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Chapter 579 - Dead End

The golden skeleton that had an underworld flame lit, the silver-haired Yang Li, and the shining snow white pangolin immediately rushed into the sky towards Shi Hao. Their eyes were shining with multicolored light. 

"We aren't mistaken! It truly is that ancient artifact!"

The Imperishable Golden Body was a wonderful masterpiece that had crossed eras. It needed the world's rarest heavenly materials inside the same furnace, and only through a complex and profound process of engravings and formations would there be a chance of success. 

It was a true treasure. As long as one appeared, it would inevitably be accompanied by a rain of blood and strong smelling winds. Everyone would fight over it. Endless chaos had been brought about because of it during the archaic years. 

"What a pity… this one is flawed and already damaged. Otherwise, it would definitely stir up great disorder."

With the passage of time and as eras slipped away, there weren't many Imperishable Golden Bodies left. Most of them were destroyed, and the forging method had been lost as well. 

As such, it became more and more precious. Even if it was a damaged one, it would still be worth fighting over and seizing to study later. 

"This is a precious artifact that can truly allow the weak to fight the strong! One doesn't need to possess unmatched power and only needs a perfectly intact imperishable golden body battle clothes to move unhindered through the world!"

The three deities sighed in admiration. They began to think back to the past. 

In the past, when the Imperishable Golden Body came out, the world would be shaken, and the effects were far-reaching. This item contained tremendous importance and had the potential to topple the cultivation world. 

By using this, a small cultivator could slaughter a well-known expert!

It was also because of this that countless bloody battles had been fought over it, creating great turmoil in the archaic era. From a certain perspective, it rocked the influence and foundations of some existences. 

As such, its destruction was inevitable, being buried prematurely. 


The Underworld Earth expert reached out a bone palm. Black underworld flames appeared between his palms and fingers, quickly shooting out and surrounding Shi Hao to suppress and bring him over. 

Shi Hao shifted sideways with an incomparably fast speed, as if he was an illusion. With a single step back, he moved more than ten li. His expression was incomparably grave. Every single reaction and action he made was extremely important.


The pangolin moved, turning into a streak of silver light and piercing through the void. He was like a silver streak of light as he chased over, arriving in the blink of an eye. 

"There's only one, so it seems like we have to discuss how to divide it among us." Yang Li, the silver-haired expert that looked extremely young had a light smile on his face. He also moved to give chase. 

In reality, he couldn't be considered an 'ancient' person. His real age actually wasn't that great. He was a well known person in Yin Yang Academy and had been called the genius of a generation. 

Even though the three experts all came for Shi Hao, they all had their own ideas. They wanted to obtain the Imperishable Golden Body for themselves.

Even though this item was damaged, it would still be priceless in their hands. As long as they thoroughly researched it, they would received tremendous benefits.

Shi Hao quickly backed up. With just a few flashes, he left Stone Capital and arrived above a mountain range. 

"Fake deities!" His eyes were filled with fiery radiance. The creatures came down from the higher realms, using lives and souls to perform a blood sacrifice. Countless wails of anguish resounded through the flood region. It was infuriating and intolerable. 

Meanwhile, three of them now came to Stone Country, and they were still acting bossy and domineering, humiliating and pushing a country about. It made others absolutely indignant!

"There is no road into the sky or door down into the earth for you. Your fate has long been decided. I like the blood of people like you, blood that carries the aura of a supreme being." The pangolin walked up, its scarlet forked tongue licking its lips. Snow white and sharp enormous teeth were displayed. 

With a shake of Shi Hao's hand, a painting scroll appeared. There was a 'kill' word on it. It was dripping with blood and shining red, as if killing intent from the underworld was rushing outwards. 

This painting scroll swayed about. The paper that was suffused with a yellow color fluttered about with hua hua sounds. Endless killing light emerged, shooting straight for the horizon. It was like a streak of sword energy that rushed into the heavens!

Shi Hao immediately flung it outwards, sending it towards the white scaled pangolin. 

This happened rather suddenly. The painting scroll unfolded and surged with energy. These streaks of divine radiance were enough to crush supreme experts into fine powder and hack apart endless powerful opponents.

Dang dang dang...

Noise sounded continuously. The radiance was a hundred times more terrifying than real sword, and all of it struck down on the pangolin's body. Sparks flew everywhere. 

