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Chapter 523 - Deity Suppressing

The dull stone-made case looked rather old-fashioned without many decoration. Its workmanship was extremely rough. When it was opened, a bead appeared. It was gray and simple looking without any luster. It wasn’t even perfectly round. 

“This is that deity suppressing bead?” Shi Hao brought it out and carefully looked it over. He did not see anything particularly special about it.

It really was just too different. It wasn’t like a treasure at all and instead looked like a stone bead polished by a child. There was no aesthetic to it. It was ash gray and looked like it was covered in dust. 

“Good stuff are all like this. After standing through the test of time, remaining immortal through the endless stream of time, legends are created. In the end, the extraordinary will return to being ordinary and return to its true self.” The witch spoke as if she was speaking profoundly. 

Shi Hao didn’t think her act was funny at all and instead carefully sized it up. Then, he extended his divine senses, and in that instant, he felt a powerful wave of fluctuation, as if a sea was suppressing downwards. 

This thing was formidable as expected! It could suppress one’s sea of divine senses!

It looked ordinary, but once it was activated, it became a stone of wonders. After the passage of endless years, all of its pretentiousness had been covered. Right now, it only had its innate charm.

“How do I use it?” Shi Hao asked. 

“It’s a bit risky. You have to first lay a consciousness locking formation to seal up an area, and then enter Yue Chan’s sea of consciousness to suppress the stone on top of her sea of consciousness’ core imprint.”

“It’s that troublesome?” Shi Hao frowned. 

“If it was just a normal person, then that’s that. They could be suppressed with just the raise of a hand. However, Yue Chan is not ordinary! I suspect that there is a deity submerged within her sea of consciousness,” said the witch. She revealed a rare, serious expression. 

“There is definitely a certain level of risk with this. I do not feel like it is worth it,” Shi Hao said. 

“You can relax, this stone bead is an ancient treasure. Even if all eight regions are searched, it would be hard to find a second one. This bead alone can seal up the sea of consciousness of a true deity,” said the witch. 

Then, she patiently guided Shi Hao, telling him that if he successfully invaded inside, he might even obtain the greatest profound mysteries of the Heaven Mending Sect. She licked her bright and seductive red lips, seeming to care quite a bit about that divine core ancient rebirth technique. She wanted to use this chance to obtain it. 

“Fine!” Shi Hao nodded. Right now, he didn’t lack materials. Even though Stone Country Imperial Palace had been plundered, setting up a consciousness sealing formation was still an easy task.

That day, Shi Hao laid down a formation within an enormous private room. He began to carefully discuss and solve all of the problems. When he felt that there were no problems left, he prepared to suppress Yue Chan. 

“Father, mother, I am going to go into isolation for a few days…” Shi Hao went out to let his parents know. After all, they had just returned, yet he was going to disappear again. 

After returning to his homeland, and then to Stone Capital, Shi Ziling was overwhelmed with emotions. He sighed with sorrow and regret. That day, he strolled through the streets with his wife and saw a few manors. They thought about entering several times, but they always stopped before doing so. 

“Ziling, could it be that you are still homesick and shy, too embarrassed to see your old friend?” The War King appeared, inviting the two people over as guests. 

That day, Stone Capital was in a huge commotion. The emperor’s parents returned. Should they treat Shi Ziling as the father of the current emperor?

Shi Ziling back then was a well known genius inside Stone Capital, but when he left, he disappeared for more than ten years. The ulterior motives and secrets gradually surfaced, and many people learned about the circumstances. 

“You two should know that the father of the emperor was brought back by His Majesty himself! He broke into the mysterious region and overturned Immortal Mountain!”

“That can’t be! Is what you say really true? That’s too terrifying!”

The name Demon Emperor had already resounded throughout the mysterious region, and everyone there already knew about him. However, news had not spread widely to the wasteland region yet, so only a few individuals knew about it. After all, crossing regions was currently still quite difficult. 

However, since news had already leaked out to the point where a few individuals here knew about it, it would inevitably spread throughout the great earth. 

At the very least, the mysterious region had long erupted into commotion. A youth slaughtered his way into Immortal Mountain alone and produced this type of heaven defying feat. It truly was a miraculous event that was going to shake the world. 

Without a doubt, once they received confirmation, regardless of whether it was Heaven Mending Sect, Western Sect, or the others, they would all act cautiously. All of the great powers under the heavens had to think carefully before acting. 

Shi Hao began his ‘isolation’, not allowing anyone to disturb him. 

Fairy Yue Chan was also a captive, but she was still calm and collected. She was elegant, pure, and aloof. Her snow white long skirt reached the ground, covering her slender and elegant body that was undulating with curves. 

Her skin was as white as ivory, and her dark black long hair was soft and radiant. Her eyes were like black gemstones. Her eyelashes were long, and her red lips were gorgeous. She was like an exceptional beauty that walked out from a painting; not a single flaw could be seen. 

"Yue Chan, when should we get married?” Shi Hao frivolously asked. 

