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Chapter 553 - Supreme Turtle

“Bring over alcohol…” This creature said as it snored. It was surging with vitality and had a powerful build. One could feel its great life force even from far away. 

“What is going on?” Shi Hao asked. 

Nine Spirit King showed a rather unpleasant expression. He gave that ancient cave a look. His light golden hair danced about. 

The Nine Headed Lion Jin Hong spoke through clenched teeth, “He came here to select and bring back the powerful experts to the higher realms to serve as mounts for deities.”

Xiao Tian, Xiao Youyu and the others were shocked. The rumors really were true. Deities were quite fond of golden lions and liked to have them as their mounts. However, for the Golden Lion Race, this was a type of humiliation. They were clearly a race with endless potential, so how could they be willing to serve as mounts?

If not for the fact that the Nine Spirit King had just become a supreme expert and wasn’t this higher realms’ supreme expert’s opponent, he would have flipped out a long time ago. With their race’s temperament, they wouldn’t have endured it for so long. 

“Wake him up. Does he truly think that our lower realm is a medicinal field or some pasture? Is this some place for them to randomly plunder?” Shi Hao was naturally going to interfere. 

Forget about the fact that his relationship with the Nine Headed Lion was close, even if it was just a regular relationship, he would still take action. 

The ancient cave was quite deep. This was a precious place, an area where the Nine Spirit King would normally cultivate in isolation. There was stone liquid surging underground. Even though it was just a puddle, it was still natural spiritual medicine. 

Apart from this, the cave had rare golden spiritual essence that would erupt with golden light from time to time. For the Golden Lion Race, this was the most ideal place for cultivation. 

Shi Hao was immediately amazed when he walked into the ancient cave. 

He found out that the arrogant and domineering supreme expert from the higher realms that drowned himself in wine and meat all day was a large tortoise!

Its four legs were facing the sky, revealing its white belly. The shell on its back flickered with black golden radiance. It laid on its back just like that without any care about its image. 

Shi Hao was truly a bit speechless. This large tortoise appeared before him just like this; it truly was a bit unusual and unexpected. 

He originally thought it would be some extremely vile and incomparably savage existence, yet it was just a drunken turtle!

It was still a supreme expert in the end, so as soon as everyone got closer, it woke up. However, its eyes were still closed. It muttered, “Nine Spirit King, you just broke through, so you shouldn’t look for trouble. Hurry up and bring some of your clan’s most fragrant wine over. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!” The big tortoise threatened while reaching out a claw with its eyes still closed. It grabbed a copper cauldron and scooped towards the puddle formed from stone liquid before drinking quite a bit. 

Shi Hao raised his hand. A golden hand imprint condensed in the void and then crushed down. 


The big tortoise immediately retreated with a sou sound. It widened its eyes, sensing danger. It was like a black pot as it stood there, staring at Shi Hao. 

“What are you?” It was quite alarmed and asked loudly. 

“The one that will deal with you!” Shi Hao pressed forward. The imperishable battle clothes appeared on his body and flickered with dark light. 

“Youngster, do you know who I am?” The big tortoise widened his eyes and loudly berated with an arrogant look. 

“Aren’t you just a turtle?” Shi Hao sneered and took action again. His palm and fingers formed a golden color, and with a weng sound, it slammed downwards while releasing terrifying fluctuations. 

The big tortoise was extremely flexible. Its legs stood on the ground, and with a sou sound, it moved out of the way and didn’t face it head on. 

Nine Spirit King, Xia Youyu, and the others all backed up, leaving this cave. A battle between supreme experts was a terrifying thing. The entire mountain ridge might collapse at a single wrong turn. 

“Audacious! You aren’t kneeling after seeing this god. I came from the higher realms and is not someone a person like you can offend!” The big tortoise berated. 

“Even a turtle dares to boast so shamelessly. Even the deities have been completely wiped out, let alone someone like you!” Shi Hao’s golden palm imprint condensed. It covered the sky again and slowly smashed downwards. 

