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Chapter 564 - Bronze Sparrow Altar

There was similarly a pair of great gates here, but they were golden in color instead of bronze like before. This stone figure’s divine flame seemed a bit unordinary as it jumped about. 

“This isn’t a creature that had just lit its divine flame!” Shi Hao came to this conclusion. He should be even more powerful.

He quickly reached out his large hand and grabbed that little girl. He had already caught up and definitely wouldn’t let her escape. After catching her, he quickly backed up, because he felt quite fearful of that stone statue.

Fortunately, they only saw each other from far away and never approached each other. 

“Save me! You piece of rock, save this great immortal!” This little girl kicked out and bit down on Shi Hao like a little leopard. She was quite wild and wanted to break free. 

Right now, her elegant bearing and heavenly aura completely disappeared and she became more like a little vicious beast. Even though she was pretty like a porcelain doll, she was incredibly aggressive. 

Shi Hao remained silent. His hand shone, blocking her divine will from transmitting sound and startling that supreme stone being. 

Of course, he also prepared himself for the worst. If that stone person chased over, he would directly jump off the heavenly path, because even if he had to die once in the Void God Realm, he would rather have that then be captured. 

“This isn’t fair! You are an exceptional talent, yet you mounted a sneak attacked me. You don’t have an ounce of dignity or honor! If this was a true battle, I would have directly blasted you apart!” The little girl was unconvinced, crying out hatefully while making threatening gestures. Her golden dress was now quite loose around her body, looking a bit strange as it covered her body. 

The veil on her face had long been dropped off. Even though she was small, one could tell with a look that she would be a beauty that could overturn countries. Her fine nose was wrinkling from her anger as she stared at him with her large eyes. 

“If you want to bet, then you have to learn how to admit defeat. People have to honor their words.” Shi Hao smiled. 

“Vicious beast that grew an extra bone, if you have the skill, then fight a fair battle against me! I’ll defeat you in three moves, and if I lose, I’ll be willing to admit defeat!” The little girl cried out. She was ridiculously self confident. It was unknown if she was doing this to provoke Shi Hao or if she truly had that confidence. 

Shi Hao wouldn’t loosen his hand from being agitated. He instead laughed and said, “You truly are unordinary. When the area between your brows shone during that final moment, even though you couldn’t display the divine ability, you still released such an astonishing aura. Could it be that you are also an ‘exceptional talent’ and have a type of astonishing natural divine technique?”

“Do you dare fight? I’ll only use one hand and still blast you apart in three moves!” The little girl said angrily. She was extremely wild and aggressive. The porcelain babyish fine face was full of provocation. 

“Little thing, you should give up on using psychological methods to attack me. It’s completely useless!” Shi Hao pointed outwards, giving her sparkling white forehead a flick. 

“Aiya, it hurts to death! Vicious beast, I’m not finished with you!” The little girl cried out miserably. She carried her head while shouting noisily. Tears were about to fall. 

Shi Hao laughed mischievously. This Goddess Academy’s talented girl was truly strange. Normally, she showed a refined and elegant appearance, and while fighting, she was fierce and powerful, yet now, she was showing such a straightforward personality. She was acting a bit too wild, and she almost cried from the pain. 

Shi Hao carried her back to the Copper Sparrow Altar and continuously took action. His palms and fingers shone to seal her up. 

“Vicious beast, I’ll remember you. Remember, I am called Feng Wu!” The little girl fiercely shouted. Her eyes erupted with anger.”

“So what if you remember me?” Shi Hao teased with one hand pinching her fine nose and pulling on it. 

“I will eat you!” The little girl hatefully shouted. 

Shi Hao laughed loudly. His other hand reached out and pinched her baby smooth face. He moved his hand around until her face revealed ridiculous expressions. She was absolutely furious. 

“Just wait!” The little girl was resentful. Then, she unexpectedly turned into a rain of light, and with a shua sound, she disappeared from Shi Hao’s hands. 

“Huh?” Shi Hao was completely shocked. He had clearly sealed her, so how could she escape?

A small sparkling and translucent sword appeared in his palm. This finger length blade was shiny and full of spirituality. Did she use a secret technique to take her own life?

Shi Hao was stunned. This type of method was truly decisive. However, he remembered that this was the Void God Realm, so she was still alive in the real world. 

“Infuriating! I, Feng Wu have always held my head high and swept everything before me. Never have I suffered this type of deficiency before. You dare pull at my nose and pinch my face… Me and you aren’t finished!” A vicious voice sounded from far away. Those specks of light shot towards the distance like a streak of lightning, vaguely forming the image of a girl. She was currently making threatening gestures at him in resentment.

Shi Hao was shocked. This young lady was formidable after all, her mind seemingly unaffected after this self-destruction. However, she seemed to hold quite a grudge, remembering things like pinching her nose and face, instead of holding resentment over being captured. 

Shi Hao activated the Kun Peng technique to chase after her and try to restrain the specks of light. However, he was still too late. That type of thing was formless and without matter. It quickly rushed through the golden gate. 

“Vicious beast, you better remember well that I, Feng Wu, have never suffered a loss as great as this before. In the future, I will definitely give you a vicious beating and then eat you!” Feng Wu said angrily as she left. Of course, that rain of light could only solidify for a moment and was going to quickly scatter on its own back to the real world.

“If you are willing to bet, you need to know how to accept defeat. Otherwise, I will go to Goddess Academy and find you,” Shi Hao shouted. He didn’t hurry after it and instead stared at that supreme stone being and prepared to flee at any moment.

It really was strange. Even though this stone being’s divine flame was burning, it remained unmoving the entire time, sitting there as if it lacked the aura of life. 

On the other side of the golden gate rested endless land. Great mountains towered magnificently and divine waterfalls poured downwards. There were places that were several thousand zhang tall at every turn. This was a place that imitated the construction of the real world. Dense immortal energy pervaded the air. 

