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Chapter 545 - Gathering Disturbance

Pine trees filled Crane Mountain, accompanying the clear springs that flowed through this place. The sound of water running through the rocks rang through the air. The scene on top of the mountains was quiet and elegant. 

Yue Chan had a smile on her face as she stood on the opposite side of Shi Hao. Not a single bit of hostility could be seen as she chatted with everyone else here. Her voice was gentle and beautiful, carrying a type of magnetism that made the hearts of others beat faster.

"When fairy Yue Chan travels through the world, she is as white and sparkling as a moon. Who would be able to restrain her?" Someone praised. However, there was a bit of an abnormal tone to this voice, as if there was a bit of provocation directed at Shi Hao.

It was because many people had heard about this 'rumor' before. Now that it was proven false, it was the same as undermining Shi Hao's strength. 

Even though quite a few people were trying to rope in the little Stone, there were a few people who didn't approve of him and carried hostility inwardly. This was especially true for the geniuses and noble ladies of the inheritances left behind by those giants in the lower realm. 

Shi Hao continued to smile without minding it much. 

Words like this only served to humiliate and infuriate Yue Chan's true body more. As a result, he felt extremely joyous and relaxed. 

If he could add a few sentences of provocation, that would make this even better, but then it would make things too obvious and be over the line. Doing something like that would easily raise public anger.

"Regardless of whether it is magical power or temperament, holy lady Yue is a rarely seen individual. You are like the divine moon in the sky that cleanses the minds of those who gaze upon you." Another individual spoke. 

"Does even this need to be said? Chan'er is the lunar goddess of this world. She is sparkling and brilliant, her radiance illuminates this world." The corners of the witch's lips curled upwards as she spoke. 

"Her highness is intelligent and spiritual, untainted by the world of mortals. You are a fairy produced by heaven and earth. We all admire you greatly." Someone spoke to the witch and expressed their sincere admiration. 

There were others who nodded in succession. The witch's personality was indeed outstanding, carrying a type of enticement within her craftiness. She was a rather eccentric individual that could be said to be a beauty comparable to fairy Yue Chan. 

The witch didn't seem to pay them any attention and instead giggled while saying, "Little Stone, you were misunderstood for so long and made a scapegoat for a long time. Didn't you feel rather miserable?"

Everyone's expressions were strange. Rumors had it that Yue Chan and the Sky Severing Sect's holy lady were a pair of natural adversaries. It seemed like this really was the case now. 

This was just a rumor, and after exposing it, that was that. However, she brought it up to talk about it again as if to stir up more trouble. She truly did wish to see the whole world in chaos. 

Shi Hao sighed and said, "I was left helpless too, you know? The rumors were so vicious, and I truly feared that everyone here would join up to ask for the fairy from me. Fortunately, everything is already in the past."

"I'm not going to lie. When I heard these news, I really had the urge to rush over like that. Fortunately, the rumors had already been broken through, so those plans were never carried out." Bi Gu laughed and said.

The witch smiled extremely sweetly. She looked at Yue Chan's main body, and the corners of her eyes and the tips of her eyebrows carried a strange expression, as if she was extremely happy. 

Shi Hao was extremely calm and collected. He shot Yue Chan a glance. 

Yue Chan's main body was incredibly beautiful. Her beautiful black hair scattered gently down her white neck. Her large eyes were quick-witted and dazzling as she looked around. 

Her temperament was gentle. When she looked at Shi Hao and the witch, she could still smile naturally, only, no one knew what she was really thinking inwardly. 

"She's not going to lash out at me after being unable to bear it anymore, right?" Shi Hao secretly thought. 

"I must ask the holy lady to grace us with another song." Someone said. 

Yue Chan's main body was calm and graceful. She carried a moving smile as she nodded in agreement. Her curves moved about as she walked over, and after sitting down, her hands began to move across the zither. Pleasant music began to sound as if they harmonized with the heavens. 

The most shocking thing was was that along with the passage of time, there were unexpectedly streaks of stellar radiance that descended from the sky, as if strand after strand of spirits were flying over and revolving around Yue Chan like stars around a moon.

