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Chapter 546 - Rippling Flames

The wind whistled as it blew through the pine trees. The atmosphere of the mountain was extremely tense. Existences that had lit their divine flames had unexpectedly arrived here. Underworld Earth and Immortal Mountain were sharply opposed to each other as they stood in confrontation. 

One of these two existences was a skeleton with a layer of black skin that tightly bound itself around its bones. It looked like it was in the shape of a human, yet there was a pair of gray wings behind it. A dense aura of death surrounded it. 

Its appearance caused many people to cry out in alarm. Burning light flickered inside of its skull, which was its soul light. It shone through the holes of its eye sockets, giving it a rather sinister appearance. 

However, it had already ignited a black divine flame, so in the eyes of a few individuals, it could be considered a deity already. Black underworld flames surged out from inside of its body and jumped about around it. 

A black mist was already surrounding its body, and now that there were faint underworld flames as well, it formed an extremely strange scene. Its thin and dried up figure was situated within this darkness. 

"Don't get in my way, or I might eliminate you by accident. It'll be too late to regret it then," said the underworld youth. His complexion was white, and he had an appearance that was quite handsome, albeit rather sinister. His eyes flickered with a purple radiance. 

He had confidence in his backing. With a deity by his side, he could naturally suppress everything and move unhindered in this world. 

"I already said that the blood of my clan flows through his body. Regardless of whether it is to kill or punish, it is not up to you. He is going to follow me." The young expert from the higher realms' Immortal Mountain denounced.

The individual behind him was completely different. This was an expert that was shining. He was wrapped within brilliant five-colored flames and full of holy aura. 

This was an individual made of flesh, and the divine flame that was lit was naturally not an underworld flame. It carried five-elemental radiance that was auspicious and grand. The fluctuations of energy it released were astonishing. 

Once experts like this one took action, it would be serious problem. Even though these two parties were opposing each other rather harshly, there was still some mutual apprehension.

This was especially true when these deities stared at each other. The light inside of the eye sockets of the Underworld Race skeleton expert shone with brilliant and penetrating radiance, yet there was an aura of death within it as well. 

In that instant, two strange fluctuations were released that were accompanied by divine flames. They stood in opposition, and then both of their bodies became indistinct, facing each other silently. 

"If you don't back up now, don't blame me for being impolite!" The Underworld Race youth shouted. His expression was grave and stern. 

"Then just come and try me!" The Immortal Mountain youth responded. His gaze was ice cold, unwilling to back off. 

"We are going to seize the bone ourselves and tear it off." The Underworld Race youth carried a faint smile that revealed his snow white teeth. Yin energy pervaded the air, giving him a rather cruel appearance. 

The thin and dried up figure behind him walked over, and its pair of gray wings moved about. Black mist diffused outwards and underworld flames surged. The gloomy and cold aura accompanying it gave off a great intimidation. 

Its divine flame was extremely cold and not red-hot.

On the other side, the expert wrapped within five-colored flames pressed forward to stop the Underworld Earth deity. Five element flames burned; this flame was completely different from the other party's. 


The skeleton opened its mouth, releasing a ball of underworld flame. It seemed rather gloomy, yet it burned the surroundings until the space around it began to distort. It possessed astonishing power, and right now, it was quickly rushing over. 

The deity on the other side extended a palm. A silver little disk appeared and slowly moved about, unexpectedly scattering the underworld flames and erasing them from this place. 


The void trembled. The black skeleton waved its hand, and then a golden magical staff emerged in its palm. With a gentle wave, blood-colored lightning interweaved and filled this place. 

The face of Immortal Mountain's expert changed. The silver disk in his palm violently trembled and quickly enlarged. It then scattered the lightning before suppressing forwards. 

The skeleton chanted incantations. The golden magical staff in its hands took to the sky and collided with that silver disk, causing endless shockwaves to erupt. This was an extremely astonishing clash of divine might. 

Fortunately, they were fighting in the skies, or else this mountain region would have ceased to exist. 


A loud roar sounded. On the back of that skeleton, a vast white sea of bones emerged. They were made up of skeletons from all types of races, and many of these skeletons of the dead reanimated before slaughtering forward. 

This was a 'domain' that had been summoned. There were many bone spirits, and they all rushed up murderously. It was as if an underworld had descended. Vast and mighty underworld mist flowed about. 

Immortal Mountain's deity released a grunt. He began to chant scriptures, forming another type of 'domain'. Fiery light surged and magma roiled. It poured forward to purify the domain of death. 

Everyone below was shocked. There was no way they could join this level of fight themselves. Only by summoning a similar deity would they be able to fight. 

