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Chapter 549 - Deity Annihilation 

That day, the lower realm was greatly shaken. All sides were quaking in fear!

The undying existence towered between heaven and earth. As its wings moved, golden mists overflowed into the heavens and chaotic energy surged. It was as if an unmatched demon lord was moving about, one that no one could stop!

On a short mountain rested an ancient temple. The sound of a bronze bell rang for a hundred li, and an auspicious light rushed into the heavens.

This was an old buddhist temple that clearly did not reside within the Western Sect’s territory. However, it was still discovered. The sound of scriptures was ear-splitting, and the aura of deities filled the air and surged into the ninth firmament. 

A large golden hand reached down. The deity that had just descended from the higher realm and was looking for rest became furious. Even though its magical force was heaven reaching, it still couldn’t avoid this hand. 

The large hand closed, grabbing him upwards. It struggled unwillingly, however this place erupted with brilliance, and only ruins were left behind as it entered the undying existence’s mouth. 

This world was greatly shaken. All sides were trembling, and the creatures of the eight regions were quaking in fear. That day, an indomitable giant hunted deities!

Underneath a swamp rested a nine layered cave with each layer being darker than the last. A large foot descended, splitting apart the ley lines of the earth, collapsing this dark and gloomy earth. A deity flickering with underworld flames rushed upwards. 

He came from the higher realms and descended from the Underworld Earth. He was resting here and waiting for an opportunity, yet in the end was discovered by the undying existence. 

That large hand searched outwards, covering heaven and earth and trapping him within. He was then tossed into the undying existence’s mouth. This expert with his divine flame lit howled as he was devoured. 

Overseas, on top of an island sat two figures inside of a special formation. They flickered with divine radiance. They were hiding here and wanted to return to the higher realms. 

It was because these two already knew that the undying existence was annihilating deities, but they still couldn’t immediately leave. A pair of golden pupils emerged in the sky, overlooking this place. There were thick mists swirling about this figure. He opened his mouth and sucked inwards, and like rivers into the sea, they were both devoured. 

Outside this region, there was an ancient temple that floated between meteors. This was an isolated courtyard that belonged to the Heaven Mending Sect. It was hidden quite well. 

The peacefulness was broken. An expert that was hiding within cried out loudly and did everything it could to rush towards the dark outer space. However, it was still useless. 

An enormous figure appeared from the rear. His wings lightly moved, sending golden ripples outwards. He was restricted, and then his body began to split apart inch by inch. He was absolutely terrified as he watched his body shatter apart. 

This was a great disaster, but it was targeted only at those of the higher realms!。

The undying existence’s enormous body travelled through the eight regions like a devil or god that had existed since the opening of this world. Nothing seemed impossible for him, and no one could defy him as he hunted down experts that had their divine flames lit. 

His targets were carefully selected, mainly focusing on the Immortal Mountain, Western Sect, and other great powers’ experts that had tried to suppress him before. He roamed about this world in search of divine auras. 

The deity sealing he was carrying out today wasn’t to kill to the last one and leave the lower realm in wastes, but instead to sweep through the large sects’ men and completely sweep through the experts from the higher realms. This was the true meaning behind this action. 

The world under the heavens was greatly alarmed. The entire world was quaking in fear. 

The atmosphere of the gathering on Crane Mountain was ruined. Everyone was greatly shaken up. The changes that took place today were completely unimaginable. 

The expressions of everyone became strange whenever they looked at Shi Hao. They all felt complicated emotions. This fellow’s backing was so tough; how did he reach this state?

Finally, a few hours later, everyone absentmindedly left in a hurry towards different places. They secretly sent messages to their sects to ask about what happened.

Hong Huang, Shui Yue, and the others’ sects were comparatively more relaxed. They didn’t have inheritances in the lower realm, not did they encounter any disputes. 

When Shi Hao returned to the imperial palace, he naturally received reports. That day, news were arriving from everywhere, to the extent where a few ancestral altars were going to explode. The undying existence’s methods truly terrified everyone. 

“He’s targeting the higher realms, so that’s naturally a good thing.” In the central heavenly palace, Shi Hao told Peng Nine to relax and that he didn’t need to worry. He understood inside information and naturally knew what was going on, so he wasn’t worried. 

