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Chapter 578 - Bossy and Domineering

Stone Capital was extremely magnificent. There was a type of metallic luster to the city walls, which came from flickering symbols. It had a grand and imposing aura. This lofty and majestic city gave off a grand and imposing aura. 

Shi Hao stood in front of the city for a long time, facing this situation of death. He carefully thought to himself, remaining silent for a long time. In the end, he calmly entered the city. 

The city was still flourishing and bustling with activity. People moved about through the streets, their shoulders brushing past each other in this busy crowd. Stores stood in great numbers at both sides of the streets, thriving and prospering in their businesses. 

Normal people didn't know what had happened in the flood region yet. This information had only circulated among cultivators. As a result, the mortal world was full of activity and still bustling about, not being affected at all. 

Shi Hao calmed his heart. He personally arrived in front of the imperial palace, not bringing the divine striking stone with him, nor carrying the Emperor Butterfly on him. He had them go into the distance to avoid having them enter danger with him. 

Meanwhile, he didn't tell Hairy Ball or Little Red, his two most powerful comrades about this, because this time, it was too dangerous. With seven deities coming down into the lower realm, even these two powerful experts would only be giving their lives away. After all, they had only lit their divine flames, so their cultivation periods were still relatively short. 

Shi Hao already understood that those supreme deities entered Stone Country's restricted area and were occupying the imperial palace. 

The multicolored radiance of morning shone brilliantly, covering Shi Hao in a layer of sparkling luster. He walked into the city and looked at the many palaces. 

"Stone Emperor!" The city guard cried out with shock, and his face immediately changed. He was terrified and panicking as he said in a low voice, "Your Majesty, please retreat!"

Misfortune had dawned upon this place. The people that remained were all loyal and devoted, waiting for a chance to counterattack. When they saw Shi Hao come over now, how could they not be worried? He was walking straight into a trap!

"Don't worry. I came here precisely to meet them!" Shi Hao said. 

The imperial guards that remained in front of the city all stared with shock as they watched his figure that was wrapped within the morning multicolored brilliance walk past them. All of them were feeling complex emotions. 

Even though Shi Hao's age wasn't great, during this half a year, his actions were swift and decisive, calming the chaos and sweeping through his enemies. He protected Stone Country's foundation and displayed illustrious might. After he completed these things, he stepped down from the throne, leaving everyone feeling great admiration. 

However now, deities descended. Even if Shi Hao's natural talents were extraordinary and extremely powerful, what could he do? He came to take responsibility even though he fully knew that he was doomed to die, making others feel great admiration and gratitude. 

The great sun rose, covering the imperial palace in a layer of holy radiance and glistening brilliance. The guards opened up a path for him. Shi Hao walked over with large steps and directly entered the palace. 

It was quite clear that a great battle had been fought here. The imperial palace was already damaged, and great formations had been activated before. However, the intruders had still broken in. 

After all, they were deities. Even though the formations were powerful, without someone at the corresponding cultivation realm to operate them, they couldn't display all of their strength, let alone the fact that there was someone who understood formations among the intruders.

"Wu, you came." A voice came from inside the central imperial. It was calm and casual sounding, yet it resounded through everyone's ears, ringing with weng weng sounds. 

"Your Majesty, you shouldn't have returned!" There were a few guards that had not retreated at the entrance. They all carried bloody traces and had panicked expressions as they transmitted sound to Shi Hao. 

"All of you, withdraw!" Shi Hao ordered. 

The hands of these guards that were holding weapons were all turning pale. They all remained silent. They knew that it was pointless to fight here, and that it wouldn't change anything. The reason they were still alive was because the creatures inside hadn't made their moves yet. 

However, every single person was full of unwillingness. Their hearts were sullen. How could a glorious country be like this? An imperial clan's restricted area was walked on like normal ground, broken through and occupied as if they weren't even there. 

Shi Hao walked into the heavenly palace. There were many guards lying on the ground that were groaning in pain. Blood flowed about on the ground. 

The central heavenly palace wasn't attacked even when the three sects came to attack last time, but today, it was a crushing defeat, they were beaten into a hopeless position and completely occupied. 

"You are that Shi Hao?" A voice sounded. It was a skeleton that was faint golden in color. There wasn't any yin energy on it and it instead appeared quite peaceful. 

Behind him was a pair of pure white wings, making him appear even more holy. He had without a doubt come from underworld earth, a deity that had ignited the underworld flame.

"You are still so young, it really is rather unexpected." Even his skull was faint golden. The lower jaw was moving, releasing ka ka sounds, but he was using divine will to speak. "What a pity… Underworld Lord wants you dead."

Shi Hao didn't say anything. He swept his gaze past this skeleton and looked towards the imperial throne. Fury immediately overwhelmed him, and his eyes revealed ice cold light. 

There was a deity sitting high above everyone else on the dragon patterned throne. Below his feet was a youth. It was precisely Qingfeng. His face was pale white, and blood trickled out from the corners of his lips. 

"Release him!" Shi Hao shouted. 

"I am quite the gentle person. I didn't want his life, but he dared to treat me disrespectfully, so there has to be punishment." This was a silver-haired male that looked extremely young. His face carried a light smile as he stepped on Qingfeng's face. 

"Little big bro…" When Qingfeng regained consciousness, his expression immediately changed. "Don't come back!"

"It's too late. You're useless now, so just stay off to the side." The silver-haired male kicked lightly, sending Qingfeng's body tumbling downwards and falling into the main hall. Blood began to flow from his mouth once again. 

Shi Hao's eyes were ice cold. He looked at the silver-haired male and said, "Who are you?"