"Your situation doesn't seem to be that good…?" The witch walked over. Her large eyes blinked as she looked at Shi Hao. With a giggle, she said, "What are you going to do?"

"Obviously run." Shi Hao spoke self-confidently. He didn't seem embarrassed at all. He looked all around and prepared to escape. 

"Will you be able to escape though?" The witch was astonished. 

"Does not being able to beat them mean that I won't be able to escape?" Shi Hao asked, putting on an incomparably self-confident appearance. 

Everyone around him was stunned. He was so confident in himself even when escaping! If it was anyone else, they would definitely feel that it was shameful and rather lowly, yet why did he seem to act so superior when saying those words?

Shi Hao's lips revealed a grin. He cursed inwardly. They really did think quite highly of him, sending two deities at once. It seemed like his recent 'fierce and outstanding' reputation made some individuals feel rather restless. 

"Flee? How humiliating is that? You are the glorious human emperor, yet you aren't going to fight and instead choose to run?" The witch asked. 

"Then why don't you lend your deity suppressing bead to me and see if that makes my strength great enough to kill them all!" Shi Hao said. 

The witch nodded and said, "You have a point. I want to test out how powerful it really is from the lowest to the highest level of power, so how about we start with you?"

"Your adversary is over there." Shi Hao pouted, hinting for her to look at fairy Yue Chan. 

At this moment, Yue Chan's main body was calm and indifferent. There was a hazy light around her body. Her eyes were flowing with radiance and unpredictable changes. 

"Not good. Could it be that the Heaven Mending Sect sent a deity over too?" The witch's eyes began to move all around. 

Shi Hao was eager to get into the action. His eyes were deep with divine radiance, revealing a wave of powerful aura. He looked like he was going to join a great battle, unfortunately… he released a loud shout, saying, "This emperor is running!"

Everyone was speechless. This glorious and illustrious little Stone truly was… hard to see through. 

At the end of the horizon, a black sun emerged that cut off the road ahead. A powerful fluctuation diffused outwards as it said, "You cannot leave."

A figure flashed. A black clad female with a pretty and crafty appearance emerged. With a smile, she said, "I heard the little Stone's magical force was extraordinary and your precious techniques were astonishing, so I came here to specially gain some insights and seize that heaven bone to have a look."

There was a black sunflower behind her. The flower was like a black sun as it released dark light. In addition, the entire plant was filled with life force and rippled with a divine flame. 

Everyone gasped. This young woman was still not too difficult to deal with, but the sunflower behind her was a plant type expert that had its divine flame lit. 

Shi Hao was puzzled and said, "Do you have some kind of grudge against me?"

"None." The female shook her head. There was a faint smiling expression on her face as she said, "However, I adore your precious technique and wish to see it, so I need to borrow your precious bone."

She spoke casually and without killing intent, yet her words made everyone shiver in fear. Seizing the symbol bone of another as she pleased was even more excessive than just killing. 

"A person from Demonic Sunflower Garden!" A few individuals' expressions changed after discerning her identity. That was a piece of demonic earth in the higher realms with sun-like demonic sunflowers growing all over. These existences were full of demonic nature. They did whatever they pleased and often took the lives of others off of a random urge. 

"I adore your head. Can you remove it and hand it to me?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Not giving it over, because you don't have the strength." The female was still smiling. Her black pupils stared into Shi Hao's chest, as if she was looking at a treasure. 

Behind her, that plant type sunflower expert flowed with dark light. Its divine flame jumped about. DIvine energy pervaded the air, distorting the space around it. It was going to take action against Shi Hao. 

The thick-skinned Shi Hao originally wanted to flee, because he wouldn't stupidly fight head-on against people at this level. However, he then trembled and revealed a smile, staying in his original spot. 

Meanwhile, at this moment, the young disciple of Underworld Earth and Immortal Mountain's expert separately walked over. The battle between the underworld deity and the deity with five-elemental spiritual essence swirling around him stopped their battle as well. 

Demonic Sunflower Garden, Underworld Earth, Immortal Mountain; these three powers each occupied a spot and confronted each other. They all wished to obtain Shi Hao. 

Apart from them, there were a few other individuals whose eyes flickered. It seemed like they were using secret methods to contact others in the distance. The atmosphere immediately became quite strange. 

Some people wanted to rope in Shi Hao, for example Shui Yue, Hong Huang, and the others, having him enter their sect because he had a supreme being bone. He could rise up in the higher realms and look down on a region. 

However, not everyone shared this opinion. Some of those that carried hostility against him were quite direct. They wanted to capture him and nurture his heavenly bone to seize his natural luck.

