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Chapter 582 - Joy and Sorrow

Seven deities came into the lower realm. The most powerful one was an old servant from ‘Immortal Hall’. His individual strength was equal to the joint power of four experts with their divine flames lit. 

‘Immortal Hall’ was extremely ancient and terrifying and related to Supreme Hall. Unfortunately, there was less than a tenth of the three deities’ consciousness remaining, so Shi Hao couldn’t find out everything. 

The second strongest expert came from Western Sect, a deity with the Vajra Unbreakable BodyHe cultivated the zhang six golden body to an extremely high level, and he also grasped several great divine abilities. 

As for the remaining deities, their power levels were similar. 

Shi Hao carefully thought to himself. The situation was grim. The remaining four deities were even more terrifying and difficult to deal with. Exactly how was he supposed to fight them?

“Even if I become a deity and use the imperishable golden body battle clothes to improve my strength, it’ll still only be enough to deal with a single deity, and even then it would be hard to say who will come out ahead.” He said to himself while frowning. 

After igniting his divine flame, it was equal to transcending the category of humanity. The power of mortals wasn’t enough to oppose them. This type of increase in power was much greater than the difference between the other great cultivation realms.

It was obvious that he could only use the Western Tomb world this one time. A similar method wouldn’t work. There is no way the remaining four deities would repeat this disastrous mistake. 

“What should I do? Is there really no other way?” Shi Hao said softly. How was he supposed to break out from this hopeless situation? His mind was heavy, feeling a type of ominous premonition. Could it be that something unexpected was going to happen to him?

He left Western Beast Mountain and flew towards Stone Country Capital.

In reality, Shi Hao had just obtained even more valuable information, and that was the results of the higher realms’ joint speculations. They deduced the locations of several areas containing natural luck in the lower realm. 

Even though the exact points couldn’t be determined, an approximate range was drawn out!

This was definitely a great opportunity. This type of information was priceless, but right now, it was useless to Shi Hao. The most important thing was surviving and somehow ridding himself of this crisis. 

However, it was just too hard. It was just impossible to do right now. 

When he descended into Stone Country Capital, Shi Hao stopped for a bit. He descended into a small town to find out a bit about the current imperial capital first. 

After asking around, he found that no one knew what had happened in Stone Country Capital. There were no disturbances, as if there hadn’t been any battles and none of that happened at all. The more he found out that things were like this, the more Shi Hao frowned.

“Yi?” Suddenly, he saw a young lady, one that looked extremely familiar. Even though she wore simple and plain clothes, there was an aloof and spiritual aura around her. 

Inside of that small town, the young lady seemed to have sensed something. She turned around and saw him, revealing a look of shock. She covered her mouth with her hands and said, “It’s you!”

Shi Hao recalled that this was Yu Zimo, someone he had seen in the Hundred Shattering Mountains. She was one of the Rain Clan’s two heros and had a rare innate spirituality. She could predict a bit of the future. 

After the Rain Clan was destroyed, Shi Hao didn’t eradicate every last one of their members. Towards a few women, children, and elders, he let them go, allowing them to leave. This girl hadn’t been in the clan that day, so she naturally avoided disaster. 

Yu Zimo lowered her heads, and after a moment, she suddenly raised her head and walked over. “If you want to kill me, then just do it.”

“You can go.” Shi Hao spoke. He frowned, not paying any attention to this. His mind was on how to deal with the four deities. 

Suddenly, Yu Zimo staggered backwards, and a crack appeared between her brows. A strand of blood flowed out. When she looked at Shi Hao, her face became filled with shock and confusion. 

It was clear that she had encountered a bitter experience. She looked at Shi Hao and said, “I peered into the future and only saw primal chaos. When I turned around, behind your body was an expanse of nothingness.”

When they met again, she once again made this type of prediction. It was the same as the time in Hundred Shattering Mountains. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he raised his head and looked at her. “What do you mean?” This wasn’t the first time he heard this. 

