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Chapter 531 - One Body Two Faces

Yue Chan’s main body was greatly alarmed. Her dao heart had received a blow, and her mood was fluctuating greatly. Shi Hao’s fierce attack at this moment left her in in a predicament!


Sword energy swept out like a rainbow, warping and weaving about viciously. When one reached Shi Hao’s level of cultivation, a single brandish of his sword would make the entire sky become chaotic. 

Yue Chan backed up. She opened her mouth and released a clear shout. Her head of beautiful hair danced about, and every inch of her body shone with auspicious multicolored light. Symbols emerged, forming a shield. 

Within the metallic clanging sounds, sword energy danced about. Every single streak was as blinding as lightning, and they all landed on the shield formed from symbols.

Sparkling cracks emerged. This divine symbol shield was made in a hurry and couldn’t completely block the sword energy. It soon cracked apart and exploded into precious splendor before scattering into nothingness. 

A few streaks of sword energy flew past. A bit of Yue Chan’s main body’s beautiful hair was sliced off, causing them to dance about in the air. In addition, some of the sword energy hacked towards her snow white neck and cheek with blinding radiance.

At this moment, halos of light rippled through the surface of her skin. Mysterious force circulated, distorting the sky surging sword energy and altering its trajectory to fly past her cheeks. This attack was not able to penetrate her body. 

“Yue Chan, the skin on your face really is thick. Not even sword energy can cut through!” Shi Hao shouted. He had already rushed up and displayed his precious techniques that surged with matchless divine valiance!

A golden-winged divine bird appeared in front of his fist. It looked like it was cast from gold and overflowing with domineering power. It swooped down towards the beautiful figure in front. 

Yue Chan’s main body continuously flew backwards in retreat. A warm feeling trickled down her face. Her complexion that could topple countries was actually injured, harmed by the sword energy that aimed to take her life! A streak of blood flowed down. 

At the most crucial moment, she used a secret treasure to protect her body and avoid this disaster. 


Backing the sword energy was Shi Hao’s most powerful precious technique. Golden multicolored light erupted, submerging heaven and earth before slaughtering forward. 

Yue Chan’s main body lost the initiative. She was incomparably shaken. It was extremely difficult to change this situation while experiencing this type of danger. She was in great danger. 

Suddenly, a wave of flames surged that completely submerged the divine bird. A painting scroll emerged in front of Yue Chan’s body, and on its surface was drawn a wave of flames. It could engulf all of heaven and earth. 

At this moment, the entire picture scroll ignited, its flames reaching into the nine heavens. A wave of extraordinary energy diffused outwards. 

Shi Hao’s momentum was halted, while Yue Chan broke free from the battlefield. She used the divine flames to distance herself. 

That picture ignited, turning into ashes. An extremely powerful secret treasure was destroyed just like that. It was annihilated just like Shi Hao’s precious technique, scattering into the void. 

This confrontation momentarily ended. There was now enough distance between the two. Both sides stared at each other. 

The clear and cold moonlight scattered down, surrounding Yue Chan’s main body. She used her hand to support her cheeks. There was a wound on her sparkling white and delicate face. Blood continuously dripped down. Her eyes flickered with radiance. At this moment, this unmatched beauty seemed to be feeling a bit pained and bewildered. 

“What thick skin! Even heaven overflowing sword energy could only slice it open a bit. Respectable!” Shi Hao mocked. 

From the moment she began cultivation until now, this was the first time Yue Chan’s main body had been injured, and even blood flowed outwards. She calmed herself down, and then her body shone, releasing a divine aura. The fluctuations that were rippling outwards became more and more powerful.

“I will cut down your body and soul to clear my dao heart,” Yue Chan said softly. Her jade-like fingers gently moved over her face, closing the wound. Her eyes blossomed with brilliant radiance. With a raise of her beautiful arm, a dragon image emerged. 

Clearly, she was now truly furious. 

Around his body, a true dragon raised its head and roared. It surrounded her to protect her true body but at the same time prepared to attack as well. This was the dragon races’ offensive divine ability. 

“Unfortunately, your wish won’t be so easily satisfied,” Shi Hao said. He also began to communicate with Yue Chan’s second body behind him. “Both of you are fairies, but do you two really have to be so thick-skinned, black hearted, and ruthless?”

When the beautiful individual on his back heard this, she released a snort. Weren’t these words mocking her?

With Yue Chan’s second body on his back, for the sake of provoking the opposing fairy, his hands and feet naturally wouldn’t be honest. However, what was shocking was that strand after strand of light were blossoming from the main body. 

It was to the extent where the little stone naughtily pinched Yue Chan’s second body’s beautiful nose and wantonly harassed her, yet the opposing fairy was still incomparably calm. Her aura became more and more holy, and the power of the true dragon outside her body continuously increased. 

Shi Hao frowned. He became serious. Black mist covered his body, and a great endless sea erupted behind him. The force of great yin madly surged. A Kun fish emerged and suppressed forward. 

