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Chapter 561 - Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder

The domain emissary was emotionless as he stared out with a gaze that contained blade like radiance. He was no stranger to Shi Hao. This youth had been expelled by the Void God Realm before and had even fought on the divine level arena. 

“This question does not have an answer. You must find the solution yourself.” He spoke like this, and then his figure became indistinct. 

The Void God Realm was just like how it was before. There were many people inside of here every day, and now that the great calamity had passed, the cultivation world was flourishing with even more activity. 

Starting Ground, the Void God Realm’s lowest level, as well as the place where one started. 

“Do you know who I am? The little Stone was someone I taught. That’s my disciple! You guys don’t believe me? Just ask around. There’s no one in the Void God Realm that doesn’t know about this.” An elder had a street stall set up, and it was currently surrounded by a group of youth that had just entered the Void God Realm. 

“This old man wants to cheat more money. Who are you trying to fool?!” Someone shot him a look of disdain. 

“Youngster, it is not good to speak randomly. Why would an old one like me cheat others? You can look around the Void God Realm and investigate a bit. As long as it is a place where the little Stone became famous or fought in, there will always be this old one’s brilliant figure.” The elder spoke righteously.

“Is that true or false? I think there is a rumor like that?” Some people were suspicious. 

“What rumor? Wasn’t it just their bragging all day that started something that a few people believe?” An older person explained. 

“Little Stone’s secret training method, mark down price of a hundred coins. If you guys want to obtain it, hurry up and come over.” There was another elder on the other side with a bird on his shoulder that was currently crying out. 

“Why is there another one?” There were a few youth that had just entered the Void God Realm who were confused. 

“Shameless duo. Of course he’s going to be here. It would be strange if it was just one of them.” Some people muttered softly. 

However, even though there were seniors that exposed them, there were still quite a few youngsters around this place. There were even a few individuals that truly did spend coins to buy those ‘rare books’. 

“This book is quite detailed, and recorded inside is the little Stone’s journey through his trial by fire. If you want to rise to power like him, then hurry up and buy it.” At this moment, there were a few others that spoke up as well. 

“Wow, these two old good-for-nothings truly have no sense of shame. They actually found some others to help them cheat people. It’s just too outrageous, spending all of their days swindling others. Sometimes, there really are people that believe their lies.”

“It can’t be helped. The little Stone rose to power too abruptly and is only fifteen years old. His power shook the world and sweeps through all directions. Back then, he truly did follow these two old good-for-nothings for a while, which makes their swindling so much easier.”

Shi Hao stood in the distance, a bit speechless from what he was seeing. It really was hard for these old ones to change their innate nature, still behaving like this all this time. They were still cheating others even though so many years had passed. 

“Old thing, you cheated me! This cultivation manual’s first page tells us to break the stone tablet and then be banished by the Void God Realm for two years. This… what kind of trashy manual is this?” Someone cried out angrily, feeling rather agitated and cheated. 

“Youngster, your temperament is too fierce. Please call me Coin Elder. You shouldn’t be calling others old things. Back then, the little Stone even treated me politely. Let me give you an explanation. Telling you to break the stone tablet has its own deeper meaning. Let me ask you, would you be able to do it? This is just for you to work harder, because only the little Stone could directly shatter the stone tablet and be banished by the Void God Realm as a result. Youngster, if you don’t understand, just ask. There’s no reason to be so agitated, that’s not the good way to go about it. Come, give me another hundred coins and I’ll carefully explain everything to you.”

That youth hesitated, and in the end, he handed out another hundred coins. He moved his ear over to receive some ‘special treatment’.

“This old thing, you really have trained your swindling to perfection, truly…”

“However, that really was how it was back then. He was like this, swindling others with half truths. There’s really nothing you can do about it.” A middle-aged man said. 

Shi Hao forced his way through the crowd, and with a faint smile on his face, he said, “I want to buy a manual too.”

“A hundred coins.” Bird Grandpa didn’t even raise his head, because business was too good. With a pa sound, he tossed out a bone book that had a few characters carved on it. 

“I don’t need this type of book.” Shi Hao shook his head. 

“Hardcover and profound edition will be many times more expensive. Are you sure you want that instead?” Bird Grandpa continued to work busily about. The strange bird on his shoulder cried out miserably and screamed, “The murdering arsonist came!”

Back then, Shi Hao had taken action against it, burning its feathers until it became bald and making him suffer greatly. 

“I want to obtain the Void God Realm’s bronze book. Can you point me in the right direction?” Shi Hao spoke. 

At this moment, Bird Grandpa heard these words and raised his head. He released a bitter laugh and said, “There’s nothing left to sell today. Let’s clean up the stall.”

Meanwhile, Coin Grandpa also got up with a sou sound. He swiftly collected his street stall and left. 

“This youth seems familiar. Who is he?”

“Is there something wrong with your eyes? That’s the little Stone, the current Stone Country’s human emperor! He… why did he come?!”

“It truly is the Stone Emperor! Heavens! He unexpectedly appeared!”

“No wonder those two old things left. The true master came knocking on their doors. Who told them to swindle others all day? Things are finally going to be cleaned up.”

Shi Hao’s reappearance stirred up great commotion. Everyone was shocked. After two years, he had reappeared. Many people felt quite moved when they saw him so close.

He really was too young, just a fifteen or sixteen year old youth, yet he could already move unhindered through this world, shaking the eight regions. He truly was astonishing. 

Coin Elder and Bird Grandpa were already grabbed by Shi Hao. They first revealed a forced smile, and then they became calm. They called out to him as if they were meeting someone they were close to. 

