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Chapter 560 - Small Rebirth Pill

Shi Ziling and his wife departed, their hearts clouded with worry, fearing that Qin Hao might not be able to support that immortal bone and fall as a result. They loved and cherished both their sons greatly. 

"Father, mother, you two should leave first. If I leave this realm, I will visit you to give my goodbyes," Shi Hao said. 

He understood his parents' feelings and had them hurry over to look after Qin Hao. 

"Our child, we will go the the higher realms as well. We won't be separated. Our entire family will reunite!" Shi Ziling said. 

However, there was no way they would go up together. Due to Shi Hao overturning Immortal Mountain, a great storm was raised. Their clansmen bore great hostility against him. 

"When we enter the higher realms, we'll break away from the Qin Clan and join you," Qin Yining said. 

"Mother, you don't have to do that." Shi Hao shook his head. 

Finally, the couple departed for the mysterious region. 

In the central heavenly palace, Shi Hao sank into a state of silent contemplation. Before leaving, there were still other things he had to do so that Stone Country was powerful enough and he wouldn't leave behind any worries.

"I need to refine pills." Shi Hao said. 

The main reason Stone Country was able to become as powerful as it was today was because of its most important inner secrets, the ancient pill formulas. They could increase one's strength and allow cultivators to break through the restrictions of their natural talents. 

After he left, Stone Country needed to possess absolute military strength to protect itself from everything. Otherwise, there would be great turmoil. 

Peng Nine spoke out and said, "Your Majesty, there aren't many spiritual medicine…"

In the past, Stone Country was in great chaos, and many kings broke into the restricted areas of the imperial palace, and some princes and princesses were even more restless, moving out large amounts of items from the treasury. Fortunately, there was still an inner treasury. As for the spiritual medicine gardens, they weren't able to escape their hands and ended up being almost completely plucked clean. 

"No harm. Weren't there a few feudal vassals that had reflected after rebelling previously? Have then send over a few spiritual medicines," Shi Hao coldly said. 

"Understood, I will do as you say." Peng Nine said. He now possessed absolute strength. Before the great calamity, he was about to become a supreme expert already, and now, he had long smoothly advanced. 

Several days later, an unending stream of all types of spiritual medicines were sent over, and Stone Country Imperial Palace's medicine field immediately began to release great fragrance. Beautiful flowers released their brilliance and splendor. 

It could be said that this place became an extremely magnificent sight. A shining mist that was as thin as smoke wafted about. This was the release of spirituality, the swirling of the medicine herbs' essence. 

"So fragrant!" Qingfeng appeared and sat down to train. 

Shi Hao walked around the garden and looked at all the spiritual medicines. He released a sigh. When one stood from this height, the ability to move large amounts of resources was indeed unimaginable. 

For the sake of some stalks of spiritual medicine, he had experienced great hardships. He searched carefully in the Hundred Shattering Mountains and fought great battles against others for them. 

Now, as the Stone Emperor, just a few days after issuing the order, the various types of spiritual medicines he needed were all gathered. It was just too great of a difference when compared to the past. 

A silver medicine cauldron that flowed with a layer of precious splendor was carried over from the treasury. It was extremely ancient, but it wasn't covered in dust. It looked like it had just been created. 

When he opened the lid, waves of medicinal fragrance already wafted out as if a fresh batch of spiritual pills had been refined even though he didn't start refining medicines yet. 

This was without a doubt a precious cauldron that had refined medicine for many, many years. It had long been suffused with unimaginable medicinal characteristics and had become a valuable pill dao treasure. In addition, this was a magical artifact refined by a deity. 

Peng Nine introduced that this was the divine object used specifically by Stone Country imperial palace for the refining of medicine. Its inheritance was long-lasting and had existed since the ancient times. 

Shi Hao nodded. This medicinal cauldron was formidable, a true divine grade object. When used to refine medicine, the success rate would be increased greatly. It was also rich with medicinal essence that had long seeped into the cauldron's walls. 

He knocked on it a few times, and with a ding sound, an incomparably clear and melodious beautiful sound rang out. 

"How does it compare to Stone Country's black cauldron?" Qingfeng asked.

"That cauldron is extremely mysterious. I cannot see through its level." Shi Hao shook his head. Stone Country's origin came from that black cauldron. He had researched it before after his strength increased, but he failed to see through it. 

