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Chapter 551 - Shi Hao’s Wrath

How could everything that happened in the past be forgotten? Heaven Mending Pavilion left them with an extremely wonderful memory back then, a period that was difficult to forget. However, everything was destroyed so ruthlessly. 

As pure and sincere youth, regardless of whether it was Shi Hao or Xiao Tian, they were all full of emotions towards that place. However, they watched helplessly as enemies descended and tore down their gates. 

Their companions, former senior brothers and sisters were slaughtered just like that. Some of them were clearly still children, their large eyes were full of innocence and fear before death. 

Their seniors fought to the death to stall the enemies, the normally strict elders self-destructed to stop the incoming enemies, and that old vine that used its life to protect Heaven Mending Pavilion, it all seemed to disappear together with that rain of light. 

How could they forget?!

“Good! I believe you have to ability to achieve this!” Xiao Tian walked over and bumped fists with him. 

“You mean we!” Shi Hao smiled.

“Right, we will rebuild the Heaven Mending Pavilion together!” Xiao Tian shouted loudly. 

For the sake of this dream, for the sake of letting out a breath of pent up air, he had remained silent for many years while cultivating. His natural talents were unordinary, and even though his cultivation speed couldn’t be compared to Shi Hao, his ability was rare among his peers. 

Shi Hao sought him out first. There was naturally past friendship between them. Even though he had struck his head until he had a huge blister that stuck out in an ‘extraordinary’ manner, they had overcome their differences. In the Hundred Shattering Mountains, they worked together to seize the Rain Clan’s True Supreme Water and experienced that terrible event together. 

Apart from this, Xiao Tian’s natural talents were extraordinary as well. When he entered the Heaven Mending Pavilion back then, if Shi Hao wasn’t included, then he was the number one disciple. 

“Go, I’ll bring you to see a few people.” Xiao Tian lead Shi Hao out, not acting overly courteous due to his changed identity. 

Inside the palace, several elders and clan leaders revealed serious expressions, and they they revealed looks of happiness. Their clan’s child being so friendly with the Stone Emperor was naturally an extremely great event. 

“Its you?!” Shi Hao revealed an astonished look. 

He immediately recognized one of the youngsters here. His name was Zhou Yuhao, a person who he was not unfamiliar with at all. He had beaten him up seriously before, with the most serious time beating him until all of his bones broke. His actions were due to this individual bullying Qingfeng. 

“Don’t hit me!” Zhou Yuhao felt a shadow covering his heart when he saw Shi Hao. Even though several years had passed, when he saw Shi Hao raise his hand, he was still frightened and cried out. 

Haha… Those here all laughed loudly. 

Apart from several young men, there were two girls as well named Yan Xin and Piao Xue. Back then, they were also disciples of the genius camp. Shi Hao had even swapped pointers with them before. 

Back then, when that great disaster descended, they parted ways. These people finally gathered together again. 

“Are these the only people?” Shi Hao asked. There were many who withered away while they were still quite young. 

“There are a few others scattered about in different places.”

“Senior sister Xia Youyu is still alive.” Zhou Yuhao said. He mentioned an important female disciple from the Heaven Mending Pavilion. 

Shi Hao stared blankly. He naturally remembered this senior sister. When he first walked out of the great wasteland, he met her in Stone Country’s western border and even obtained a symbol charm from her. Through it, he could directly become one of Heaven Mending Sect’s core disciples. 

Xia Youyu’s status was extraordinary. She was one of the Heaven Mending Sect younger generation’s outstanding talents.

“She is currently in Zhulu Academy. Back then, she had been rescued by Zhulu Academy’s war goddess.” Xiao Tian said. 

Everyone went on their way. With Shi Hao’s current methods, they could naturally move quickly. He steered an ancient carriage, one of Stone Country Imperial Palace’s secret treasures. It could speed along the great earth like lightning. 

Zhulu Academy was extremely large. Behind their monastery gate, numerous halls could be seen. It was quite imposing in appearance. Even though Shi Hao had heard about its name for a long time, this was still the first time he came here. 

“It’s you guys!” Xia Youyu was shocked, and then she revealed a joyous expression. She was covered in white clothes. Even though many years had passed, her appearance hadn’t changed. She was still extremely beautiful. 

After chatting a bit, everyone became deeply moved. The various events that took place in the past were still vivid in their mind. 

