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Chapter 563 - Phoenix Dance

“You… really climbed up from down there?” Lightning radiance flickered within the female’s pupils. Her golden battle dress fluttered about her body that flowed with multicolored splendor. Her entire being was shining. 

Shi Hao’s eyes shone brilliantly. He looked at the other side of the altar, and he saw that there was a path as well. However, it was one that headed upwards. He could vaguely see a boundless world where immortal mists curled about and ancient trees towered into the heavens. Countless great peaks rested about with divine birds flying above and enormous beasts roaring. 

White mist fluttered about, and everything disappeared. That was a type of projection. 

“Where does that road lead to?” Shi Hao asked. 

“You don’t know?” The woman was a bit surprised. She showed a ruminate smile before saying to herself, “I came to Copper Sparrow Altar to pay homage and experience what the one before me left behind and never expected to meet you. It has already been several tens of thousands of years before any great vicious existences has crawled up. What luck. I’ll capture you bring you back.”

“You really are a monster. How many tens of thousands of years have you lived?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Do you really think this immortal is that old?” Her beautiful pupils released divine light, but she didn’t get angry and said, “This place is known as Copper Sparrow Altar, a place where cultivation is suppressed, making it the best place for a battle. It can allow the two of us to fight in the same cultivation realm.”

“Then you’re definitely not my opponent.” Shi Hao spoke while carrying his hands behind him. 

When the golden dress woman heard this, she immediately revealed a dazzling smile and said, “Show me your original form. If it is a Nine Headed Lion or some true heavenly ranked vicious beast, then I can take you as a mount. I’ll find a way to take you up.”

Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. He began to walk around her. “Looks like something that might be tasty. Making you a mount isn’t bad either. However, you don’t have to form your real body. Your current form is quite good already.”

When the woman heard this, her black eyebrows jumped slightly. Two streaks of dazzling lightning erupted from her beautiful eyes, and her entire being’s aura immediately became several times more powerful. 

Her long hair danced about, and her graceful and slender body swayed about as she moved closer. There was a veil covering her face, but her bright-colored and moist red lips could still be seen. 

This woman’s smile didn’t waver and instead became greater. “You want to make me a mount?”

“En, seems like a pretty good choice.” Shi Hao nodded and said, “Or I could eat you.”

The woman was graceful and elegant. She gathered her beautiful hair. The smile on her face became greater and greater, and the aura she released reached its peak, making this entire place tremble. 

“Then come and try me!” She rushed out like a fiend, leaving an afterimage at her original location. She was fast to an inconceivable level. 

Earth withdrawal technique!

It was unexpectedly this divine ability that was known as the one with top speed under the heavens. There were few techniques that could compare. She was like a golden rainbow as she quickly arrived. Her pure white and slender arm brushed towards Shi Hao’s face. 

Golden light flashed. Shi Hao shifted to the side, leaving behind an afterimage. Faint golden radiance scattered outwards; this was the Kun Peng movement technique, one that was comparable to the earth withdrawal technique. 


The woman was too fast. Her golden battle dress fluttered about as she made a turn. Her long and slender right leg was extended perfectly straight, lashing towards Shi Hao in a firm and decisive manner. 

Shi Hao leaned his body to the side to avoid that snow white and beautiful leg. In addition, he sent out a finger that was like a blade. Golden radiance flickered about as it quickly descended towards her calf.

The golden clothed woman was extremely fast, directly spinning past and avoiding this attack. Right now, her back was already turned towards Shi Hao, her lotus like arms drawing out a beautiful trajectory and sparkling with pure white light. Her elbow carried an expanse of symbols as it struck towards Shi Hao. 

The corners of Shi Hao’s lips revealed a hint of a smile. Someone actually dared to fight him in a battle of close combat? However, it seemed like this female was quite confident as well, so she should be extremely powerful.

He took a few steps backwards and waited for her elbow to approach. He reached his hand outwards towards her snow white neck, while his other hand formed a fist imprint, erupting with a myriad of golden light to strike towards her back. 

The woman’s spiritual awareness was quite sharp. She didn’t turn around, and instead, her flexible body sent a beautiful leg kicking outwards. Like a scorpion brandishing its tail, it quickly slammed over. 


