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Chapter 562 - Treading on Heaven’s Path

These two individual’s auras continuously changed, making others feel rather fearful. Then, black lightning curled up around their bodies and dao sounds rumbled, shaking the space here. 

Shi Hao was astonished, because he naturally sensed the transformations happening to them. He had been aware that these two were quite extraordinary. He stopped moving and said, “You two, is there something you want to say?”

Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder seemed to have woken up from a dream. The powerful fluctuations were restrained, and they seemed to have calmed down as well. In addition, waves of auspicious radiance began to spread outwards. 

All enlightenment and demonification could change in an instant. 

They were still thinking with frowns on their faces, strenuously trying to recall their past. Their expressions shifted from peaceful, to confused and even to serious; their auras seemed to be continuously changing. 

“How could that be? Only today did I realize that I am myself.” Coin Elder seemed to be in deep thought.

Bird Grandpa nodded as well. He then shook his head and said, “En, hold on, I am ‘me’, but who is ‘me’?”

When Coin Elder heard this, he became confused as well. “Which one is the real ‘me’?”

Shi Hao’s eyes were clear as he calmly watched them. He was finally going to find out these two’s background today. They weren’t simple after all. 

“You should continue breaking records. We feel like a layer of fog that has clouded our spirits is about to be uncovered. We are gradually recalling some different things,” said Bird Grandpa. He showed a rare deadly earnest expression instead of the expression of an old swindler. 

Shi Hao nodded and advanced boldy. He continued to break records and press forward. 

Everyone inside the Void God Realm was trembling. Little Stone returned and created such commotion, leaving everyone shocked with his actions.

Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder became more and more powerful, and the people who were following them felt stupefied. What was going on? They felt like they were following two ancient vicious beasts and felt quite uneasy. 


On Bird Grandpa’s shoulder, that bird rushed up and turned into a large sun before suspending itself behind him. It was as if a resplendent halo was shining behind his head, making him look like an immortal buddha. 

Coin Grandpa was also transforming, his bones resonated with the dao and immortal winds blew about him. The sinister smile on his face had completely disappeared, and there was a bit of an otherworldly aura to him. 

Everyone became stupefied as they watched. Weren’t these two swindling good-for-nothings? Wasn’t the change right now too crazy? They didn’t dare believe the two they were looking at were the shameless duo from before. 

Shi Hao arrived in an even higher region. Right now, his body was shining like an undying divine furnace. He had broken through many great records, which made him quite exhausted, so he decided to stop for a bit. 

“As you break records again and again, we became more and more powerful. Some of our memories that had been buried in dust have been uncovered.”

When Shi Hao heard this, he looked at them with a pensive look. After he became human emperor, he had once sent people to investigate these two individuals, but he couldn’t find experts that matched these two. 

“You guys shouldn’t have been created by the Void God Realm’s natural laws right?” He asked, making this guess. 

“No, we are genuine flesh and blood people,” said Bird Grandpa. A great sun appeared behind him. 

Shi Hao said, “Don’t tell me that you want me to break through all the records of the wasteland region and then keep on going to the other great regions. I don’t have that much time!”

“I am feeling more and more clear minded and have understood a few things. You don’t need to do that much,” Coin Elder said. 

“To the final place!” Bird Grandpa said with an extremely serious expression. 

The others here felt rather strange as well. The changes that were happening to these two elders was just too great, right? There was actually a bit of otherworldly aura, as if they didn’t belong to the world of mortals. 

“Who exactly are you two?” Shi Hao asked. This was also what everyone else wanted to know. 

“We also want to know and are still trying to figure it out.” Bird Grandpa gave a hollow laugh. 

Coin Elder immediately nodded as well. When this smile appeared, it seemed extremely devious again, shattering the immortal feeling he was giving off before, sending him back down into the world of mortals. 

Along the way, they gradually returned to their previous appearance. The shameless duo returned, continuously peddling bone books to the people along the way and raking in the business. 

Only, from time to time when their eyes opened and closed, a strand of radiance would flash past, indicating that they were no longer the same as before. 

“Five thousand coins for this bone book. We ensure your satisfaction!”

“What, unsatisfied? Look at the little Stone. He followed precisely what was on this training method to rise up. Youngsters, work hard. The next little Stone can be you!”


The two of them continued to act smugly. Their faces were lowly as they conned a large group of people. They were like two divine poles as they were surrounded from all sides. 

“What place is this?” Everyone was astonished. They had unwittingly arrived in a hazy light that flowed with pure white light that looked like immortal energy.

There was a pair of enormous bronze gates here that was large and majestic like an enormous mountain. In the past, no one knew that this type of mysterious place existed. 

“Open!” Coin Elder pointed forward with his hand, and symbol light flickered about. The enormous ancient bronze gates rumbled open and surged with waves of chaotic energy. 

Everyone backed up and shivered inwardly. There was actually the energy of primal chaos diffusing here. This place was definitely an important place. 

The scenery behind the mountainous bronze gates was vast and boundless. The mist covering this place was extremely thick, making it hard to see anything clearly. Only after a long time had passed could one barely make out a road that stretched into the heavens. 

This was a path made of bluestone. It was quite unusual, because it wasn’t laid on the mountain and instead floated into the void. It didn’t seem to possess weight, as if it was a string of blue-green clouds that led directly into the sky. 

This was a heaven path, one that seemed to lead straight into heaven. 

Shi Hao looked up this path with his arms behind his back. His heart was not at peace at all. The Void God Realm actually had this type of place? He had never heard of it before. 

“We recalled a few things. No matter how much records you break, you still won’t obtain the final two pieces of bronze books. Only by fighting your way up this path would you be able to obtain them,” said Bird Grandpa. 

