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Chapter 580 - Shattering Courage

Shi Hao rushed through dry land like an indistinct void streak. He crossed great mountains one after another in search of an enormous city. Only places like these had altars that could send him to a different place. 

The wasteland region was too large. If he relied on running himself, even someone as powerful as him would not be able to get to his destination without a few days worth of time.

Because he was searching for transport formations, his slight hesitation allowed the three deities behind him to almost catch up. He suffered serious injuries and continuously coughed out blood, almost dying right there. 

Finally, Shi Hao discovered an enormous city on the northern continent and almost found an altar. He stepped on top, and without any hesitation, a golden passageway was opened up and he escaped.

"He got away from us again." Yang Li's face was downcast. After chasing him for such a long time, they still didn't intercept him. For them, this was a bit of a shameful thing. 

The golden skeleton that came from Underworld Earth got onto the altar and carefully looked it over. He deduced the location of the place where Shi Hao fled to. 

"We have to hurry and catch him to prevent others from getting their hands on him," said the pangolin. It opened up a passageway and was the first to rush through. 

One had to understand that there were seven experts with ignited divine flames that successfully entered the lower realm. The other four deities were likely going to make their move as well. If Shi Hao was intercepted by them, then it would be quite a disaster. 

The void began to distort, making everything indistinct. When they walked out from the passageway, they sized up their surroundings and continued their pursuit. 

Shi Hao seemed to be burning. His speed was fast to the extreme. He used the seventy-two transformations to turn into a Kun Peng, and then he had the help of the earth withdrawal symbol as well. He disappeared into the horizon in the blink of an eye. 

His current speed was faster than the three deities'!

However, the three deities' spiritual senses were sharp and had long locked onto him. His aura would still be sensed by them in the end, so as long as he hesitated for a moment to catch his breath, they would immediately catch up. 

If this continued, he would be completely exhausted sooner or later. 

"I'm finally about to arrive!" When there was still a bit of distance, Shi Hao stopped. He quickly adjusted his breath to recover his essence energy. 

During this short breather, he directly brought out a handful of sparkling demonic sunflower seeds, every single one of them sparkling and resplendent like pearls. They flowed with multicolored light. He threw them into his mouth and swallowed them together with blood. 

This type of 'sunflower seed' possessed divine effects. He no longer coughed, and his injured body received nourishment. He continuously shone, and symbols fluctuated about his body. His essence energy was gradually becoming filled again. 

Since he was going to enter that place, he naturally had to adjust his body to its greatest state. Otherwise, he might immediately fall due to his energy being lacking. 

"It's actually the 'seeds' of Demonic Sunflower Garden? You really are quite daring. No wonder they were cursing you and demanding your death." The pangolin was the first to arrive. Silver light flickered about. It opened its mouth and spat out a streak of electrical radiance to kill Shi Hao. 

They were clearly quite shocked. Who dared to treat the Demonic Sunflower Garden's 'seeds' as pill medicines? If news of this got out, it would immediately incur crazy retaliation.

Shi Hao naturally backed off at the first moment, quickly fleeing. 

After chasing for such a long time, even though these three deities' expressions were indifferent, they long became discontent. The little Formation Arrangement Realm thing in front of their eyes truly wasn't worth expending all this effort. This made them feel embarrassed. 

However, his speed was that fast. When the Kun Peng technique was displayed together with the earth withdrawal technique, not even creatures that lit their divine flames could compare. 

In the end, the three deities could only depend on their patience and powerful divine senses to lock onto their target. Otherwise, they really would have lost him. 

Shi Hao wiped away the blood at the corners of his mouth. Several dozen li passed in a flash, and with a spreads of his wings, another several hundred li was gone. He arrived in an ancient place where mountains rose and fell, stretching as far as the eye could see. 

The mountain peaks here were quite special and shaped like mountains. They were like great tombs, rising adjacently one after another and creating a boundless mountain region. 

Shi Hao didn't stop for a moment. He leapt into the air and directly rushed into the depths of this place. 

The three deities pursued relentlessly, immediately hurrying over like three void streaks. Crazy winds erupted around them, blasting apart the enormous trees along the way. One could see just how astonishing their speeds were!

"Yi?" The golden skeleton from Underworld Earth was astonished. Even though this place was filled with sunlight and yang energy, he could clearly feel a hint of yin energy that others normally couldn't' detect. 

Perhaps it should be called the great yin. That type of coldness couldn't be detected by other creatures, and only someone like him from Underworld Earth could sense. This should be a place where the yin energy was the heaviest. 

