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Chapter 566 - Experts Like Trees In a Forest

Higher realms, Goddess Province. 

Next to a lake, Feng Wu wrinkled her brows while trampling on a vicious turtle below her. She was in a bad mood. She naturally heard about the great vicious Hao Tian’s rumors and couldn’t sit still. 

“My battle with him shouldn’t have been seen by others, right? My immortal sword ended up in his hand though. Will that fellow blurt out nonsense?” She said to herself.

If humiliating things like the great vicious Hao Tian pinching her nose and pulling on her face began to spread around and became popular gossip, she would truly spit out blood. When she thought of this possibility, she continuously stared blankly. 

“This is intolerable! Unforgivable!”

She wanted to obtain a divine pill to immediately recover her strength so she could slaughter towards the Copper Sparrow Altar again, because she was defeated in a truly unresigned manner! She didn’t even have time to display her innate divine technique and was sneak attacked. 

A single person stood atop the Copper Sparrow Altar. There were creatures lying all around him on the ground that belonged to different races. They were all suppressed within two hours. 

Even though Shi Hao didn’t kill a single one, with his vicious name out there, every single individual that committed suicide placed their deaths on his head. The name Hao Tian was filled with a vicious aura. 

“Yi, someone from the Silver Race came.” Someone said in a low voice. 

This race was quite special. They were half metal and half flesh. Silver radiance shone resplendently around their bodies and snow white light sparkled. They were extremely powerful. A chilly silver radiance surrounded their bodies. 

Rumors had it that their ancestor was a spirit produced from ancient silver ore, and after joining with a human race supreme being, their race was produced. They were definitely powerful. 

They didn’t have many people, but with their high statuses, people normally weren’t willing to provoke them. 

“Descendant with the blood of sinners, even though your vicious name is outstanding, dealing with you is my duty. It isn’t in your place to come up here and stir up disorder.” A silver expert walked over while walking on the bluestone road. Keng qiang sounds rang out. 

“Even though you associate me with the great vicious existences that were all powerful, you still carry this type of boldness while arriving? Laughable! Can you not act so overconfident? Aren’t you just after my ‘vicious technique’?” Shi Hao mocked.

He had only heard from the captives behind him explain that this race wasn’t easy to provoke. However, he wasn’t that concerned, because the Willow Deity had killed a Black Gold Sparrow before, another innate spirit. Meanwhile, these were just the silver spirit’s descendant. 


That silver expert rushed over. The individuals behind him sat on the ground and began to chant scriptures. They didn’t take action. 

“Something’s wrong!” Shi Hao shivered inwardly. The space around him was solidifying, making it hard for him to move. 

The people behind him activated a magical artifact and chanted scriptures. When it was activated. It was as if a silver sun lit up the sky and sealed this place up. 

Meanwhile, the Silver Clan expert wasn’t affected. A fist immediately smashed outwards towards his head. It was direct and forceful. Silver symbols continuously erupted. 

In the distance, a few people cried out in alarm. The magical artifact that was shining in the sky was known as a ‘silver dao flower’, a secret treasure of their clan. It was rumored to have been personally refined by their old ancestor. 

They brought the weapon’s soul into the spirit realm. This was also quite the large scale move. 

“Break!” Shi Hao grunted. The divine force within his body surged, covering his entire body with light. He did everything he could to defend himself, raising his hand with difficulty to block in front of his body. 


That Silver Clan expert smashed over. Both sides collided. Shi Hao flew outwards, because he was too much on the defensive. While suppressed by the silver dao flower, the fact that he wasn’t suppressed and killed was already quite astonishing. 

“Actually avoided death.” The Silver Race expert was astonished. 

“Just some flower. It’s not like your ancestors personally came. In addition, this is the Copper Sparrow Altar that suppresses cultivation realms, so watch how I break you guys today.”

Shi Hao spoke with a low voice. He then slowly stood up, resisting the tremendous pressure. His body began to burn fiercely with flames, erupting with a divine flame. It was as if he was carrying an enormous mountain as he moved. 

One could vaguely see the back of a Kun Peng. It was incomparably wide and seemed to carry the blue sky. This was a construction of light that overlapped with his body. Everyone became incomparably shocked when they saw this. 


Shi Hao shouted loudly, his movements becoming faster and faster. Even though that silver dao flower was powerful, it couldn’t suppress him. He could already slowly move. 

In the end, that was just a well known magical artifact and not a true supreme treasure. It had to comply with a certain amount of natural law force here as well, suppressing a portion of its power. 