This time, dazzling light erupted between the two individuals. 

Shi Hao’s fist imprint collided with her feet. All types of symbols bloomed, and then they vanished. Both sides took to the air, backing away like lightning. 

With a shua sound, that woman landed on the ground. Within her strong and healthy appearance was a gentle beauty. The golden battle dress fluttered about, giving her a moving type of gracefulness. 

“Worthy of being someone who crawled up from down there. Truly like how the legends say, extremely savage.” The woman licked her bright red lips, appearing a bit excited. Her bright eyes were sparkling, as if she encountered the best prey.

Shi Hao was quite shocked. Who was this woman? Her flesh was so powerful. If not for her graceful physique that moved wonderfully up and down, he would have truly mistaken her for a beautiful vicious beast.

“What a rare occasion! I actually encountered such a powerful vicious beast. How lucky!” The female’s voice was extremely sweet as she shouted. She rushed over murderously. 

Her speed was extremely fast. Her hands formed a magical imprint, and as they moved about, afterimages appeared one after another, releasing weng weng sounds. It was as if a divine bird was flapping its wings, raising terrifying astral winds. 

In that instant, the two individuals collided over a thousand times. This was not just a clash of physical strength, but also one of complex symbols. It was as if stellar rivers poured down in torrents, making this place look beautiful and dazzling.


Two fists smashed together. Both sides flew backwards in retreat. 

However, this woman immediately threw herself over again. As she charged forward, every step produced lotuses. The flowers of the great dao blossomed all around her, sending sparkling flower petals scattering down. It was extremely dazzling.

She assembled a wave of heaven and earth power. Her eyes were like lightning, and her gentle and beautiful body was powerful to the extreme. Every single movement she made possessed even more astonishing power. 

Shi Hao formed an imprint. A purple Suan Ni rushed out from his palm and suppressed forward. Endless lightning radiance poured outwards. 

This woman appeared incomparably calm. A great amount of golden lotus petals fell around her, turning into resplendent symbols to resist the lightning radiance. Meanwhile, she herself quickly rushed forward. 

Another great collision broke out. Palms and fingers slapped about between the two, as if ten handed deities were fighting it out. They continuously clashed with power, both of them fast to an inconceivable level. This was a true contest of strength. 


A powerful wave of energy erupted, blasting them apart. The void began to distort and this place rumbled with noise. 

If not for this copper altar being sturdy and undying, any other place would have long been blasted to a miserable state. Mountains and rivers would have long been blasted apart.

The woman in golden clothes took the initiative to attack again. Shi Hao had never encountered a woman who liked to fight this much. She was always the one rushing forward to attack and charging on her own accord. 

She looked slender and beautiful, but her movements were this forceful, pressuring him until he felt like he was stifled. Her movements carried a style of beauty and battered him like a storm. Her attacks were endless. 

After an intense confrontation, the woman’s body suddenly became taut. Her immortal and wonderful body turned silver white, and then she shot over. Her entire body was like an arrow!

“Divine Arrow technique!” She shouted lightly. It was fast to the extreme, tearing through the air with dazzling power. 

Shi Hao’s hands both moved about. One hand formed a golden color, while the other became pitch-black like ink. He broke down the Kun Peng technique. 

He applied what he learned on the spot. One had contained the force of the great yang, while the other the great yin. They formed a vortex and drew in that silver white divine arrow. 

The woman was amazed. This was the first time she became moved. However, her speed was fast to the extreme, changing direction in space and avoiding the vortex. It was like a silver lightning as it shot over. 

This was the embodiment of the ancient earth withdrawal technique at its peak, turning it into an offensive technique. Her entire body was like a divine sword, piercing through the void, moving east or west unpredictably like a streak of lightning. 

Fortunately, Shi Hao grasped the Kun Peng technique, or else he wouldn’t be able to follow this woman in terms of speed at all. She was just too fast. Her body turned into a silver divine arrow and continuously attacked.

Shi Hao was moving as well. One hand formed the great yin power, forming a black sea, while the other formed the great yang power, supporting a great golden sun. Both of them continuously struck outwards. 