"I came from Yin Yang Academy, named Yang Li." He calmly replied. He carefully sized up Shi Hao and then clicked his tongue in wonder. "To have such a cultivation at this age, even a bit stronger than I was at your age."

Shi Hao frowned. Thinking back, during the great calamity, the Yin Yang Daoist had been killed by the Willow Deity, and two layers of the pagoda body had been seized back by the little pagoda. That daoist should have came from this Yin Yang Academy. 

"Our academy head died in the lower realms, so we just had to come down here to take a look." Yang Li absentmindedly said. 

To the side of the heavenly palace, there were sounds of a creature moving and chewing something. Shi Hao turned around, and his eyes immediately widened. He couldn't help but cry out, "Stop!"

His eye sockets felt like they were going to split apart. There was a pangolin that was entirely snow white. It was currently tearing at the War King's arm and devouring his essence blood. 

Apart from the War King, there were also Peng Nine, Ming King, and others. They had all gone unconscious, all of their bodies badly mutilated. It was an extremely miserable sight. 

When the silver pangolin heard this, it turned its head around and said, "They won't die yet, just eating a bit of blood." It licked its lips as it spoke. 

His eyes became completely red from blood. What kind of humiliation was this? This was going beyond the line! He looked at the War King, Peng Nine, and the others who might not live any longer. The enemy dared to act so arrogantly, eating them in front of his face!

Yang Li opened his mouth and said, "Don't eat anymore of their blood already. What if you accidentally kill them? We still need these few supreme experts to oversee this enormous Stone Country. We can't easily show ourselves, so we have to have some spokespeople. These few aren't bad, so we will have them control the country and search for the Transcendence piece and other natural luck."

"You all are really boring. It was just that these supreme experts' blood didn't taste that bad. I ate a few of the guards, but they were really tasteless." The silver pangolin spoke. It came to the center of the heavenly palace in an unhurried manner. 

"And what kind of background do you have?" Shi Hao's eyes carried bloody lines as he asked. 

"I came from Beast Sea." The pangolin was extremely calm. He looked at Shi Hao and said, "Don't stare at me. I don't have any grudges and just came here to take a look. I feel like your taste isn't bad though…"

Shi Hao's mind trembled. He knew about Beast Sea. In Crane Mountain, he had heard about it during the gathering with Lan Yu, Hong Huang, Bi Gu, and the others. Beast Sea's earliest ancestor observed the forms of normal beasts and insects, using that to ultimately form the hundred beast sutras and seize the natural luck of heaven and earth. 

The pangolin stared at Shi Hao's chest and said, "You produced a supreme being bone. The taste of your blood will definitely be quite good."

"There's only three?" Shi Hao asked expressionlessly. 

"A single one is enough to flatten this country of yours. Are three not enough for you?" Yang Li revealed a smile of contempt. 

The golden skeleton moved, releasing ka ka sounds that rang into the distance from the heavenly palace. The Underworld Race's expert that had a divine flame ignited spoke. "Your treasury is quite barren. There's almost nothing left inside."

It was clear that these three experts hurried here mainly for the sake of seizing a few divine materials. They didn't wait for the others and came here first.

Unfortunately, Stone Country's materials had mostly been used up. The expenditure for repairing the imperial palace's formations had been extraordinary. 

The golden skeleton continued, "This palace's formations aren't bad, but without those at the correct level using them, for us, they are just empty shells. There are some materials that are quite rare, so we'll take them later."

He walked over to the War King, Peng Nine, and the others. "These peoples' souls aren't bad. What a pity that I can't eat them."

After speaking up to this point, he opened his lower jaw, and with an inhale, he sucked the War King, Peng Nine, Ming King, and the others' souls from their bodies. They gathered towards the skeleton's skull. 

"Don't act randomly. They still have great uses." Yang Li said. 

"I know, just wanted to get a smell." The Underworld Earth expert moved his arms about, and then with a breath, he sent those individuals' souls back. 

Even though Shi Hao's rage was burning and he truly wanted to immediately kill them, his mind still stabilized a bit. From the looks of it, these three deities didn't plan on taking the War King, Qingfeng, and the others' lives and still wanted to use them to control Stone Country to accomplish their goals. 

"You… why did you come back?" The War King, Peng Nine, and the others regained consciousness. Their faces were deathly pale, and all of them were shocked. 

"You all suffered." Shi Hao said. 

"Little big bro…" Qingfeng opened his mouth and wanted to say something. His little face was snow white. He didn't surrender, and that was why he ended up suffering this punishment. 

"Qingfeng!" Shi Hao gave him a look and then looked at the three deities. "If you all wanted to kill me, you just had to go to Three Life Mountain to do so. Why did you have to involve the innocent? Why do you need to do something like this as deities?"

"Why should we go to Three Life Mountain?" Yang Li's head of silver hair flowed with radiance. He sat on the high up throne, looking downwards as he said, "Just a small Formation Arrangement Realm Cultivator, yet you want us to run all the way there just for you? If we want you to die, just a sentence is enough to make you obediently accept divine punishment."

This type of tone, this type of attitude that didn't put Shi Hao in their eyes at all was truly bossy and domineering!

"Who do you all think you are? Now that this grandpa Shi Hao returned, let's see how you can kill me!" Shi Hao's entire body shone. Battle clothes covered his body and flickered with dark light. 

"Imperishable battle clothes?"

"The archaic era rare treasure that has almost gone extinct, you actually have one!"

The three deities' attentions were drawn. Their eyes immediately brightened and burned with incomparable passion. They all moved forward. 

With a shua sound, Shi Hao disappeared from his original spot and appeared high in the imperial palace. He looked downwards and said, "Fake deities, come and accept death!

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