“I don’t know.” Yu Zimo wiped away the trace of blood from her forehead and said, “You… don’t seem to be a part of this collection of ancient history. Perhaps, you… will completely vanish from this world.”

If it really was the latter, then Shi Hao understood, because he could die at anytime. As for the former, he was completely confused. He waved his hand and directly left for the distance. He didn’t have the time to think too much about this stuff now. 

Shi Hao returned to Stone Capital silently. The palace hall was cold and cheerless. The spirits of the guards were down, but there were no deities hiding here. 

“Peng Nine!” Then, Shi Hao saw Peng Nine in an imperial manor outside the city. He was hiding here to recover his injuries. Fortunately, his life wasn’t in danger. 

“Your Majesty… you are still alive!” Peng Nine was shocked. He wasn’t the only one. Everyone in the imperial palace felt that Shi Hao was doomed to die, passing away prematurely. 

Who would have expected that he was still alive, safely returning! Peng Nine’s eyes were opened wide, and he was so excited he didn’t know what to say. 

Then, when the War King, Ming King, and the others received news, they all rushed over. Some of them began to tremble, feeling incomparable joy. Being able to see Shi Hao again was simply a miracle!

He led away three deities and dealt with them alone, yet he was actually able to live. Could it be that those three experts were all dead? When they thought of this possibility, it felt as if their hearts were about to jump out from their throats. 

“Your Majesty, you… killed them?”

“They are all dead.” Shi Hao smiled and said. 

These people were all shocked, and then their expressions immediately became brilliant. Several of them were so inspired they began to tremble. 

“Where is Qingfeng?” Shi Hao asked. He didn’t see him here. 

When he mentioned this question, several individuals’ expressions darkened. 

Shi Hao didn’t care about his own safety and guided the three deities away. This made Qingfeng’s heart burn with worry and anxiety. Fearing that Shi Hao would die, he departed through the altar to invite experts to rescue him. 

It was clear that Qingfeng went to Stone Village to invite Hairy Ball and Little Red. 

It was also during this time that two things happened. The first was another deity came to see Yang Li, pangolin, and underworld deity. They just happened to run into Hairy Ball and Little Red, directly leading to a great battle that continued into the great wastelands. 

As for the results, they still didn’t know!

One other thing was that another deity appeared in the ruins of Heaven Mending Pavilion, destroying everything and searching around for something. It was as if it was trying to open the Ancient Holy Courtyard. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he felt great alarm. Hairy Ball and Little Red still ended up coming! They had just lit their divine flames, so they were still far from being comparable to the seven deities. If they fought like this, it was quite likely that they would die. 

However, he didn’t blame Qingfeng. That gentle and weak youth was too angry, fearing that he would die, so he did everything he could to save him in spite of the consequences. 

“Which deity appeared in the imperial palace?” Shi Hao tried to calm down his breathing as much as he could and spoke calmly. 

“Western Sect’s expert that cultivated the zhang six golden body. The divine flame that burned around him was especially resplendent,” Peng Nine replied. 

“What?!” When Shi Hao heard this, his entire body went cold, and his heart immediately sank. From the three deities, he learned that the western sect’s expert that lit his divine flame was ranked second. 

An hour later, Shi Hao rushed towards those mountain depths. He saw collapsed mountain ridges and great earth that had been turned into cooled magma. There was a deathly stillness. 

When he looked around, he saw scarlet feathers that were dyed in blood everywhere. They belonged to Little Red!

Then, he saw a snapped iron rod as well as golden fur. They belonged to Hairy Ball!

Shi Hao felt his eye sockets splitting. His blood surged within him, and his hair flew everywhere. Everything was as he had predicted; the two of them had fell. He even saw a piece of a scorched Vermilion Bird wing, as well as a piece of Hairy Ball’s bones that carried golden hair and blood. This proved that those two powerful individuals had most likely died. 

Ah… Shi Hao howled, crying out like a wounded wild beast. He couldn’t accept this result. 

