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Chapter 567 - Firegold Vine

The Copper Sparrow Altar was trembling, rumbling as it swayed back and forth. 

This place was like a tattered painting that was being tossed and turned by great winds. Hua hua sounds could be heard. It was as if this place would collapse at any time. This was an unmatched power, as if there was nothing that could stop this person in this world! 

Shi Hao’s eyes widened. The one that came this time was too arrogant and forceful, actually sitting there while directly suppressing downwards. Did this individual not put him in his eyes at all?


Shi Hao pointed one hand at the heavens. Sword energy shone brilliantly and rushed upwards. That was a sword intent that surpassed the comprehension of normal creatures. It was massive and boundless, as if a great mountain had travelled over from the past. 

In the sky, that person’s eyes were still closed, his posture not changing at all. 

What kind of arrogance was this? A great golden sun filled the air, and a male sat in the middle, descending from the heavens just like that, majestic and divine as it suppressed down on Shi Hao!

The great sun was bright and resplendent. After the explosive sound, golden symbols fell downwards and released immortal energy in streaks. It was as if a divine waterfall was cascading down from above. 

At this moment, the sword energy and divine waterfall collided. This place was surrounded by the great golden sun and the sword intent, lightning up this place in brilliant and blazing radiance. It was impossible to look at directly!

Everyone closed their eyes, and a few experts began to shed blood from their eyes. The powerful holy light had even injured them. This type of domineering and powerful attack made everyone’s souls shake. 


Heaven and earth resonated. Rumblings sounds rang out endlessly. 

That sword energy was like a rainbow, piercing through the heavens. 

Meanwhile, that divine great sun released resplendent golden light. It was as if it rose from the ocean surface, suppressing the sky. 

This confrontation was intense and domineering. It was powerful to the point where normal people couldn’t approach or look at it. The battle intent the two experts released were like unapproachable mountain peaks. Their divine might seemed like a prison that locked this place up. 


Another loud shout sounded. Blazing radiance scattered outwards. The scenery of heaven and earth gradually appeared, making everything visible again. 

Shi Hao stood on the bronze stage, his clothes drifting about his calm exterior. 

In the sky, the great golden sun that shone with brilliance was sacred and inviolable. That male’s precious image was solemn and dignified, sitting in the middle with his purple hair fluttering about. His eyes were still closed. It was as if a buddha was descending into this world. 

The outcome of this battle wasn’t clear. Both sides maintained their original postures as they confronted each other. 

“Who… is he?” This was what many people were wondering. They were deeply shaken. This individual was high and mighty, bathing all things in his divine splendor. It was as if an unsurpassed divine king had descended into the lower realm.

That type of presence, that type of bearing was extremely rare. This was definitely a young supreme being. His body was surging with vitality and contained endless magical power. 

“I know who he is! He came from the Firegold Race, he is a… divine vine!” Someone said with a trembling voice, recognizing the identity of the one who came. 

The Firegold race swallowed flames and devoured metal as food. It was an extremely unique race. Their physical forms were all different. Some of them were divine vines, others were great trees and even humanoids or beasts. 

“It’s actually him… Teng Yi, Firegold Race’s young supreme being, a recently arisen ‘exceptional talent’, an undefeated youth who had swept through hundreds of thousands of holy mountains and wiped out all powerful individuals in his way.”

Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain was a province where endless mountains towered and great peaks could be found everywhere. There were a hundred thousand holy mountains inside. It was a primitive and desolate place. 

Teng Yi, a world shocking genius, was equivalent to unequaled. A Firegold Vine formed a human body, and this extraordinary talent swept through everything before him. Even though his age wasn’t that great, he was unstoppably shooting for the top. 

Firegold Race, in the present world, wasn’t that great of a sect. However, they produced this type of exceptional character who was divine and powerful, previously undefeated. 

When Teng Yi’s identity was revealed, everyone was deeply shaken. There wasn’t a single person who wasn’t shocked. They looked at him with disbelief, never expecting that the one who would descend was actually him. 

“He isn’t someone from Goddess Province, so why did he end up coming here?”

