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Chapter 532 - Kill

Above the dark clouds, bright moonlight cascaded down. Yue Chan’s main body’s beautiful hair danced about. Her beautiful body seemed to be something out of an illusion. Her speed was increased to the limit, unexpectedly displaying the earth withdrawal divine ability while continuously attacking. 

If not for Shi Hao’s Kun Peng technique possessing incredible speed, he would have suffered greatly from this confrontation. The movement techniques both sides possessed were the best of this world and known to be at the peak of this domain.

On Shi Hao’s back, Yue Chan’s second body’s eyes were swirling with brilliant colors. She continuously speculated and thought about the current situation. From time to time, she would give Shi Hao advice about the weaknesses of the other party. 

“You are obstinately persisting in going about the wrong way. Are you really going to oppose me to the end?” On the other side, the pure and cold fairy spoke. She was extremely beautiful, and under the flowing moonlight, she appeared incredibly spiritual and aloof. Her voice carried a type of magnetism. 

“Since we are already separate, you are you, and I am myself. If you want to kill me, then by all means keep trying,” said Yue Chan’s second body. While lying on Shi Hao’s back, she no longer looked back. 

“Fine. This fate will be severed, and from this point on, there is nothing between us. I will cut you down today without mercy.” Yue Chan’s main body said softly. Under the splendor of the moon, she appeared even more indistinct. Her skin became increasingly brilliant as it released endless radiance. 

“Be careful. Her body is special and can resonate with the silver moon to derive endless divine force!” On Shi Hao’s back, Yue Chan’s second body reminded. 

They were both a stellar force, but since the sun and moon were closer to the great earth, the amount of divine might that could be obtained by linking up with them was greater, sometimes even comparable to that of divine judgment. 


As expected, as soon as she finished speaking, Yue Chan’s main body shone and merged with heaven and earth. Meanwhile, the brilliant divine moon seemed to have increased a thousand fold in size. 

Endless lunar splendor scattered downwards, covering this place in an expanse of silvery white. It was as if they entered a holy and brilliant fairyland, one that was distant and dazzling. 

That fairy Yue Chan stood at the center of it, and all of the moonlight gathered towards her like waves. One could clearly see that she was starting to embody the radiance. A divine moon emerged behind her. 

“En?!” Shi Hao was astonished. He felt that the other party had turned into the legendary elegant and pure lunar goddess. The most important part was that divine force she was producing was ridiculously powerful.


Yue Chan pointed out with a finger, sending a beam of silver light across the sky. It was like a streak of lightning as it hacked over. It possessed powerful fluctuations of divine might that made others feel great reverence. 

Shi Hao’s palm shone. A streak of true lightning hacked out to collide against that beam of light. Divine splendor immediately erupted intensely. 

Yue Chan’s main body walked over with a quick and agile gait. In the skies, it was as if boundless and endless pure white splendor was surging about. It all gathered towards her body to form a divine moon around her. 

She looked more and more extraordinary, as if she was a fairy descending from the lunar palace. 

Expanses of symbols flickered about and interweaved around the surface of her body. She then released a light shout. 


The sky erupted with energy. This time, the moment she moved her hand, divine light shone brilliantly and formed streaks that continuously hacked down from the heavens. They contained vast and boundless power. 

Shi Hao was left speechless. This was a bit absurd! These lights all seemed to be made of moonlight, and when they hacked down, they seemed like a form of divine judgment. 

He quickly dodged out of the way. The human emperor precious imprint above his head shone to neutralize the moonlight everywhere and weaken this heavenly might!

“Careful, this is just the beginning. With the support of the moonlight, her power will surge greatly. She will form the true dragon, phoenix, and other techniques. Those precious techniques will become even more terrifying.” Yue Chan’s second body reminded. 

Shi Hao nodded. He formed a golden Peng. It rushed through the heaven connecting moonlight towards Yue Chan. 

The cry of a dragon sounded. Silvery white moonlight condensed, forming an enormous true dragon. It was incomparably valiant and majestic as it weaved through the heavens. Its size was so large it was astonishing. 