Shi Hao erupted with power, as if a colossus had came into being. Divine light surged all around him and he immediately rushed high up into the sky, making everyone here tremble. 

He sent a fist smashing outwards. Large amounts of golden feathers danced about. These were all Kun Peng feathers, and they possessed unmatched strength. 

On the other side, the expressions of the individuals that were sitting changed. They were blasted flying by a boundless force and couldn’t support that secret treasure anymore. 

Meanwhile, the Silver Clan expert that was in the middle of the battlefield was naturally not Shi Hao’s opponent. He was blown back by the powerful winds. He quickly retreated, because he knew that it would be too difficult to suppress his opponent. He was definitely not a match. 

In the sky, golden feathers fluttered about endlessly. They formed a rain of light and erupted with boundless fluctuations. They immediately surrounded him and dragged him back. 


With a light tap, this Silver Clan expert coughed out silver blood from his mouth. His body almost collapsed, and when he landed on the ground, he couldn’t even move. 


The others shouted loudly. They activated the silver dao flower, and it carried these individuals flying away. However, a golden fist smashed over from behind, blasting the secret treasure flying with a honglong sound. Two people immediately fell and were captured. 

The Silver Clan expert carried a well known precious artifact, but he was still defeated. Three people were suppressed. 

Afterwards, more and more people hurried over. They all wanted to see the great vicious existence from the lower realm, so intense battles unavoidably broke out. Even though most of them were quite careful, there was no lack of conceited geniuses. 

The result was that the great vicious Hao Tian appeared more and more ominous. He suppressed experts and tossed them onto the bronze stage. 

“Giant Stone Clan’s people have arrived.”

A rumbling sound rang through the air. It was a group of giant stone men. They were over a hundred zhang tall, and when they moved their limbs, extraordinary strength was displayed. They had the blood of mountain deities running through them. They could move mountains just by moving. 

Shi Hao called out before throwing the divine striking stone outwards. 

Kengchi kengchi… As a result, the divine striking stone began to frantically devour through them. Rocky fragments flew everywhere as it drank and gorged on the mountain deity’s essence. 

Even though this wouldn’t kill the Giant Stone Clan’s people, it would still cause great injuries to their vitality. 

Once again, this debt was placed on Shi Hao’s head again. When it was announced to the higher realms, they all said that he ate over a hundred mountain deity descendants with a bite, making his vicious reputation greater. 

A wave of disturbance swept over. A creature covered in golden scales with a pair of divine wings on its back walked over, and it also had a vertical eye. A powerful aura exuded from its body. 

This stirred up a huge wave of alarm. Many people became excited, and a commotion stirred up. 

“People from the Spirit Clan arrived! He is Zhen Gu’s younger brother! This person has astonishing innate talent and is known as the Spirit King!” 

Spirit Race was a powerful giant race with many bloodlines. They were all strangely shaped and incredibly powerful. 

Zhen Gu was known as a heaven warping divine being. There were all types of irregular phenomenons as soon as he was born. His left hand held a spear made from blood and was a true ‘exceptional talent’. He was known to be able to pierce through everyone, a young supreme being of the Spirit Race. 

The one that came was his younger brother who was named Zhen Lun. He was similarly powerful, but just didn’t have that innate divine ability.

“I came specifically to receive some pointers!” Zhen Lun cupped his fist. He was two meters in height and entirely golden in color. It was rumored that he had received the Western Sect’s vajra baptism, forming the golden body. 

“Please!” Shi Hao’s eyes shone. He longed for a good battle, wishing to meet a powerful opponent. An astonishing expert finally came today. 

The younger brother of an ‘exceptional talent’, one that had also received the blessing of the Western Sect; this was definitely a formidable individual. He had the reputation of being the Spirit Race’s king. 

Zhen Lun rushed over, bringing with him sky covering golden energy that was incomparable. He was berserk like a war god, and blazing multicolored light covered the world. That type of fluctuation was incomparably great. 

In the blink of an eye, the surrounding people were all blasted high into the air, swept up by the immeasurable light. 

He was like a fearless giant, while all other creatures were like scarecrows that were unable to endure this pressure and could only be blown away. 


A shocking sound rang through the skies. Shi Hao rushed upwards, greeting that golden fist with a palm. A huge explosion erupted between the two. 

Roar… Zhen Lun howled loudly. His head of golden long hair all stood on end. Meanwhile, the golden wings behind him were like wide blades as they hacked forward. 

Ear-splitting and resounding sounds continuously rang out. Dao traces appeared one after another. Symbols covered this place densely and interweaved like lightning. Shi Hao’s palms continuously struck down to resist the golden wings. 

