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Chapter 521 - Demonic Emperor

“Let’s go. Shall we see what he is going to do?” Hong Huang spoke. The one she was talking about was naturally Shi Hao. 

“An exceptional genius… this type of person is truly unexpected and astonishing! If he went to the higher realms, those individuals might not be so lonely anymore!” Bi Gu said. 

When he said these words, many people revealed looks of shock. Was he truly an ‘exceptional genius’? This definitely had to be investigated. This little Stone was too strange and a bit too strong.

“Wu, I’m looking forward to when he enters the higher realms. In that boundless land, heavenly talents are everywhere and exceptional talents emerge in great numbers. If he goes up there, will he be caught up in the middle of everything?” Yin Ying quietly spoke. Her eyes flickered with astonishing luster. 

“Wu, Shui Yue, aren’t you engaged? Isn’t it someone similar?” Lan Yu asked. 

“Nonsense!” Shui Yue retorted. 

They were in a hilly region where the terrain undulated up and down. Chaotic energy scattered out bit by bit. The formation arranged by the little pagoda wasn’t easy even for a higher realm sect master to destroy. 

Shi Hao was rather reassured, because no harm would come to them. However, he still felt a headache. The lockdown of this formation made it so that he couldn’t enter either. He could only wait for the little pagoda to come. 

“Pagoda grandpa really is formidable. I already tried over a hundred ways to comprehend it, but I still can’t figure out this formation.” The divine striking stone was astonished and showed rare humility. 

Shi Hao was sat on a hill and silently cultivated. His mood was quite good. He found his parents, and he obtained quite a bit after entering the Archaic Precious World as well. He was feeling rather carefree. 

In the end, he didn’t have to wait too long before the space was directly torn apart and the little pagoda entered. Hazy chaotic light surrounded it, and there was precious splendor scattering about. 

Shi Hao was overjoyed and immediately walked up. 

“What happened outside?” The little pagoda was incomparably serious as it asked Shi Hao. It had entered the depths of the primal chaos with the Willow Deity to chase after the dao gate, yet they suddenly felt a strange aura. 

“A few major things happened. Unfortunately, you and Willow Deity weren’t here, so we let a great opportunity go!” Shi Hao sighed inwardly with regret. He retold the events that had just taken place. 

“Aiya, it pains me to death!” The little pagoda cried out miserably. It tumbled down from the air. 

“Pagoda Grandpa, what’s wrong?” The divine striking stone was startled.

“My world mountain, my divine materials, my chaotic palace have all ran away! It pains me to death!” The little pagoda tumbled and rolled about while crying out continuously. 

It was hard to imagine that this was a chaotic magical artifact. It didn’t have an ounce of integrity as it cried out with heart tearing grief. 

Shi Hao curled his lips. When he saw it cry out in pain, he immediately knew the reason. He showed it great disdain. 

“Brat, what kind of expression is that? If this all happened to you, wouldn’t you act the same?” The little pagoda was furious. 

Shi Hao blushed with shame. From time to time, he was exactly like this, for example, feeling pained that the weapon of an enemy broke. From a certain perspective, he was truly similar to the little pagoda!

“Pagoda grandpa, are you still going inside the primal chaos?” The divine striking stone asked. 

“Not going. Going to quietly wait for the result.” The little pagoda did not reply with a good mood. The primal chaos was endless, and now that it left already, it would be too difficult to catch up to the primordial gate. 

“Let’s not talk about those things anymore. Hurry and take apart the formation,” Shi Hao said. 

The sparkling and translucent formations were dispelled. The little pagoda collected the formation banners and took apart the formation on this hill.

“Father, mother!” Shi Hao cried out loudly and rushed over. 

“Our child!” The two individuals were incredibly happy. 

The area inside the formation was extremely peaceful. There weren’t any vicious beasts, nor was it a dangerous area. Vegetation grew abundantly, and there was also a spiritual lake that surged with essence energy. 

These days, Shi Ziling and Qin Yining were both incredibly worried. They felt extremely tense, fearing that something unexpected happened to Shi Hao. After all, his opponents were too powerful. 

“Our child, it’s good that you are okay!” The family reunited. Qin Yining hugged Shi Hao tightly, and Shi Ziling reached over a large hand to hold his shoulders. 