“I don’t don’t want you all to die!” His eyes were red. He brought Hairy Ball back with him when he was young. It accompanied him as he grew up, so the feelings between them were extremely great. Meanwhile, even though Little Red’s mouth was rather noisy, its relationship with Stone Village was definitely great, helping out and protecting that place. 

How could they just die? What kind of miserable thing happened? He found it too hard to accept!

You have to understand that after the battle in western border, those two experts didn’t bring the divine magical artifacts with them back to Stone Village! How were they supposed to fight now, especially with Western Sect expert being the second most powerful one. He was more powerful than Yang Li, pangolin, and the underworld deity combined!

Shi Hao seemed to have gone mad as he searched everywhere. He once again saw Hairy Ball’s broken bones and fur that was stuck together with blood. He noticed the other part of Little Red’s broken wing. This made him wish to go insane. He raised his head towards the heavens and roared. 

Shi Hao cried. This was the first time he had ever felt so heartbroken. Ever since he left Stone Village, he had always advanced happily and fearlessly, sweeping through all of his opponents. He had never experienced a disaster like this. 

In the eyes of this world’s people, he was a genius, an unrivaled young supreme being. In the Void God Realm, he was the devilish child that angered humans and gods alike. He had always forcefully pushed through his enemies and rarely encountered opponents. 

No one had seen this weak side of him before. Right now, Shi Hao weeped and sobed, crawling on the ground while stroking Hairy Ball’s ruined bones and fur and carrying Little Red’s wing. He was absolutely heartbroken. 

“I didn’t want you all to die! I wanted you two to live!” He was sad and in pain. Tears continuously tumbled outwards as he screamed and shouted. 

Only at this moment was he like a fifteen year old youth and not that stunning genius, little Stone, that everyone in this world saw. He felt helpless, as well as incomparable grief and indignation. 

Shi Hao searched the entire mountain range. Eventually, he left dejectedly. 

He directly returned to the imperial palace. He carefully opened up a passage, and then he erased all traces. Only then did he rush in, heading towards Stone Village. 

Normally, he wouldn’t go there no matter what in fear that he might bring them some sort of disaster. However, right now, he was overwhelmed with grief. He found it hard to breath right now, and his mind was about to go into flames.

As soon as he returned, he heard the sounds of crying. Many children were rubbing their tears, and a few grown men also revealed looks of sadness. All of Stone Village was incomparably depressed. 

Shi Hao made his way down from the altar. He saw Qingfeng kneeling on the ground while crying loudly. There was a coffin there, indicating that things were bad. 

“Hairy Ball, Little Red!” Shi Hao screamed outwards, blood spitting out from his mouth and tears emerging from his eyes. “You two have died too miserably!”

At this moment, the entire village was quiet. Everyone turned around to look at him, and they were immediately stupefied, Qingfeng even more so jumped up and carefully stared at his face. 

“Who the fuck… is cursing my death?” At this moment, Hairy Ball’s weak voice sounded. 

Then, Little Red’s cry also sounded. 

Shi Hao was immediately stupefied, not daring to believe his ears. He then saw Hairy Ball and Little Red. All of his sadness immediately changed to great joy. He immediately cried out loudly. 

Meanwhile, everyone in Stone Village also began to shout loudly, throwing themselves over. 

“Hao’er, we thought that you had died! We thought those three deities killed you!”

“Little Hao, you are still alive? This is too great!”

Everyone threw themselves over, raising him up and carefully touching him all over. They all had enormous grins on their faces, their eyes carrying tears. 

Shi Hao immediately understood that the coffin was prepared for him. They all thought that he had died and that it wasn’t for burying Hairy Ball and Little Red. 

“Everyone is still alive! This really is a great feeling.” Shi Hao wiped away the tears from his face and revealed an embarrassed expression. This was the first time he acted so out of character in front of everyone. 

He saw Hairy Ball and Little Red. The two of them suffered severe injuries. Hairy Ball was completely missing the lower half of its body, while Little Red’s wings had been torn off. They were in extremely miserable conditions. 