Before taking action, he used words to open the way. He wanted to make her mood rise and fall greatly so he could take advantage of her blankness. 

“If you catch that witch and make her my servant, it isn’t something impossible to agree to.” Unexpectedly, fairy Yue Chan actually had this type of attitude. It was different from the past. 

Even though she spoke these words, her voice was completely calm, as if untainted by the world of mortals. It was as if she belonged outside this world and didn’t have any interest in the affairs of mortals. 

Shi Hao was inwardly moved. Did this female’s divine senses become sharp to this degree? Did she notice something and was purposely testing him?

“That’s a simple matter. After we get married, I will consider catching her and having her accompany you.” Shi Hao said with a smile. 

“Didn’t she come?” Yue Chan revealed a meaningful smile. It was beautiful and brilliant as she looked around her. 

Shi Hao’s mind went momentarily blank. This woman was extraordinary as expected. 

“Since little sister came, why aren’t you coming out? Didn’t you come here to deal with me and steal my dao results?” Yue Chan’s voice was pleasant to listen to. It was like the sounds of nature as it resounded through the formation. 

Shi Hao shook his head and said, “What are you so suspicious of?”

“Little Stone, let me give you a word of advice. In this world, the most terrifying person is that witch. You have to be especially careful around her!” Yue Chan spoke. 

Shi Hao remained silent. Neither one of these women were easy to deal with. Was she trying to cause disharmony even at such a crucial juncture?

“You have seen two of the witch’s appearances, and at least one of them is a spirit body. Can you be sure that the other one is a true body too? Who is she? What is her real appearance? You might not know any of this…” Yue Chan said. 

“What are you trying to say?” Shi Hao said. He wasn’t in a rush to take action. He also wanted to take this chance to learn a bit more about the witch. 

Yue Chan smiled faintly. She truly was indescribably beautiful and striking, immediately brightening this entire place. “You have so much trust towards someone whose real body you’ve never even met before. Be careful of her trap, or else you might be caught up in her schemes too.”

Shi Hao sighed. Smart women were hard to deal with as expected. Yue Chan only spoke a few sentences, yet it was already enough to make him feel restless. He really did begin to feel some hesitation. 

The witch seemed to know so much, and this time, she came to work together with him, but he had to do most of the work. If he ended up getting backstabbed, that would truly be a tragedy. He couldn’t help but begin to reconsider. 

“She never even revealed her true body, so how can she be trustworthy?” Yue Chan smiled, appearing more and more bright and beautiful. She had glowing white skin, intelligent large eyes, and a beautiful nose. Her lips and teeth were sparkling. “You do not know how she truly is, and there are all types of possibilities. Perhaps she wants to help you, but she might also be hiding things. She might be a complete demon, and she might just be completely opposed to me. There is no way for you to find out if any of these possibilities are true.”

She spoke quite a bit. The last sentence made Shi Hao suck in a cold breath of air. 

He felt that there was a need to use the divine eye left behind by the ancient dual-pupiled individual to look at the witch. It couldn’t be that Yue Chan’s true body came, right?

This was an extremely ridiculous thought, but it made him shiver inwardly. He knew that Yue Chan was quite good with words. Everything she said left him feeling quite apprehensive. 

“Older sister Yue Chan, I came. I am here to personally see you get married.” The witch quickly and skillfully entered the formation. She gave Shi Hao a glare and released a light snort, expressing her discontent. 

“I embody the divine, while you embody the demonic. Why is there a need for all of this?” Yue Chan said. 

These words left the two of them shocked. 

“Older sis Yue Chan, I really have to admire you. Your divine senses are terrifyingly powerful. Could it be that you have an idea of what is about to happen?” The witch asked, immediately trying to stir up disharmony. 

 Shi Hao didn’t say anything and quietly stood on the side. After thinking for a bit, he said, “You should make your move.”

The witch was surprised. “Are you not scared of her words?”

Shi Hao laughed and said, “I have confidence in suppressing everything. As long as we are in this imperial palace, we are in my territory. If anyone turns out to be wrong, then I might as well just smash them to death.”

“Arrogant and unbridled!” The witch muttered.

“Then let’s go together while holding hands.” Shi Hao teased. He grabbed her sparkling beautiful arm.

“You should stop trying to take advantage of me!” The witch glared at him. 

Finally, for the sake of their sincerity, two sparkling and brilliant little figures separately rushed into the area between Yue Chan’s brows. Hand in hand, they entered into the fairy’s consciousness. 

At this moment, fairy Yue Chan’s cultivation was sealed, so it was impossible for her to defend against anything. She could only make preparations in her own sea of consciousness. 

Inside her sea of consciousness, a white-clothed woman stood inside while waiting for these two. She looked at Shi Hao and said, “After this battle, regardless of how the results turn out, even if nothing unexpected happens, you should still be wary of the witch. She is the one that is the most terrifying.”

“Older sis Yue Chan, you really aren’t kind and honest. You are clearly about to be married off, yet you are still plotting against me like this, planting a seed of distrust. Sigh, fairies are all bad people!” The witch sighed. 