The passage of time didn’t leave much traces on their bodies. Shi Ziling still appeared extremely heroic, and Qin Yining was still beautiful. Only, for the past many years, there was a bit of melancholy that collected for many years and didn’t disappear. 

It was because they longed to see Shi Hao again and couldn’t forget about the past. This matter had always clouded their minds. 

“Mother, father, I’m okay, and I was even able to obtain some opportunities!” Shi Hao was extremely happy. Now that they were united together, there was a great feeling of warmth even without many words being exchanged between them. 

Qin Hao stood on the side silently. His silver magical clothes flowed with radiance. Qin Yining pulled him over and said, “Hurry and call him big brother.”

There was a wave of silence. He didn’t utter a sound. 

Shi Hao laughed and said, “We just met each other twice, so of course he won’t feel used to calling me that. It doesn’t matter, we’ll get to know each other later.”

“Child, why are you acting like this?!” Shi Ziling said in a downcast tone. His eyes were deep with divine radiance as he looked at Qin Hao. 

“Big brother!” It was extremely hard for him to spit out these two words, as if Qin Hao exhausted a large amount of strength. He gave the little pagoda in Shi Hao’s hair a look and then no longer said anything. 

“As an older brother, I can’t not give you a present.” Shi Hao brought out a jade cauldron, and with a brilliant smile, he said, “A gift for you.”

Qin Hao didn’t accept it and stood there in a stiff manner. 

“Big brother is talking to you and giving you a present. How can you not accept it?” Qin Yining frowned. She felt a bit helpless, because she knew that there was always something preoccupying her mind. 

“He killed Qin Fa,” Qin Hao said. That was the supreme expert that taught him how to read. 

“Your big brother had no choice. Without killing them, how could he have saved us?” Shi Ziling explained. 

“Who needs him to save me? I was living just fine in Immortal Mountain, yet he overturned that place and killed Qin Fa and the others!” Qin Hao said. 

“Your big brother did all of these for our sake. Hurry and accept big brother’s gift,” Qin Yining said. She knew that her urging was useless. Her second son was quite close to Qin Fa. 

“Yi, this is…” Shi Ziling smelled a faint fragrance. When he opened the fist-sized pure white cauldron and looked inside, he was left incomparably shocked. 

There were three drops of golden liquid. Every drop was the size of a dragon eye fruit. They were like three little suns, absolutely dazzling. A rich fragrance wafted through the air that left those who smelled it feeling intoxicated. 

“This is divine liquid!” Qin Yining cried out with shock. 

“These are the three drops of precious liquid I obtained from the ancient sun tree.” Shi Hao explained and told them what happened during these past few days. 

The two individuals were greatly terrified when they heard this. They felt incomparably worried when they heard that the eldest son fought against so many supreme experts alone. These three drops of golden liquid were fought for with his life. 

“Even if it’s divine liquid, I don’t want it.” Qin Hao said. 

Pa!” Shi Ziling couldn’t hold back anymore and slapped him with his hand. “Again and again. Why are you being so rude?!”

Qin Hao stubbornly twisted his head without saying a word in response. 

“Child, you can’t be like this. Your big brother suffered quite a bit outside. Without us at his side, he had to face challenges again and again all on his own for all these years before finally reaching this point today.” Qin Yining said. Then, in an extremely serious voice, she said, “He only fought the great war against Immortal Mountain to find us. If he didn’t take action, he would have easily lost his life...”

When she spoke to this point, her eyes became red and she couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. She hadn’t been able to properly take care of Shi Hao for all these years, and it was him who found them instead. He was even going to gift his little brother divine liquid. When she thought of this, she immediately felt incredibly pained inside. 

Even Shi Ziling’s eyes felt sore and his chest tightening. He wasn’t able to obtain holy medicine for his oldest son, and Shi Hao now instead gave his second son golden divine liquid. 

“Regardless, you grew up at our side, while your big brother was always roaming about outside and suffered much more. He kindheartedly gave you a gift, yet you aren’t showing gratefulness?!” Shi Ziling looked at him strictly. 

Shi Hao hurriedly cut in to change the topic, not wishing to stay on this topic any longer. Qin Hao was prejudiced against him, and this type of matter could only be changed through time. 

An as an older brother, he just only did what he ought to do. 