The two individuals immediately exchanged several dozen attacks. Thunderous sounds rumbled through the air as golden lightning interweaved. It was as if two supreme heavenly deities were fighting. 


The vertical eye at the center of Zhen Lun’s forehead opened. A rainbow colored beam of light that was formed from interweaving symbols flew out. Rumbling sounds were emitted, and the sounds of the great dao made the people's souls tremble. 

With such little distance between them, anyone would find it hard to dodge. 

Shi Hao’s arms spread out, allowing him to soar like a phoenix. This was precisely the first form of the True Phoenix precious technique. A pair of fiery red immortal wings covered the sky, bathing everything in flames as it blocked in front of him. 

The five-colored symbols completely landed on the phoenix wings, sending sparks flying everywhere and causing metallic sounds to ring through the air. It was as if the divine sound of the great dao was sounding. Many people began to tremble, unable to bear this pressure. 

This was a shocking great confrontation!

The vertical eye was unable to achieve its goal, and the radiance retreated. Shi Hao’s True Phoenix wings moved, continuously colliding against those golden feathers. 


In that split second, Kun Peng wings suddenly emerged behind Shi Hao, blasting Zhen Lun’s golden feathers until he was bloody and forcing him to back down. 

“I soaked in the Western Sect’s vajra pool for forty nine days and was bestowed the unbreakable body. However, it was still broken through.” Zhen Lun said softly, feeling great shock towards Shi Hao’s physical body. 

At that moment, his left hand shone. A scarlet beam of light condensed, forming a spear. It flew out from his palm with immeasurable power!

“How could that be? Wasn’t Zhen Gu the real ‘exceptional talent’, the one who held the blood congealed spear from birth that could penetrate everything? His younger brother had this ability too?”

Many people widened their eyes and looked at the scene in front of them in disbelief. 


Scarlet multicolored light rushed into the heavens. In that split second, all color became dim, and only this blood-colored spear remained in this world. Even though it was only a meter long, it rushed out from Zhen Lun’s palm, shining with everlasting brilliance and resonating with heaven and earth!

Everyone closed their eyes. It was too blinding and impossible to look at directly. 

A wave of intense killing intent broke out. Then, the scarlet multicolored light was restrained, and only then could everyone see the scene of the battlefield again. 

Shi Hao’s right hand was dripping out blood. There was a terrifying wound. Scarlet multicolored light flickered about that area, almost piercing straight through the center of his palm. It was punctured by that blood congealed spear!

“So powerful! Worthy of being that type of legend!” Many people cried out in astonishment. 

Zhen Lun’s figure was tall and lofty. Golden light burned around his entire body, and on his back was a pair of divine wings. He didn’t move at all, appearing as imposing as a mountain. The aura he exuded was intimidating. 

“Is this the Spirit Race’s exceptional talent’s divine ability? It is formidable after all, tearing through my flesh.” Shi Hao said softly. 

“No, my congealed spear cannot compare to my brother’s. Its power is still too inferior.” Zhen Lun said. He continuously backed up. Clear and loud sounds could be heard from his body as bones fractured. 

In addition, with every step backwards he took, he coughed out a mouthful of blood. It was clear that he suffered a serious injury. 

“Then just invite your brother over. I want to gain some experience and witness the true supreme being spear from his left arm that can pierce through everything!” Shi Hao said. This Zhen Lun wasn’t overbearing and could actually fight against him for so long, enduring through over a hundred exchanges. He looked forward to meeting the Spirit Race’s true ‘exceptional talent’.

“Alright, I will deliver your words to him!” Zhen Lun turned around and left. 


Right at that moment, the sound of heaven and earth collapsing rumbled through the sky. From within the golden gates erupted an unmatched terrifying fluctuation that shook one down to their heart. 

Many people immediately kneeled onto the ground. They were surrounded by a powerful pressure that made it hard to stand. They all fell weakly onto the ground!

Then, a golden great sun flew over that was incomparably resplendent. A will that was boundless like the universe descended to suppress Shi Hao. 

“This is…” Many people cried out loudly. 

Inside of the incredibly brilliant golden sun sat a supreme figure. He was like a divine king that was high and aloof. His entire body was sparkling and resplendent. Right now, his eyes were closed. All of the light came from him. 

The great sun pressed downwards. His legs were still crossed, and he didn't make any movements himself. His body directly crushed down on Shi Hao!

“This is an exceptional talent! What race is he from?!” Someone cried out loudly. This type of power was something only young supreme beings should have. 

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