The amount of creatures that had their divine flames lit was limited. Most of them came down from the higher realms, and their numbers were limited. If they carefully hid themselves, it would be quite difficult to find them. 

Shi Hao frowned. He was a bit worried that those who escaped the net might come looking for trouble. 

“I ask the sect master to descend and protect the sect!”

Prayers were being made in every region, especially at those undying inheritances. After suffering this disaster, they all felt great fear. 

They were looking for ways to contact the higher realms and sought the unmatched giants’ protection. They all feared the undying existence sweeping through everything, because they had absolutely no way of defending themselves. 

However, none of them received any replies. 

Everyone had a feeling that things were not looking good. The giants of the higher realms had fought for several days and disappeared along with that Primordial Gate. Perhaps their time was up and they returned to the higher realms. 

This prediction left the world uneasy. If this really was the case, didn’t this world basically belong to the undying existence?

From here on out, heaven and earth had, without a doubt, been separated!

That enormous figure was still moving through this world, searching through the eight regions to continuously hunt down deities. A thick mist surrounded it, and golden light flowed about. A world-shocking aura diffused outwards. 

The great calamity descended not too long ago. The giants of the higher realms all took action, seizing the powerful existences of the eight regions, only leaving behind their own people. The first reason was for ‘picking medicine’, and the second reason was to allow their own inheritances in the lower realms to thrive. 

Meanwhile, now that the undying existence took action against these great sects, unstoppable as he swept through everything, it could also be considered the destruction of their inheritances. 

This left behind great after effects!

Several days later, the undying existence appeared inside Stone Country Imperial Capital, making every hair on Shi Hao’s body stand on end. This fellow really was quite the character. He seemed harmless when he didn’t display his power, but when he did, the entire world was shaken. 

“Those giants…” Shi Hao asked.

“Their time is up. They had no choice but to return to the higher realms.” The undying existence replied. Right now, he had reverted to the size of a normal person. His body was no longer as dried up and withered as it was when he first emerged into the word. A mist of radiance wrapped around him. 

They had surrounded the Willow Deity and little pagoda to try and seize their natural luck. 

The Willow Deity revealed a sparkling fragment that left many people shocked. It was one of the natural opportunities they were searching for, and as a result, they surrounded and attacked it. 

There were giants that left as well, because the Willow Deity told them about a place with natural luck in the lower realm. After hearing about this, a few giants immediately hurried over. 

“They… did they obtain anything?” Shi Hao asked. He knew that the Willow Deity did this to use up their time. 

“I do not know!” The undying existence shook his head. After their time was up, those giants had no choice but to hurriedly return to the higher realms. 

In the end, the Willow Deity entered the Primordial Gate together with the little pagoda. 

The undying existence also entered, sending a spirit body through the hazy gate. Everyone previously thought that his true body had entered. 

“I just wanted to experience it a bit. It truly is terrifying place…” The undying existence sighed and said. 

His spirit body wasn’t even able to see much after entering before it immediately turned into a pool of blood and flowed outwards. It was to the extent where he didn’t even know what caused its death or what even happened. 

“What about the Willow Deity and the little pagoda?” Shi Hao trembled inwardly. He was extremely nervous. 

“They are quite powerful. They sent a few sacrifices in and another two or three giants before entering.” The undying existence spoke with an indistinct expression. 

He didn’t know whether the Willow Deity’s blood was included in the blood that flowed out. The battle that broke out there was incredibly intense. The Primordial Gate then vanished, breaking free from the Willow Deity’s control and sinking into the depths of the primal chaos. 

“There is still more for me to do.” The undying existence got up. There was a sparkling piece that was snow white like jade in its palm. It glistened with radiance. 

“What is that?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Primal Chaos Mirror.” The undying existence replied. 

This was precisely the sparkling piece the Willow Deity revealed. It was a miraculous treasure that, once completed, would allow one to view the world above and earth below, penetrating through the nine heavens and tenth earth. 

This piece alone already possessed astonishing divine might. It could allow one to inspect all eight regions. 