Only, when things reached an extreme, they might move in the opposite direction, so now, there was yang energy. A transformation had taken place here. This was definitely a great miracle!

He wasn't that worried. This type of place was instead a divine treasure land for him. He was extremely hopeful and wanted to immediately rush in to nourish his skeleton.

They rushed in ten li in the blink of an eye. The scenery in front of their eyes immediately changed in the blink of an eye!

Large amounts of mounds disappeared. The savage great earth reappeared and ancient trees reached high into the sky. The great mountains were lofty and majestic, standing tall and erect. There were countless vicious beasts here and divine birds took to the skies. The scene was astonishing!


A black colored True Hou appeared. It was enormous like a small mountain. It immediately shattered a meteorite, causing incomparably dazzling radiance to erupt and descend onto the great earth. 


Crazy winds stirred about. A great golden-winged Peng spread its wings to soar into the skies, overlooking the world of mortals. It was like a cloud that covered the heavens. This type of aura made others terrified. 

The three deities were were shocked, suppressed as soon as they entered. They were all stupefied, feeling great fear inside. 

They were truly formidable, but the ones in front of them were all heavenly ranked vicious beasts and divine birds. They had all cultivated to the highest cultivation realm, and any one of them could easily wipe them out. 

"These are… heavenly deities?!"

They saw this kind of scene as soon as they entered, immediately leaving them horrified. They were originally acting high and mighty while chasing their little prey, yet such an abrupt change happened. 

Even those as powerful as them would have to kowtow and kneel down before these heavenly deities!


A taotie that was as tall as an archaic demonic mountain that devoured all living things passed by them. The great earth trembled and mountains swayed back and forth. Rumbling sounds continuously sounded. 

The three deities were so scared their souls began to tremble. This was just too sudden!

"Wait, these aren't bodies filled with substance!

Their divine flames had been lit, so even though their eyes were tricked and they had been scared silly by their first impression, they immediately found out the truth. 

"These are undying departed spirits and not true divine kings or heavenly deities." The pangolin released a breath of air, calming down his heart.

The golden skeleton from Underworld Earth moved his pair of pure white wings. His words were grave as he said, "They have already materialized, so we cannot be careless. Do not make contact with them, or else you might die."

The others' expressions immediately changed. They carefully sensed their surroundings, and their faces couldn't help but become serious. It was like this after all.

They carefully walked forward extremely cautiously. Soon after, they saw a stone tablet with there words carved on top: Western Tomb World!

"So it was like this! These three words explains everything!" Yang Li nodded. His head of silver hair fluttered about, and his pupils become incomparably deep. 

They weren't normal people and naturally understood everything immediately. 

At this moment, they felt as if their blood began to flow quicker and a great excitement stir within them. This world that was starting to form most likely produced a supreme treasure!

This was especially true for the golden skeleton from Underworld Earth. Even though he didn't have blood, the soul light inside of his head was sparkling intensely, expressing that he was extremely excited. This was because he knew a bit more than the others. 

"This place might turn into a ghost world and become a supreme precious earth for the Underworld Clan! It will become an eternal country!" He said to himself. He was trembling with excitement.

He was a deity from the Underworld Race, so cultivating here would save him effort and give him better results. Everything here was extremely useful for him. In particular, if there were supreme treasures, then he would be the first one to obtain it. 

If this happened, then he might quickly rise up in power and become another lord of the Underworld Clan!

They had locked onto Shi Hao a long time ago, so they naturally wouldn't lose him. They discovered that he had also rushed into the depths of this place and couldn't help but be astonished. 

The three individuals left behind a ruined figure, and with a tremble, their figures rushed inside. They avoided the half materialized Taotie, Winged Dragon, Phoenix Sparrow, and other heavenly ranked archaic vicious beasts and divine birds with their powerful divine senses.

"Yi, over there!"

The three of them rushed into the depths of this place. Not only did they see Shi Hao, they also saw an altar. 

This was a strange altar that was entirely black in color. It was built from an enormous rock, and countless bones could be seen scattered on the ground around it. It was exuding heaven overflowing killing energy, leaving all of the experts that ignited their divine flames feeling horrified. 

There weren't any ordinary bones. These were all deity grade!

However, the bone texts had already been erased and could no longer be displayed. 

"Youngster, what are you trying to do?!"

The three deities couldn't remain calm anymore, because they noticed that Shi Hao was aiming for the supreme treasures on the altar. He was actually going to make his move before them. 