“You rotten old man, why are you smiling so lowly? Shi Hao asked. 

Bird Grandpa immediately got angry and said, “Nonsense, drivel! How can you say those words to this old one? I am so happy and excited to have been able to wait until this day where such an excellent youth like you can ascend this path.”

“This is a heaven path. If you can climb up and defeat the opponent, the bronze pieces will appear on their own,” said Coin Elder. 

Everyone became emotionally moved and extremely excited. What kind of path was this? They had never heard about it before. What kind of opponents would appear at the end of the road?

This was extremely strange. This place was previously sealed up by a pair of large bronze gates and only appeared today. Who was this opponent? Could it be an existence that had lived from the ancient times until now?

Shi Hao laughed. Right now, he truly didn’t fear what kind of powerful experts there was and wished for a good battle. He actually hoped that there was a great battle that could make him go all out. 


After he stepped on that bluestone path, multicolored mists surged powerfully, making that place clearly visible. The white mists seemed to have scattered by his feet, revealing a simple and unadorned bluestone road. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. He had just stepped onto this path, yet he already felt a powerful pressure. Normal cultivators wouldn’t even be able to move their feet here. 

As he advance step by step through this winding path, the mists in front of him continuously scattered, as if they were scattering clouds before a bright sun. 

“Seniors, can we walk on that heavenly road too?” Someone asked the two devious old men. 

“You can, but once you fall, you can only return to reality. Don’t think about coming back without a few months of recovery,” replied Bird Grandpa. 

“This path is that dangerous?” Many people became doubtful. Shi Hao seemed to be walking in an unhurried manner without suffering any attacks, so they didn’t seem convinced. 

Soon, several dozen people walked out and rushed towards that small path together. However, as soon as one person stepped on it, he was blasted backwards, causing him to stagger in retreat. 

There were a few people who rushed upwards, but they only made it ten or so steps before swaying back and forth and falling back down. Loud cries rang through the air. 

Next to this winding path and under the clouds and mists was a deep abyss whose depth couldn’t be seen. There was an indescribable killing aura that surged upwards and crushed them apart. 

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. No one dared to risk it again.

“Heaven’s path is rugged and dangerous. A single mistake will immediately cause your downfall.” Coin Elder shook his head. 

“Let’s watch from the side and see if he can really ascend into the sky.” With a wave of Bird Grandpa’s hand, the clouds and mists on the side scattered, and they could see a mountain towering there. 

It was entirely pitch-black and rose steeply from level ground directly into the sky. It was unknown just how tall it was. 

This mountain wasn’t that far from the path suspended in midair. They could still see Shi Hao’s every move, they were side by side with no way of making contact. 

Flight did not work here, so he couldn’t travel this distance. Coin Elder seriously warned that this was a ‘space restricted domain’ and that he shouldn’t even try flying. 

As Shi Hao continued walking up, the endless crowd all rushed up that large black mountain. This enormous mountain was too majestic, and no mountains in the real world could compare to it. 

Shi Hao didn’t know how long he had been walking for. Right now, he was under a pressure that couldn’t be considered light, but it still couldn’t stop his advancement. 

His position became higher and higher. He couldn’t hear anything, nor could he see signs of other people. It was as if he reached the end of the world. Everything was silent. He was exploring by his lonely self. 

“Is this where the path of cultivation leads to? Will the future be like this?”

Shi Hao’s speed wasn’t slow, but he walked for three entire days and nights, and only then did he start to approach the end of the world. It was rather frightening. Just how far did it go?

This truly was like ascending the heavens!

Meanwhile, everyone else climbed that tall black mountain, following him this entire time and watching Shi Hao in the distance. 

He arrived, this was the end of the path. There was a tall platform that seemed like an ancient altar, but also like a mysterious arena. It was made of bronze. 

This high platform was quite spacious and floated in midair. It seemed like it had existed forever. There were all types of creatures carved on top that looked vivid and lifelike. However, there was a layer of green rust on its surface. 

After walking this far, the powerful Shi Hao felt extremely tired, because he had faced unimaginable pressure while ascending the path. It was as if he was carrying a mountain on his back. 

He walked towards the altar, but this place was blocked by a layer of mist. He was shaken up to the extent where he almost fell off that path. 

Everyone felt a shiver run through them as well. If he fell now, he would fall into an endless abyss. There was no way to fly here, so he would be crushed by the strange murderous energy. 

Shi Hao was also amazed by what he saw. This bronze altar seemed to have a formless energy protecting it. If would be hard to enter without using force. 

He took a moment to catch his breath and recover a bit. Then, he shouted loudly and said, “Open!” 

Shi Hao punched outwards. His fist turned a golden color and scattered the formless power. He took a step forward and ascended this ancient bronze altar. 

Following this fist, mists scattered outwards. The scenery on the platform became clearly visible. This place was extremely vast, and even the people in the rear could see it now. 

“Yi?!” Someone’s voice sounded. 

At the same time, Shi Hao was also astonished. Someone turned around and revealed a startled look. 

This was a woman who was covered in a golden battle dress that was bright and sparkling. She had a rather tall stature that was natural and graceful. Pitch black hair scattered downwards, and her pupils were extremely clear. She had a veil over her face. 

She stood there proudly. When her eyes opened and closed, lightning unexpectedly flew out. Her entire body was extraordinary and powerful. A powerful aura of the dao surrounded her. 

“Great vicious?” The woman spoke with a pleasant sounding voice. Divine light appeared in her pupils as she stared intently at him. 

“Monster?” Shi Hao also spoke. 

“Immortal.” The woman replied. 

“Emperor.” Shi Hao replied. 

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