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Chapter 547 - Stupefied

Shi Hao struck down viciously while carrying him. Sharp and clear pi pa sounds ran through the air. This beating made the underworld youth see stars, and his ears were ringing with weng weng sounds. Blood trickled out from his mouth and nose. 

“Calling those of the lower realm lower people, do you feel like you are someone high and mighty like some saint?” Shi Hao asked. He began to add more force, sending slaps carrying tremendous power down on his face. 

The underworld youth’s lips swelled and turned into a dark purple. Bruises covered his face that had been slapped to a deformed state. All of his teeth had been sent flying together with strings of blood. 

He was absolutely furious. When had he been beaten up like this before?” This wasn’t just a pain of the flesh, but instead a suffering of the spirit. It made him feel incomparably sullen and humiliated. With his background, how could he have ended up in this type of state?

“You… better stop!” He roared. His eyes were full of bitter resentment and flames of anger. 

“Still not giving in?” Shi Hao didn’t say anything else and delivered a strike to his mouth. Even the bridge of his nose caved in from the beating. His mouth was crooked and his eyes were slanted; his face was completely ruined. 

The underworld youth descended with even a divine servant to protect him, yet he ended up suffering this type of humiliation. He was so angry he was about to go unconscious. 

“You will… pay the price for this!” His mouth had long swelled to the extent where it looked like a steamed bun. These words came from his throat, sounding like the roars of a wild beast. 

He knew that it was useless to even ask for forgiveness. After falling into the hands of this ‘murderer’, he was doomed to have a layer of skin shed. It was possible that he wouldn’t get out of this alive. 

“You are still acting like that? Do you really believe yourself to be infallible? Do you think that you’ve cultivated the zhang six golden body and your thing is three foot thick? Are you not afraid of getting beaten?” Shi Hao spoke while slapping down. 

Pi pa sounds continuously rained down on everyone’s ears. Everyone was stupefied as they watched. This was just too… lacking in elegancy. This was a battle between cultivators, and normally, one would always directly cut an enemy down, yet today, it reached this state. 

Everyone felt pity for the unfortunate Underworld Race cultivator.

Of course, there were some who were discontent as well, such as the Western Sect’s people. What was he using the zhang six golden body for? This… were they supposed to tolerate this… but it was still better to endure it, right? This was just too cruel.

This beating of his mouth undoubtedly stunned everyone!“Learn some discipline. Don’t think that you can act all high and mighty just because you are from the higher realms. In reality, you are nothing. Look at your weird, not sure if you are a ghost or human looking ass. What is the difference between you and some random thing dug out of a grave? Where do you even get all your confidence from? Why do you have to look down on the lower realms so much? In my opinion, it seems like you haven’t completely evolved yet.” Shi Hao continued to thrash downwards while speaking. 

Right now, even the underworld youth’s eyes were red. Only, the pupils were purple, making him look extremely sinister. His anger had reached the peak. 

The Underworld Race, through yin and yang, comprehended the changes between life and death. They possessed a powerful innate superiority that made their cultivation speed fast and their comprehension deep. They were a powerful race in the higher realms. 

However, right now, the Underworld Race was being looked down upon like this and treated worse than a zombie. This truly injured his pride. 

“You… are crying?” Shi Hao was astonished. 

When the underworld youth heard this, his rage ignited. There truly were tears, but it wasn’t because he was crying, but because his lacrimal glands had ruptured, causing his tears to flow on their own. However, what it looked like to others was that… he was crying. 

Everyone revealed strange expressions and looked in this direction. 

At this moment, the underworld youth truly wanted to cry. He was treated too unjustly. This was just too much of an embarrassment. He tightened his fists and truly wanted to smash them down on the person in front of him. However, his current state was incomparably terrible, to the extent where even his eyes were muddled. He simply didn’t have the strength to fight back. 

“You are an underworld person, and can also be called a ghost, yet you like crying so much. You really are a crybaby.” Shi Hao muttered. 

What kind of atrocious name was that? The underworld youth wanted to eat him!

Shi Hao’s final slap descended, breaking his underworld bone and he tossed him onto the ground, because he felt that there wasn’t much time left. If he continued to stall for time, the other two would recover. 

