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Chapter 552 - Eradication

Shi Hao’s body formed a Kun Peng, releasing great fluctuations and dazzling golden flames that covered the world. This place became brilliant and dazzling!

Using the world as a cauldron, one’s body as the flame. It was like cooking pot-stickers as the figures in the sky dropped down with pili pala sounds. Miserable screams rose and fell. 

“Shi Hao, you bully others too far!” An expert shouted loudly. His body blazed with silver radiance, turning the skies incomparably hot. There were holy flames everywhere. 

Another ancestor of the Tuoba Clan appeared. He soared through the air and rushed over with a magical staff in hand. With a slight wave, lightning interweaved and silver snakes danced about in the sky towards Shi Hao. 

“Bully others too far? Back then when your Tuoba Clan slaughtered Heaven Mending Pavilion’s people, you didn’t even let ten year old children go. Why did you say this sentence then?” Shi Hao roared. 

A stream of draconic energy rushed out from his throat. It carried symbols with it and surged with his rage as it rushed forward. Rumbling sounds rang through the air. 


Several figures exploded in front of him. They all turned into a bloody mist. 

This was just the spiritual essence he spat out, yet it already possessed such astonishing power. Normal experts couldn’t stop its power at all. They were shaken until their bones broke and their flesh split apart. Their bodies died and their dao vanished. 

The silver lightning that was rushing over was also scattered. It couldn’t even approach his body. 

“You are the emperor of a country, yet you act like this. By wiping out my Tuoba Clan, do you not fear the people calling you ruthless? Be careful not to destabilize your Stone Country’s foundation!” The elder’s face became downcast. 

While speaking, he waved his magical staff and activated the mountain protecting divine formation. Tuoba Family almost founded a country back then and had a powerful guardian spirit in the past. It naturally had astonishing backing. 

Below, the mountain region swelled upwards. Bluestone shone, resonating with the stars in the sky. The various mountains and boulders around Tuoba Clan immediately turned into stars. 

This was a stellar formation. Every single boulder corresponded with a great star, making this place look like a sea of stars. The stellar splendor above the ninth heaven gathered and emerged here. 

“Who in this world can berate me for killing those that ought to be killed?!” Shi Hao shouted. A golden ancient war chariot appeared beneath his feet. It moved through the air like a streak of lightning and rumbled with noise as it directly entered the formation. 

Meanwhile, he held the divine magical sword in his hand. He hacked outwards, sending out astonishing fluctuations. Sword energy roiled as it swept out, crushing everything in its way. 

Regardless of whether it was the war chariot or the magical sword in his hand, they were both Stone Country’s treasures and left behind by deities. They were perfect for destroying similar level great formations. 

Electrical radiance danced about and stellar splendor interweaved. This place shone with such brightness that it was hard to look directly at. There were symbols and beams of light surging everywhere. Waves of energy rose and fell without restraint. 


On the ground, there were a few formation platforms that released sharp sounds. Boulders cracked apart one after another. The formation that had been arranged in the ancient era had been worn down over the passage of time and finally became unstable. 

After so much time had passed, even deities would grow old, let alone the formations deities arranged. Without repair or protection, there was no way it would be like how it was before. 

In the end, the great formation collapsed. Enormous rocks exploded one after another, losing connection with the stars in the sky. They couldn’t be compared to Stone Country’s imperial palace. This was, in the end, still just an ancient family. 

The golden war chariot crushed past, and the magical sword in Shi Hao’s hands hacked down. This Tuoba Clan ancestor released a large cry. A silver lamp emerged above his head and began to burn with a simple and ancient energy. 

He pointed towards Shi Hao, and then a streak of silver flame flew out from the lamp towards Shi Hao. This was a clan protecting supreme treasure, as well as a divine magical artifact. 

This silver flame was extremely terrifying, burning until even the space around it began to distort. It quickly reached Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao remained extremely calm. How could he lack magical artifacts of this level? This time, he activated the country protecting black and ancient divine halberd. The moment he activated it, divine light surged and overflowed into the heavens. 

This great halberd flew outwards, scattering the silver flame and then rushing towards that ancient lamp to confront it. 


