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Chapter 585 - Ghost Grandpa

Yin Yi usually moved about in the world of darkness, so he rarely faced off against an expert head on. He would always use the most callous and cruel methods to assassinate and eliminate his target. However, right now, they were all useless. 

Both of his feet had been hacked off. His faced was warped in pain. Even if he was an existence that had ignited his divine flame, this type of great pain was still difficult to endure. 

“You are clearly dead already, so why do you still have this kind of fighting strength?” Yin Yi’s eyes were bloodshot. He truly wasn’t willing to be killed here. He was unexpectedly going to die under the hands of a dead person. 

Ghost Grandpa’s expression was indifferent. He didn’t treat assassins at this level as anyone important. The broken sword in his hand was raised again, and it began to devour the black sword radiance. 

“Old ghost, back then, my Heavenly Country could kill you, and now, I can erase you from this world as well!” Yin Yi shouted ferociously. His fingers were like blades as they quickly sliced about in the void, writing down a few scriptures. Those strokes shone brilliantly in the air without scattering. 

In addition, he brought out a small altar that was three foot tall. It was entirely red and had symbols carved all over its surface. 

He began to chant incantations from his mouth, as if he was trying to summon something. In an instant, the sky darkened, and roaring sounds resounded through the air. Scarlet streaks of lightning hacked across the sky.

“Kill!” Yin Yi staked everything on the line. He ignited his heart blood and carried out a type of bizarre ritual. 

One could vaguely see countless figures appear. They were all roaring, forming an unimaginable wave of resentment that combined together to form a blood-colored devil. It rushed towards Ghost Grandpa. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. The bloody fiendish aura was just too strong, making others feel like their souls become unstable. 

“Are these the souls harvested during Heavenly Country’s blood sacrifice?” Ghost Grandpa’s eyes surged with radiance, revealing killing intent. 

“What a pity it was that only a portion of the souls were collected from the flood region’s blood sacrifice. Most of them scattered away. This is a divine altar bestowed to me by my Heavenly Country’s predecessors,” Yin Yi said. 

A hu sounded. Scarlet feathers swept up into the air. That blood-colored devil became even larger. It thrusted the scarlet spear in its hand towards Ghost Grandpa. Deafening wuwu sounds tore through the air. 


Ghost Grandpa’s sword descended. The scarlet spear continuously cracked apart. Then, he brandished his sword again, and that enormous blood-colored devil was immediately sliced apart at the waist. Blood energy scattered everywhere. 

“The demonic god is boundless and immeasurable! Kill!” Yin Yi shouted. He seemed to have gone mad. He knew that he couldn’t escape, and that only by wiping out Ghost Grandpa would there be a chance for him to preserve his life. As such, he threw caution to the wind and went all out. 

Blood flowed out from his chest. He ignited his heart blood and activated that altar, sending demonic figures out one after another. 

Soon after, Ghost Grandpa was caught within. Devils howled all around him and countless departed spirits could be seen. They all turned into blood devils, appearing everywhere and seemingly impossible to completely eradicate. 

“Old ghost, you should just disappear!” Yin Yi shouted loudly. 

Ghost Grandpa appeared indifferent. He raised up the broken sword high into the air and hacked it downwards. This wasn’t sword energy, and was instead a world created by the sword. It turned into a world without equal.


Void figures filled the sky. All of the devils were destroyed, completely wiped out by the sword. The surrounding blood lightning, black clouds, and the others all disappeared. The clear and bright world reappeared. 

“World in blood sacrifice, Heavenly Country’s deities will reappear!” Yin Yi roared loudly. His body had already started to shrivel up. He continued to burn his essence blood to help this altar display its power. 

Ghost Grandpa walked outwards, pointing his sword forward. That bright red altar released a kacha sound. It began to crack apart, and then it completely exploded. 

Yin Yi looked like he was petrified. Such a powerful ancestral magical artifact was destroyed just like that, as if it was as fragile as a ceramic vase, shattered under a single sword strike. This was just too difficult for him to accept. 

He moved his silver divine wings, raising up great winds to flee as quickly as he could from this place, but it was still completely futile in the end. Dark light flashed past, and sword light surged. His silver wings fell off and blood splashed everywhere. Yin Yi fell downwards, the shriveled state of his body looking like that of a ghoul. 

“How are you so powerful?” He was truly unwilling to accept this. He was actually going to die under the hands of a dead person! This just felt too absurd and grievous.