Yue Chan smiled sweetly and said, “If that really is the case, then we will publicly announce it in the future.”

It was quite clear that there was no way she could stop the cooperation between these two. The stone bead in the witch’s hand in particular could seal up her sea of consciousness. It truly was incomparably terrifying. 

Meanwhile, above Shi Hao’s head, there was a precious imprint that scattered down strands of draconic energy, protecting him within. Nothing could invade this barrier, making him invincible!

That was the human emperor’s imprint. It contained the fate energy of a country, a supreme treasure. Inside the imperial palace, it could suppress everything. 


Shi Hao and the witch advanced together and pushed apart the golden gates. Behind it was a sleeping subconscious mind. That woman was the true opponent they had to deal with. 

This sea of consciousness was sparkling and translucent, untainted without any faults. It proved that fairy Yue Chan’s potential was astronomical and her soul was pure. In the skies above this sea of consciousness, clouds and mists enveloped this place. A bejeweled jade palace suspended there. 

Inside of a majestic jade palace, there was a woman sleeping. Golden multicolored light surrounded her pure white body. Her appearance was extraordinary and she looked incomparably divine. 

The moment the golden gate was pushed open, she suddenly opened her eyes. Two beams of light made from mysterious symbols shot out. Her entire body floated upwards, as if she was a deity!

The aura of this Yue Chan was exceptionally terrifying and powerful. Her flesh was immortal and her bones were like jade. Her black hair fluttered about, and golden splendor surrounded her body. There was a layer of golden luster covering even her hair. Her eyes were brilliant, 

“Now that you sent her in as well, aren’t you scared that she’ll suppress you together with me?” Yue Chan asked. 

“Not scared.” Shi Hao had both of his hands behind him. The emperor imprint above his heads scattered down strands of draconic energy. His entire body became incomparably hazy. 

“Annoying. Why can’t he just give others a chance?” The witch was displeased and annoyed. She shot Shi Hao a look and saw the human emperor imprint above his head. 

“Take action!” Shi Hao said. 

In the next moment, inside this sparkling sea of consciousness, a great battle erupted. The three figures rushed to the skies like deities as if they were immortals ascending. 

The witch held the stone bead in her hands. At this moment, the dust covering the deity suppressing bead completely vanished. It displayed auspicious brilliance that could seal down the eight regions. It was as if it was going to completely freeze the space here. 

However, the deity like Yue Chan was unyielding and aloof. That type of soul power exceeded one’s imaginations, far surpassing the cultivation realm she should possess. It actually put up a defense here, causing an intense battle to break out. 

“Didn’t you say that it could even seal up deities?” Shi Hao asked. 

The witch’s smile was extremely brilliant. “This only proves that her origins are extraordinary. If we capture her, we can definitely obtain tremendous benefits.”


Shi Hao continuously sent out heaven connecting sword energy hacking down towards Yue Chan. This was a confrontation between divine senses, but precious techniques could still be similarly displayed.


A true dragon emerged, coiling around Yue Chan’s body. It raised its head and roared towards the ninth layer of heaven, wiping out all of the sword energy. 

The witch chanted incantations. Sparkling flower petals fluttered about one after another, surrounding the area in front of her and submerging Yue Chan. Every single flower petal had a dao imprint engraved on it; the power of this attack was boundless. 

A hong sounded. Next to that incomparably beautiful fairy, an immortal phoenix appeared. It was bathed in flames, as if it was undergoing rebirth. It coexisted with her and burned up all of the petals. 

This Yue Chan surpassed her original cultivation realm. She wasn’t easy to deal with!

If not for the deity suppressing bead greatly weakening her soul force, a completely different scene might be playing out here. 

This was an incredibly intense great battle that persisted for a long time. All types of light danced about. Divine abilities appeared endlessly. They were all displayed here. 


Fairy Yue Chan shone. Her entire body released streak after streak of divine chains as if she was the holiest goddess above the ninth heaven. It was as if she could show contempt towards all living things and was currently looking down from the sky. 

The situation was extremely unfavorable. Her power exceeded all expectations. 

“Older sis, your background is mysterious after all. However, the deity suppressing bead is an ancient supreme treasure. It’s useless even if you struggle,” said the witch. She revealed a mysterious technique and activated this stone bead. 

A mysterious aura filled the air, disturbing the natural laws of heaven and earth. She formed a domain that suppressed the heavens!

Shi Hao was shocked. Fortunately, he still had a trump card in hand and didn’t fear the witch turning on him. 

“Attack!” The witch transmitted her voice to Shi Hao. 

At this moment, the sky severing technique appeared. That streak of light became eternal!

At the same time, Shi Hao used the Kun Peng technique. This divine ability also illuminated the sparkling sea of consciousness and sealed towards that exceptional beauty. 

Finally, everything became quiet. The sealed deity was like jade. The exceptionally beautiful fairy was locked down by streak after streak of symbols and completely locked down. Then, a jade bead suppressed on her body. 

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