He looked towards another individual and said, “Even though you don’t have any kind intentions towards me, you didn’t say as much and weren’t as annoying, so just stay off to the side for now.” Shi Hao trampled down on the Immortal Mountain youth, fracturing a portion of his bones and eliminating his fighting strength. 

Then, he picked up the black clad woman and revealed a smile that exposed his snow white teeth. “You kept on saying again and again how you wanted to borrow the bone in my body to take a look and acted like everything you said was how it should be. I really don’t know where you get such confidence from. Was it all from that fake deity that just had its divine flame ignited?”

Without a doubt, with the little Stone’s nature, he would never let himself be wronged, and there was even less of a chance of him holding back his grievance. Only after he lashed out with both his left and right hand did he release a breath of satisfaction. 

The black clad female from the Demonic Sunflower Garden was shaking, because she was still in her elderly state and couldn’t move her arms and legs properly. She was so angry she coughed out blood and screamed angrily. 

She was extremely humiliated, and she felt even more fear. She was a wonderful young lady, but she was now in an aged state. All of the skin on her body was wrinkled, and she was in a senile state. For a woman, this was even more unbearable than death. 

She truly feared that she would forever be frozen in this state, because that would be an absolute nightmare. Then, she suffered another beating in front of everyone’s faces. Being dealt with like this naturally made her even more angry. 

“Acting all arrogant and bossy while pretending you are high above everyone else, do you think you are some green onion or something?” Shi Hao ridiculed and gave her a slap again before continuing, “You skin really is thick, even my hand is turning numb. No wonder you dare to say all those things.”

At that moment, the reincarnation form scattered and the time limit had arrived. The underworld youth and Immortal Mountain youth had their bones shattered and could not retaliate. They continued to remain trampled under him. 

Meanwhile, the black glad girl in Shi Hao’s hands quickly grew younger and recovered her divine force. Her wrinkled body began to sparkle and become more powerful in a flash. Her dark hair scattered about, and her eyes were like large black suns as they released astonishing dark light. 

An ear-piercing scream sounded from her mouth. Her head of black hair shot upwards and pierced towards Shi Hao’s head! In addition, roots began to emerge from her body that wrapped themselves around Shi Hao’s flesh to absorb his flesh’s essence. 

She came from the Demonic Sunflower Garden, so she was an existence that was formed from a sunflower. Right now, she received her innate skills. 

A hong sounded. Blazing radiance emerged on the surface of Shi Hao’s skin. Symbols flickered about one after another around him, as if he had put on a set of stellar battle clothes. They were splendid and divine. 

His flesh was extremely powerful and even tougher than the buddhist Vajra Unbreakable Body. Its sturdiness exceeded that of metal and stone, and together with the protection of symbols, those prickling roots couldn’t pierce through at all. 

Shi Hao’s flesh shone as resplendently as jade. At the same time, he put on the imperishable golden clothes, causing these attacks to release metallic sounds as they landed on his body. His arm fiercely reached out, and with a peng sound, he grabbed the black clad woman’s neck before raising her up. 

“Go to hell!”

Even though the black clad female was on the defensive, at a disadvantage, and in an extremely sorry state, her eyes flickered with dark light. The chilliness they released was bone penetrating. She seemed to be extremely confident in herself. Her entire body erupted with solar symbols. 

She activated her precious technique. A black sun emerged, surrounding her body and attacking Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao continued to stand where he was. His right hand turned into a golden color, filled with the symbols of the Kun Peng. His flesh was powerful to begin with, and now that it had the Kun Peng’s power added, it truly could be called incomparable. 

Unless the one he faced were those exceptional talents from the higher realms or the heavenly talent of a race came down, it was impossible to defend against. 

Ka ba!

When this noise sounded, many people shivered inwardly. That black clad female released a miserable cry, and then her neck laid crooked to the side. It was directly twisted apart. 

This made those present suck in a cold breath of air. The little Stone’s physical strength was too terrifying! He broke through the demonic sunflower girl’s precious technique, blasted apart the great black sun, and then twisted her neck. It was just too intimidating. 

Of course, the black clad female had not died yet. Her head was still there, and her primordial spirit had not been extinguished. As such, there was still hope for her to continue living. 