"Still lacking a few wondrous medicines…" Shi Hao said softly. 

He wanted to refine the little rebirth pill that would enable a king level expert to break into the supreme expert realm, but it required over a hundred spiritual medicines inside of a single furnace before it could be refined. 

Only, a few of the medicines were just too rare, and even if they searched through the world under the heavens, it would still be hard to find them. Controlling a country didn't mean that he could do anything, and it didn't mean that he could find all the medicines he needed. 

Shi Hao had a few stalks of wondrous medicines in his collection, for example, the golden grass, flowing time gold, purple star orchid, and others. He obtained them from the Medicine Capital, and right now, he brought them all out. However, he was still lacking a few. 

"I am missing yellow spring bamboo. Rumor has it that this stuff had appeared before in Western Tomb, but I didn't see any last time I went." Shi Hao frowned. He wouldn't go there again no matter what others told him. That place was too strange, and there were too many mysteries. 

The eyeball on top of Western Tomb World's altar was also covered in blood that seemed to be immortal. It was truly horrifying. 

In addition, there was a crystal skull and a golden arm bone that appeared to be quite special. They clearly didn't belong to the same individual. They were extremely sinister!

Shi Hao sat within the medicine field and inhaled the refreshing fragrance. He looked at the sparkling and resplendent spiritual medicines one after another and began to feel a bit reluctant to pick them. 

Finally, he used the dao flame to warm up the silver medicinal cauldron and began to refine medicine. 

He only plucked the flowers and leaves from these medicines and definitely wouldn't harm their roots, so that they could grow back in the future. He didn't have to worry about them being completely exhausted. 

The great silver cauldron began to shine, and stalks of spiritual medicines were added one after another. The symbols on the cauldron's walls swirled about, releasing a dense mist that was like immortal energy. 

"What an amazing sight!" Qingfeng was astonished. 

Shi Hao refined medicine while giving pointers to Qingfeng about how to refine spiritual medicines and how to control the flame. 

He didn't enter the cauldron to refine himself. Along with his deeper research and understanding, he became able to directly refine the pill and didn't need to enter the cauldron himself to absorb it. 

During this entire process, Shi Hao had no choice but to be a bit distracted. He watched the Emperor Butterfly like he was looking at a thief. This little thing was an absolute glutton, and it would like nothing more than to be allowed to jump into the medicine field to wipe this place out. 

Even though there were a few wondrous medicines missing, there were a few stalks inside the medicine garden that were rarely seen and could substitute for them. Shi Hao felt like it could succeed. 

"This medicine is so strange. It's leaves are turtle shaped and shining black. Its name seems to match too, Turtle Leaf Orchid." Qingfeng had gained quite a bit of knowledge. 

Fragrances wafted through the air. Dense mists surged, making this place a bit indistinct. A golden little figure was sitting while chanting scriptures. 

"This is…" Shi Hao was astonished. 

"The medicine cauldron has a spirit. That is the medicinal characteristics' essence that has condensed into a void spirit. There was someone who always chanted scriptures while refining medicine since the ancient time, which allowed the cauldron to gain intelligence," Peng Nine said. 

Shi Hao continuously put in medicines, many of them extremely precious. Among them, the ancient scarlet vine was the most precious. This exceeded the normal spiritual medicines and had a chance of becoming a divine medicine. 

Blood phoenix vine was an extremely rare medicine. Even if one searched all of the lower realm, they wouldn't be able to find more than a few. A stalk that reached this stage was even more rarely seen. 

It was entirely scarlet red, and its sparkling and translucent body that was less than a meter long was like a blood phoenix spreading its wings. Its leaves and stem emitted dazzling multicolored radiance.

This was a precious medicine Peng Nine protected that day, and right now, it had become one of the imperial palace's most precious medicines. It even had a chance of becoming a divine medicine. 

Shi Hao cut off a piece and placed it into the medicinal cauldron. A hong sounded, and scarlet multicolored light dyed the entire sky red. A blood phoenix spread its wings and took to the air, creating a shocking sight. 


He put the lid on and began to refine the medicine with his own dao flame.

A day later, the cauldron rang with dang dang sounds and the lid slightly opened. Golden light flickered and precious energy surged into the sky. Three golden pills rolled around inside, continuously striking against the walls of the cauldron as if they had life. They were sparkling and translucent. 

