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Chapter 548 - Sealing Deity

Everyone in the distance trembled. Some of them were even backing away, because they couldn’t see through the little Stone, feeling that he was too strange. How was he able to lock down three experts that ignited divine flames?

However, when his final sentence sounded, a green vine swayed back and forth. It was extremely angry. There was a divine flame throbbing inside of it, yet it was being provoked like this in this realm. It was too hateful. 

They naturally could tell that the little Stone’s true cultivation couldn’t fight against the experts here, so exactly what did he rely on? Was there a terrifying supreme treasure on him?

“Could it be a secret treasure that has bizarre deity sealing symbols?” Someone said in a low voice.

In the world of cultivation, there were talisman seals made by ancient supreme beings circulating about, like the body locking talisman and space restricting talisman. They possessed boundless might and were extremely powerful. 

Only, these items were incomparably precious and rarely appeared. They suspected that the little Stone might have possessed a few and used them to lock down the three experts. 

As such, even though they felt restraining fear, there were some who didn’t want to back off. If they backed off like this, it would be too humiliating. 

However, there were some who were extremely careful as well. They decisively turned around and flew towards the horizon to no longer involve themselves and watch the situation first. 


The grape vine swayed gently. A sphere of light that was like a purple golden pill flew over. It erupted with resplendent symbols and exploded in midair; it was going to kill Shi Hao here. 

He was immediately startled and quickly moved out of the way. The Kun Peng technique was used to its limit. After shifting out tens of thousands of zhang outwards, he saw that the purple light there overflowed into the heavens and scattered the clouds in the sky. 

What powerful strength! He was greatly shocked inside. Even though it had just lit its divine flame and only begun its divine path, so it wasn’t a true deity yet, its power was similarly terrifying!

“It really is a grape. Even your attacks are grapes.” Shi Hao muttered. 

In the distance, someone cracked a grin and laughed silently, not daring to utter any sounds. 

That green vine was furious. Green flames immediately overflowed into the heavens. Symbols scattered out from all over its body, taking root in the void to derive divine force. It then erupted with divine might to kill him. 

“Lock in place!” Shi Hao shouted. He raised his hand and pointed. 

Everyone was astonished, and they immediately retreated. Even this grave vine shivered inwardly, feeling chilliness inside. It quickly made its way through the sky to avoid beings struck. 

Yet in the end, nothing happened. No one was locked down in place. 

Everyone’s eyes focused on him with flickering expressions. Shi Hao scratched his head, and after putting on a calm expression, he said, “There are accidents sometimes. Again!”

He pointed outwards, aiming at the grape vine. He softly uttered the word ‘lock’ again, but once again, there were no changes. It still shocked the divine vine until it dodged thousands of zhang in the air. 

“Lock again!” Shi Hao pointed out. This time, the grape vine didn’t dodge at all and coldly stood in place. 

In addition, the other great sects’ powerful individuals that had their divine flames lit were also like this. They suspended high in the air while coldly watching everything. 

Shi Hao immediately began to sweat. With a forced laugh, he said, “I just learned this technique, so it might still need some more practice. Let me think about bit about how to use it.”

This joke was a bit cold. Everyone became cold and killing intent pervaded the air. They all slaughtered their way forward. 

A black sparrow sneered. A streak of black lightning shot out from its mouth as soon as it opened it. It shot forward with thunderous noise as if it came from dark clouds. 

This was a spirit that followed the Black Gold Sparrow into the lower realm. It wasn’t made from flesh but instead black gold. Even though it had lit its divine flame, it was still far from the Black Gold Sparrow the Willow Deity struck down. 

However, for Shi Hao, it was a disaster and not a proper opponent to fight. His arms trembled, forming Kun Peng wings and weaving through the skies to avoid this attack. His forehead was covered in cold sweat. 

Hua la!

A green vine extended outwards, quickly lengthening into the distance. It was long enough to surround a mountain peak. It wanted to bind Shi Hao. 

The grape vine had taken action. Green light flickered and symbols filled this place densely. Large amounts of divine flames rippled outwards. For a supreme expert, this was a divine might that simply could not be defended against. 

It followed the Sun God Vine down into the lower realm. After that ancient golden vine had a part of it hacked off by the Willow Deity, it directly retreated back to the higher realms and didn’t bring it along. 

