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Chapter 533 - Child’s Disaster

“Reincarnation!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. His true body didn’t move, continuing to tower in the heavens. His head of black hair rushed chaotically into the heavens, making him look like a reincarnated demonic god!

The true bone inside his chest shone brilliantly. That small figure quickly enlarged, rushing out with endless divine patterns towards Yue Chan’s main body. It was fast to the extreme. 

In the blink of an eye, this streak of light seemed to have become eternal!

Yue Chan’s pupils rapidly shrunk. A chill ran down her back, and all of her fine hairs stood on end. She felt as if she was facing an imminent catastrophe, because the distance between them was just too close. It was difficult to avoid this attack. 

She released a light shout. Her wonderful sparkling and translucent body surged with all types of light. She used all of her cultivation to defend herself!

Unfortunately, this happened too suddenly. How could the hidden attack from a young supreme being be so easily neutralized? The supreme being symbols had long reached her and covered her body. Her actions were a bit late.


The true dragon, immortal phoenix, taotie, golden crow, and others that appeared around her body weren’t even given the chance to condense before they were all suppressed and immediately dispersed. Then, they all returned to her body. 

This was an extremely bad sign. A large portion of the precious techniques was cut off!

“Heaven Mending Technique!”

Yue Chan’s main body cried out. Her bright and clean beautiful pupils became extremely deep. The mysterious scene of a deity mending the heavens emerged. The nine heavens and tenth earth’s people knelt down and offered their worship, a scene that seemed to last for all of eternity. 

However, this time, Shi Hao’s precious technique was abnormally powerful, surpassing the past. The little figure on the supreme being bone personally slaughtered outwards. This was the physical embodiment of those scriptures. 


His fist smashed over, colliding with the Heaven Mending Technique. The boundless phenomenon of the world being mended immediately became indistinct, and the heavens began to distort. The space around them began to collapse. 

Dazzling light erupted between the two. This was clearly a life and death struggle, yet there was this incredibly beautiful scene. 

The supreme being bone figure’s eyes were like lightning as he looked disdainfully at the nine heavens. The fist swirled with resplendent symbols, collapsing the scenery of the heavens being mended. Beams of light rushed into the heavens. 

Yue Chan staggered in reverse, and blood was coughed out from her mouth. The attack this time was released in too much of a hurry, and her precious techniques were all suppressed backwards. Not even the Heaven Mending Technique had a chance to display its greatest power before being wiped out. 

At the final moment, she still did everything she could to activate heaven mending profound mysteries. At this moment, her mind tried to reverse everything and chance the results of this battle. 

This was where the Heaven Mending Technique’s heaven defying areas laid. It was innately undefeatable and could reverse a life and death situation.

Her beautiful hair danced about. A large portion of her sparkling white skin was exposed from the tattered clothes, making her look like a reborn goddess. Her impressive curves were soft. Pure and holy radiance scattered out from her body, igniting the deepest potential within her body. 

The Heaven Mending Technique had originally been weakened, but together with this support, it shone again. It was going to change the situation from her being cut down. 

The magnificent chanting of scriptures sounded again, originating from two different individuals. They belonged to two different scripture meanings. They collided, interweaved, and formed the most primordial true profoundness. 


The enormous sound of the heavens being torn open sounded. Quite a bit of the Heaven Mending Technique was exhausted, and the other side’s figure also dimmed, about to return to nothingness. 

“Success!” Yue Chan revealed a smile. As long as she was able to persevere through this desperate moment, she still had all types of methods. She became inwardly joyous, and a smile blossomed on her face, brightening up even the space around her. 

However, what happened the next moment let her horrified. Even though the figure was erased, the endless supreme being symbols didn’t vanish. It continued to rumble and descend downwards. 


Yue Chan did everything she could to defend herself. Her flesh became sparkling and dazzling, as if flames raged about her to block these terrifying law symbols. 

She already understood clearly that this was the other party’s supreme being precious technique. It was similarly terrifying, and just now, that figure was the embodiment of an even deeper layer of understanding. 

This truly was the case. When Shi Hao displayed this technique in the past, even if these symbols appeared, he didn’t summon the little figure on top of the bone. Only these last two times did he do this. 