“How can anyone deal with the experts that lit their divine flames? You cannot speak nonsense!” The big tortoise berated. 

Shi Hao was speechless. He felt that this good-for-nothing definitely drank too much and didn’t know the way back or what happened in the outside world. 


The large golden hand descended, erupting with a rumbling sound.

The large tortoise’s expression changed. Symbols flickered around its body, forming a tortoise shield that was brilliant and resplendent to block this golden palm imprint. 


The sound that rang out was like a divine bell as it rumbled outwards, resounding through the entire mountain range and ringing through everyone’s ears. The power that was released was powerful to the extreme. 

The great tortoise released a muffled groan and staggered backwards. However, it was not injured. 

Shi Hao was astonished. The golden palm imprint was powerful to the extent where normal supreme experts couldn’t block it and would inevitably be blasted apart!

This tortoise’s defensive strength was astonishing. That shield was sturdy and unbreakable, actually enduring Shi Hao’s heaven defying strength and blocking the extraordinary power of his flesh. 

The turtle’s speed was extremely fast. It turned into a black and white streak and smashed into the walls of the cave before rushing out as fast as lightning. It was unexpectedly going to flee. 

“Come back!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. He used the Kun Peng movement technique to chase after it and block the way out. 

The big tortoise opened its mouth and released an expanse of dark light, forming a pool of water. There were eighteen bone beads inside, each and every one green and sparkling. They all shone to suppress Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao extended out a finger, releasing heaven connecting sword energy. Every single streak of sword radiance struck down on the bone beads. Meanwhile, he released a sea of blood energy, and with a roar, he struck towards this big tortoise. 

Dang, dang...

The noises were earsplitting. The big tortoise’s armor was sturdy, and as it was being beaten, it hid into its shell without daring to come out. 

A hong sounded. Shi Hao activated the power of the Kun Peng to support his physical body. Every inch of his flesh turned a golden color. When his palm and fingers descended this time, the large tortoise finally couldn’t take it any longer.

“Stop! If you have something to say, we can talk it through!”

Even though there was a shell separating it from Shi Hao’s palms, it was still shaken until it coughed out blood, making it truly scared. 

“I admit defeat!” This turtle didn’t have much of a backbone, crying out and making a big fuss from within its shell. It expressed that it would yield and had long put away the eighteen bone beads. 

Shi Hao didn’t have the intention of taking its life. This fellow was quite capable of taking hits, so having it by his side wouldn’t be a bad choice. After all, he was just in need of someone to ask about the affairs of the higher realms. 

Before Shi Hao even said anything, it began to noisily cry out with pili pala sounds and spilled everything. 

Everyone was stupefied. This fellow was just a bit too scared of dying. 

“I came from Purple Manor Mountain. The lord of the mountain is known as the Six Armed Daoist, and I am a black tortoise that was raised in a spiritual spring outside the mountain gate. There was a koi fish that wanted to enter the lower realm and find a few mounts for our sect, and I longed for a taste of the world of mortals, so I volunteered to bring it down into the lower realm.”

There was not even a need to ask about anything. It was terribly honest. 

That Six Armed Daoist had appeared before, during the second calamity, to hunt deities and catch supreme experts. It had even visited the Western Sect to threaten it, making the zhang six golden body reveal itself as a result and confront it. 

Rumors had it that the Six Armed Daoist’s inheritance in the lower realm declined, and it was related to the Western Sect. 

“It seems like you are quite good at running. You should just be my mount from now on.” Shi Hao said. 

“I am a turtle, and even though I learned a few wind riding techniques, I… am not suited to be a mount!” The big tortoise cried out. 

Shi Hao’s chest shone, and an expanse of symbols swept out, landing on its body. It immediately shrunk to the size of a palm, scaring it until it cried out for its life. 

Shi Hao grabbed its tail and held it upside down. “If you still don’t act honestly, I’ll directly cook you!”

“I will play my play my role perfectly!” The big tortoise gave its guarantee. 

“In the future, I’ll call you Third Blackie.” Shi Hao gave it this name. 