"Success!" Shi Hao shouted happily. He brought out three jade containers and quickly stored them away. 

The little rebirth pills were successfully refined and already put away. There was still a fragrant medicinal fragrance spreading from the cauldron. 

Multicolored mists continuously floated about. 

When he calmed down, Shi Hao began to refine pills again, another day, another batch. This time, there were three golden pills as well. The bright and resplendent pills surged with auspicious multicolored light from within the medicine cauldron. 

With this, the pill refining concluded. There wasn't enough medicine to continue, and if he went any further, it would hurt the medicine field's spiritual medicine roots. 

"What a pity that this holy medicine five origins tree has been lifeless this entire time. Otherwise, I would have been able to pick a few of its leaves." Shi Hao said softly. This was the holy medicine he brought back from Immortal Mountain. 

Even though this was the case, he was still quite satisfied. With six golden pills, he could keep one for himself, give one to Qingfeng, and then still have four left over. This would be enough for Stone Country to have several supreme experts. 

"I need to find some way. If I could make one more furnace, then I can gift it to my relatives."

Shi Hao invited the War King over to have him protect this place. Several days later, this powerful king level figure smoothly became a supreme expert. 

"Don't worry. Under my guidance, there won't be any issues in having Qingfeng succeed the position of emperor," said the War King. Now that he was a supreme expert, he had enough vitality and could intimidate the world. He could now fully support Qingfeng's growth. 

Peng Nine also nodded. He had reached this cultivation realm a while ago. 

Shi Hao handed the remaining three little rebirth pills to them and told them that it could create three more supreme experts. As for who they should be given to, they needed to carefully consider before handing them out. 

However, there was definitely no lack of candidates. When the imperial palace was broken into, there were several old nobles that were seething with anger and stood at Shi Hao's side, fighting with him for Stone Country. Now, Shi Hao could help them become supreme experts. 

Shi Hao himself didn't immediately take the little rebirth pill, because he had spent these few days meticulously studying the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. He wanted to comprehend a few things before devouring it so that the effects would be even greater. 

He then went on a trip to Fire Nation. The previously grand and imposing capital city had already been turned into ruins. The new city was reconstructed in a different place. 

Currently, Fire Nation was still experiencing conflict. Battles were still being carried out for the title of emperor. 

Shi Hao didn't participate, nor did he want to interfere. The Fire Emperor had led a few people into the higher realms. The remaining people that fought over the title of emperor didn't have much relationship to Huo Ling'er. 

"Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, Qiong Qi, are you guys still alive?" Shi Hao drove an ancient war chariot quickly through the sky. Great rumbling sounds resounded through the great wastelands. 

He had people searching this whole time for that vicious bird and evil beast and trying to find out if they had escaped the calamity or not. 

Back then, when the mountain treasure appeared, the four great experts fought over it. The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and Qiong Qi were incomparably vicious and slaughtered all things within a hundred thousand li and devoured everyone inside that area. 

Shi Hao really wanted to find those two vicious existences and kill them. 

He still remembered those twin little younger sisters that discussed what type of beast milk tasted the best, however, when those hundred thousand li of land experienced that genocide, he was never able to meet them again. He didn't know if they were still alive. 

In addition, the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and Qiong Qi were the main culprits of Heaven Mending Pavilion's destruction and brought about damage that was quite horrifying. 

"What about that Pi Xiu? Could it be that it died?"

Apart from this, he was also looking for a Pi Xiu. It had eaten his grandfather's arm back then, and Shi Hao wanted to get revenge for his grandfather. 

He had looked all around the wasteland region, and even sent others out, but he didn't obtain any results. 

"I have to leave in the end…" Shi Hao said softly. 

He muttered to himself, feeling that he should give a certain place a look. There was still a great opportunity there that he didn't know if he could take advantage of. 

Shi Hao then entered the Void God Realm. He smashed out with his fist, shaking this world and causing the space around it to distort. This was a power that exceeded this realm and was used to call out that 'domain emissary'. 

"What is the purpose behind this?" He was formed from natural laws, a cold and heartless existence. 

"I have eight pieces of the bronze book, still missing two before I can obtain a world-shaking precious technique. I want to know what kind of record I have to break to obtain the last two pieces," Shi Hao said. 

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