During the first time, that little figure blocked the disaster in his place, falling within the divine level formation. The second time had exhausted too much of Yue Chan’s strength. 

At this moment, Yue Chan’s body became sparkling and translucent, as if she was the goddess within raging flames. She erupted with auspicious multicolored radiance that blazed with flourishing light. She wanted to undergo rebirth within the flames. Undying energy blossomed in this place. 

Unfortunately, she had still exhausted too much in the end, and the attack happened too suddenly. At this moment, her power was already weakened and couldn’t stop the bone texts. Even though quite a bit of it had been destroyed, she was still covered underneath. 

The supreme being symbolled radiance gradually declined. Yue Chan cried out in alarm. 

Moonlight scattered downwards, making this place shine bright with moonlight. That wonderful figure disappeared, and in her place was a tender and underripe girl. 

Her hair was completely black, and she had large, swirling black eyes. Even though she looked quite intelligent, she appeared to be uneasy and incredibly nervous. Her fists were tightly clenched, and her tattered clothes seemed extremely loose, as if they were going to fall right off. 

“Shi Hao!” She cried out. Even though her voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, it was still too delicate. She couldn’t help but cry out in surprise as well. 

Shi Hao walked over, wiping the blood from the corners of his lips and revealing a piercing gaze. The figure on his supreme being bone had been destroyed twice, as a result injuring him. Even though they were formed from symbols and could be reproduced, they were still an embodiment of his supreme being source. 

However, the results were astonishing. He looked down at the young and immature looking Yue Chan. He could directly suppress and kill her right now!

Yue Chan had become smaller, her appearance refined and gentle. Her large eyes that were spinning with spiritual essence swirled about. She was truly scared. This type of situation actually happened; it was unbelievable. 

Earlier, she was extremely decisive and didn’t give Shi Hao any opportunities to retaliate, directly using the divine formations to kill him. She personally witnessed him being blasted apart. She did this out of fear that he might still have some other trump cards to rely on. 

Who could have expected that that was only a fake body that was produced by the supreme being bone’s symbols! It possessed incomparably fighting strength, but it wasn’t his true body. 

This time, Shi Hao’s injuries weren’t light. This was a rare bitter struggle since he had made his appearance in the world, making him spit out quite a bit of blood. This main body of Yue Chan really was frightening and almost made him fall here. 


He reached out a large hand and slapped forward. 

Yue Chan’s expression changed. Right now, her situation was as bad as it could get. How was she supposed to fight back with her age reversed?

“Risk it all!”

She drew from her soul force and ignited it with everything she had. She was drawing from some type of sealed potential, but doing so much might incur rather detrimental effects. 

However, absorbing from it now wasn’t that effective at all. The large amounts of symbols emerged and protected her body, but it was far from as powerful as when she was at her peak. 


Shi Hao’s hand descended, landing on her body and striking through the large amounts of symbols. Her body was sent flying out horizontally, and blood was continuously coughed out from her mouth. 

“Yi, she actually didn’t die?” Shi Hao was astonished. The reincarnation power had turned back Yue Chan to her stage in youth, yet the other party could still utilize a boundless mysterious potential.

The Yue Chan that had decreased in size screamed. Her current appearance was too far from her usual dignified and holy appearance. There was instead a look of shame and resentment, as well as a type of fear. 

Shi Hao laughed. Her current appearance truly was a completely toppling transformation. All of her battle clothes had turned to dust, exposing her pure white body that was swirling with light. She had become a completely naked child. 

“You really are naughty and disobedient!” The corners of his lips curled up. He revealed a smile, and then he slapped outwards. 


Just like an adult instructing a naughty and mischievous child, he began to beat this completely naked child. 

Yue Chan was left somewhat stupefied. What was going on?

This scene was simply unimaginable!

Then, she was immediately woke with a start. Her beautiful eyes were extremely angry, and she was about to explode. She cried out loudly in fear. 

She was the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy, yet she was actually turned into a butt-naked child by someone else’s precious technique and then even beaten like this. It was truly unforgivable. This was the most serious type of blasphemy. 

“You little rascal, you really are disobedient and need to be disciplined.” Shi Hao’s eyes narrowed as he laughed in a carefree manner. He brandished his hand again. 


