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Chapter 565 - Great Vicious Hao Tian

On the Copper Sparrow Altar, a single movement travelled thousands of zhang. He quickly rushed over to make these people stay behind. 

One of them brought out a magical artifact. A heaven gathering parasol flew up, continuously spinning and sending down streaks of dark light towards Shi Hao. This item could suppress and kill a person’s soul.

Shi Hao raised his hand. A finger length sparkling little sword flew out. It turned into a streak of light and surged with astonishing sword energy. With a chi sound, the heaven gathering parasol was sliced in half. 

“So powerful, worthy of being the descendant of a great vicious existence!” Someone cried out in alarm. The heaven gathering parasol wasn’t an ordinary object, yet it was hacked apart so quickly. Everyone’s expressions changed. 

In reality, the instant they noticed Shi Hao, a group of people already turned around and fled, because they previously saw Feng Wu turn into a rain of light before leaving. They had a feeling that this ‘vicious existence’ would be dangerous. 


However, that small sword was too fast. It was incomparably dazzling, tearing through the air like a rainbow. It cut off the road ahead and surged with sword radiance. 

“This sword seems familiar, like… Feng Wu’s sword!” Someone cried out in a low voice. His expression became more and more ugly, feeling that they had been careless. They never expected the Copper Sparrow Altar to truly have a great vicious existence that crawled up. 

“Everyone, since you all came, then why leave in such a hurry? We should have a long chat about the natural laws and dao. Wouldn’t that be a great thing?” Shi Hao walked over. 

A mist surged that was accompanied with lightning. It immediately submerged Shi Hao within. Someone took action, using the Suan Ni’s precious technique!

The Suan Ni could produce lightning techniques, and it could also bring about a great haze. When Shi Hao left the great wastelands in the past and fought against the bandits’ pangolin guardian spirit, he had used this type of haze. 

Later on, he gradually became more powerful, so he didn’t use the the great haze anymore. There was unexpectedly someone who used this technique here and wanted to use it to protect themselves and flee. It really was displaying a slight skill before a true expert. 

“This is just the technique of a descendant and not the pure-blooded Suan Ni’s divine ability. It can’t stop me,” said Shi Hao with a smile. 

In that instant, the great mist became even more thick. This was sent out from his mouth. The haze was boundless, covering the area ahead and stirring up great cries of alarm. 

The one that used the Suan Ni technique was even more horrified. The other party was also proficient in this technique and was much greater at it than he was, trapping him instead. 

When one reached Shi Hao’s realm, not only could the great haze that was taken in and sent out block one’s line of sight, it could also affect one’s mental state and sharpness. They wouldn’t be able to make out one direction from the next; this was the true essence of the technique. 


Someone was attacked. His entire body flew outwards, falling towards the Copper Sparrow Altar. 


Great flames overflowed into the heavens. An expert released southern li divine flames, illuminating all directions with their brilliance. His entire body became like a great fiery torch to scatter the mist and search for a way out. 

With a wave of Shi Hao’s hand, the power of great yin surged. An inch long black Kun fish swam about. The southern li divine flames were wiped out on the spot, and with a wave of its tail, that person was smacked flying. 

“Going to risk it all!”

A few individuals cried out. They all brought out magical artifacts and displayed precious techniques. Rainbow light shone in all directions. Lightning rumbled, divine birds rushed into the heavens, and vicious beasts roared. 

The result, however, was obvious. These people were just ordinary sect disciples, so how could they compare to Shi Hao? They were practically all suppressed. 

There were two individuals who haven’t been suppressed, because they were panicking so much that they fell from the heavenly path. An indescribable killing energy crushed them apart, thus separating them from this world. 

When the haze scattered, there were eight people who were captured in total. They were all lying on the Copper Sparrow Altar without moving an inch. This time, Shi Hao was especially cautious, sealing them up completely to prevent them from committing suicide. 

“You… what are you thinking of doing?” Someone said with a trembling voice. He naturally knew the legends of the lower realm’s great vicious existences, and this youth in front of him was definitely not of the kind sort. 

