle clothes rose and fell, releasing ka ka sounds, as if it was going to crack apart. 

“Not good!”

Forget about Hairy Ball and Little Red, even the villagers knew that things weren’t looking good. These battle clothes were going to break up into components. 

“We did everything we could.” Shi Hao was quite calm. He had long made preparations inwardly. The materials weren’t all there, so they might have wasted the phoenix pattern stone. If that happened, there was nothing they could do. 

He activated his dao flame and operated his symbols to support it, not allowing the excessively powerful energy to damage it. Despite this being the case, the metal chunk still released a sound before revealing cracks. 

In summary, it had too many ‘hidden injuries’. The phoenix pattern stone was too tyrannical and was considered a top grade treasure in this world. When it was merged within, it was too powerful and brought about damage. 


It released a sharp and crisp sound. The imperishable golden body broke into components, splitting apart into several pieces in midair, making several people cry out in alarm. They then felt disappointed and regretful. 

“What a pity!” Village Chief Shi Yunfeng sighed.

Even Shi Hao himself, even though he made preparations inwardly, sighed, feeling rather regretful. 


Suddenly, everyone cried out in alarm. The cry of a phoenix sounded, and a scarlet phoenix emerged. It was less than a foot in length, surrounding the broken fragments and releasing blazing radiance. Everything was concentrated into a sphere of light. 

“Success!” Qingfeng cried out in alarm. Everyone else was stupefied as well. 

This truly was like the rebirth of a phoenix! Scarlet feathers fluttered about as the divine bird cried out. It ultimately condensed into the shape of an egg. It was a brilliant scarlet in color and burning furiously. 


A violent quaking sounded. Symbols interweaved between heaven and earth, sending multicolored rays of light flying in all directions. A fist sized armor appeared that was similar to a black metal little figure. 

In addition, it would release scarlet multicolored light from time to time. It was full of profound and mysterious meaning. 

This entire process was extremely brief. The Imperishable Golden Body underwent nirvana, upgrading a level and becoming quite a bit more powerful than before. Dark golden luster flickered about. One could tell that it was a divine object with just a look. There was a secret force swirling about it. 

Shi Hao activated it, and with a teng sound, divine flames appeared around it as if it had ignited a divine flame. It was like a fist sized deity. The aura it gave off was extremely powerful!

“Success! This armor can stand off against experts that have ignited their divine flames now! It had transcended itself!” Little Red cried out happily. This precious artifact was mysterious after all. 

One could imagine just how powerful it was back then in the archaic times when it hadn’t suffered any damage. No wonder it had brought about a great storm of blood and reeking winds, drawing the jealousy of all the great powers. 

“If I wasn’t injured and wore these battle clothes, I would definitely be able to kill a deity or two,” said Hairy Ball, eager to give it a try. 

“You should focus on recovering.” Shi Hao shook his head. He had never planned on having Hairy Ball or Little Red join. 

These two experts had both recently ignited their divine flames, so if they put this on, they would be able to kill a deity. However, if this item was exposed, they would undoubtedly die. 

It was because seven deities descended, so if two or three of them moved together, then there was no way out. This was even more true when two of them were exceptionally powerful and difficult to deal with. 

If Qingfeng hadn’t asked Little Red and Hairy Ball to help, Shi Hao wouldn’t have allowed them to put themselves in such danger. He would rather take on everything himself and not let those at his side gamble with their lives. 

Right now, Hairy Ball and Little Red’s injuries were severe, and it already made him feel extremely guilty inwardly.

“This still isn’t enough. If we weren’t injured, we could kill a deity by merging with these battle clothes, but your cultivation realm is still too low.” Little Red said. 

"I have a little rebirth pill that I can take at the critical moment to break into the supreme expert realm,” said Shi Hao. 

If he had another choice, he would rather not do this. He wanted to comprehend the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and use that to raise his cultivation realm. Relying on this type of precious medicine to break through such an important great cultivation realm always made him feel as if it wasn’t steady enough.

“If I go through it again in the future and consolidate my foundation, there shouldn’t be any unseen dangers.” He said softly to himself. 

“It’s still not reliable enough. If you head out on your own like that, then it will still be hard to tell if you will be dead or alive afterwards.” Hairy Ball and Little Red thought it over and spoke like this. One became different after igniting a divine flame. The increase in strength was extremely terrifying. 

“But there is the rare opportunity where a single one of them appeared in Heaven Mending Pavilion’s former site. If I miss this chance, it is likely that I won’t have another chance to kill him,” Shi Hao said. 

If he could get rid of one, then that would be one more disaster out of the way. He didn’t want to miss this excellent opportunity!

Under Hairy Ball and Little Red’s guidance, Shi Hao carve down a few special symbols to hide the imperishable golden clothes’ holy aura, making it seem ordinary. 

Then, Shi Hao turned around and left. He resolutely departed!

Heaven Mending Pavilion had experienced extraordinary changes. There was a large scale construction going on here, and all types of palace halls were currently being rebuilt on the old site. 

Only, due to the deities that arrived recently, another disaster happened. When his foot descended, Heaven Mending Pavilion’s main peak exploded into pieces. The enormous palace was shattered, and many of the mortals that were building this palace had their lives taken from them. 

This was an indistinct figure that seemed to be blending into the void. However, he was powerful and terrifying. The aura he released immediately made many ordinary people cough out blood while trembling with fear. 

They were currently rebuilding Heaven Mending Pavilion, yet they were immediately oppressed. Everyone became absolutely terrified and wanted to flee from this place. 

“Where exactly is the Ancient Sacred Courtyard that is supposed to be here?” The indistinct figure said to himself. He took a step outwards, walking from these ruins to a different place. 

There were mountain peaks and palaces blocking his way. He pointed outwards, and the entire mountain was blasted apart. The buildings and ordinary people there immediately exploded, turning into a bloody mist. 

His expression was apathetic, ignoring the scene in front of him. He only cared about the Ancient Sacred Courtyard. 

Finally, he sat down on a mountain and silently sensed around. He could feel the ancient traces hidden in the void, and the space around him became a formless domain.


Many buildings, mountains, and other things within a range of a thousand zhang around him all turned into fine powder. The people that couldn’t escape in time all disintegrated, turning into a bloody mist. 

He remained quiet and motionless, his entire body devoted to searching for what he wanted to find. Many hours quickly passed as he sat there. 

Shi Hao appeared, walking over from the distance. He saw this individual. 

With a shua sound, this deity opened his eyes, releasing two streaks of lightning. He stared at Shi Hao like an enormous dragon overlooking an insect. His eyes carried ruthlessness and indifference. 

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