Divine objects in this type of place had to be treated with great care. Otherwise, unforeseen accidents might happen. They naturally felt anxious. 

They could see Shi Hao feeling restraining fear, as if he was hesitating. He moved to the side of the altar, wanting to make his move, but also hesitating. He seemed extremely nervous. 

"They are all treasures!"

The three deities were knowledgeable and experienced. When they saw the three items on the altar, they immediately knew that they contained unimaginable power. 

There was a golden arm bone, a sparkling skull, and a bloodstained eyeball. They laid on the altar while releasing a mysterious aura and strange energy. 

"Brat, move aside and await your punishment!"

The three deities each had their own intentions. They immediately arrived in front of this altar. For them, the offerings on the ancient altar might be even more important than Shi Hao. 

"Fake deities that don't know the difference between life and death!" Shi Hao sneered. He was scared that they wouldn't come, and now, there wasn't anything to be scared of. 

"You are seeking death. You dare treat deities with disrespect!" Yang Li and the pangolin's expressions became cold. Their eyes were like blades as they glared at him. Right now, everything was in their control. They could do whatever they wanted. 

However, when they had just finished speaking, their bodies went rigid and immediately shivered inwardly, becoming ice cold. A great fear emerged from the depths of their hearts. 

Meanwhile, the Underworld Race expert almost cried out. Its golden bones trembled, releasing ka ka sounds. 

They lit their divine flames and immediately noticed that something was wrong. Their senses were much sharper than Shi Hao and the Black Tortoise back then. They felt as if they had entered a place of great danger!

"Insect… you knew about everything here?!" The pangolin was frightened. It turned around and looked at Shi Hao, its enormous body trembling. 

"Here, you all are just three bugs! Release your divine might more! Keep displaying that great might from before! Why don't you continue to act bossy and domineering?!" Shi Hao loudly berated. 

"Shut… up!" The underworld deity berated in a low voice. He didn't dare move or recklessly use divine force, or else he would have immediately eliminated Shi Hao to close his mouth. 

This wasn't a place to make a racket. He could feel a dignified and terrifying fluctuation. There might be an undying will within the items on the altar!

"Insect, close your mouth if you want to keep living!" Yang Li's expression became sinister. His mind was in chaos. He was terrified, feeling an indescribable type of fear. It was something only those that reached this level of cultivation realm could sense. 

At this moment, what the three deities felt was several tens of times greater than what Shi Hao felt back then. It was because they lit their divine flames and understood what type of dangerous situation they were in.

"Are you guys scared now?" Shi Hao was extremely calm. He swept his eyes over the three of them and said, "In this place, you all are the insects. What arrogance? If you want to live, then kneel and kowtow before this altar!"

Yang Li's head of silver hair danced about. His expression was ashen. If it wasn't because he couldn't act rashly here, he would have long burned Shi Hao directly into ashes. 

As for the pangolin and Underworld Clan expert, they truly had the urge to kneel down and pray for forgiveness. However, after hearing Shi Hao's words, it became difficult for them to do this. 

"Don't force me to kill you immediately and make you into a sacrifice for this ancient altar!" Yang Li said quietly. 

"Then let's all die together!" Shi Hao said with an incomparably calm expression. 

"Don't!" The three deities souls began to tremble greatly. 

Shi Hao raised a leg and heavily stepped downwards, shaking the entire altar as if he was trying to make it collapse. 

Yang Li's fine hairs all stood on end, and he felt his scalp going numb. His feet were hardly touching the ground, and his body was taut from fear. He was doing everything he could to fly in reverse. His face was pale without any trace of color. 

The pangolin was also like this. Its enormous body had long shrunk to a zhang in length, shooting outwards like lightning to escape. 

The golden skeleton trembled so greatly that he seemed like he was about to break apart. He was also trying to flee with everything he had. 

However, it was completely useless. That eye moved and had long locked onto everyone, just like how it locked onto Shi Hao not too long ago. 

"We're finished!"

At this moment, the three experts were shivering in fear. They all knew that it would be useless even if they fled towards the ends of the earth, let alone the fact that they couldn't break free from this place! They would still be killed. 

When one reached this level, they could deeply sense what kind of terrifying power they encountered. What happened afterwards might make them feel like they would rather be dead than alive. 

The three deities' minds trembled. Their courage was faltering. A wave of despair surged within them!

As expected, that thing came. It was majestic and terrifying. It was going to trap them here and hunt them down. 

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