That was why the giants went crazy. They wanted to obtain it and then join forces and activate this supreme treasure together to observe the lower realms’ mountains and rivers for great natural opportunities. 

In reality, it was just a fragment, so it was nowhere near as astonishing as they thought. Perhaps it might be able to search for living creatures, but searching for great natural opportunities was too difficult!

“I’m leaving!” The undying existence rushed into the heavens. He brought this shining fragment the Willow Deity left with him before heading into the void. 

That day, a streak of divine light penetrated through the heavens above and earth below, appearing in all eight regions and shone in all directions.

The undying existence activated this snow white fragment and travelled everywhere in search of creatures with their divine flames lit. The results were quite good. Even though he couldn’t find the temple buildings of supreme beings, finding cultivators that were weaker than itself was too easy. 

Inside of an abyss hid a ghost vine. It was trembling with fear. Even though it had ignited its divine flame, it was extremely scared. 


A white light scattered down and swept through it, illuminating its true body. A large hand reached down, shattering the abyss and grabbing it. It was directly devoured. 

Inside of a volcano, scarlet and scorching magma surged. A scarlet flood dragon was hiding here to avoid the great disaster. After coming down from the higher realms, it had originally thought that it possessed unstoppable power and could do whatever it wanted, yet in the end, it ended up choosing its place of death. 

An expanse of holy light scattered down, shining upon its body. 

Ao… It released a shout of terror and leapt into the air. Unfortunately, it was all futile and the undying existence instead directly took it into its enormous mouth. 

With the separation of heaven and earth, the main result was that creatures of the higher realms couldn’t come down anymore. Meanwhile, there were several areas in the lower realms that could still ascend into the heavens and enter the boundless higher realms. 

The natural laws allowed lower level creatures to enter higher level domains, but it was extremely difficult for powerful existences to descend into the lower worlds, as they would receive restrictions. 

This was, perhaps, a way that the great dao protected the lower realm. 

Only, those paths had been temporarily closed by the undying existence. Even though he couldn’t reverse the natural laws of this world and they would reopen soon, they were definitely closed right now. 

There were experts that frantically attacked at these restrictions to return to the higher realms. Unfortunately, it was too difficult for them to do so. 

“Even though you are undying, you will face tribulation for going against the heavens like this! Our ancestors will definitely join up to suppress and kill you!” Some powerful individuals roared. 


The undying existence’s eyes opened wide. Golden light flickered about, freezing these individuals in place. Then, with a slap, they were all crushed into nothingness. 

The deity sealing actions had come to an end. Heaven and earth became clear and peaceful again. The terrifying disaster had come to an end. 。

“I am going to leave!” The undying existence returned to Stone Country Imperial Palace again. His words were concise as he told Shi Hao that everything was finished. 

If nothing unexpected happened, from this day forth, no one else would disturb the lower realm. There would be an extremely long period of peace, and perhaps this might ring about a flourishing period where saints struggled for power. 

If deities were to appear, then they would still be natives of the lower realm that reached that level of power. 

“Senior, can you stay here for a bit longer?” Shi Hao urged him to stay to ask for guidance. 

“I cannot wait any longer and will leave soon!” The undying existence’s golden pupils shone, and its snow white teeth were intimidating. It was clear that he was going to the higher realms to stir up a disaster. 

After being suppressed for so many years, there was a great flame burning within him. The undying existence had endured bitterly for too many years. He wanted revenge. 

Once he left, it would be too difficult to return. The natural laws of this world similarly suited him. It was easy to ascend, but hard to come down!

“Regardless of whether you enter the higher realms or not, it is best if you do not borrow my name. Otherwise, you will bring down endless disasters on yourself.” The undying existence reminded. 

Shi Hao sighed. This troublesome ancestor was going to overturn the heavens… He could imagine the heavens being thrown into chaos already!

“Senior, take care of yourself!” He could only say this. 

Even though the undying existence was powerful, he had many enemies as well. It was unknown whether his decision to go up was good or bad. It was quite likely that he was walking right into a trap. 

The undying existence was extremely straightforward. Without saying any extra words, it directly broke through the sky and left!

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