Everyone was incomparably bewildered. They felt a sense of admiration towards him, but they were also filled with confusion. The spirit realm corresponded with the real world, so Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain was quite far from this place. How did he travel through all that distance and come here?

Normal cultivators needed several years to cross this distance. 

“Devouring gold and swallowing flames, it truly is quite strange. It’s actually a vine, a creature from the Firegold Race…” Shi Hao said to himself. He picked up some things from everyone’s discussions, which caused his eyes to reveal a strange light. 

“You are quite strong, exceeding my expectations.” Teng Yi spoke. He was surrounded by a great golden sun, and as he stood in the void, he was imposing and holy. There was the aura of a vine exuding outwards. His figure was like a buddha. 

He was a Firegold Vine that had long cultivated flesh. His divine sense was so powerful that others could feel it, and a boundless sea of blood energy was stored within, roiling within his body. Once it erupted, it would inevitably shake the world. 

“Even though his age isn’t great, he has still become one of the Firegold Race’s guardian daoists.”

This Teng Yi’s status was without a doubt extraordinary. 

“A creature climbed up to the Copper Sparrow Altar from the lower realm, so I came with the specific purpose of subduing you and having you protect my holy mountain.” Teng Yi spoke. It was quite obvious that he came to suppress Shi Hao and bring him back to protect their mountain gate. 

“Unbridled!” Shi Hao only had this word for him. This person was holy and extraordinary, but he was extremely arrogant and forceful as well. He actually dared to do this!


The void distorted, releasing light trembling sounds. Teng Yi moved, and both hands formed imprints. His left hand formed a divine moon while his right hand formed a great sun, and they both suppressed downwards. 

At this moment, light erupted endlessly, filling this world with brilliance!

Sun Moon Divine Imprint, this was an ancient precious technique that had existed since the ancient times. It was unknown which race it was that established it, but the creatures that truly understood its profound mysteries were exceeding few in the present world.

Yet right now, Teng Yi displayed this technique again, drawing everyone’s attention. Everyone was shivering in fear, finding it hard to speak. They felt as if a suffocating and mountainous pressure was crushing down on them. 


His left hand formed an imprint that was like a divine moon and slaughtered forward! Shi Hao remained fearless. His black hair fluttered about, and his entire body erupted with energy. It was as if a god or devil was overlooking this world. His left hand flickered with dark light, and a Kun fish imprint appeared at the center of his palm.

A honglong sounded. He went up to face this attack, and the two collided. The sky was flooded with with gentle lunar radiance. Then, a black sea overflowed into the heavens to wash away the moonlight. 

This was a spectacular sight that shook people down to their hearts!

Then, intense radiance blossomed. Teng Yi’s right hand formed a sun and slammed downwards. The blinding radiance it released seemed endless, purifying every inch of this place. 

Shi Hao opposed him with equal sharpness. His black hair flew about behind him, and the palm of his right hand revealed a Peng imprint. Golden radiance blossomed and roared towards the heavens!

This was a terrifying scene. The heavens were about to be pierced through. There was domineering yang energy everywhere that shone with resplendent brilliance, lightening up every corner of this place. It was everywhere. 

A weng sounded. At the crucial moment, this Copper Sparrow Altar shone, and an ancient sparrow made of symbols flew up. Its wings spread in the skies, sealing up space to prevent their energy from leaking out. Otherwise, everyone else would be in danger. 

“Sun and moon overhead, heaven and earth reincarnate!” Teng Yi chanted sutras. His imposing appearance was filled with a pure and holy aura. 

His hands formed the Sun Moon Divine Imprint. Heaven and earth were overturned, and countless great stars appeared in the void. They descended together one after another, shining resplendently as they suppressed Shi Hao together. 

Shi Hao’s expression became grave. His hands slowly merged together, and then with a ferocious tremble, divine radiance erupted within heaven and earth, as if the world was going to be wiped out!

His left hand formed the Kun imprint, while his right hand formed the Peng imprint. The great yin and great yang interweaved, and darkness and light opposed each other. The Yin and Yang separately divided, creating an astonishing scene. Then, they merged together, as if the world was being reopened. 