However, as long as these two were alive, none of these injuries were a problem. For creatures with their divine flames lit, their recovery powers were extremely great. Sooner or later, they would be able to grow everything back. 

“I thought that you guys had died.” Shi Hao said. 

“We really were about to die. That golden body was too powerful. We couldn’t fight against it at all,” said Hairy Ball. It grimaced in pain from the injuries covering its body. Even its foundation had been damaged. 

It was the same for Little Red. There wasn’t a single area that was undamaged, and even its primordial symbol bone had cracks. This was extremely serious. These two wouldn’t be able to recover without a year or two at the least. 

“No worries. I have the Sun God Tree’s divine liquid here, one for each of you. You’ll be fine in half a year!” Shi Hao said. He brought out a jade container and gave each of them a drop. 

He only obtained three drops in total, and one of them was given to his parents. The remaining two were given to these two powerful individuals. 

“What about that Western Sect expert?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Dead. We barely killed him.” Little Red said. 

“He died?” Shi Hao didn’t dare believe what he heard. This didn’t seem to make sense at all. What did Hairy Ball and Little Red have that could fight against the second powerful deity? The disparity between them was too great!

“We used Stone Village’s ancestral artifacts,” said Hairy Ball. 

Stone Village had two ancestral artifacts. One was a piece of bone, and the other was a beast skin. This time, Hairy Ball and Little Red used these two ancient artifacts. They broke through the seals on these artifacts, and they ended up being even more powerful than the two true divine magical artifacts from Stone Country. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. “Even if that is the case, that person should still be extremely difficult to kill, right?”

“You’re correct. We had just lit our divine flames, while that Western Sect expert had already had his ignited for over a hundred years. He was extremely powerful, his strength being far greater than others his level.” Little Red nodded. 

The most important thing was that they brought the other ancient artifact from Stone Village with them, that black cauldron. 

That medicinal cauldron was extremely mysterious. One couldn’t see anything normally, and only when one used the greatest spiritual medicine, archaic vicious beasts true blood and other materials to refine pills would they see abnormal results. 

Hairy Ball and Little Red heard Qingfeng’s suggestion and brought the cauldron with them. At the crucial moment, the cauldron displayed a miracle. Its defensive strength was astonishing, and hiding within it could avoid more than ninety percent of the damage. 

In addition, at the most critical moment when they were about to fall, the cauldron released a streak of pill flame that burned Western Sect’s expert into ashes. 

“This…” Shi Hao was completely stupefied and tongue-tied for words. This cauldron really was mysterious. He always felt that it was unordinary, but he didn’t expect that not only could it refine precious medicine, it actually possessed such astonishing offensive strength as well. 

Shi Hao truly didn’t think that the number two expert of the seven deities would be dealt with like this. 

“Where is the cauldron? I am going to use it to kill another deity!” Shi Hao asked. 

Right now, news still hadn’t got around. Regardless of whether it was the three deities Shi Hao killed or the powerful existence from Western Sect that Hairy Ball and Little Red killed, no news of them spread. 

He wanted to use the cauldron to kill the singled out deity that went to Heaven Mending Pavilion and eliminate this disaster. 

“It disappeared.” Hairy Ball sighed. 

It had operated it together with Little Red. That cauldron was extremely mysterious. After releasing the pill flame and easily burning Western Sect’s expert to death, it then disappeared under fiery light. 

From great sadness to great joy, unexpected things happened one after another, making Shi Hao feel a bit numb. When he heard that the black cauldron vanished, he first felt stunned, but he wasn’t too shocked. He only felt quite regretful. 

“I clearly saw that the cauldron cracked apart. It shed its black shell and became spotlessly white like jade, turning into a bone cauldron before then disappearing.” Little Red said. 

It excelled in the fire dao divine ability, so when the black cauldron released the pill flame, it was naturally sensitive to it. It could vaguely see the scene of a white bone cauldron disappearing in the fiery light.

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