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Chapter 577 - Inevitable Death

Heaven’s tears; this type of thing had happened, with blood trickling out from the void. This indicated that those people were all dead, and the most severe and terrifying bloody disaster had happened. 

“It’s too cruel, so many lives, just how many tens of millions, perhaps even over a hundred million were used as live sacrifices?!”

“How could such a thing be done? Can they even be considered people anymore? To do something like this!”

The people of this realm were indignant. All existences were full of anger, but they felt frightened at the same time. They felt a wave of helplessness inside. 

The world was shaken. All sides were discussing fervently. 

This was especially true since the Void Beast descended, opening a path. This left others feeling terrified and uneasy from the depths of their soul, a type of great fear. 

Soon after, a piece of news proved this. There really were deities that entered the lower realm!

“As expected… they came down! This is too cruel… For the sake of crossing realms, they actually used tens of thousands, maybe even more than a hundred thousands lives as sacrifices, harvesting their souls. How ruthless is this?”

The great sects of this world and a few ancient countries were the most uneasy. The aftereffects of this matter were too great. Now that deities descended into the lower realm, it was enough to change everything!

Three Life Mountain, in front of a grass hut. 

Shi Hao received the news and sank into a state of silence. No wonder it had been so peaceful during this period of time without anything happening. The most dreadful things… finally still came. 

“Countless lives went missing. Many great tribes turned into places of death, and several large clans directly vanished. There were even small countries that became quiet. Just how many people died?” He said to himself.

Veins swelled between his brows, and his fists tightly clenched. He truly wanted to smash those creatures that crossed realms apart with his fists. 

He knew that that was a blood sacrifice. The bone books had recorded such a thing before. It was the most cruel and heartless thing. Everyone would be turned into sacrifices. It would harm the harmony of the world and trigger a terrifying phenomenon!

“The War King, Commander Peng Nine, and the others all ask your esteemed self to retreat and bear this silently,” said the individual that delivered the information. 

There were more than a single creature with their divine flame ignited. Who could stop them? In this era without deities, whoever appeared would die. Even if they were discontent, they had to hold it in. 

“I understand. You should return.” Shi Hao nodded. 

He didn’t want to retreat, because the people that came down were definitely looking for him. If they couldn’t find him, they might do some things to make him worried or forever regretful. 

The imperial guard’s face became pale. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but didn’t know what to say. He felt great respect when facing this abdicated human emperor. 

“If there are grudges, then just come straight here and go through me first.” Shi Hao indicated for him to leave. There were some times when there was no other choice. He would not escape, even if he might die. 

A cool breeze gently blew through this place. The plants here were fresh and clean. Shi Hao stood on the mountaintop alone while staring into the distance. A mist drifted through this beautiful mountain, carrying multicolored splendor with it, making it looked like a place of paradise. However, this was definitely not going to be a peaceful time. Blood was going to flow, and a great storm was going to rage. 


Loud shouts that were made with trembling voices sounded. Qin Yining and Shi Ziling came, hurrying over as soon as they could. When they received the news, they became incomparably worried, crossing over regions to come here. 

“Father, mother!”

Shi Hao revealed a smile. Being able to see them now cleared up his heart quite a bit, settling some of his last desires. No matter what happened now, he wouldn’t be that regretful anymore.

“Hao’er, hurry and leave! You cannot stay here!” Qin Yining was completely serious and pulled at Shi Hao to leave. 

Shi Hao shook his head and struggled free from her hands. “Mother, I cannot leave.”

Qin Yining began to feel nervous. She naturally knew what her own son had done, making the higher realms his enemy. He was definitely going to be the target of this impending storm. 

As his mother, how could she not be worried? She hurried over as quickly as she could and was about to bring him away and have him hide himself. She couldn’t just watch helplessly as her son died here.

Shi Hao consoled that nothing would happen to him and that he definitely wouldn’t act impetuously. There definitely won’t be any problems. 

“Hao’er, don’t be like that. We had lost you before, and now, we finally managed to reunite with such difficulty. We cannot let any accidents happen again, we… won’t be able to take it anymore…” Even Shi Ziling’s voice began to tremble, wishing to bring Shi Hao away. 

They were extremely worried and felt absolutely terrified. They tightly grabbed Shi Hao’s arm and weren’t willing to let go, feeling that they had to bring him away. 

“Father, mother, you two don’t have to worry. How can I just die? Of course I’ll live properly. I still haven’t eaten True Dragon or Immortal Phoenix meat, and I didn’t even go to the higher realms yet. I can’t bear to part with you two either. We need to live a long life and coexist with this world!” Shi Hao put on a carefree smile. 

“You little brat!” The husband and wife were feeling incomparably nervous, but they were also between laughter and tears after hearing him say those words. 

No matter what he said, they continuously insisted on bringing Shi Hao away. They felt extremely uneasy inside, fearing that they would lose their eldest son. It had already happened once, so they definitely wouldn’t put up with it happening again. 

“Don’t worry, I will run immediately if I have to. I definitely won’t die.” Shi Hao comforted them, giving them his promise. Then, he changed the topic, asking about how Qin Hao has been recently and what exactly was happening. 

“There were a few dangers, but it still succeeded.”

“He succeeded?!” Shi Hao was astonished. 

This was also the reason why Shi Ziling and his wife didn’t come out all this time, staying by Immortal Mountain. They watched nervously as Qin Hao had the supreme being bone implanted into him while submerged in sleep. 

Fortunately, it finally succeeded. Right now, Qin Hao had already awoken, and everything was going smoothly. 