'"A painting scroll left behind by a deity?" The Underworld Earth golden skeleton and Yin Yang Academy's Yang Li revealed looks of shock from the back. 

This was one of the most powerful great killing weapons Shi Hao carried on him, something he obtained from Stone Country's treasury. He wasn't willing to use it, because this was the hidden power of a country, but he had no choice. 

"Not enough. You can't kill me." The silver pangolin spoke. Even though it was being battered by attacks, its defensive power was astonishing. Its silver scales moved about, sending out countless symbols to dissolve the killing light.


Shi Hao shouted loudly and activated it with all his power. This painting scroll shone, and then it crumbled apart. The 'kill' word that was dripping with blood flew through the air to suppress and kill that vicious beast. 

This divine grade weapon was a consumable object. Its power was unimaginably great, but as soon as it was activated, it couldn't be preserved anymore. 

The bloody 'kill' character illuminated the skies, dyeing it in scarlet redness. Even the sun was turned a bloody red color, making everyone's eyes red. Killing intent rushed into the sky. 

"It's useless. You chose the wrong opponent. My defensive strength is ranked at the forefront of the deities that descended," said the pangolin with a cruel smile. 

Its body suddenly stumbled backwards, and a streak of blood appeared between its brows. Its divine senses almost became unsteady, and its fierce body began to sway back and forth. 

"It's unexpectedly an attack against the soul!" The silver-haired expert in the back cried out in shock. 

When that bloody 'kill' word descended, the main part of the attack was actually aimed at the pangolin's soul and not its flesh, making it suffer an unexpected loss. 

It was obvious that this wasn't a random attack and was instead specifically meant to deal with it. The pangolin's silver scales were firm, and it could protect its flesh. However, it couldn't defend against an attack against its soul. It had been negligent just now and ended up being careless. 


The pangolin roared. All of the scales opened up and formed ripples one after another to neutralize and erase the bloody 'kill' character.

All of the strokes of the word kill broke apart, turning into a longsword that was dripping with blood. It pierced towards the pangolin's soul, and then it ultimately erupted with light that was ten times more blinding than a heavenly sun. The sky trembled violently. 

Unfortunately, when the brilliance completely dispersed, the pangolin's enormous body continued to suspend in the sky, its pupils incomparably cold. Only the space between its eyebrows flowed with a trace of blood. 

"A one time use killing intent painting scroll, not bad.. You've made me suffer a bit. You are making me long for you even more! This kind of food will definitely be more tasty," said the pangolin. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything. He displayed the seventy-two transformation, turning into a Kun Peng and flying towards the distance. He raised his speed to the limit. 

He traveled several thousand li in a flash, departing far from the imperial capital and appearing in a mountain ridge. He stopped moving and looked backwards. 

The three deities didn't move too quickly or too slowly. They carried expressions that were like a smile but not a smile at the same time, confident in their own strength. They weren't scared of anything he might have up his sleeves at all. 


Shi Hao shouted. All types of mountain boulders on the ground rolled asbout. Symbols shone and killing light swept outwards. There was a killing formation here that erupted with endless light, attacking towards those three deities. 

Back then, Yue Chan had ambushed him here, summoning meteorites down and almost ending his life. Later, he had the divine striking stone arrange a formation here instead to kill a supreme expert from the Heaven Mending Sect. 

Later on, he added more divine materials here and had the divine striking stone complete it a step further to increase the formation's power. 

Now that he was operating it himself, he unleashed the entire power of the killing formation to attack the three deities. The mountains were immediately in chaos and enormous rocks took to the skies. Killing intent rushed into the air!

Unfortunately, it was still useless in the end. The three deities rushed over, all of them shining and surrounded by symbols. They looked down on this world and were simply impossible to defeat. It couldn't bring them any harm. 

Shi Hao sighed. In the end, the difference was too great. These three had long ignited their divine flames. The power of the mortal realms couldn't harm them in the slightest.

"Even if you are unwilling, even if you are angry, what can you do? Someone petty and insignificant like you cannot do anything." The silver-haired Yang Li said. He walked forward and stretched out a large hand. 

With a shake of Shi Hao's hand, a fiery red lotus that was brightly colored and replete with moisture flew out from his sleeves. It landed on that great hand. 

In that instant, fiery light overflowed into the heavens. An enormous lotus blossomed, the boundless energy causing the mountains below to sway about. The mountain ridge was on the verge of exploding.