The mini Yue Chan flew outwards. Even though her body was still shining and frantically drawing from her potential, it was still useless. She could not fully defend herself. 

She could no longer maintain her normally calm and extraordinary appearance. Flames surged from her eyes. She was actually being spanked by someone like this! It was making her go mad.

Under the moonlight, her shrill screams transmitted far into the distance. The skies even seemed like they were going to shatter from these sounds. It could be seen just how humiliated and resentful she felt. This was the most terrifying thing she had ever experienced. 

On the contrary, Shi Hao’s mouth was opened wide as he laughed loudly. 


He spanked this naked child under the moonlight. If outsiders were to learn of this and who the individuals involved were, their jaws would definitely fall off. 

Yue Chan’s eyes surged with fury and she tightly clenched her fists. This type of experience was just too terrifying and awful. Being disciplined like this while completely naked had never happened even when she was little. 

The glorious fairy of the Heaven Mending Sect that was high above all others and could show disdain towards the world of mortals was being dealt with by someone like this. This… really… was a terrifying scene!

Shi Hao roared with laughter. With rather ill intent, he teased, “Butt naked child, are you still going to be naughty?”

Yue Chan was regretting greatly now. If she knew that things were going to end up like this, she would have went all out and prevented this type of result. She had never been defeated in her generation before, nor would she ever be defeated!

It was just that she feared that after she defeated Shi Hao, he might decide to escape, so it would be hard to trap him here. She wanted to completely end him here without sparing any chance for him to survive. 

Unfortunately, this mistake resulted in a hidden attack that lost her everything. 

Shi Hao naturally didn’t act carelessly. Even under this type of situation, he still didn’t underestimate her. His eyes blazed with radiance, and he no longer stalled things out, because the reincarnation effects were limited. 

His right hand suddenly moved, slapping forward to deliver the killing blow to prevent anything unexpected from happening. 

This next palm was, without a doubt, going to kill the beautiful individual in front of him. Golden symbols swirled around this hand. 

Yue Chan exhausted all of her strength and drew from her mysterious potential, but she still couldn’t block everything. In the end, her flesh was still split apart, and she almost exploded on the spot.

This palm blasted apart all of Yue Chan’s bones and left her body in tatters. She almost broke apart into several pieces. All of the magical artifacts, rare treasures, and other items fell outwards, and quite a few of them were immediately destroyed. 

Shi Hao was astonished. Even a supreme expert was doomed with death after suffering this palm. 

“She must have ingested large amounts of golden liquid, which caused her flesh to become perfect and sturdy to this extent.”

He didn’t show any mercy. He raised his hand and struck forward. 

“En, what is that?”

Shi Hao was astonished. In Yue Chan’s body was a small jade bottle that had been blasted apart by him. A drop of scarlet multicolored blood scattered downwards that merged with her flesh as well as a golden little cauldron. 

A boundless energy pervaded the air. It was full of powerful life force. 

“Phoenix true blood?!” Shi Hao was astonished. 

He struck in that direction. The golden little cauldron shone and unexpectedly took action on its own. It released endless light that wrapped around Yue Chan to bring her away. 

Shi Hao’s palm slapped out again, and at the same time, he put away all of Yue Chan’s magical artifacts, precious medicines, and other items, including the bronze precious case. At the same time, he activated the human emperor imprint to attack.

This little cauldron was quite special. It quickly enlarged and collected Yue Chan inside. It endured all of Shi Hao’s attacks, and then it rushed towards the heavens. 

Yue Chan knew that the golden cauldron was an ancient supreme treasure, just that the artifact’s spirit was normally dormant and not paying any attention to her. Only at this crucial juncture did it save her life. 

Her body was inside the cauldron. Her beautiful eyes looked back, carrying regret, dismay, and humiliation. Eventually, it became resolute and incomparably brilliant. 

Shi Hao chased after it. The little golden cauldron pierced through the air, making it impossible for him to catch it. 

“Little Chanchan, you have to behave yourself. If you don’t behave yourself, next time, I will spank you again!” Shi Hao transmitted this message while roaring with laughter.

Fairy Yue Chan’s face was completely red. What composure, what holiness, what dao heart? All of that had been completely tossed aside. She was so angry that her entire body was trembling, especially her bottom that was feeling fiery pain. 

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