Pu pu sounds continuously rang through the air. The sun and moon in the void became dim. The stars in the sky fell down and continuously shattered.

This was a strange sight. Even though they weren’t true stars, they were similarly terrifying. That was a clash of magical force, a confrontation of natural laws. This was a battle between dragons and tigers. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. This was a great opponent, so he couldn’t help but be moved. Even though he broke through the Sun Moon Divine Imprint, he still didn’t blast the opponent down. 

Teng Yi continued to appear otherworldly, sitting in the void while surrounded by a great sun. he was holy and dignified, his eyes closed and arms forming imprints at the same time. He raised them above his head, holding what looked to be a precious vase. 

That was a true precious vase. It was quickly condensed between his hands. Scarlet and dazzling radiance overflowed into the heavens. The opening of the vase poured out a fiery fog that was aimed at Shi hao. 

“Firegold Precious Vase Imprint!” Everyone cried out in alarm. Their expressions all changed, because they had heard about this type of divine technique before.

Firegold Race was not a powerful race right now, and their numbers were few as well. However, they were quite tyrannical during the archaic times, known to be one of the most powerful races. Their might shook the higher realms. 

At that time, this race mixed together the great techniques of different races and formed the Firegold Precious Vase Imprint, and then they seized the natural force of heaven and earth that made it everlasting. It was a glorious and world-shattering imprint. 

Only, following this race’s decline, the sect began to die out. Now, there was almost no one who could cultivate it. 

Who would have expected that it would reappear today! It was exactly the same as how it was portrayed in the bone books. Forming the precious vase with one’s hands, raising it above the head, devouring the energy of  everything. Its might was matchless!

“How could that be? Wasn’t it lose in inheritance? He is only how old? Yet he was still able to recreate this unmatched precious technique…”

Everyone became stupefied. They hid outside the sealed battlefield, and only like this could they speak. Without the copper sparrow sealing the void, everyone would have fallen powerlessly onto the ground. 

Teng Yi’s hands were raised high above his hand, condensing a precious vase that was sparkling and brilliant. Multicolored scarlet light rushed into the heavens, targeting Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao was facing a great enemy. This battle was extremely dangerous. He felt that things were going bad. The other party truly did have reason to be confident, having this kind of trump card. He wasn’t just pretending to be strong, and instead had a confidence that originated from the heart, the embodiment of the true self. He was also self-confident like this!

Shi Hao’s entire body erupted with light. He activated the Kun Peng technique. Little Kun Pengs that were less than an inch long could be seen one after another, swirling about the surface of his body and condensing in his palm!

One hand pointed towards heaven, one hand pointed towards earth. Yin and yang energies immediately erupted from his hands! This was the most basic power. As the two energies swirled, it was as if the entire world was going to be wiped out!


Teng Yi moved. His hands trembled, and then above his head, that precious vase shone. Symbols covered this place densely. Endless symbolled light surged, and all of them rushed towards Shi Hao. 

Southern li divine flames covered heaven and earth. A Flame Sparrow moved about. It released a cry that made all races tremble. 

Solar essence flame erupted. A golden crow spreads its wings, filling the air with golden energy. Heaven and earth cracked apart under its three feet as it rushed over murderously towards Shi Hao. 

Rebirth flames blazed resplendently. A true phoenix emerged, its beautiful feathers dyed in the flames of rebirth. It became more and more powerful, filling the skies with its power as it slaughtered over. 

In that instant, the precious vase above Teng Yi’s head trembled. It had already released several types of heavenly flames, and they were all the most powerful types of their respective domains. It was extremely terrifying. These flames were going to burn through everything in this world. 

Everyone was stupefied. How powerful of a divine ability was this? Firegold Precious Vase Imprint contained a combination of profound mysteries from several great races. It was truly world-shaking. 

Shi Hao’s mind was shaken. His eyes were like divine lamps, releasing an intimidating light. His hands moved about, causing yin and yang energy to surge forward. He hand encountered a great opponent!

He had to fight all out, or else he might accidentally fall here. This opponent was truly too powerful!

1. Literally vine one

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