Once the battle continued after this momentary standstill, both sides would definitely erupt with their greatest power, and it was likely that it might be the final life and death collision. 

A weng sounded. This place looked like a trembling painting scroll. Dazzling divine might erupted between the two individuals. A great battle had broken out again!

On the other side, a true dragon curled up around Yue Chan. Its body was condensed. Its scales and claws shone with deep radiance as it raised its head before rushing over. Two sparkling horns could be seen on its head. All types of symbol light blossomed. 

Around Shi Hao, the black sea rose and fell. A great black fish leapt out and turned into a golden divine peng. It opened its enormous claws and swooped over to greet the true dragon. 

There had always been a rumor since the ancient times that a great Peng would feast on a dragon every day and wouldn’t be satisfied with anything else. The reason why Shi Hao selected this technique was precisely for restraining this attack. 


The heavens fell and earth cracked apart. The golden Peng’s claws collided with the true dragon’s enormous claws. The two sides were incomparably shaken. Their attacks in this current realm could be considered absolutely peerless!

This was a frightening collision that twisted even the space around them. The true dragon moved its head and tail, while the Peng spread its wings and cried out. 

Divine force surged into the heavens between the two sides. Symbols ignited, and annihilating light continuously erupted. This was a collision between the most powerful archaic precious techniques. They were enough to shock the world. 

The cry of a dragon sounded, and the true dragon flew out in reverse. Its body flowed with blood, and quite a few of its scales fell off. 

Meanwhile, on this side, a golden Peng bird released a mournful cry. Feathers flew about and sparkling blood flickered in the air as it staggered backwards. 

They were both included within the archaic vicious ten. This was the first time these two types of precious techniques carried out such a great collision in this era. If outsiders learned of this event, they would definitely be incomparably shaken. 

“Foolish. The dragons the Peng bird feasted on were only large snakes and not true dragons. You won’t be able to restrain her like that.” On Shi Hao’s back, Yue Chan’s second body spoke softly beside his ear. The scent of her breath was like that of orchids. 


Behind Shi Hao’s body, a great sun emerged. A Peng bird turned into a resplendent sphere of golden light. The force of great yang erupted, covering heaven and earth. 

Meanwhile, below Shi Hao’s feet, a black sea surged. A Kun fish brandished its tail and surged with the force of great yin. 

One above and one below, they formed the yin and yang. The two energies merged together. It was as if this world was splitting apart as the most terrifying fluctuations were released!

Shi Hao rushed forward and unleashed this attack!

Yue Chan’s main body was surrounded by pure and indistinct white splendor. The true dragon around her body raised its head and began to absorb the power of the stars in the heavens. It began to gather a supreme mysterious force. 

Every single dragon scale was like a great star. The stars in the sky all dropped down a beam of light that connected with the true dragon, allowing it to erupt with immortal divine light. 

It condensed the powerful stellar force of the heavenly stars! This type of scene was just too terrifying!

Shi Hao was astonished. No wonder some people believed that in terms of offensive strength, the true dragon’s precious technique might be at the very front. There really was some reasoning behind this thought. 


The collision this time seemed to split open heaven and earth. The heavens seemed to be scattering down boundless divine splendor that reached out endlessly. 

“Her true dragon precious technique isn’t complete, and the next step is imperfect. Hurry and move to the left, then attack the true dragon’s abdomen!” Yue Chan’s second body advised while lying on Shi Hao’s back. 

Shi Hao’s eyes flickered with radiance. He rushed forward to attack, altering the Kun Peng technique.

“Aiya, you missed the best opportunity! Why aren’t you listening to me? You let her make up for that deficiency, allowing the true dragon’s precious technique to be fully linked up!” Yue Chan’s second body regretfully shook her head. 

The Kun Peng attacked outwards and collided with the true dragon. Another eruption of endless radiance blossomed in the air. 

“This time, dodge horizontally and attack the true dragon’s head!” Yue Chan’s second body spoke again. 

Shi Hao’s eyes flickered with radiance, attacking while trusting her words. Energy erupted to its limit. Sure enough, when that true dragon turned around, there was a flaw. Its defensive strength wasn’t great enough and was attacked by the Kun Peng.


Yue Chan’s true body was greatly shaken. Her hair was thrown into disorder, and a faint redness emerged on her sparkling white charming face. After continuously receiving blows, the Kun Peng seemed to be pressed directly against her body. 

She was completely on the defensive. Her snow white clothes were tattered to an unbearable level. Her slender snow white legs were revealed, and large amounts of her sparkling skin flickered about. She almost suffered a disaster. 

The true dragon precious technique was deficient. The inheritance wasn’t perfect. If Shi Hao didn’t use his own Kun Peng technique to face it, he could still break in through the gaps in this technique, just not as quickly. 

Yue Chan’s main body’s eyes shone like a rainbow. She gave the beautiful figure behind Shi Hao a glance, and then she surged with killing intent. 

“What are you staring at? That’s my wife. Don’t even think about setting your eyes on her,” Shi Hao said. His attacks became even more ferocious. 