Her body underneath the pine trees and next to the clear spring was surrounded by a pure white mist. This was holy splendor flowing about, making her look otherworldly. The zither music became more and more beautiful, as if it aroused the force of heaven and earth and harmonized with the dao. 

In an instant, the surrounding plants began to flow with life force and quickly grow. Many flower buds bloomed, releasing their fragrance into the air. 

When the sound of the zither rang through the air, hundreds of spiritual birds were chirping in response and dancing about in the air. It immediately left many people amazed. 

"This music is harmonizing with the dao! I've gained quite a bit from this experience, and comprehended some unclear parts of my cultivation." Someone sighed in admiration. 

"This is the true meaning of the gathering, to learn from one another and advance in our cultivation paths." Xuan Ming said in praise. 

Then, everyone began to discuss their cultivation insights and chat about the difficult questions they faced while cultivating precious techniques. Everyone gained some benefits. 

This was true for Shi Hao as well after conversing with everyone else. He was able to learn a bit about the higher realms' meticulous research in symbols from Bi Gu. 

Bi Gu said, "This is an important path, one that pursues the pinnacle and abandons all else. For example, when researching power, one would observe the Vajra Ape, Giant Demonic Elephant, Golden Giant and other creatures' symbols and shave away all types of transformations until only the patterns regarding strength remained, then use that to continue one's research."

Shi Hao nodded. This was a path worth exploring. He felt like he had neglected some things. By only focusing on the supreme precious techniques like the Kun Peng technique, he overlooked everything else.

There were countless creatures in the world and numerous types of symbolled bones, so there were naturally endless transformations and inexhaustible profound mysteries. 

Meanwhile, the Kun Peng, true Phoenix, and others were well-known ones that stood at the very peak. 

However, this didn't mean that the primordial symbolled bones of other creatures were useless. They carried their own 'dao', and as long as they were properly researched, one could use them to create their own path. 

It was to the extent where after the bones of hundreds of races were studied, one could form a unique path of dao. 

"Western Sect's zhang six golden body was developed after studying the Vajra Ape, Mountain Ant, Silver Vine, and other creatures that can't be considered to be too powerful," said Lan Yu. 

"Right, the earliest ancestor of the rumored 'beast sea' had lived a solitary live for hundreds of years just to observe the bone texts of the lowest insect beasts. However, through this research, the hundred beast scriptures that shocked the higher realms were produced." Ying Ying added. 

Shi Hao was astonished and continuously nodded his head. He felt that his gains this time were rather plentiful. 

Lan Yu, Shui Yue, Hong Huang and the others were all exceptionally beautiful and stunning. When they chatted with Shi Hao here, it naturally drew quite a few gazes. 

Bi Gu was also included here. He was someone from the higher realms and it naturally wasn't unusual for him to be in this group. Shi Hao was the only one from the lower realm, so his presence in this group of beauties naturally drew attention. 

"Older sister Yue Chan, I hear that you care quite a bit about the true Phoenix's precious technique. Why don't we exchange some of our insights." Hong Huang smiled as she dragged fairy Yue Chan into this group. 

Lan Yu's temperament was gentle and soft. She also included the witch into their group. These beauties were all stunning, leaving quite a few young men's eyes feeling dazzled. Their eyes continuously flickered about. 

"Older sister Yue Chan, it seems like you are returning to the higher realms. You are definitely the greatest beauty of the eastern region." Hong Huang sighed in admiration. 

"Her highness is definitely the number one of the greatest beauties of the Kun Sea," Lan Yu sincerely praised. She praised the witch's exceptionally enchanting appearance. 

Shi Hao's skin was naturally thick beyond belief. He made his way over and earnestly sought guidance from Yue Chan and Hong Huang regarding the true Phoenix's precious technique.

"You've even researched something like this and obtained this type of ancient technique?" Hong Huang was shocked. 

"Just a thing or two." Shi Hao nodded. 

The expression of Yue Chan's main body changed slightly, but she didn't act out. She participated in the discussion regarding the different forces of the true Phoenix, but she rarely touched upon its core transformations.

"I wonder how the battle between the giants ended?" Finally, Shi Hao couldn't hold back anymore and asked everyone. 

When these words were uttered, this place immediately became quiet. Many people's expressions changed. 