“I died under a sword that came from above the dome of heaven. The remains of my soul were sealed up by the most powerful will imitation of your Heavenly Country’s killing sword. If I hadn’t made contact with your Heavenly Country mysterious technique, I wouldn’t have been able to awaken.”

Ghost Grandpa spoke, his face full of regret. He wasn’t able to wait until those from his past came and only encountered a younger generation individual that only had his divine flame ignited. This was the final time that he could make an appearance. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he trembled inwardly. That rusted sword inserted in Ghost Grandpa’s head turned out to have been refined by his most powerful will. Now that it had dissolved, he truly revived, and as a result, he became powerful beyond imagination. 

Only, everything was refined by an empty will. If he was still alive with flesh and blood, just how powerful would he be?

“Truly unwilling!” Yin Yi shouted outwards while clenching his fists tightly. 


Ghost Grandpa didn’t say much either. A sword hacked out, sending Yin Yi’s head flying diagonally. It then exploded in midair, turning into a bloody mist. His body and soul were thus wiped out. 

It was just that easy. A powerful existence with his divine flame ignited couldn’t even take a single strike from Ghost Grandpa!

Shi Hao was in great admiration. This was the definition of a truly powerful expert!

The world calmed down. Only two people remained, one old, one young. Shi Hao’s mind rose and fell, feeling extremely uneasy. The bitter struggle he had anticipated didn’t arrive, and in the end, his opponent actually died just like that. 

“I am about to disappear, and it is impossible for me to ever reappear,” said Ghost Grandpa. The expression on his face was calm, carrying only a bit of regret. 

“Senior…” Shi Hao didn’t how what was the right thing to say. In the end, he told Ghost Grandpa about how the divine vine had sprouted and once again took root. 

“This is the best news I’ve heard before my ultimate death. That vine is like my child.” Ghost Grandpa’s expression became gentle as he recalled fondly of the past. There was joy, but also sorrow. 

“Senior, will you go and see it?” Shi Hao asked. 

“I won’t. This is its new life, so it should no longer have any memories of me.” Ghost Grandpa shook his head. 

Then, this place became a lot quieter. There were no words, only the sound of wind rushing past. 

“This life of mine…” Only after a long time did Ghost Grandpa release a light sigh. He looked at Shi Hao and said, “Your innate talents are extraordinary. Are you willing to return to Heaven Mending Sect in my place?” He was an abandoned disciple. This was something that had always been gnawing at his mind, as well as an unfinished regret. 

Shi Hao opened his mouth. Even though he respected Ghost Grandpa, there was truly no way of accepting this request of his. It was just too difficult for the grudges between himself and Heaven Mending Sect to be settled. 

“That’s true as well. You are you, I am myself. This is true even if I felt like I’ve shamed my teacher, so I’ve always wished to go back to console him.” Ghost Grandpa said with a sigh. 

What exactly happened back then? Shi Hao looked at him while full of doubt. 

“Because of a woman from Heavenly Country, I was cast out from the Heaven Mending Sect as an exiled disciple. Afterwards, I was then assassinated by her and someone else together in this lower realm. With how exceptional she is, she is definitely still alive.”

When Shi Hao heard this, he became stupefied. These words were extremely simple, but the process was definitely complex and full of resentment and grudges. 

“My teacher should have already passed away, so it would be without meaning even if I returned to Heaven Mending Sect. That woman, however, is still alive. I want to settle things, but the day we meet again will not come.”

He came from the higher realms, but died in the wasteland region. 

“This life of mines, just let it end like this!” His body began to become indistinct. It gradually became more faint, as if it was about to disappear. 

“Senior!” Shi Hao cried out. 

“The Ancient Sacred Courtyard has the Heaven Mending Technique, but seeing how you are most likely at odds against them, it isn’t easy for me to pass it down to you either.” Ghost Grandpa’s figure became more and more indistinct. 

“I’ll gift this sword to you. It is held together from a divine mixture of phoenix beak and unicorn horn.” Ghost Grandpa said. 

The black broken sword flew over, landing into Shi Hao’s hands. He was quite familiar with the broken sword. This portion of the broken sword was damaged, and it was held together by a transparent plaster. 

And now, Ghost Grandpa said that it was held together by a mixture made of phoenix beak and unicorn horn, giving him quite a bit of shock. Those materials are definitely world shaking!

“Ghost Grandpa, there will be a day when I will go into the higher realms. I will bring this broken sword into Heavenly Country to help you settle things.” Shi Hao said. 