“Don’t be so nervous. Let’s chat a bit. It’s not like I’ll eat you or anything.” Shi Hao smiled and acted as gentle as possible. 

“What? Eat us?!” A few people’s faces became pale. Legends had it that the great vicious existences ate several million creatures every day, and when they were feeling more hungry, they would eat several hundred times that. 

“I said that we were just going to chat. If you cooperate, I won’t eat you,” Shi Hao said. He felt like he really needed to scare them a bit, so he brought out the soul shattering pagoda. This was a true demonic weapon in the Void God Realm. 

As a result, these people immediately became weak and nodded like little chicks, fearing that his slightest unhappiness would result in all of their deaths. They were extremely cooperative. 

“That area behind the golden gates belong to the higher realms?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Right, precisely the higher realms.” Someone hurriedly nodded, fearing that he would be displeased. 

He immediately added, “To be more precise, it is called the spirit realm, a world formed form the spirits of the higher worlds’ archaic deities. Only one’s spiritual consciousness can enter, so it was called the spirit realm.”

Shi Hao nodded. He had heard that Black Tortoise say a while ago that this type of world formed from spirits had a different name in the higher realms. 

The eight individuals immediately spoke up one after another to fill in the holes. He didn’t even have to ask them that much, and they already told him many details. For example, that golden gate was normally closed, and if someone from the spirit realm wanted to go to the Copper Sparrow Altar, they would then open it up from the inside. 

In addition, the stone being seated there had a spirit in the past, but it had been wiped out now. Only its divine flame was still pulsing, guarding those golden gates and preventing the great vicious existences from entering. 

Shi Hao played around with the sparkling and translucent little sword, feeling that it was quite full of spirituality. The others here were dripping with sweat as they watched him from close range. They became more and more certain that this was Feng Wu’s sword. 

This vicious being was so fierce, taking away even Feng Wu’s weapon! It was inconceivable. Could he really fight head on against the higher realms’ ‘exceptional talents’ and heavenly geniuses?!

“Seeing from your fearful expressions and eyes that keep staring at this little sword, that Feng Wu is quite formidable?” Shi Hao asked. 

Someone immediately nodded and said, “This… isn’t an ordinary type of formidable and instead super, super scary. She is known to be undefeated and is referred to by others of her generation as a monarch.”

Of course, the higher realms was too large, so great that not even its residents knew how vast it was. As for how many provinces there were, it was to the extent where they didn’t know if the other regions even used these terms. 

In short, the higher realms had large numbers of outstanding geniuses and no lack of great talents. The heavenly talents of each race existed side by side and experts were as common as trees in a forest. 

Based on their speculations, Feng Wu might be an exceptional talent, and even if she wasn’t, her natural talents weren’t inferior to them. She was ridiculously powerful and hard to assess.

“It truly is a great stage… Great waves are constantly surging. The geniuses of endless races all rise. It really makes one look forward to it.” Shi Hao longed to go there and truly wanted to immediately go up. 

That was the cultivation land he needed, a place where he wouldn’t lack opponents and where he could fight to his heart’s content. Perhaps there might be some who were more terrifying than he himself, but only like this could he catch up vigorously. 

As for Feng Wu, she was definitely extraordinary. When the two of them clashed, the space between Feng Wu’s brows shone, leaving him feeling a wave of horror and a premonition of great danger. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to display that divine technique, or else the results would have been hard to say. 

“I really want to go up there immediately…” Shi Hao said. 

Then, he continuously familiarized himself with the higher realms’ matters. Even though he didn’t go up himself yet, he began to understand a bit about the natural conditions, customs, and inheritances. 

“Yi, someone else came. Am I that easy to catch, so they all want to come after me?” Shi Hao was astonished. 

Other individuals appeared on that heavenly path and walked in this direction. 

The individuals lying on the bronze altar began to sweat profusely. Their companions from before didn’t all come over. There were a few who stood guard by the great golden gate, and now, they definitely reported back, drawing more people here. 