Green colors overflowed in this area. Leaves fluttered about in the air with hualala sounds. Shi Hao quickly rushed into the air, but the mountainous green plants surged upwards, covering the word and submerging him within!

Was this the disparity between them and himself? After igniting the divine flame and heading onto the path of divinity, one could completely look down on supreme expert level cultivators. Their powers were boundless. 

“Body Locking Talisman!”

Shi Hao shouted loudly. A yellow talisman seal emerged in his hand. It moved downwards, and ferocious fiery light immediately began to burn. 

Everyone was shocked, and even the grape vine was shaken. A vine immediately began to burn, inflicting damage upon it. 

However, that was all. That paper talisman burned up and couldn’t truly inflict damage on the grape vine. It could only burn through a few of its leaves. 

Yue Chan’s main body could see what was happening clearly. Her sparkling charming face carried a faint smile, and her eyes were deep. She naturally recognized that this was something she left behind. When she had been seriously wounded by Shi Hao previously, all of her treasures had been lost. 

Multicolored light surged. A group of experts formed spirit bodies before rushing down with extreme speed. There were four individuals that had divine flames lit, and right now, they surrounded Shi Hao. Their expressions were cold and killing intent was surging from their bodies. 

“Everyone, if you have things to say, we can talk it out. Don’t be so in such a hurry. We are all cultivators here, so why is there a need for something like this? We can sit down and find answers through theory instead of practice.” Shi Hao grumbled.

“Even a mere Formation Arrangement Realm cultivator like you dares to act so impudently?” Someone said coldly. 

The grape vine in particular became even more cold. It had been ridiculed by Shi Hao earlier, so its killing intent had long been stirred. Its green divine flame throbbed as it said, “Your innate talent truly isn’t bad, but if you aren’t allowed to grow up, you will never become anything. I want your bone!”

“We can study and observe this bone together. Everyone, be careful to not have him self-destruct when seizing the bone.” That Black Gold Sparrow spoke.

These were spirit bodies and not true bodies!

In reality, even though they surrounded the little Stone and seemed like they could kill him at any time, they still felt restraining fear. They still made their preparations to back off.

After all, he had locked down three experts that lit their divine flames in the beginning.

“I am coming to seize your bone!” The grape vine reached out a vine to tear through Shi Hao’s chest. 

“I will assist you!” The Black Gold Sparrow spoke. Its entire body shone with light. Even though it was a spirit body, it was similarly powerful. It didn’t feel confident in the green vine and followed along. 

In the distance, Lan Yu, Bi Gu, Hong Huang and the others were all astonished. The situation was changing so quickly. How did it end up like this?

“You all really are treating me like a pushover that you can crush however you please. Do you all really think of me that easily bullied?” Shi Hao calmly spoke. Then, he secretly transmitted sound. “Undying big bro, did you fall asleep?”

“My mind wandered.” A message transmitted backwards. There were no fluctuations in his voice, as if it was an ancient well. 

Shi Hao looked like he was driven mad at first. Then, he continuously shouted to those around him, “Lock, lock, lock, lock!”

The spirit bodies of the four experts immediately froze in place. However, their true bodies’ divine flames were still burning. They all brought out formation platforms and directly pierced through space to immediately depart into the distance. 

Not even divine kings would be able to stop these fleeing methods. They could definitely escape. 

However, something unexpected happened. The individuals that had their divine flames lit were stupefied. They were grabbed back out by someone! Even their souls began to tremble. 

They weren’t the only ones. Everyone else felt great fear as well. In that instant, heaven and earth seemed to be in disorder. Golden radiance surged, and it was as if a world-changing demonic lord had revived. The entire world seemed to be trembling and quaking in response. 

A large golden hand emerged. It was unknown just how many times larger than the clouds it was. It filled the sky and released an undying aura! Golden light erupted endlessly, symbols poured outwards in torrents, and a golden misty energy pervaded the air. The claw shattered the heavens to drag those individuals back out!

This scene seemed to shake the entire world under the heavens! Everyone shivered inwardly and felt their souls pounding, feeling an urge to get on their knees and worship this existence. 

It wasn’t just these four individuals. Even the two existences with divine flames ignited and a few other relatively weaker individuals that had fled into the distance earlier were dragged back. They couldn’t flee at all. 

In fact, one person even used a space shattering symbol a long time ago to flee tens of thousands of li into the distance. However, they were still restricted and pulled back as they struggled in that large golden hand. 