“Higher realms… I’ve almost forgotten about that place. However, there should still be some people that still remember me.” When speaking these words, Ghost Grandpa’s eyes became extremely bright. However, in the end, his body still scattered away, forever disappearing from this world. 

Shi Hao felt disappointed and frustrated. A powerful individual had disappeared just like that, making him sigh with regret. 

However, he learned from Ghost Grandpa’s final words that he definitely had an incomparably splendid past. Perhaps there were still a few places in the higher realms where his legend existed. 

Only, those who the heavens love die young. In the end, he still fell. 

“I really never expected such a thing! The most dazzling human race figure of the ancient era who forcefully pushed back the heavenly talents among his peers actually ended up like this, hehe…” 

A voice suddenly sounded. A figure appeared in the distant sky, walking over step by step in midair. An enormous black sun could be seen behind this individual, giving this figure a rather sinister appearance. 

Shi Hao’s mind trembled inwardly. There was actually another deity that appeared. 

“Yin Yi truly is miserable, dying here because of a will. He definitely died with remaining grievances.” This was a male. The large sun behind him was formed from a black sunflower. 

“You saw him die, but you aren’t even going to lend him a hand?” Shi Hao asked. 

“I came too late and could only see the final scene from the distance, hehe… Moreover, if I came a bit closer, I would have been done for too, you know?” This male laughed as he spoke, seeming to be taking joy in the misfortune of others. “Yin Yi was extremely cold-blooded. Who knows if there will be a day when he makes a move on his own people. Dying a bit earlier isn’t too bad either.”

“Five of the seven deities died. Now that there are only two left, aren’t you worried at all?” Shi Hao said coldly. 

“Isn’t it better for the eight regions to only have a few deities? If we did find those natural opportunities, it would be easy to split them up as well. Who knows, maybe one day, I might be able to become an unsurpassed supreme being as well.” The male spoke with a faint smile. 

It was different this time than in the past. The higher realms’ sect master fought against the will of heaven, and as a result, these seven deities could forever stay behind in the lower realms. They could stay here for several thousand years, and if their vitalities were great enough, maybe even greater than ten thousand years. 

Meanwhile, in the past, they could only use heaven and earth natural laws’ damaged time limited methods to have a few experts come down for a few months, or one or two years at the most. 

If the seven deities lived, they had more than enough time to do what they wanted. 

The deities that had accumulated inside the eight regions, the chess pieces and experts the various sects arranged, had all been killed or captured. If nothing unexpected happened in the lower realms, the seven deities could definitely control the lower realm. 

A black sunflower took root in the void. It quickly extended its black roots over to restrict Shi Hao. 

“After you killed my Demonic Sunflower Garden’s disciple, our clan lord specifically instructed me to personally kill you. It seems like I’ll be able to carry out that promise,” said this male. He stood on the black sunflower and looked down on Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao avoided those thick roots and quietly placed the little rebirth pill into his mouth. 

The black clad male’s face carried a cold smile. He reached out a large hand and directly slapped down. Black mists flooded the heavens. It was as if a demonic hand was descending from beyond the region, hiding the sky and covering the earth. 

Shi Hao shifted sideways and avoided that large hand. 

In the void, black sunflowers took root stalk after stalk. They covered everything, completely filling up this place to trap him within. 

Shi Hao’s entire body shone, becoming incomparably brilliant. A powerful aura of life surged within him. He broke into the supreme expert realm without any suspense, immediately becoming much more powerful. 

“Did you come to deliver me sunflower seeds?” he ridiculed. Every single pore on his body surged with spiritual essence. 

There was no way one could completely absorb all of the medical efficacy. Shi Hao used this chance of breakthrough to turn that portion of medicinal strength that hadn’t dissolved into divine might before striking towards that black clad male. 

He turned into a human-shaped Kun Peng and began to frantically use up this medicinal strength, defying the heavens as he rushed outwards. 

“Even a glimmer of light dares to try and compete against the bright moon. Truly overestimating your capabilities!” The male from Demonic Sunflower Garden laughed coldly. With a wave of his sleeve, a vast and mighty hurricane swept outwards. He reached out and grabbed towards the Kun Peng. 


Shi Hao activated the imperishable golden clothes. Divine flames surged and endless radiance rushed into the heavens. This boundless wave of divine force immediately shattered that male’s sleeves, causing his palm to be drenched with blood. 

The Demonic Sunflower Garden male was immediately alarmed. The other party unexpectedly had the aura of a deity! This was too sudden!

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