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Chapter 522 - Second Body

The witch’s body was impressive with curves undulating up and down. When she walked, her body flickered back and forth. Her beautiful hair flickered with radiance, naturally cascading down her chest and back. Her skin was pure white, and the black and white within her large intelligent eyes were clearly distinct. When she smiled, the corners of her lips curled up slightly. Her teeth was sparkling. She looked rather cunning and charming. 

Inside the vine garden, fresh and clean plants could be seen. A miniature mountain rested here, and all types of rare ancient vines curled about. This place was rich with spiritual essence. 

Shi Hao, who sat on top of a rattan chair looked at her with a rather interested expression. He wanted to know exactly what kind of information she brought with her. 

“If you stare at another so intently, others might feel embarrassed.” The witch’s smile was extremely brilliant and sweet. She said embarrassed, but her skin was just as thick as Shi Hao’s. 

“Just say it already. What kind of good news did you bring with you?” Shi Hao asked. His eyes wandered around rather presumptuously, resting on her body and looking her up and down. 

Today, perhaps she could be considered a heavenly fox fairy. She came with the identity of fox lady. Leaving aside her impressive figure, there were even several snow white tails behind her that were exceptionally eye-catching and charming. 

Shi Hao had seen two of her appearances, and this was one of them. There was a beauty to her that could overturn all living things. A single smile brought about a hundred charms, but she also had an incredibly intelligent appearance.

“I’ve completely unearthed Yue Chan’s secrets.” She smiled extremely happily. Her large eyes narrowed slightly, and her pure white teeth flickered with radiance. She looked a bit like a little demon. 

Yue Chan wasn’t the main one!

To be more precise, the Yue Chan Shi Hao caught wasn’t the main one. When he heard this information, he was a bit stupefied, feeling that this was a bit inconceivable. 

“You are saying that she is just a spirit body?” Shi Hao asked. However, he then shook his head. You have to know that capturing this fairy, he had personally examined her. This was definitely not a void body. 

“Did you forget what I said when we first fought against that girl in Stone Capital? I said before that it wasn’t her true body, and you should have had some clues then,” the witch said. 

Shi Hao frowned, feeling that this was a bit problematic. He had thought that what he had captured was definitely the flesh body. 

“Haha, it seems like you trust your own feelings quite greatly.” The witch smiled. She sat down next to the stone table and poured herself some tea. After taking a sip, she said, “I just said that she wasn’t the main one, not that she was a spirit body.”

“What is the difference?” Shi Hao asked. 

“If you only caught a spirit body, wouldn’t you feel extremely disappointed and frustrated?” The witch had an evil smile on her face. Then, she played the role of the profound thinker and said, “Men, really!”

“What exactly is the situation with her?” Shi Hao was extremely curious as well. He thought back to the golden gates he discovered when he searched Yue Chan’s sea of consciousness and recalled there being a beautiful and perfect woman sleeping inside. 

The witch said, “Yue Chan was rather ambitious, wanting to transcend. She carried out the divine core transformation project, so right now, she is split into two. One is her main body, and the other is her second body.”

Shi Hao was stunned. In that instant, many things cleared up, but he was still shaken inwardly. The Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy truly dared to be so heaven defying?!

Without a doubt, the one he suppressed was the second body and was also made of flesh. It was just as important. 

“She has this type of divine ability method?” Shi Hao felt that this was a bit hard to take in. 

“You absolutely cannot underestimate Yue Chan. No matter who you show contempt towards, it absolutely cannot be her. You have to understand that she created quite an uproar as soon as she was born. The heavens produced great irregular signs, and auspicious light poured downwards from above. Even the sun dimmed for quite a period of time.” The witch spoke extremely seriously. 

“She was born in the higher realms. How do you know so much about her?” Shi Hao did not take the witch to be someone from the lower realm, and right now, he indirectly received proof. 

The witch’s snow white fox tails moved about, making her look extremely charming. However, she had a pure expression on her, and her large eyes were extremely bright. She didn’t pay his doubt any attention and instead said, “There are those that speculated that the irregular signs during her birth had unknown originations.”

As for Yue Chan’s past and the various extraordinary events that happened when she was young, the witch didn’t talk about them in detail. She only told him that there was a strange holy potential inside of her that exceeded her current cultivation level!

Shi Hao was inwardly shaken. He recalled the perfect woman that slept behind the golden gates within her sea of consciousness. She was sparkling and pure while, brilliant and beautiful. She was like a goddess. 

This time, she went to seek confirmation to make sure that Yue Chan did not disappear. She also stated that the main body was perfectly fine and had never been trapped before. 

The witch found a place that she had been cultivating in seclusion before and found a few traces, and this was how she deduced that the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy had displayed the divine core transformation project. 

“Main body, second body…” Shi Hao began to think about this topic. His face turned incredibly overcast. 

“I said two bodies, but in reality, it’s one body. They are both real, only that one is more powerful and the other a bit weaker.” The witch explained. 

“Why did she do this?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Obviously to become more powerful. This is a type of rebirth. By dividing the divine core into two, it is equivalent to having an extra life. Even if one body dies, there is another. In addition, one body could be used to resurrect the other.” The witch explained, seemingly a bit jealous. 

Divine core rebirth; this was an ancient technique. Back then, the witch had also searched for it but ended up empty-handed. She never expected Yue Chan to have successfully cultivated it. 

“To divide oneself into two, it really is a bit strange.” Shi Hao said. 

The witch said, “What is strange about it? After cultivating it, as long as both bodies aren’t together, then it would be incredibly difficult to completely kill that person. In addition, the most crucial part is that both bodies can cultivate. When the second body returns to the first, then she will be complete!”