The silver lamp shone, sweeping out the boundless sword energy, but it didn’t affect the great halberd at all. It was quite extraordinary, but it was still not comparable to the most powerful weapon of Stone Country. 


The great halberd descended. The surging silver flame was everywhere, filling the air with stellar specks. Shi Hao was completely unharmed, but everyone else in the Tuoba Clan was horrified. How were they supposed to defend themselves?

That ancestor also cried out loudly. His expression was deathly pale. This was an unimaginable disaster. 

With a hong sound, great flames ignited, lightning up all the buildings of the ancient Tuoba family. Even more people were directly struck by the scattered silver light, turning into torches that burned into ashes. 

This was divine power. Normal cultivators couldn’t defend themselves against it at all. 

Shi Hao did not sympathize with them. He had seen many of these people that had slaughtered about before. During the battle of the Heaven Mending Pavilion back then, they were cruel and merciless. Their hands were covered in blood, and today, it was finally time to resolve karma. 


Shi Hao brandished his sword. An enormous streak of sword radiance swept outwards, directly turning the Tuoba ancestor into light. It was as if a small chunk of snow had been swept through by a blazing furnace, burning it into nothingness in an instant!

As of now, this battle no longer had any suspense. 

Behind Shi Hao, Xiao Tian, Zhou Yuhao and the others were all dumbstruck. It wasn’t that they didn’t know the current Shi Hao’s power shook the world, but even when they personally witnessed this battle, they still found it a bit hard to believe what was happening. 

The powerful Tuoba Clan was breached today just like this. Meanwhile, no one died from their side at all. Shi Hao himself swept through everything alone as if the world was in his palm. 

That silver lamp was shattered. The silver flame wreaked havoc, covering everything with heaven overflowing flames. 

Shi Hao put away the magical sword, great halberd, and war chariot. He also restrained the radiance he himself gave off. 

“The one surnamed Shi, hand over your life!” Someone inside Tuoba Clan went mad, and with no regard for his own life, he rushed out through the fiery light to kill Shi Hao. His eyes even became red. 

“Even you guys can feel anger? Back then when you massacred Heaven Mending Pavilion, did you all imagine that this day would arrive?” Shi Hao’s expression was cold. Then, his body became brilliant, and every single inch of his flesh erupted with sword energy. 

At his side, green grass took root in the void, stalk after stalk. They were like divine swords as they covered the sky. Sword intent overflowed into the heavens!

Pu pu sounds rang out incessantly. Those that rushed over were all slaughtered. Blood splashed out in all directions. No one could block this sword energy. 

“It’s them… precisely them!” Yan Xin cried out loudly. She recognized many people. They were all murderers that slaughtered the senior brothers and sisters at her side with sinister expressions. 


During this battle, Tuoba Clan was breached and silver flames ignited this place. Shi Hao was iron-blooded and merciless, killing every single person that attacked Heaven Mending Pavilion in the past. 

However, he still didn’t feel at ease. There were still others below, including women and children and people that had never attacked. He didn’t kill them off and instead turned around and backed off. 

Everyone stood in the distance, watching as the Tuoba Clan burned within raging flames. They all felt complex emotions. Even though they killed the murderers, it was still hard for them to smile. 

After all, there were still the elders, as well as many young disciples that weren’t even able to grow up that passed away. Their vivid faces appeared in their minds. However, they were now all dead. 

There was another secret earth in the Tuoba Clan that contained a bit of the clan’s inner secrets. Due to the recent times being rather chaotic, they made preparations just in case. 

However, this wasn’t much of a secret and was found out by Shi Hao and the others. They hurried over and wiped out a group of experts. 

From this point on, Tuoba Clan lost their foundation and was completely ruined. In fact, several dozen years from now, they completely retreated from the world of cultivation, and this powerful family completely ceased to exist. 

“This is Lion Mountain?”

Shi Hao was astonished. After the battle ended, they made their way through more than a hundred thousand li of mountains and forests. When they were passing an enormous mountain, they saw a stone stele with the two words Lion Mountain carved atop. 

