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Chapter 581 - Destruction

The altar swayed back and forth, erupting with killing intent that swept out in all directions. It was as if a hurricane swept through this place. The surrounding trees and boulders were all turned into fine powder. 

A formless domain appeared here that immediately destroyed everything!

The three great experts' expressions were deathly pale. Their bodies and minds were all shaking, doing everything they could to escape, but they were still unable to break free. 

Their spiritual consciousness were sharp, so they could clearly feel that the eyeball had locked onto them. That blood dyed eye had existed for who knew how many tens of thousands of years without drying up. 

"Not good!" The expert that came from Underworld Earth cried out loudly. 

Behind them, not only was there the problem of the domain, the black light on the altar was also surging. Black ripples diffused outwards, seemingly soft and gentle, but they were actually more terrifying than immortal swords. 

Almost nothing could stop that ripple. Boulders and mountain peaks were sliced through, and as soon as they made contact with that ripple, they would all turn into ashes. 


The pangolin shouted loudly. This danger far exceeded its imagination! Not even deities that had their divine flames ignited could do anything, not having to strength to defend themselves at all. 

During this entire process, its silver tail made contact with the ripple, causing scales to break off and its flesh to become badly mangled. A large portion was hacked off, and the portion that was hacked off vanished like scattered ashes. 

The pangolin displayed a secret technique. It continuously spat out essence light from its mouth. That was its heart blood that it was burning, dipping into its potential and overdrafting its future. It was using this to increase its speed. 


Yang Li also cried out loudly. His back had touched it, making that area dripping with blood. He used a forbidden technique to leave into the distance. His mind was shaken and fearful to the extreme.

He was originally a genius from Yin Yang Academy, and his age was not that great. He could be considered a rising expert, yet now, he was alarmed and fleeing like a stray dog. 

This was even more severe than what Shi Hao encountered last time. The altar sensed the greater strength of the offenders, and as if it had a consciousness, it felt that these were the best sacrificial objects. 

Shi Hao watched everything with great shock. He only made a single motion, and that was to enter the bronze precious case. He held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and left everything else to the will of heaven.

He was able to live last time entirely due to a fluke, but what about this time? He had no idea. This type of feeling was extremely bad. He could only entrust everything to fate. Nothing was in his control anymore, leaving him in a completely helpless and passive state. 

He could only silently wait for the result. This was the most powerless decision. How could he hand his own fate to others?

However, Shi Hao was at the end of the rope and truly didn't have any other way. As long as he still had the slightest choice, he wouldn't have came here. This was the same as meeting death. 

When the bronze precious case suffered the attacks of the black ripple, it was naturally damaged, becoming transparent. Everything outside could clearly be seen. 

Shi Hao held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram with a calm expression, waiting just like that. If death came, then so be it. He would fall together with the three great experts. If he could live, then he would have have made it big. He wanted the three deities dead. 

The three great experts rushed far into the distance, but it was still too difficult for them to break free. In addition, an object flew from the altar. It tore through the sky, seemingly everlasting as it suppressed them. 

"What?" Shi Hao was astonished. This time, it was that golden arm bone that rushed out to suppress and kill the intruders. 

"No!" The pangolin cried out with great alarm. All of the scales on its body opened and closed, sending out spiritual essence and producing divine patterns to protect itself. However, it was still useless. 

The golden hand was too fast. Golden multicolored light covered the sky as it quickly descended from the sky and struck down on its lower back. 


Just this strike alone from the descending golden bone palm blasted a large portion of the pangolin's body rotten. Its chest region turned into a bloody paste, and its bones were completely shattered. 

The divine might was unimaginable!

This creature that ignited its divine flame, in front of this arm bone, was as weak as a little ant, easily suppressed without being able to put up the slightest resistance. 

The most crucial part was that the golden arm bone was without any fluctuations or symbols. It relied purely on its physical strength and sturdiness to slap the pangolin that was known for its defensive strength into mush. 

"No!" The skeleton from Underworld Earth cried out loudly. His wings flapped with great speed, truly wishing to rush into the nine heavens and leave this realm. 

However, this was all useless. The golden bone palm casually swatted out, and his pair of divine wings exploded on the spot. Hundreds of feathers withered, scattering down from the sky. 

In addition, after the bone palm descended, his skeleton immediately broke into pieces. Ka cha ka cha sounds continuously sounded as it broke apart. He was completely destroyed by this power. 

Finally, Underworld Earth only had a skeleton that fell into the distance. It still didn't give up on its desire to escape and continued to fly. 


On the other side, Yang Li cried out loudly. His head of silver hair danced about as he produced a copper furnace. The surface was full of bumps and many places had already caved in. It was incredibly damaged. 

It was precisely the void furnace that had all of its symbols destroyed. There weren't any natural laws left on it. However, its natural toughness was still there and it couldn't be destroyed that easily. 

If not for the fact that he definitely couldn't escape, how could Yang Li decide to produce this damaged artifact? This truly was just a futile last-ditch effort. 


Underworld Earth skeleton's skull and the small part of the pangolin's body that remained both cried out loudly. They also rushed inside of this furnace. With no way out, this was the only choice they had. 


The furnace cover was closed, and the three deities hid inside. Their faces were deathly pale, and their hearts were pounding. Their crippled bodies were trembling, a natural reaction produced by the utter fear they were experiencing. After they ignited their divine flames, their identities became astonishing. They were considered experts that were high and mighty in their academy and clans, and it was unknown just how many years it had been since they were this terrified. 