"We still do not know. Rumor has it that they fought into the primal chaos." Shui Yue said. 

"The battle between giants is something that we best not talk about." Xuan Ming nodded. They all felt rather fearful. 

"Brother Shi is worried about that bone pagoda, am I correct?" Yue Chan's smile didn't falter as she spoke. 

Everyone knew that he was quite close to that pagoda. He had borrowed its strength to overturn Immortal Mountain. 

"That pagoda is finished. Rumor has it that the fight resulted in its entrance through the Primordial Gate. It no longer exists in this world." Right at that moment, someone curled up in black mists walked over from the distance. 

"Is there new information?" Everyone was astonished. 

This was an extremely handsome man with a white complexion, but a rather sinister temperament. He carried a smile on his face that was a bit cold and evil in appearance. Black mists swirled and supported his feet as he quickly arrived. 

"Yue Chan, I heard that this lower person and yourself do not get along and that there were even disputes. There were even some rumors of him detaining you. I will kill him in your place today."

The sinister looking male spoke, his tone of speaking rather carelessly and clearly casually expressing malice. He didn't conceal anything as he opposed Shi Hao. All of those in the lower realm were called lower people by him. 

His eyes flowed with purple radiance. The black mists around his body became more and more dense, scattering out a deathly aura. 

Everyone became astonished. They all knew that his background was astonishing. This was someone who had dealings with the dark side. The chaotic corpse from another piece of underworld earth fell not too long ago, so the underworld earth this youngster belonged to would become more powerful and have their territory increased. 

"What kind of thing is this?" Shi Hao calmly asked. He didn't become angry or act out. 

"The strength of a lower person like you isn't bad, but your fate wasn't all that great. I find that you are rather unsightly in my eyes, so I want to kill you." It could be said that this underworld individual was aggressive to the extreme. He was extremely direct, to the point where not much reasoning could be found behind his actions. 

"You really are aggressive…" Shi Hao sighed and said. 

An underworld individual was formed from the intermarriage of an outer world existence with a corpse that had developed intelligence and developed spiritual wisdom, resulting in them possessing an innate portion of yin energy. They were all extremely powerful. 

With the death of a chaotic corpse, the pieces of underworld earth in the higher realms were likely going to merge, making the unrivaled underworld master behind this underworld youth more powerful. This would create long-lasting effects that would leave all sides feeling apprehensive. 

"That is how I am going to act. I am going to kill you right here. Can you even defend yourself?" The corners of the underworld youth's lips curled upwards into a sneer. He was acting more and more overbearing.

"Underworld Earth really is reaching out their hand too far. He still carries a portion of Immortal Mountain's blood within him, so there is no need for you to deal with him." At the edge of the horizon, five elemental multicolored clouds emerged. Another young expert hurried over. 

He wore a five elemental battle armor that swirled with the energies of the five phases. This was another extremely powerful higher realms individual that hurried over. 

"Haha!" The underworld youth laughed loudly and said, "That's the funniest joke I've ever heard. He clearly overturned your Immortal Mountain, yet you still say he is one of you guys?"

"He is guilty, which is why I am going capture him and bring him into the higher realms to have him dealt with." The young expert wearing the five elements armor said. 

"Laughable. I'm not as fake as you all. I will directly state that I am killing him to seize his heavenly bone. Meanwhile, you hypocritically use the reason of being from the same clan to punish him, but in the end, aren't we the same?" The underworld youth sneered. 

"What the punishment actually entails will be my Immortal Mountain's internal matter and unrelated to your Underworld Earth. Do not misunderstand." Five elemental energy curled about as that young expert spoke coldly. A divine flame throbbed weakly behind him. A powerful figure revealed himself; there was unexpectedly a terrifying expert at his side. 

"Since I said that I would kill him to take his heavenly bone, I naturally can't leave empty-handed." The underworld youth laughed coldly, revealing his cold, snow-white teeth. An indistinct figure emerged from the black mist behind him. It was a human-shaped skeleton with a pair of wings behind it. As it moved about, dark underworld flames burned. 

They erupted with power; this was a show of strength. Empty words without action would only draw mockery. 

There were unexpectedly individuals that lit their divine flames behind these two. They were clearly these individuals' seniors. 

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