Regardless of whether it was the higher realms’ Immortal Mountain or lower realm’s inheritance, they both kept an extremely low profile recently, sealing up their gates without participating in anything. It was all for the sake of completing this task. 

Everything had been prepared for a long time already. That bone had been projected for many years, suspending itself inside of a life pool in the void this entire time. It had now descended and entered Qin Hao’s body. 

“How is younger brother’s recovery process going?” Shi Hao was rather concerned, because this was an extremely dangerous event. 

“His vitality is quite great and has long produced that type of essence blood. There wasn’t any danger at all, mainly because he ate a divine pill that came from the higher realms.” Shi Ziling said. 

Divine pill was a holy precious medicine that refined several hundred types of spiritual medicines and all types of spiritual bugs, minerals, and others together. It was incredibly precious, and a single one would be enough to replace teeth, regrow bones, recreate flesh, and truly allow one to exchange their flesh and bones. 

Shi Hao nodded. There wasn’t much to worry about then. Qin Hao should be able to recover as soon as possible and become more and more powerful. 

In reality, he was quite curious. Exactly how powerful was that bone? After leaving its body and being placed on that ancient altar for who knew how many tens of thousands of years, it unexpectedly still possessed life force and did not dry up. This was just too terrifying. No wonder people thought of it as an immortal bone. 

After meeting his parents, some of Shi Hao’s wishes were satisfied. Right now, he wanted to go back to Stone Village and take a look. He truly wasn’t willing to part with them now and wanted to give it a final look. However, he was scared, scared that the disaster might be brought with him there. As a result, he could only hold it in. 

Stone Village was the place he entrusted his heart to. That place was full of peacefulness, a place that was exceptionally wonderful. He would never put that place in danger. Stone Village was just as important to him as his parents. 

“I really want to go back and give it another look…” He said softly. However, he couldn’t fulfill this wish. The two individuals at his side were extremely worried. 

He knew that there would be endless dangers ahead. Would they be able to peacefully make it through this period? Why was he feeling so uneasy, feeling a bad premonition?

Then, Shi Hao visited that small town again, bringing a group of shabbily dressed children around the streets and alleys, buying all types of food for them, making this group of little fellows extremely satisfied. Their faces were full of joy, the corners of their mouths, faces, and clothes stained with traces of food. 

Shi Ziling and Qin Yining followed behind him, feeling a type of soreness inside. They knew that this was their eldest son’s inner world. He was recalling fondly and longing for the wonderful memories of his past. He couldn’t return to Stone Village and instead revived his memories here. 

When the two of them thought back to the past, their hearts became filled with guilt. They felt as if they’ve let down Shi Hao, and even more so wished to bring him away. They couldn’t allow bad things to happen to him again!

Shi Hao had a child on each of his shoulders. They were all extremely young, the type that had just learned how to walk and stuttered when they spoke. Their tender little faces were all smiling and filled with radiance. Their small clothes were tattered, but their smiles were just as brilliant as Shi Hao’s. 

“Hao’er, this child…” Shi Ziling and his wife followed behind. 

Suddenly, a paper crane descended that was surrounded by light. It appeared in Shi Hao’s palm. The group of children all widened their eyes in amazement. 

Shi Hao’s expression became grave. This was the paper crane that he left behind in Stone Country Imperial Palace. If they didn’t find him at Three Life Mountain, they could send the paper crane into the surroundings to send him messages. 

He opened up the letter and read the contents. 

“Big brother, are you going to leave?” The little boy on his shoulder asked while staring at him reluctantly with his big eyes. 

“I have to go. I’ll come back to see you guys later.” Shi Hao smiled and said. 

On the other shoulder, that young girl curled her lips, looking like she was going to cry. “Big brother, you are going to leave? When can I see you again?”

“We’ll meet again if fate wills it.” Shi Hao lowered them and quickly left. 

Shi Ziling and his wife hurriedly followed, leaving this place.

“Father, mother, you two can rest easy. I am going to go into hiding now, but I cannot follow you all into Immortal Mountain. When things calm down, I’ll come to see you two again…” Shi Hao spoke quite a bit. 

Right now, he felt reluctant too, as if there were too many things he wanted to talk about. He forcefully endured the urge to stay behind, and while carrying a type of soreness, he turned around and disappeared into the distance without looking back. 

“Hao’er!” Shi Ziling and his wife cried out loudly. 

Shi Hao disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving Three Life Mountain and turning into a streak of light. He shot into the distance resolutely without turning his head around. 

He already knew that this time, seven deities descended. How was he supposed to fight against this type of power?

Not long ago, Hairy Ball and Little Red joined forces, using country suppressing divine artifacts to kill one. Now, seven of them came! This was simply impossible to deal with!

Just now, he received information that several deities descended in Stone Country Capital, stating for him to appear, or else a massacre would be carried out. 

Shi Hao clenched his fists. He secluded himself in Three Life Mountain to fight them alone and break away the connection between himself and others to shoulder the responsibility alone. 

However, those deities considered themselves to be unexcelled in the world, directly sending a message outwards and not willing to move. They waited for him in Stone Country Capital just like that, telling him to quickly come back, or else there would be great consequences. It was unbridled to the extreme, having him send himself to death!

They clearly knew that he was in Three Life Mountain, but they didn’t go there and instead made a public display to have him return and accept punishment. They would then deliver divine judgment and execute him. 

“How domineering is this?!” Shi Hao said in a low voice. 

When he thought of the massacre that was carried out to bring them down into the lower realm, using countless lives as sacrifice, his body trembled even greater. He was seething in anger and truly wanted to kill all of them. 

However, now that seven of them descended and overlooked the world, who could defy them? No matter how you looked at it, this was a trap of inevitable death. 

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