The golden hand bone slapped down, striking on that void furnace. A heaven shaking noise rang through the skies, and the first strike alone made a large part of the cauldron sink in. It had pierced through, allowing light to seep inside. 


Everything in front of these three deities' eyes darkened. They powerlessly sat there while filled with fear. How were they supposed to defend against this? The void furnace was known to be undying, and not even deities could break through it, yet right now, it couldn't hold up much longer. 

Exactly what kind of strange thing was that altar to have that type of offering placed on it? It was just too abnormal! They began to feel despair. 


The golden hand bone descended a second time. The five finger bones pierced through the furnace to tear it apart. The furnace was completely destroyed. 

The void furnace was pried open like dried out orange peels and tossed aside. The three great experts fell, all of them falling weakly onto the ground, unable to put up anymore defenses. 

However, the golden arm bone unexpectedly retreated, deciding not to kill them. 

The three individuals' eyes shone with brilliance. Hope to continue living appeared. They struggled up, but they quickly fell from heaven to hell. They were left completely disheartened. 

On the altar, a crystal skull flew over. Its eyes sockets were deep. Its lower jaw opened, and then it fiercely sucked inwards. A vortex appeared in that area. 


Yang Li released a miserable cry, rolling on the ground while violently struggling. His body that was originally already weakened was quickly withering away. His flesh dried up and his spiritual essence leaked away from his body. 

In just a split second, he turned into a skin on bone skeleton. His eye sockets sunk, and his pupils grew dim without luster. 

The pangolin still had everything above its body, and right now, it was shivering and continuously backing up. The fear within its heart had reached the limit. When it saw the crystal ball draw closer to it, it opened its mouth and screamed miserably. 

The whirlpool released light. The pangolin's body was also withering up, and its scales all fell off. Its flesh withered up, turning into a skeleton. 

It hadn't ended yet. The crystal skull enlarged, and then it opened its mouth, biting down on the underworld expert's skull. With a ka cha sound, it was directly crushed in half. 

"Please, spare me!" The Underworld Race deity howled loudly. 

The crystal skull didn't pay it any attention and lightly inhaled. A large portion of the Underworld Clan's expert soul light was sucked in. Its foundational source immediately dimmed. 

"Don't kill me… save me… let me go…" Yang Li released a weak sound. He was also praying for a chance at survival. He was a genius and couldn't die like this in the lower realm. 

However, the crystal skull seemed completely indifferent. It held his body between its teeth, and with a slight breath, ninety-percent of its soul essence leaked out, only leaving behind some useless residue. 


The pangolin released a weak miserable cry, struggling and begging for mercy. They couldn't change the conclusion at all. It was also like this, with all of its soul force practically wiped out. 

The three great experts were ruined. Even if they weren't attacked again, it would still be impossible for them to continue living. Their foundations had been scattered, falling down from heaven down into hell. They lost all of their honor and glory. 

Regardless of whether it was the golden arm bone or the crystal skull, they both stopped for a moment by the bronze precious case. After hesitating for a moment, they both flew back to the altar and didn't take action. 

Inside the small world, the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in Shi Hao's hands shone again. Ten thousand spirits appeared and symbols covered this place. Chaotic energy pervaded the air, creating an extremely mysterious scene. 

It was unknown just how much time had passed. This place became peaceful again. 

Shi Hao's expression was complicated. He looked at the warm bone piece. This thing had once again allowed him to escape a disaster. He didn't die. 

"I lived." Shi Hao said to himself. However, this type of feeling wasn't that good. This was gambling, handing his fate over to someone else. There was nothing he could do himself. Soon after, he tossed aside these emotions. He walked forward, lifting up the three withered up and ruined bodies before walking outwards, breaking free from Western Tomb World. 

In the outside world, lush and green mountains and valleys stretched out before him. This place was full of life force and abundant sunlight. After thinking about his experiences just now, he suddenly felt as if he had been in a dream. 

"How could it be like this…" Yang Li's eyes were dim, his eyes sockets sunken, and his flesh dried up. He truly couldn't imagine how he ended up in this kind of conclusion. 

"I can't accept this!" The pangolin roared, but it was incomparably weak, so its voice was like that of a mosquito's. 

Underworld Earth's expert only had half its skull remaining, the soul light that remained about to go out at any moment. It was filled with incomparable grief. It was a deity, yet it was going to die so miserably. 

The three experts experienced fear, struggles, despair, and even regret. This was truly not worth it! For the sake of killing a small cultivator, they actually tossed away their own lives, coming to such a miserable ending. 

They should have been able to look down on Shi Hao, yet now, they were crawling beneath the other party's feet. This type of scene gave them an extremely miserable feeling that was hard for them to accept. 

Shi Hao smiled, completely tossing aside the complicated feelings he felt while inside Western Tomb World. His smile was brilliant, and the mouthful of shining teeth seemed even more resplendent under the sunlight. 

"Where did all of your confidence go?"

This casual sentence hacked down on these three experts' minds like a blade, making them roar with anger. A large part of their bodies immediately began to crack apart. 

"Bullying and humiliating a country, just how overbearing and domineering were you all? Treating the creatures of the lower realm like ants. Yet look now, all of you are nothing more than bugs yourselves." Shi Hao shook his head. 

Then he stood up while carrying an ice-cold expression in his eyes. When these people came down, they carried out a worldwide blood sacrifice, creating an absolute tragedy. Too many people had died. This debt wouldn't be repaid even if they were killed!

Shi Hao searched their sea of consciousness, but he found that it had long been damaged with less than a tenth remaining. However, that was still enough. He received a few extremely important pieces of information!

Then, one foot per person, three heads were kicked off, shattering in midair!

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