It was another great killing weapon, another consumable item. The fire lotus was in full bloom, refining everything. Endless divine flames overflowed into the heavens, as if they were going to burn down the world. 

Even though there was still quite a bit of distance between them, the mountains below were still completely red. They collapsed and melted down into magma. It was incomparably terrifying. 

As for the void, it had long distorted. A scarlet lotus burst forth from within the raging flames, its might engulfing all directions. It surrounded that silver-haired expert to destroy him. 


Finally, the blazing fiery lotus exploded, setting the world aflame. Magma flowed on the ground like a sea. 

Unfortunately, the silver-haired youth continued to tower there, alive. His arm was black, especially his palm which was partly scorched. He had been injured. 

"Futile!" He shook his head. With a light shake of his arm, black ashes fell down, shedding a layer of skin. That arm and palm became white again and rich with luster.

"As long as you aren't a deity, you will never understand this cultivation realm. Even if you have great killing weapons, you still can't control them properly. We can easily avoid the most terrifying attacks." Yang Li carried a look of contempt. Even though he was injured, he didn't seem to mind it that much. 

Shi Hao was silent. He truly didn't have the power and couldn't kill these opponents. 

The three deities stood side by side. They all pressed forward together with callous expressions. Their eyes were deep. They took action together to seize his imperishable golden body battle clothes. 

"This was the strength that you were going to fight against us with?"

"You called us fake deities and threatened to kill us, yet this was the only methods you had? You really boast shamelessly. Ants will always be ants."

The three of them seemed completely unflustered, not treating him like anything important at all. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything. He turned around and left, and he stuck a dao symbol on his body, a light yellow paper that had ancient and complex symbols. This was the earth withdrawal symbol he had obtained a long time ago. Together with the Kun Peng technique, it would raise his speed to the limit. 

The three deities' expressions changed. They were truly scared of losing him. Shi Hao's speed was too fast, as if a streak of transient light was moving about. 

This pursuit lasted for a day and night. During this period of time, Shi Hao used the demonic sunflower seeds to replenish his divine might and continuously fled. However, the three deities had locked onto him, and by using their power, they could immediately locate him. 

"It's useless. You can't escape anymore. You're doomed to die."

Eventually, Shi Hao activated an altar inside of one of Stone Country's enormous cities, opening a passage that leads to the northern sea. He stood on the boundless waters. 

What kind of experts were these three deities? When they saw the flickering symbols on the altar, they quickly deduced his destination and followed after him, coming into the northern sea. 

Along the blue waves, Shi Hao continued to move according to what he remembered. He frantically operated the Kun Peng technique, hoping to produce some type of resonance with this place and find that Kun Peng nest, using it to suppress the three deities!

It was to the extent where he wished to draw out Kun Peng's weapon -- the great halberd Eternity, to kill the three deities!

Only, things did not end up as he had hoped. In the end, the northern sea didn't have anything, and there were several times when he was almost killed. 

The three deities' eyes were shining resplendently and burning with incomparable passion. They naturally sensed that this might be the undamaged Kun Peng technique, which was something they even more so couldn't pass up. They wanted to capture him alive now!

Shi Hao was in an incomparably sorry state. He was at the end of his ropes. If he continued like this, his body and dao would undoubtedly scatter, and the way he died would be incredibly miserable. 

Shi Hao sighed. He really was at a dead end without any hope. There was no light at the end of the tunnel to see. He left the northern sea and retreated to dry land, continuously moving about in search of an enormous city. 

During this process, the three great experts chased behind him. Just the fluctuations of their precious techniques affected his body and injured him, making him cough out large amounts of blood. He almost died along the way. 

"Interesting. Keep running and use up all of your strength. I like this type of cat and mouse game. I want to see you exhaust your energy like a wild beast and die while feeling great fear," Yang Li said. 

Shi Hao spat out a mouthful of bloody foam. His eyes revealed a firm and persistent light. He decided on his next destination, a place he truly didn't want to go. The reason he was able to come out last time was purely through a fluke, but now, he had no choice. 

"I'll send you to your deaths. Even if you are deities, I will still let you all experience despair, fear, and helplessness!" He clenched his teeth inwardly. He set his resolution, even if he was going to die as a result. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't all seven deities that came, or else he might have been able to get rid of all of them in one go!

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