The true dragon precious technique this time became more powerful after being accompanied by the force of the moon. Within the pure and holiness was a type of berserk power. It was incredibly terrifying. It crushed downwards with rumbling sounds. 

A divine phoenix emerged at the same time. Within its scarlet color was a bit of silvery whiteness that merged together. Its aura was astonishing. 

At this moment, Shi Hao felt as if he was seeing some type of illusion, as if Yue Chan’s true body had surpassed the supreme expert realm and became incomparably powerful. It was as if she possessed the great dao of this entire world. 

This type of feeling felt extremely terrible. It was as if there was no way for him to defend himself. 


The dragon and phoenix interweaved, rushing over murderously together. It was simply impossible to defend against. 

Shi Hao was blasted flying. The corners of his lips dripped with blood. This was the greatest pressure he had ever felt when facing someone of the same generation. 

“Interesting!” He wiped away the blood at the corner of his lips. The light in his eyes flourished with even more brilliance. 

“Persevere through it. Even though she could transfer the holy and majestic force of the moon, she can only do it temporarily and cannot maintain it for a long period of time.” Behind him, Yue Chan’s second body said. 

“Nothing much.” Shi Hao said. 

At this moment, he began to display the symbol power of the True Primordial Record, allowing his body to reach the purest state. 

“Omnipresent golden lotus!” Yue Chan’s second body cried out in astonishment. 

At this moment, golden lotuses blossomed in the void one after another. They were extremely mysterious. This was an irregular phenomenon when one was incredibly close to the dao that was difficult to display even in the supreme expert realm. 

In addition, his flesh was also releasing a clear fragrance at this moment. This was the true profoundness and pureness of the great dao. 

“Even if the irregular phenomenons of the great dao are displayed in the supreme expert realm, they still can’t be used for battle. Will this provide any use?” Yue Chan’s second body asked. 

However, she was still quite shocked. This type of great dao phenomenon might be able to change into true dao traces. If one could add them to a great battle, then at that time, its divine might would be inexhaustible. 

Shi Hao didn’t say anything. In an instant, the imperial draconic energy below him surged and roiled upwards. It entered these golden lotuses, becoming more and more resplendent. An endless wave of divine might erupted. 

In addition, the jade seal above his head was also like this. Draconic cries sounded from within the warm luster that shook heaven and earth. Countless heavenly dragons flew over, each of them thick and large, entering the golden lotuses. 

In an instant, the space around them became resplendent. All of the golden lotuses swayed about with the aura of the great dao. Their roots separated from the ground and directly slaughtered forward. 

The moonlight in the sky was scattered, and golden lotuses could be found everywhere! Each time they swayed, they would always possess a type of great dao rumbling that was powerful and terrifying. 


The most terrifying collision happened. The great dao golden lotuses collided with the true dragon and phoenix, erupting with a world-shaking shockwave. It even made the heavens tremble violently. Symbols burned furiously. 

This was a terrifying great collision. The moonlight finally faded away, and the golden lotuses all became dim. 

Two figures flew out in retreat. They were both in a battered and exhausted state. Shi Hao coughed out blood from his mouth again, while the main body of Yue Chan wasn’t much better. She only had snow white clothes covering the crucial areas. Her long and slender legs, as well as her sparkling lotus arms were all shining with pure whiteness and exposed outwards. Blood was also trickling out from her mouth. 

“Now is the time, quickly suppress her!” Yue Chan’s second body transmitted sound to Shi Hao. When the holy lunar force retreated, the main body would be momentarily weakened.

“Alright!” Shi Hao nodded. He quickly rushed forward. 

He released a loud roar, and lightning flickered all around his body. Endless stars emerged in his surroundings, all of which were formed from electricity. The Suan Ni’s precious technique emerged, wreaking havoc in the heavens. 

Among the various divine forces, lightning was undoubtedly the most tyrannical. It was the most suitable in dealing with a weak enemy. 

Of course, this wasn’t all. Shi Hao also activated sword energy. Stalk after stalk of grass emerged in the lightning, as if the void itself was going to be hacked apart. 