Nine Spirit King, Xiao Tian, and Xia Youyu were all speechless. This tortoise didn’t seem like a supreme expert anymore, and this guy’s naming sense was quite unreasonable as well. 

The big tortoise naturally grumbled about this unfortunate name. It didn’t like it and spoke out in protest. 

“Big red bird, Second Baldy, Third Blackie, you guys are ranked just like that. How great does that sound? You better like it even if you don’t.” Shi Hao threatened. 

The big tortoise completely collapsed. What kind of rotten name was this?! If it knew that there were still the Zhuyan’s name Hairy Ball and Unicorn’s Little White, it would have definitely been stupefied. This youth’s naming sense really wasn’t all that great!

He unexpectedly subdued a turtle. For Shi Hao, this was quite a good harvest, because he needed to go into the higher realms, and he could ask it many things. 

“Are you going to leave this ‘well’ and ascend onto the path to heaven?” The Nine-Headed Lion was astonished. 

“I came here just to give you my goodbyes.” Shi Hao nodded and said. 

“When the time comes, I’ll bring the Flame Crow, Rainbow Luan, and the others to send you off.” The Nine-Headed Lion spoke with a bit of disappointment and frustration. It wanted to go to the higher realms as well. 

“Good, I’ll be able to see a few other old friends then.” Shi Hao nodded.

Southern Meteor Divine Mountain was rumored to be a place where an ancient divine existence dwelled. It was a restricted land in the wasteland region that was even more terrifying than an ordinary Archaic Divine Mountain. 

Shi Hao bid farewell to the Nine-Headed Lion and brought Xiao Tian, Yan Xin, and the others here. They sat on the back of a large tortoise and used it as transportation. 

“This mountain seems a bit evil. Will we be able to enter?” Zhou Yuhao’s heart was beating quickly. 

Up ahead, steep and imposing mountains linked up together. They were covered by the clouds above, as if it was white immortal energy that filled this place. 

“It is a different era already.” Shi Hao spoke. He had the black tortoise carry everyone inside. 

A misty scenery appeared before them in the mountain. Walking inside would easily make one lost and unable to find their path of return.

Shi Hao brought out a war chariot, and it began to rumble with noise. This was a divine artifact, and they used it to move through the mist. The divine striking stone in his hair shone as well. It understood the formation and gave instructions on how to advance. 

Inside the beautiful mountain peak, ancient trees towered and large boulders laid about. There was even a silver stream pouring downwards. 

However, the white mists only got denser and made things more indistinct. This also added to this place’s mysteriousness and immortal aura. 

“Sigh…” An aged sigh sounded. 

Everyone was astonished. Inside of this secluded restricted land, a voice suddenly sounded beside their ears, making them break out with goosebumps. 

Shi Hao was quite calm without showing any expressions. He stood on the big tortoise’s back while staring forward. 

“Little friend came after all. I knew that there was karma to be repaid.” The aged voice sounded again. 

“Head forward a hundred zhang, turn left, and then ascend to the mountain peak,” Shi Hao said to the black tortoise. 

The dense fog scattered. A large and imposing mountain that was entirely black emerged before them. Everyone made their way up smoothly without encountering any obstacles. 

An elder appeared at the very top. His hair was as white as snow, and his body was hunched over, supported by a wooden staff. His eyes were muddled and his skin sagging. He didn’t seem to possess much vitality. 

Behind him were more than ten graves. They had long produced wormwood, making them appear rather grim. 

Shi Hao found that the elder had just burned paper here, offering sacrifices for these ancient graves. 

“These are…” Xia Youyu was incomparably shocked when she saw those burial mounds. 

“The place where deities are hidden naturally have deities buried. They were all fellows that had survived since the ancient era, but they all died one after another.” The elder released a long and drawn out sigh as he pointed at these dozen or so burial mounds. 

Shi Hao’s eyes flickered with radiance. He didn’t expect to be greeted with this type of scene as soon as he entered Southern Meteor Divine Mountain. What was the purpose in being lead straight into the ancient burial ground of deities?

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