“Yi, did you guys see that? That rain of light seems like it was produced by Feng Wu. She was killed by someone here?!”

“Impossible. How powerful is Feng Wu? She is invincible in this place. She had even killed a thousand year old ancient flood dragon just yesterday. Who can compete against her?”

Under this beautiful spiritual mountain where purple energy surged, a group of youngsters stopped walking and curiously gazed into the direction where the rain of light disappeared. 

“But I can clearly see her? The voice that sounded now was the same too.” One of them firmly believed that he didn’t see incorrectly. 

“This doesn’t make sense! You have to understand that she came from Goddess Academy and cultivated immortal light, a method that prevents all techniques from landing on her. She had always swept through her enemies and never had she been defeated before. 

“Exactly! I heard that she had even chased after the Spirit Race’s ‘exceptional talent’, fighting several times. She gave the Spirit Race’s people quite the headache.”

This group of young experts discussed. They all didn’t really believe that was Feng Wu, because she was just too talented and powerful. 

When they brought up this beauty that was like a goddess, these cultivators all felt their hearts pounding. She was normally dignified and elegant, graceful and magnanimous, but once she took action, she was truly like a dragoness that was extremely wild, crushing everything in her path and leaving others shaken. 

“I heard that for the sake of finding a suitable mount, she had once fought intensely against a few powerful races’ heavenly talents. If someone didn’t intervene, she would have succeeded.”

“Is that true or false? There really was such a thing?”

“This is secret information. Rumor has it that she visited the True Hou Clan and ambushed the White Tiger Clan’s young master. There was also that time…”

“Stop talking! You cannot speak randomly about these things, or else we will bring about disasters onto ourselves!”

“This… truly is worthy of being Goddess Academy’s Feng Wu. It really is as the rumors say, leaving other speechless of her power. It seems like the things she had done are much greater than what the legends say.”

Shi Hao stared for a long time. That stone being didn’t move, making him a bit doubtful. He then turned around to return to the Copper Sparrow Altar to send a message to that enormous black mountain and ask those two rotten old men. 

“I have to fight through those golden gates?”

“Right, you have to slaughter your way in. Only then can it be considered heaven defying and enable you to obtain the bronze precious book.” Bird Grandpa nodded. 

“You’re crazy. You want me to fight it out against a divine level existence?” Shi Hao’s eyes widened. No matter how self-confident he was, he still wouldn’t do something this ridiculous. 

“What? There’s a deity blocking you way?” Coin Elder was astonished. He was a bit stupefied. 

“Do you two old things not know what those two golden gates are and are purposely tricking me?!” Shi Hao was furious. 

“How could we not know? Based on our memories, you have to breach those gates. Only, we didn’t know that it would be this dangerous,” Bird Grandpa explained. 

On the other side, the large black mountain had long been packed with people. Everyone had seen the battle just now, and they all felt extremely shocked. Someone as powerful as the little Stone met his match here! It was inconceivable. 

That woman was definitely powerful. She could actually fight evenly against him to the end. 

Shi Hao was speechless. He headed towards those golden gates again and continuously looked around to see if that stone being had any fluctuations of life. He really wanted to try it out. 

He pulled out a hair and poured his divine force into it. With a shake of his hand, he flung it out. Even though it was just a hair, it immediately became like a black streak of lightning. It released a sharp whistling sound and shot through the air. 


The hair quickly approached the stone being and directly exploded, turning into fine powder. The divine force that was infused inside ignited into light that scattered into the void. 

Shi Hao had already prepared to leave and wouldn’t even hesitate to jump off the bluestone road if he had to. However, he noticed that the stone being never moved an inch. 

He stopped his steps. A wave of doubt overcame him. “Could it be a stone statue that is similar to a magical artifact? Is it only guarding here and won’t attack on its own?”

On the other side of the golden gate, after those youngsters discussed a bit, they finally couldn’t help but come over out of curiosity. They stood in front of the enormous gate while hesitating. 

“What are you doing here? Could it be that you want to go to the Copper Sparrow Altar and catch the descendant of a great vicious existence?” An expert that was passing by asked. 

“How could that be? It has been several tens of thousands of years since a great vicious existence crawled up. We were just curious and wanted to pay the ancient site a visit.” One of them said with a smile. 

“That doesn’t seem to be the case from your weird expressions. Did something unusual happen?”

“I fear that you won’t believe it even if I tell you. Just now, I think I saw Immortal Courtyard’s Feng Wu rush out from that place.” Someone muttered in a soft voice. 

“What? Let’s have a look!”


On the Copper Sparrow Altar, Shi Hao was in deep thought. He hadn’t seen that stone being stand up after several tries, only neutralizing the attack. He was assessing whether he could make it past or not. 

“Yi, more people came!” Shi Hao raised his head in shock. He saw a group of creatures. 

“Heavens! That’s…” The group of people had just walked over when they saw Shi Hao. Someone pointed outwards and cried out in shock.

“Am I seeing things? After ten thousands years, another great vicious existence’s descendant crawled up? This is huge news that will stir up a huge commotion!”

“It seems like we weren’t mistaken just now. Feng Wu truly did come here. This is a heaven defying matter! Hurry and send back a report, send information back.”

Shi Hao cracked open a smile, revealing his sparkling white teeth. He met them head on. 

Meanwhile, inside Goddess Academy, a woman in a golden dress whose body was sparkling and her skin snow white woke up. She was incomparably angry. 

“Ya, junior sister, you woke up. Why do you seem so angry? It seems like your foundational spirit was injured.”

“I’m going to die from anger! He dared to pinch my nose and pull at my face! There won’t truly be a day when he comes to Goddess Academy, right?”

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