Apart from this, his right fist turned golden and continuously smashed outwards. Deafening Kun Peng roars continuously resounded through the air!

In that instant, he immediately released three great divine abilities. Every single one was incomparably terrifying, enough to immediately blast apart all outstanding talents in his generation. 

Even if supreme experts were blocking in front of, they would still be forced to retreat. If not, the only conclusion that waited for them was being blasted apart!

Yue Chan’s expression changed. She quickly retreated, but soon after, her sparkling and shining body was submerged by lightning. The lightning radiance collided with her body protecting symbols, causing rumbling sounds to continuously ring through the air. 


The sword intent of the stalk of grass erupted with exceptional sharpness. 

Yue Chan brought out precious technique to protect herself, but she was still wounded. A streak of sword energy pierced through her sparkling lotus-like arms. Blood flowed outwards. 

The other stalks of grass in front of her shone, and the exceptional sword intent sliced at her neck, chest, head, and other crucial areas. Yue Chan’s main body displayed the Heaven Mending Technique once again. 

There was no way she could continuously use it, as there was a period of time she had to wait before she could use it again. Just now, the ability had just come off cooldown, but her divine force seemed to still be weakened, so the power wasn’t that great. 

Her shoulder suffered another strike, causing blood to splash high into the air. Her injuries weren’t light, and her sparkling lotus-like arms were covered in blood. 

At the same time, Shi Hao’s fist continuously descended. A Kun Peng swooped downwards with incomparable power. Yue Chan’s main body continuously backed up. After this exchange of attacks, she seemed to be completely oppressed. Blood gushed out from her mouth. 

If not for the little golden cauldron above her head continuously displaying its might and scattering down divine radiance to block Shi Hao’s attacks, she would definitely be in great danger, and there was a chance that she might have died right there. 

Then again, the precious imprint above Shi Hao was an ancient divine artifact as well. It erupted with divine might and collided with that golden small cauldron. Divine patterns continuously shone with dazzling light. 

At this moment, Shi Hao began to prepare to use his supreme being bone, because he could use it again. He wanted to carry out the final attack and suppress Yue Chan’s main body. 


Meteorites covered the sky. They all shone with brilliant radiance as they smashed towards Shi Hao. Meanwhile, Yue Chan’s main body used this opportunity to turn around and leave. 

“Chase after her. This is the best time to suppress her. She is seriously wounded, and the lunar force has completely disappeared. Right now is when she is in her weakest state.” Yue Chan’s second body on Shi Hao’s back said softly. 

Shi Hao concluded that even though the power of this meteor great formation was great, it was set up a bit crudely. It was good for a single attack on a specific place, but with his movement technique, he could definitely avoid them all and chase after the main body. 

His opponent was injured, and she was in her weakest state. This was a rare opportunity!

In the sky, meteors were everywhere. This was a rough formation that could summon all types of mountain peaks, enormous rocks, and other things. They whistled through the skies with terrifying power. 

“Head a hundred zhang to the left, continue forward…” Yue Chan’s second body pointed out. Shi Hao crossed the formation, and then his speed shot up. He quickly closed in on Yue Chan’s main body. 

“Careful, even though this formation is rough, there are a few changes as well. Do not go the wrong way, and you definitely cannot lose sight of her.” Yue Chan’s second body pointed out, telling Shi Hao to quickly press forward and attack. 

In this sky that was covered with meteors, a great battle once again unfolded. The weakened Yue Chan’s main body coughed out blood and suffered another attack. 


Loud sound rang out in front of them. An expanse of multicolored light erupted. Yue Chan was igniting all of her potential to carry out a final life and death struggle. 

“She is about to stake it all. Hurry up and send me into the bronze precious case. Otherwise, I might be crushed under the power of your final confrontation of divine force.” Yue Chan’s second body said. 

The final decisive battle was definitely going to be incomparably intense and bitter. Her cultivation was sealed right now, so she feared that she might fall here. 

Shi Hao smiled and said, “I would have sent you into the interspatial precios case’s world even if you didn’t say anything. Watch me make the final move, using the supreme being bone to kill her.”