"What are you called again? Shi something Hao? If you don't want to suffer too much, then just walk over yourself." The underworld youth seemed quite lazy, and his way of speaking was rather rude, but it carried killing intent. He swept his gaze towards Shi Hao. 

"Am I supposed to go over just because you are telling me to? I feel like you should crawl over instead." Shi Hao said. 

Everyone was shocked. Wasn't this fellow going to run? He was acting so self-righteous just now, so why did he decide not to leave now?

"Bring him over. I'll deal with him personally and gouge out his bone." Underworld Earth's young expert coldly ordered the skeleton behind him. 

Everyone was shocked. He was ordering instead of asking the skeleton! It was clear how extraordinary his identity was since he even had a divine servant!

"That's out of the question. Everything related to him belongs to Immortal Mountain." The youngster wearing five elements armor spoke and asked the deity behind him to take action. 

"Why is there a need for such action? The three of us don't need to take up arms and can instead sit down to discuss this through. Why don't we work together to seize the heavenly bone inside of him?" The Demonic Sunflower Garden female smiled. At the same time, she asked the terrifying plant behind her to prepare for action. 

"You know, all of you really are treating me like some dish on a platter. All of you are acting like that show off Second Baldy. Aren't you all just standing next to a few individuals that have just lit their divine flames? If you have the skill, then just come over yourself. I can beat all three of you down with a single hand!" Shi Hao said. 

His eyes flickered brilliantly and his spiritual essence surged. This type of power left quite a few individuals shocked. 

When these words were spoken, the eyes of the three individuals immediately became much colder. He dared to shoot off his mouth even with deities present here. It stirred up their killing intent. 

"Even though a lower person like you is unordinary, what kind of status do I have? If I wanted to seize your bone, I can have others do it. I don't even need to take action to kill you." The Underworld Earth youth coldly spoke. He continued to call the inhabitants of the lower realm lower people. 

"Haha… I can't wait anymore. I truly wish to see the bone inside of you!" The female from the Demonic Sunflower Garden licked her bright red lips and revealed a smile. 

"We also wish to see the heavenly bone." Right at this moment, fluctuations emerged in the distant sky. Several other figures flew over.

Bi Gu, Lan Yu, and the others' expressions changed. There were those that called over the high level experts of their races over as expected. They wanted to have a share of the spoils too. 

Shi Hao laughed indifferently and said, "I can't wait either. You guys came later, so just wait on the side for a bit first."

After speaking, he rushed into the heavens. Demonic Sunflower Garden, Underworld Earth, and Immortal Mountain's people feared that he might flee and rushed up together. 

Shi Hao didn't seem to be in a hurry. He suddenly stopped moving, and then he pointed towards the skeleton, deity wrapped in five phase spiritual essence, and the black sunflower one after another. "Lock, lock, lock!"

Something shocking happened. There were no fluctuations of the natural dao, no waves of divine might. The three experts with their divine flames lit were locked in space. They maintained their original stance and could not budge an inch. 

Shi Hao flew down quickly, and with great power, he gave them a step each to the face. Loud sounds rang through the air, and they were all sent flying. 

"Fraud deities. Just lit their divine flames, yet they still dare to call themselves deities. All fake deities." Shi Hao muttered. 

Everyone became petrified. They were completely dumbstruck. 

Shi Hao released a loud shout. He activated his own heavenly bone and displayed its precious technique. In that instant, he carried out an attack that didn't distinguish between its targets. It surrounded that black clad woman, Underworld Earth's young expert, and the youth who wore five-elemental armor. 

These three were currently in shock, so they were naturally all swept through. They cried out loudly as their bodies quickly shrunk. 

A peng sounded. Demonic Sunflower Garden's black clad woman dropped to the ground. She seemed to have immediately aged several hundred years. Her hair was as white as snow, and her face was covered in wrinkles. Her vision was blurred, and she could only call out with a weak voice. This woman was incomparably scared right now. 

Then, Immortal Mountain's youth fell next to her. He had deteriorated to an unbearable level and was shouting with everything he had. 

Shi Hao descended from the sky, his two feet separately trampling down on each of their bodies, almost splitting their bodies into several pieces. He carried the Underworld Earth young expert in his hands, but of course, the current Underworld Earth disciple was white-haired and old. He was also roaring angrily and finding this hard to accept. 

Shi Hao stretched out his neck. WIthout saying a word, he first delivered a slap to his mouth, blasted his mouthful of teeth loose and then sent blood flying from his face that was as pale as snow. The yin energy scattered.

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