The war goddess’ appearance was outstanding. She was extremely beautiful with fair skin. Shining golden armor covered her tall and slender figure just like in the past. Shi Hao’s impression of her was quite deep as well, after all, she had also invited him to Zhulu academy before, even though he did not accept her invitation. 

Xia Youyu and the war goddess were the two sects’ outstanding disciples, and they were close friends as well. 

“You guys are going to restore that place and reconstruct Heaven Mending Pavilion? How can I miss out on something like that?” The war goddess laughed and said. 

“We will reestablish it right in its former location,” Shi Hao said. He told them that the guardian spirit would reappear. When these words were spoken, it immediately left everyone shaken. 

They could not forget about that divine vine. Each time they thought about it, they always felt regret and sorrow. 

Everyone discussed for a long time. Shi Hao felt that they shouldn’t reveal themselves publicly for now until he finished everything first. Then, everyone would secretly rebuild it. 

“How could that be? Are you trying to attract the attention of enemies?” Xiao Tian shook his head. 

“I do not fear them.” Shi Hao said. Moving like this was safer. After all, the great calamity had just ended, and not even he knew if there would be any unexpected changes. 

He appeared completely fearless. His name had already shaken the world, and he fought against all the different powers for supremacy. Even if there were people who bore hostility against him, it didn’t really matter to him how many there were. 

Several days later, the rebuilding process began on Heaven Mending Pavilion’s ruins. The rest of them weren’t going to exposed themselves yte. Shi Hao sent some people to put up the gate and reconstruct the buildings. 

“There are some grudges that need to be settled, some enmity to have revenge carried out on!” Shi Hao said. 

Back then, there were several powers that were the most hateful. Western Tomb Beast Mountain, Tuoba family, and Rain Clan were the main forces. Rain Clan had long been wiped out by Shi Hao, but right now, the other two were still free and unfettered. 

“We cannot allow the blood that flowed that day to be for nothing!” Even Xia Youyu clenched her fists. Her beautiful pupils released killing energy. She had once watched powerlessly as her fellow disciples died miserably. 

Meanwhile, among the others here, which one of them didn’t experience that disaster? They all saw blood fly before their very eyes, watching helplessly as the heads of their close ones tumbled downwards. Many of them hadn’t even grown up yet. 

“You all missed some. There are still Mount Yi and Southern Meteor Divine Mountain’s experts that attacked the divine vine. There is also the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and Qiong Qi,” Shi Hao said. 

During the battle that year, several powerful individuals appeared, and it was due to their actions that led to the destruction of Heaven Mending Sect. 

Only, Xiao Tian, Zhou Yuhao and the others weren’t willing to raise this topic, because that would make them lose confidence. The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and Qiong Qi were extremely terrifying existences. 

Meanwhile, there was even less of a need to talk about Western Meteor Divine Mountain or Mount Yi. They were all extraordinary places known to have deities secluded within that had venerated statuses.

“Those creatures…” Xiao Tian and the others hesitated. They felt a pressure weighing on their minds. 

“Don’t worry. All debts that have to be collected will be settled. I’ll pay them a visit myself!” Shi Hao said. 

Everyone seemed to become a bit distracted, then, all of them trembled. The current name little Stone shook the world under the heaven and resounded through the eight regions. He had achieved too many ‘ridiculous’ things. Even if he went to challenge the home of a deity, he still shouldn’t suffer too much, right?

Xia Youyu and the war goddess were a bit baffled. That tender youth from back then had grown to this extent! It truly was astonishing. 

“You must be careful. Those places aren’t easy to provoke and are just as powerful as ancient countries!” Xia Youyu warned. 

“It is now a new era, and debts must be settled!” Shi Hao spoke with a powerful voice. 

“The name little Stone has shaken the world under the heavens, we all know about this. There’s no need to worry. Let’s just watch his methods now,” said the war goddess with a smile. 

The group of people continued along the way. The ancient carriage rumbled through the air and hurried towards a pure land like a streak of lightning. 

Tuoba family had towered for endless years without falling. If not for the clan’s guardian spirit falling during the ancient era, they would have already started a great country.

It could be said that this family was extremely powerful in the ancient times. 

Their first fight was right here. In order to achieve their aspirations and rebuild Heaven Mending Pavilion, they naturally had to get revenge, and it would all start from here. 

The enormous monastery gate towered in front of them. Strand after strand of draconic energy flickered in and out of existence as they surrounded this place. It was a precious place after all. 