After speaking, his entire body shone with light and symbols covered his body densely. At the same time, he sent Yue Chan’s second body into the bronze case, putting her away. 

In front of him, Yue Chan’s main body sensed that things weren’t going to end well. She quickly left and didn’t carry out a final confrontation against him. 

In the next instant, the world erupted with commotion. This time, Shi Hao’s supreme being bone released an unimaginable power. It actually released grand scripture sounds and sent endless symbols surging outwards. 

After escaping a set amount of distance, Yue Chan’s main body suddenly came to a stop. When she saw that abnormally powerful human image that was surrounded by heaven overflowing symbols, she laughed indifferently with a calm expression. 

“En?” The shining Shi Hao with symbols all over his body as if he was burning suddenly stopped. He revealed a startled expression, because no matter what he did, he couldn’t close in on the beautiful figure in front of him. 

They were clearly close to each other, but they were separated by a natural chasm. It could even be said that they were close, yet worlds apart. 

He couldn’t help but be stunned. He then quickly backed up. 

“It’s too late.” Yue Chan’s main body erupted with endless light. All of the injuries on her body quickly closed, and her exposed skin revealed pure white and translucent luster. She erupted with incomparable power, and then her beautiful hair scattered outwards, making her look like an aloof and intelligent immortal. “Do you really think I truly am not your match? What weak period? I have never lost against another of the same generation before! Only, people like me and you are extremely hard to kill, so if you wanted to flee, you would have all types of methods. I only feigned weakness!”

Endless divine light surged all around her. All types of symbols shone resplendently in the void. Eight formations activated in succession, all of which were boundless and unfathomable. 

“Divine grade great formations, eight of them… you truly think highly of me.” Shi Hao seemed extremely shocked, and then he said through clenched teeth. “Does that mean that your second body was deceiving me?”

“Even though she has a disloyal heart, we are both of a common origin. Just now, she was just trying to lure you into the trap. Now that you safely sent her into the bronze precious case, I can just send you on your way!” Yue Chan’s main body sneered and said. 

“In reality, the formations could have been activated a long time ago, but I just didn’t feel at ease before leading you into the center.” She said softly while shaking her head. 

“Wait a moment!” Shi Hao shouted. 

Yue Chan’s main body was extremely decisive, not giving him any chance. These formations were immediately activated, and with a honglong sound, divine energy erupted, immediately blasting the figure at the center into pieces and exploding with magnificent radiance. 

When the divine energy disappeared, that figure had long been eliminated, and only the bronze precious case remained. It suspended in midair where symbols floated all about. 

Yue Chan’s main body reached out a slender jade-like hand and said, “It is quite difficult to open it, but if I invite a great master in the higher realms to take action, there will be a way to open it.”

She took a deep breath and stood here for a while. The moonlight scattered down like water, making her figure appear indistinct and otherworldly, graceful and breathtaking. 

Finally, she began to collect the formation banners. She didn’t want to stay here for too long either. She was collecting the banners of the divine formations, and many of them were hidden inside the meteorites. 

“The little Stone only amounted to this much.” She laughed softly. She was incomparably brilliant, beautiful to the point of leaving one dazzled. The clothes on her body were tattered, revealing large amounts of her sparkling snow white perfect body.

Nothing unusual happened. After stopping for a moment, she finally relaxed herself. Then, she prepared to leave. 

Suddenly, a piece of rock exploded, and dense symbols erupted that contained reincarnation force.

“En?!” Yue Chan’s main body was shocked. Her beautiful pupils rapidly shrunk.

She unexpectedly saw Shi Hao again! His chest was almost transparent. A bone released endless radiance, and a little figure sat on top of it. At this moment, its body actually increased in size and rushed out from his body, enlarging until it was the same size as Shi Hao. It rushed over murderously with the divine might of a supreme being. 

At that moment, Yue Chan’s main body went ice cold. She immediately knew that what was destroyed was the figure seated atop Shi Hao’s divine being bone and not his real body. 

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