The so-called perfection was definitely powerful enough to show disdain towards the heavens above and earth below. One could overlook the nine heavens and tenth earth, making them truly unequalled!

Using the witch’s words, even though Yue Chan looked aloof like an immortal, she was extremely greedy and a bit wild. 

“However, her second body was caught by me.” Shi Hao laughed mischievously. 

“Both the main body and second body have to be killed at the same time, or else regardless of which body it is that is alive, it can still be used to reborn the other body.”

“It’s that troublesome? In that case, me capturing one is completely useless, because she can still create another one?” Shi Hao felt a bit of a headache. 

“No, it is extremely useful!” The witch smiled like a crafty little fox. Her eyes flowed with luster, and she said, “As long as the one you captured isn’t dead, she cannot create another one.”

“There is such a thing?” Shi Hao’s eyes lit up. 

“But of course. Even though that ancient technique is quite incredible, it still has a few flaws.” The witch’s smile was extremely cheerful and lighthearted. 

“Where is her main body?” Shi Hao asked. 

“I’ve been looking this entire time, but I never found any signs. If I’m not mistaken, she definitely found a place of great natural luck and chose to cultivate in isolation there. Meanwhile, the second body was what she used to travel through world.” The witch said. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he was a bit shaken. Why did these words sound a bit strange? It was as if the goddess was above the ninth heaven, and she formed a body to experience the mortal world. 

“That is why you have to take proper care of this second body and raise the fairy tenderly. This is also a way of restricting the main body, and in the future, you might be able to ‘interact’ with her…”

Shi Hao felt speechless. Then, he couldn’t help but laugh loudly in a carefree manner as well. 

When the laughing ended, the witch suddenly focused her expression again, telling him that this second body definitely wasn’t simple and that he can’t act carelessly around it. She came this time to assist him. 

“Just a beautiful captive. How bad can it get?” Shi Hao laughed and said. Recently, his mood wasn’t bad. He met his parents and was reunited with them. Then, he received these news from the witch. 

“The second body being captured by you can also be considered a type of unexpected event. I believe the holy fairy definitely didn’t purposely let herself get captured. She probably hates this so much that her teeth are aching.” The witch smiled and said. 

“Since she has already been captured, what kind of storm can she still stir up?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Being captured was not something she desired, but she didn’t put up a life and death struggle and try to run away. This means that she is enduring silently and plotting something,” said the witch.

From her words, it seemed like Yue Chan was trying to find out all of Shi Hao’s secrets, including the archaic vicious ten’s Kun Peng techynique and how he was able to grow so quickly.

Shi Hao’s mind shook. Regardless of whether it was the Kun Peng Technique, True Primordial Record, or the supreme precious technique contained within his supreme being bone, they were all enough to make a great sect go crazy. 

“Even a prisoner dares to go after my things? Isn’t she scared that she is feeding herself to a tiger and inviting disaster?” Shi Hao laughed coldly. 

“You have to understand that there were astonishingly auspicious signs as soon as she was born. There is indescribable divine potential within her body. Based on what you just said, sealed behind the golden gates is definitely a power that surpasses her current cultivation realm. At a crucial moment, she might land a blow on you,” said the witch. 

Shi Hao was astonished. Could it be that he had become the trapped prey instead?

The witch smiled while shaking her head. “I reckon that it is extremely hard for her to use that power right now. If she wants to use it, she definitely has to pay a disastrous price. Unless she absolutely has to, she wouldn’t open those golden gates. I believe that she will only risk it when her body is harmed or after obtaining your secrets.”

“She truly is daring!” Shi Hao’s aura suddenly surged. 

“If we take a step back, this is her second body, so she isn’t scared of these things. As soon as she fails, she can escape immediately after taking her own life. After all, the main body can still restore the second body,” said the witch.

Shi Hao thought for a moment. He felt that this technique was truly mysterious and frightening. 

The witch said, “Of course, the reason the main body is called as such is because it is a bit more powerful. If the distance is close enough, it could sense everything the second body has experienced and can even command the second body.”

The witch went a step further and said, “I have a feeling that the second body is taking this risk because after the main body learned of the second body’s predicament, she personally came and instructed the second body to act this way.”

It was to the extent where she suspected that the second body didn’t know everything, and only the perfect unconscious woman sleeping deep behind those golden gates knew about everything. 

“Even though they are both the fairy’s flesh and completely identical, the soul of the main body should be more powerful and should be able to control everything.” The witch said. 

“After finding the main body, I definitely have to suppress it!” Shi Hao said. 

“She definitely moved far away already and wouldn’t leave behind any signs, because everything that has to be done has already been done. She is probably isolated within a place of great natural luck and calmly waiting for the result.” The witch said. 

When Shi Hao heard this, his eyes released a terrifying expression. “Let her feed herself to the tiger?”

“Hehe, correct, let her get burnt since she wants to play with fire.” The witch was extremely self-confident. Her eyes flickered with multicolored light. 

“What do you suggest?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Obviously to keep the fairy’s second body and raise it tenderly. If it pleases you, you should take her as a wife already,” said the witch. She brought out a stone case and smiled evilly as she said, “I brought over the legendary deity suppressing bead. It can suppress her divine consciousness, making her unable to act out or kill herself. It will be hard for her second body to break free then.”

“Hehe…” Shi Hao began to laugh. 

“That way, the second body won’t be some type of disaster. In the future, you can use her to interact with the main body.” The witch was smiling in an extremely sinister manner. 

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