This mountain range was quite vast, but they were all incomparably tall and lofty. 

“Go, let’s take a look inside.” Shi Hao revealed an excited expression, because he thought of the Nine-Headed Lion. This should be its home. Before heading for the higher realms, he wanted to see these old friends. 

When he entered this region, less plants could be seen, and the mountain region became more bleak. There weren’t many weeds, only a few enormous trees suitable for the golden lion race to wander about. 

“Who is it? Halt!”

Someone shouted loudly as soon as he arrived. Several massive golden lions ran over. Fur covered their temples. They were extremely majestic and powerful. 

“I came to see a friend. Pass a message onto Jin Hong for me that his sworn big brother came.” Shi Hao transmitted sound. 

The Nine-Headed Lion’s name was Jin Hong, but because its bloodline was rarely seen and special among its race, it had always used its clan’s name to refer to itself. Only Shi Hao and a few others knew its name. 

If normal people saw these enormous lions, they would definitely fall weak on the floor. They were like small mountains. The pressure they exuded was just too great. 

“Wait here.” The lion turned into a gust of wind and left. 

Soon after, a golden-haired youth hurried over. He looked extremely heroic an full of essence energy. His golden pupils were dazzling. This was precisely the Nine-Headed Lion, and he had long turned into human form. 

He had fought a great battle against Shi Hao in the Hundred Shattering Mountains, and their friendship could also be considered to have been achieved through fighting. 

“Shi Hao!”

When they met again, both of them felt rather moved. They had separated before the great calamity, and at that time, Huo Ling’er, Yun Xi, Flame Crow, Second Baldy, and the others were there. In the end, some departed for the higher realms, while other stayed behind. 

“I said I was going to pay you a visit again quite a while ago and dragged it all the way until today.” Shi Hao laughed and said. 

The Nine-Headed Lion invited them into the mountain. They saw a few enormous lions along the way that were like golden mountains. 

Xiao Tian, Xia Youyu, Zhou Yuhao and the others were all filled with curiosity after coming here, because the Nine-Headed Lion race had a great reputation. 

The most well known legend was that they were one of the ten great mounts. During the ancient years, deities and giants all liked to ride on these golden lions. 

This was true regardless of whether it was in the higher realms or lower realm. 

Meanwhile, Nine-Headed Lions became terrifyingly powerful after growing up. There were quite a few legends of divine lions defeating their owners and devouring deities. Their potential was endless. 

Lion Mountain lacked grass, but there was still a variety of plants. There were spiritual medicines on the rocky cliffs and between the mountain cracks. They had been nurtured here for many years. They were all rare and precious old medicines. 

The Nine Spirit King also came out. He was also the king of a race and had a respected position. However, Shi Hao was now the emperor of Stone Country, so it was not too rude for it to personally come. 

Shi Hao had met the Nine Spirit King, Flame Crow King, and others during Huo Ling’er’s gathering in Fire Nation Imperial Capital and even obtained a few pointers from them as well as quite a bit of experience. 

“The Nine Spirit King has become a supreme expert?” Shi Hao was astonished. He then congratulated it. 

“I only recently advanced after the great calamity passed.” The Nine Spirit King nodded and said. 

Soon after, Shi Hao felt that something else was wrong. There were other supreme expert auras inside Lion Mountain. Could it be that there were others that broke through in this race? It really wasn’t simple. He directly asked about it. 

Nine Spirit King frowned, and Jin Hong’s expression became a bit unnatural, revealing some anger. 

In the distance was an ancient cave that surged with golden multicolored light. Dense mist curled up around this place, and powerful divine might fluctuated outwards. A slight sound of snoring could be heard. There was a creature that was talking in its sleep. 

“Bring wine…” This was an expert that was currently asleep. It continued to mutter. The aura of a supreme expert was spreading out from his body. 

“Who is this?” Shi Hao asked. 

“An expert from the higher realms.” The Nine-Headed Lion said through clenched teeth. Anger surfaced onto his face. 

“What?!” Not only was Shi Hao shocked, even Xiao Tian, Xiao Youyu and the others’ expressions changed. 

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