Towards the end, the great yin and yang mixed together in the void, forming waves of spirals. It immediately made that silver divine arrow feel as if it had sunk into a swamp.


Shi Hao’s right hand shone, supporting a great golden sun as it fiercely smashed downwards, blasting towards this silver ‘divine arrow’. At the same time, his left hand brandished about. The black great yin force filled the sky, sealing up this woman’s path of retreat.

However, at this moment, this golden clothed woman whose body was taut and perfectly straight became incomparably soft, sliding out between his hands. She was as nimble as a flexible snake, and then a tail fiercely thrashed towards his head. 


Shi Hao’s hands interweaved, colliding with the pair of calves that were like a tail. The two sides both backed up and revealed looks of shock.

A long time passed with neither side saying anything. Shi Hao’s eyes narrowed, and after a while, he said, “It isn’t your flesh that is powerful, but instead because you rely on a special amazing technique.”

He carefully looked at her and used his powerful divine senses. He finally saw that on that woman’s pure white skin was a layer of sparkling light. It was this light that protected her body, the vajra unbreakable power. 

He had felt baffled this entire time how this slender and moving woman could have walked the path of body refinement and cultivated it to such a terrifying level. 

Now, he finally found out that the other party possessed a matchless precious technique that could support her flesh, making her one step stronger!

“You aren’t bad. It seems like you’ve seen through the immortal light I cultivated. It covers my body, not allowing any techniques through, making my body undying.” The woman smiled with great confidence. 

“This precious technique is quite strong.” Shi Hao nodded. 

“I am Feng Wu, you? What great vicious existence’s descendant are you?” She asked with a smiling expression. 

“My name is Hao Tian,” Shi Hao said. 

Feng Wu’s smile was extremely brilliant. Confident women were the most beautiful, but her words were definitely not polite. “I don’t want to waste time. Let’s end this with a decisive battle so I can capture you.”

“You have the confidence to capture me?” Shi Hao asked.

“I do! You are so powerful, the descendant of the great vicious existences, so I am willing to take your flesh from the lower realm higher into Goddess Academy,” Feng Wu said. She then added, “As my mount.”

If she didn’t add that just now, Shi Hao could still smile. However, when he heard those final words, he immediately said, “If you lose, then shouldn’t you serve as my mount?”

“Then you should try your best.” The woman smiled, calm and self-confident. Her body shone. It was clear that she was going to use a restricted technique. 

“That self confident? Then let’s start!” Shi Hao didn’t say anything else and directly used the supreme being bone’s power, producing endless symbols. 

“Yi, hold on, you are an exceptional talent?!” This was the first time the woman’s expression changed. She quickly backed up, her beautiful face now filled with alarm. The restricted technique was burnt up and unable to be fully displayed. 

However, there was an even more powerful energy that erupted, originating from the space between her brows. It was clear that she had an innate divine technique. Terrifying fluctuations rippled outwards, making even Shi Hao feel apprehensive. 

However, it was already too late. The light between her brows could not diffuse outwards, nor did it activate. Shi Hao’s symbols had already been displayed and used on her body.

She immediately shrunk, turning into an eight or nine year old little girl. She was like a doll made from sculpted jade, extremely pretty and cute. 

“Aiya, this doesn’t count. I didn’t even prepare myself yet. You are an exceptional talent, yet you mounted a sneak attack. Do you dare fight me in a true battle?!” She clamored noisily and hurriedly tried to escape. 

“Hey, you have to honor your word. What did you say just now? Now that you are defeated, are you waiting for me to chase you into Goddess Academy?” Shi Hao chased after her. 

This eight or nine year old child took to her heels and ran for her life. Her figure was beautiful. Curses continuously sounded from her mouth. She seemed to be absolutely furious. 

She broke away from the Copper Sparrow Altar and followed a small road. Shi Hao immediately chased afterwards and noticed the scenery ahead. He couldn’t help but be shocked. 

There was a pair of golden gates there that was the size of a mountain range. There was a crack opened right now, and in front of the gate was a stone statue. There was actually a divine flame jumping about. 

That was the sign of a burning divine flame. A stone man was sitting there, seemingly guarding that place. 

1. Phoenix Dance

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