With a turn of the large golden hand, several experts with their divine flames lit fell downwards. Then, they were arranged side by side just like the skeleton and demonic sunflower, locked in midair. 

Everyone became horrified. They raised their heads. The undying creature towered in the world with chaotic energy and golden light around him. A pair of golden wings rested on its back. It looked down on this world. 

Everyone felt their scalps turning numb. It was were just too powerful! Who could resist this power?

“Undying existence…” Immortal Mountain’s ‘deity’ trembled. It felt incomparably pained. 

This expert had an undying body and seemed impossible to kill. He was powerful to the extreme. With him taking action, how many people could even stop him?

“From today onwards, the lower realms will be without deities.” The undying existence calmly spoke. He erupted with incomparably terrifying fluctuations. Golden multicolored lights diffused outwards to cover the world.

He opened his mouth, and with a breath, Underworld Earth’s skeleton, Immortal Mountain’s expert, Demonic Sunflower, Black Golden Sparrow, and the others all entered its mouth, thus disappearing from this world .

Only their divine flames flickered about in his mouth, as well as the resounding unwilling roars filled with fear. 

Shi Hao cried out miserably as if his heart was splitting and his lungs were tearing. “Grapes, my grapes!”

Everyone became terrified, but at the same time, they stared blankly, especially Shui Yue, Ying Ying, and the others. They felt as if this fellow was truly heartless. They couldn’t laugh even if they wanted to!

Of course, there were some that didn’t see it this way. For example, Xuan Ming, Lan Yu, and the others felt that this fellow was too dangerous. He could actually walk so close to the undying existence!

Shi Hao didn’t stay still. He moved forward, his arms shining like the golden Peng wings. Tens of thousands of zhang streaks of divine radiance were emitted, hacking forward and releasing pu pu sounds. 

The undying existence only devoured the individuals with their divine flames ignited. There were still others left, and right now, they were all killed by him. 

With a wave of his hand, that underworld youth and black clad woman that had turned into a demonic sunflower had their heads sliced off, ending their lives here. 

“I’ll spare your life.” Finally, he released the Immortal Mountain youth. After considering that he might be from the higher realms, he feared that this individual might have some blood relationship with his mother. 

It was mainly because this individual’s words didn’t bring him too much disgust. 

The scene was completely silent. Only when the golden figure up in the clouds began to fade did everyone feel the pressure lessen and become a bit more bearable. 

Shi Hao thought of something. He pointed at fairy Yue Chan’s main body and said, “Lock!”

As expected, there wasn’t any use. Yue Chan’s main body was still wonderful, and her jade-like hands fixed the hair that had gathered in front of her forehead. 

Shi Hao secretly called out to the undying existence, but he only received a single reply. “I am going to seal deities!”

Perhaps as a supreme being, his cultivation realm was too high, so there were only deities in its eyes. Nothing else mattered to it. 

Up on the mountain peak, whistling sounds could be heard as the wind moved through the pine trees. No one spoke.

After a long time had passed, Shi Hao chuckled and said, “Was just joking.”

“Not funny at all!” Yue Chan’s main body coldly replied. 

Everyone stared with a dumbstruck expression. 

Dark lines emerged, especially on the foreheads of Bi Gu and some others. They admired fairy Yue Chan greatly, and they had previously ‘misunderstood’ Shi Hao and apologized. However, they were now left speechless. 

However, everyone was still greatly shaken. When other people called down their experts, individuals with divine flames lit descended. However, when the little Stone called out, an unmatched supreme being came, this...

Everyone looked at him with strange expressions. This fellow’s backing was truly strong! He could even invite the undying existence. 

Forget about Lan Yu, Hong Huang, Xuan Ming and the others, even the witch and Yue Chan’s main body found their hearts beating greatly. This fellow was becoming more and more savage!

That day, an existence with an indomitable spirit appeared in one region after another. Primal chaos curled up around it, and golden light continuously diffused from its body. It now officially began to seal deities, leaving the world under the heavens trembling. 

The undying existence arrived in Heaven Mending Sect. With a wave of its hand, chaotic energy surged. Several figures were grabbed upwards. He reached out his hand again, and a deity that had been formed from a mountain entered his hands. 

Then, he appeared outside Western Sect. He opened his mouth and inhaled, sending several golden bodies into his mouth.


This was a shocking transformation that raised uproars throughout the world! The entire world was shaking greatly!

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