And today, they were still quite powerful, otherwise, how would they have the confidence to massacre Heaven Mending Pavilion with the others and create such a bloody and terrible tragedy?

Shi Hao stood tall and walked up alone. He peered into this ancient land. 


He reached out a hand. An enormous golden hand imprint formed in the void and immediately slapped downwards. Powerful winds surged and golden light shone brilliantly. Divine might erupted in all directions. 

The gate formed from two mountains was crushed to pieces and the great formation shattered. The explosion resounded through heaven and earth. 

“Who dares?” An angry roar sounded from inside. A bold and powerful male rushed out. In his hand was a broadsword that pointed forward. 

“It’s him, I recognize him. Back then, he cut off senior brother Liu Cheng’s head!” Yan Xin cried out loudly. Tears flew from her eyes. She immediately felt extremely emotional. 

“I’ve killed too many to count. Who are you? And what kind of insignificant thing is that Liu Cheng?” The middle-aged man’s face was covered in a beard. Even though he saw that these visitors did not have good intentions and were quite powerful, he still didn’t want to appear weak. 

“You are even lower than a thing!” Shi Hao didn’t say anything else and slapped outwards. His palm was like a great golden millstone as it struck down murderously. It was incomparably terrifying. 

Dang! The broadsword broke, exploding on the spot. 

Pu! Meanwhile, this individual directly exploded, turning into a bloody mist. Both his body and soul were wiped out before he even had a chance to release a sound. 

This scene shocked everyone here. The little Stone’s reputation was truly not in vain. 

Tuoba family was an ancient family that naturally had deep hidden power. Great formations immediately began to flicker about and symbols surged to protect this place. Figures quickly rose into the air before hurrying over. 

“It’s you…” Someone cried out loudly after recognizing Shi Hao. 

Currently, the little Stone’s name resounded through this world. Not only did everyone in the wasteland region know about him, even the great sects feared his power. His rise to power was too fast, and no one could stop him. 

He had accomplished too many world shaking feats during these past few years!

“Some of the clansmen were transferred to a different location, but things aren’t looking good for the rest.” One of the Tuoba Clan experts’ faces fell. 

At this moment, when he saw the individuals rushing over from the air, Xiao Tian’s eyes became red. Even Shi Hao’s eyes widened. When Heaven Mending Pavilion was wiped out, these people were especially vicious and killed too many of their senior brothers and sisters. 

“It’s him, that old monster attacked ancestor Mu Yan, causing ancestor Mu Yan to cough out blood and retreat, eventually even forcing him to self-destruct when left with no other choice!” Behind Shi Hao, a young disciple cried out with a trembling voice while pointing at a white-haired elder. 

“What?” Shi Hao’s eyes immediately looked up. He began to seeth in anger. 

Ancestor Mu Yan taught him lightning techniques, and during a rainy storm, he brought Shi Hao up into the thunderclouds to gain experience and risked his life to obtain some lighting tribulation liquid for him. He could be considered Shi Hao’s master in Heaven Mending Pavilion. 

“Kill, kill, kill!” Shi Hao continuously said the word ‘kill’ three times. His head of hair stood on end as he released an intimidating gaze. He rushed forward like a violent dragon. 

He didn’t hold anything back. The Kun Peng technique was displayed. His fist covered the world and left all sides trembling. This type of boundless fluctuation was just too astonishing!

Even if this Tuoba Clan ancestor wasn’t a king-level expert and was a supreme expert, he would still be blown apart. 

This strike carried Shi Hao’s hatred. The killing radiance in his eyes turned into lightning, and the great hatred he felt made him go berserk. 


Shi Hao’s fist directly caused that ancestor to explode. That ancestor wasn’t able to put up a defense at all, and his many magical artifacts directly exploded into terrifying radiance. 

Endless golden light followed Shi Hao as he rushed past. An enormous and brilliant Kun Peng shone resplendently around him, forming a shocking sight. They spread their wings into the sky together!

The Tuoba Clan experts along the sides of his charge exploded one after another, unable to stop him in the slightest. 

Large amounts of people fell, dropping down like rain. Along the path Shi Hao rushed through, a Kun Peng spread its wings majestically, shattering everything in its path!


At the same time, golden flames surged around it. Those individuals that fell were turned into ashes by the blazing flames!

Everyone was incomparably shaken. They were all terrified. 

Xiao Tian, Xia Youyu and the others all shuddered as they watched his back. The little Stone had risen to power after all. He was like a monarch that look down on the world. His might shook the eight regions!

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