“Fire Cloud Cave’s expert came.”

It was a group of creatures riding fiery light. One could feel blazing heat even from far away. They all held formation banners that whistled through the air in their hands.

“Are they well known?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Even though they aren’t one of the most powerful races, they aren’t weak either. From their extravagance and number of troops, they most likely want to capture you and torture the great vicious existence’s precious technique from you.” One of the individuals lying on the ground replied. 

This was a group of red-haired creatures that weren’t human. They were shaped like spiritual apes, every single one of them a meter and a half tall or so. Only their eyes were silver, flickering with silver radiance. 

“Which great vicious existence are you a descendant of? And also, your name?” An older fiery red spirit ape spoke. 

“You are the great vicious existence, you all are great vicious existences. This old one’s name is Hao Tian.” Shi Hao couldn’t tolerate it anymore. Whenever these people appeared, they would call him a great vicious existence. It truly was annoying. 

“Subdue him!” The old fiery red ape waved his hands, and all of the creatures rushed forward murderously. However, they were in quite the formation as well. They all held formation banners. Heaven and earth immediately changed and great formations were opened. 


At this moment, Shi Hao didn’t hold back and used his most powerful methods. A great black sea surged violently behind him; that was the great yin sea of the Kun Peng technique. 

Meanwhile, green multicolored light appeared around him. Stalk after stalk of grass took root in the void, blossoming with immortal sword intent and sweeping out in all directions. 

Any one of these two precious techniques would be enough to wipe out the experts in his way. Now that they were used together like this, it was naturally incomparable. 

Fire Cloud Cave’s formation was indeed formidable, but it still wasn’t enough. The formation banners were violently destroyed. However, this race was quite decisive. The individuals that lost their formation banners immediately ended their own lives, thus turning into a rain of light and leaving this world. 

“Is there a need to go so far? I just wanted to have a chat with you guys. Don’t kill yourselves like that… If you leave like that, won’t you have to spend a few months recovering in the real world anyway?” Shi Hao spoke. 

Ah pu...

When he slaughtered his way towards that old ape, it spat out a mouthful of blood and disappeared with a flash, using a scroll to flee through the void. 

In the end, Shi hao only caught five Fire Cloud Cave spiritual apes, leaving him feeling a bit regretful. He didn’t want to kill ‘monkeys’, but he had to ‘warn the chicks’. 

Higher realms, Goddess Province. 

“Hey, have you heard? A hundred of Fire Cloud Cave’s experts died in one go, almost having their race wiped out.”

Some people were discussing. 

“What happened? Fire Cloud Cave isn’t that weak either. Those spiritual apes are quite savage. There was actually someone that dared to provoke them?”

“It’s because they encountered an even more savage existence, a great vicious existence crawled up from the lower realm, something that hasn’t happened in tens of thousands of years. Those fire monkeys attacked from all sides to obtain the vicious technique, yet they were almost eaten by the other party.”

“Heavens, this is a huge matter. A great vicious existence crawled up… We have to hurry and enter the spirit realm to watch the battle! The geniuses from all sides will likely hurry over as well.”

“Go, we cannot miss this grand occasion!”


Shi Hao hadn’t killed anyone, but the name ‘great vicious existence’ had already stuck with him. Fire Cloud Cave’s spiritual apes clearly killed themselves to avoid being captured, yet when news of this got out, it still looked like he killed the monkeys as an example.

Soon after, a pile of creatures laid on the arena. There were many cultivators that ran over during that hour to see the great vicious existence named Hao Tian, but quite a number of them were forced to stay behind. 

“Have you guys heard? A great vicious existence called Hao Tian climbed up to the Bronze Sparrow Altar and wants to unleash genocide in the spirit realm.”

“How vicious! Rumor has it that Feng Wu fought against him, but it’s unknown who came out on top.”

“That formidable? I heard that there were several ‘exceptional talents’ that were moved and might hurry over as well to fight him.”

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