“See, we weren’t lying, right? The little Stone came to see us. This is irrefutable evidence! Whoever wants the training manual, hurry up and come buy them. However, now, it is a thousand coins each!”

Everyone wanted to beat these two up. They were just too lowly and shameless. 

However, there were many people who believed them. They all brought out their coins to buy the manuals. 

The veins on Shi Hao’s head jumped. The faces of these two individuals were already so thick that he was starting to feel inferior. They were still trying to swindle more even in this type of situation. 

“Old fellows, don’t cross the line!” He grabbed these two in one go and dragged them away. 

“Everyone, we need to get rid of these two swindlers. Let’s ask the Stone Emperor to suppress them!” Someone shouted. 

Several elders walked over at this moment and stood behind this group. One of them shook their head and said, “Don’t provoke them. Those two aren’t simple. My grandfather had seen them during his youth, and even after all those years, they look exactly the same as they did back then. Only, back then, no one paid attention to them. Only when the little Stone rose to power did they come back to the Starting Ground and draw attention again.”

When Shi Hao heard these words, he was a bit moved. Back then, he had heard similar rumors. It seemed like they were true after all.

“Don’t be so rough, there’s no way our old arms can handle your tormenting,” Bird Grandpa cried out. The bird on its shoulder had begun to flutter its wings a long time ago and already jumped into the air. 

“I didn’t come looking for you to settle things and just came here to ask for advice.” Shi Hao loosened his hands. 

“Say that earlier then! I have the ultimate manual here. Five hundred coins each, want it or not?”

When they saw Shi Hao’s eyes reveal killing intent, Coin Elder immediately forced a laugh and said, “I’ll give it to you for free as a gift!”

“I want the bronze divine book. I’ve already obtained eight pieces now, so how do I complete it?” Shi Hao asked. 

“That’s easy. With your current accomplishments, just break records and you’ll naturally be able to obtain it.” Bird Grandpa said while smacking his chest. 

That day, the Void God Realm was shaken. Everyone became shocked. 

The little Stone had appeared again, displaying great divine might in the Void God Realm. From the Starting Ground, he slaughtered his way up, displaying unmatched valor as he continuously broke through many records. It truly shocked everyone. 

“Hurry, senior brothers and sister. We have to go into the Void God Realm! Extraordinary things are happening!”

“What is it? Why are you so excited and in such a hurry for?”

“The little Stone has appeared and is about to overturn the Void God Realm!”

This was the reaction of a sect. 

“Everyone, hurry up and enter the Void God Realm so you all can watch what is happening! Shi Hao has reappeared, and his bravery is unmatched, continuously breaking records one after another.”

“What? We need to hurry and go!”

This was how it was everywhere. Everyone gathered together, telling those at their sides to observe this grand occasion. 

The Void God Realm was bustling with activity. A multitude of people filled this place. 

Just how long had it been since the Void God Realm was as busy as today? People flooded in like rivers, crowding this place until they couldn’t even move. 

“Hurry and look, the stone tablet has appeared again. Is he trying to defy the heavens?”

“I counted already. Along the way, he charged forward without stopping, already breaking several dozen records!”

As long as one record was broken, a stone tablet would emerge in every area, informing the entire Void God Realm. From the start until now, stone tablets continuously rushed up. They were sparkling and flickering with radiance. Their rumbling noises shook this world. 

No one had ever seen someone like this, acting so powerfully along the way, sweeping through all types of records, and advancing valiantly. 

There might have been heaven warping supreme beings like this in the ancient times, but when one cultivated to this level, would he come here again to sweep through the records? When everyone saw this for themselves, there wasn’t a single individual who wasn’t shaken. 

Was he trying to defy the heavens?

“Heavens! Yao Yue’s record was broken just like that! After maintaining that record for a thousand years, it was surpassed just like that!”

This created a great commotion. Yao Yue was an expert that entered the Void God Realm a thousand years ago. His vitality was exuberant, and he was known as the greatest in the Blood Transformation and Heavenly Passage realm. 

This was a gold level record. His vitality meant that his body’s potential and foundation were boundless. Shi Hao actually broke this record today. 

This was definitely not your normal small record!

“He broke another one! The Six Dao Body’s record was broken. The little Stone’s aura is truly devouring mountains and rivers. He is breaking great records one after another!”

The Six Dao whose flesh was known to be the most powerful three thousand five hundred years ago was unmatched in the formation arrangement king level. No one could compare to him. His existence shocked an entire generation. 

This was definitely another record that contained great significance. Shi Hao rushed past it and occupied an even higher place. 

This was definitely a day of uproars. The Void God Realm’s great earth was shaken.

In the real world, the cultivators from all directions were left stupefied as well. How heaven defying was this? The little Stone made others feel horrified!

That day, countless people visited the Void God Realm, impatient to witness him reaching that step for themselves. They wanted to see just how many records he was going to break. 

Shi Hao powered through. Even though he was exhausted, he didn’t stop to rest, continuing fearlessly.

Of course, there were also records that he definitely couldn’t break, for example, the several tens of thousand years ago’s Flame Cloud Immortal whose imperial flame technique was known to be the most powerful. It continued to occupy the highest level even today. 

Shi Hao had researched the flame dao precious techniques before, but he hadn’t reached great heights in them. There was no way for him to break through it. 

This was the record of a specific domain where if one didn’t immerse themselves in deep cultivation, it was impossible to surpass it in technique. 

All of the records he broke through more so reflected his potential. His great strength was extraordinary!

During this process, Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder’s pupils became deeper and deeper. It was as if they had completely changed. As these records appeared one after another, they seemed to have received some type of insight. As they followed behind Shi Hao, they gradually began to emit heaven overflowing terrifying energy!

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