“Be careful. She purposely brought the true dragon’s precious technique and left behind that hole. She wants you to force you into an inescapable trap.” On Shi Hao’s back, Yue Chan’s second body said softly. A sweet fragrance wafted about. 

However, in this quickly changing battlefield, there was no way her voice could overtake the quick changes that were taking place. 

The true dragon around Yue Chan’s main body, raised its head and protected her body. At the same time, boundless scarlet multicolored light surged. An undying divine phoenix surged, spreading its wings and soaring outwards to face the Kun Peng. 

When the dragon and phoenix attacked together, all living creatures of this world would cry in anguish. 

“Head for the left leg and use the force of great yin to neutralize the phoenix’s true flames. Then, attack the heart of the true dragon!” The Yue Chan behind him shouted out. 

This time, it was similar to Shi Hao’s judgment. 


Under the most dazzling eruption of radiance, two figures continuously interweaved and tore at each other. 

Yue Chan’s main body was on the defensive, because there was a ‘traitor’ on the other side. Her eyes revealed a deep radiance. She had already taken action against the second body many times. Divine abilities surged endlessly and symbols burned furiously. This void even turned into a sea of divine force. 

“The one that understands her the best is naturally me.” Yue Chan’s second body said softly with a complicated expression. 

“Don’t worry, I will protect you, and in the future, I will allow you to become the main body and then cast off the divine core to become the only one.” Shi Hao promised. 

Suddenly, when the two parties clashed, Shi Hao’s body flourished with divine radiance. He finally found the optimum moment to activate the supreme being bone. Dense symbols emerged and engraved themselves in the void. 

On his chest, a small figure was seated atop while chanting sutras. A type of strange radiance surged outwards. It was far-reaching and incredibly mysterious. 

These symbols seemed to go against the flow of time, as if they were pursuing the past. All of them gathered around Yue Chan’s main body, surrounding her and thus suppressing her. 

It could be seen that she immediately became a year or two younger, and this type of transformation was still continuing. 

However, an immortal radiance streaked across the sky. The Heaven Mending Technique took to the skies, the technique rumored to be the most heaven defying divine ability in changing the state of a battle. It erupted at this moment, allowing the user to escape disaster once. 

The two supreme techniques collided, causing an intense clash!

“En?!” Yue Chan’s main body was shocked. She found that she was still partly affected. Above her head, a small golden cauldron that scattered down hazy radiance suddenly emerged to block the reincarnation force. 


This was a mysterious magical artifact. When it encountered the reincarnation force, it didn’t shatter and instead became even more resplendent. 

“Yi, it unexpectedly made that golden cauldron a bit more brilliant, as if it had returned to the moment when it was first refined.” Shi Hao was stupefied. 

He knew that the background of this cauldron was definitely astonishing. Due to it being too powerful, it could actually forcefully take on the reincarnation force. Even though it was affected, it actually developed more vitality. 

“That cauldron is extremely ancient and a supreme treasure. When you displayed the force of reincarnation, it didn’t need to defend, and instead used your power to become ‘young’.” Yue Chan’s second body spoke beside his year. 

Shi Hao didn’t say anything. He had encountered a strange and terrifying spiritual magical artifact. 


At the same time, the Heaven Mending Technique flew over. Not only could it allow the user to ‘revert’, it also displayed powerful offensive ability. It was rumored to be able to mend heaven and earth. 


An intense collision erupted. Shi Hao used the remaining symbol light from the reincarnation force to meet it head on. 

The two parties clashed ferociously. The great dao continuously rumbled. 

During this process, Yue Chan’s second body spoke out several times, almost forcing the main body into a desperate situation. The light in her eyes became more and more deep.

“Why do you need to go so far after we meet?” Yue Chan’s main body spoke. Moonlight scattered down on her tattered dress, illuminating a portion of her pure white body. A thin layer of mist curled up around her body as well. 

“Since we are one body, why is there a need to distinguish between the main body and the second body? Since you are the main body, there is naturally a difference. In addition, you were trying to kill me just now.” Yue Chan’s second body spoke. 

“Killing you is for the sake of breaking free. You can still be reborn.” Yue Chan’s main body said calmly. 

“Rebirth… would that still be me then?” Yue Chan’s second body said softly. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he seemed to have sensed something. 

Even if it was the legendary unmatched ancient technique, there should still be some flaws. When these two divine cores were separated, there was no way the process would be perfect from start to finish. 

“Separate the energies!” Yue Chan’s second body transmitted mentally. 

A layer of light emerged on Shi hao’s body that surrounded both of them, preventing their words from being heard by the enemy.

“Give me some time to think. I might be able to help you suppress her here.” Yue Chan’s second body’s beautiful face revealed an exceptional brilliance. 

“How certain are you?” Shi Hao asked. 

“The one that understands me is naturally myself. I know her precious techniques and her methods. I can predict everything that she is going to do.” Yue Chan’s second body said softly, and then with a frown, she said, “I just need some time. If we join forces, there will be no way for her to escape!”

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