With a slap from Shi Hao’s right hand, symbols emerged in large amounts and entered her body, sealing her and forcing out her original body. 

Where her body originally was, a black sunflower emerged that flowed with dark light. Its leaves were bright, the flower was glorious, and its roots were strong. There was a powerful divine force rippling out from her body. 

Shi Hao carried it in his hand. He revealed a look of joy and said, “Natural luck!”

His hands and feet quickly quickly moved about, removing the sunflower seeds in a delighted manner. His saliva was about to flow out. 

The noble ladies and handsome youth were all speechless. This fellow… was truly hard to see through!

Only the young geniuses of the eight regions, such as lady Qian Qian, zhang six, and the others understood what was going on. After all, they had heard rumors of the little Stone’s ‘savageness’!

Soon after, a handful of sunflower seeds appeared in Shi Hao’s hands. They were pitch black and brilliant like black jade. A type of glossy luster flowed through their surface. 

In the past, he went from beast milk to various types of descendents, pure-blooded divine birds, and other creatures. He never felt any fear. Now that there was a demonic sunflower in front of him, he immediately opened his mouth to bite it. With a ka sound, the shell was removed, revealing the snow white seed inside. A wave of fragrance immediately wafted through the air. 

“Heavens! It really is a rare delicacy!” After eating the seed, he immediately cried out in amazement. He had a joyous expression on his face. 

This really was… crude. Everyone watched with shock and speechlessness. 

Shi Hao’s movements were extremely fast. He quickly removed the sunflower seeds, seemingly extremely happy as he did so. 

“Ah…” Even though the black clad female had returned to her original form, she could still cry out. She was driven mad. This… what was happening? Calling it a humiliation wasn’t enough! Her lungs were going to explode from anger. 

“What are you being so noisy for? Wasn’t I just eating some seeds?” Shi Hao muttered. 

“I am going to kill you!” The black clad female was going crazy from anger. However, what could she do? Her sunflower body’s magical force was sealed, making it impossible to do anything. 

At this moment, Shi Hao experienced a wonderful feeling. That pitch black and sparkling sunflower seed contained great divine force. If one’s spiritual essence was exhausted, three or four of them could quickly replenish it. 

“Natural golden dan! Truly good stuff!” He continuously praised again and again. 

“My Demonic Sunflower Garden will never let you go!” The black clad female screamed with flusteredness and exasperation. 

“Is Demonic Sunflower Garden a place that sells seeds?” Shi Hao asked. His eyes shone and he said, “Are there divine level flower seeds for sale?”

The black clad female collapsed, and her body began to wilt. She felt like she was truly going to go mad if she continued to scream.

In the surroundings, everyone’s expressions were strange. They all didn’t know what was the right thing to say in this situation. 

Shi Hao tossed the black clad female away and rushed into the heavens towards the stalk of demonic sunflower that had lit its divine flame. Its body that was radiating dark light was currently frozen in the air. The aura of this existence was extremely astonishing. 

“You… What are you trying to do?!” The demonic sunflower was horrified. Even though it was frozen, dark light continued to flicker like a black sun. A female voice sounded. 

Shi Hao wiped his saliva again and again. His eyes were burning intensely, as if he was staring at an exceptional beauty. “I could tell with just a look that you are extremely delicious.”

This powerful demonic sunflower immediately fell apart. This… was there still natural reason? This truly was bullying while it was down! The glorious expert of a generation that had its divine flame lit was actually going to have its ‘seeds’ eaten?

Shi Hao leapt up towards the sunflower. His hands moved quickly. The sparkling black jade like flower seeds fell down with pili pala sounds. All of them were collected into a jade cauldron. 

Everyone became stunned. What kind of place was the Demonic Sunflower Garden? It was one of the higher realms’ demonic earth, a place that was frightening. They were the plant type overlords of an area, yet when they came down to the lower realms, they ended up… in such miserable states!

Shi Hao was perfectly content. He turned around and looked at the other figures in the void. There was naturally no lack of experts who had their divine flames lit. He immediately saw another plant type expert, and his eyes immediately shone. 

“Wow! Grapes, where are you going? Leave the grapes behind!”

1. literal translation is ghost that likes to cry, which also happens to mean crybaby

2. literal translation is ghost that likes to cry, which also happens to mean crybaby

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