Shi Hao didn’t force him. He didn’t insist on giving him the divine liquid and instead directly handed it over to his parents, wishing to leave it with them.

The husband and wife insisted that they didn’t need it. They felt sorry towards their oldest son, so how could they accept his life-saving opportunity? This type of item was miraculously effective regardless of whether it was towards cultivation or as a life-saving treasure. It was equivalent to having three lives. 

This time, Shi Hao insisted on gifting it out. 

“Alright, we’ll just take a single drop.” In the end, out of fear that Shi Hao would think too much, the husband and wife accepted one of the drops. 

Then, they went on their way, preparing to leave this Archaic Precious World.

“Yi, who are those three?” The geniuses and noble ladies from the higher realms hurried over and were just in time to see this scene. 

Shi Hao naturally noticed them as well. He nodded towards them. 

“Your friends?” Shi Hao’s mother seemed to have seen something. 

“We met not too long ago. They came from the higher realms.” Shi Hao replied. 

Lan Yu and the others walked over and greeted them. Both sides had some conflicts within the Chaotic Ancient Palace, but the ones that died were their competitors, so there couldn’t be said to be enmity between them. 

At the same time, these people viewed Shi Hao rather favorably, wishing for him to be added into their own sects, so their appearances were rather friendly. 

When they left the Archaic Precious World, they saw some people from the Mysterious Realm. When this ancient world appeared, it naturally triggered a huge uproar. Many people rushed over to search for opportunities. 

Then, when Shi Hao appeared and the mysterious region’s people saw him, they seemed even more shocked then when they saw this precious world. Many people looked as if they saw a ghost. They immediately lost self-control and showed great fear. 

“Shi… Hao!”

“Demon Emperor!”

The trembling voices of a few individuals sounded. They felt a wave of horror.

“What is wrong? Why are all of you scared of him?” Xuan Ming, Shui Yue, and the others became suspicious. Could it be that little Stone was the same as a demon king in the the lower realm, and that was why everyone was retreating in fear?

Lan Yu and the others were curious. They wanted to find out the truth and hiddenly asked for an explanation. 

“He is the Demon Emperor… No, I’ve spoken incorrectly. He is Stone Country’s human emperor, the youngest human emperor.” Someone spoke in a rushed voice while feeling great fear. 

“What is going on?” Shi Hao asked. He only disappeared for a few days, so why did it seem like a new name, Demon Emperor, emerged?

Lan Yu, Hong Huang, Shui Yue, and the others became even more amazed. They carefully asked around, and in the end, they became stupefied one after another. They were all petrified. 

“He’s a human emperor, and right now, many people are calling him the Demon Emperor… He entered Immortal Mountain alone and overthrew that entire place?!” Hong Huang looked like something had stepped on her tail. She couldn’t help but cry out. What kind of ridiculous thing was this?

“Impossible!” Bi Gu also shouted loudly. He knew that Immortal Mountain’s heavenly deity’s precious imprint was left behind in the lower realm. Who dared to shake up a place like this with such a thing there? That was a chaotic magical artifact!

There was no way this wasn’t true. The individuals that were asked cried out inwardly and felt incomparably nervous. They were also incredibly puzzled. Did these people who walked together with the little Stone truly not know information about him?

Lan Yu, Bi Gu, Shui Yue, Ying Ying and the others were truly stupefied. They already knew that Shi Hao was an ‘exceptional talent’, but they never expected him to be this heaven defying. 

They were at a loss. After thinking about their experiences inside the Chaotic Ancient Palace, cold sweat flowed down their bodies, inwardly rejoicing that they weren’t like Zhao Qi and Zhuo Yun, fighting against the little Stone. This youth was too heaven defying, actually overturning Immortal Mountain and obtaining the title of Demon Emperor in the outer world. It left them unbelievably shaken!

After seeking confirmation repeatedly and asking from various sources, Hong Huang, Shui Yue, Xuan Ming, and the others accepted this reality. Everything they heard was true!

“This… is just too crazy!” Xuan Ming muttered. Back then, he even looked down on the little Stone and suggested to bring him into the higher realms as a battle servant, but now… his mood could only be described by these words. 

“Inconceivable!” The group from the higher realms all had strange expressions. This shocked them too greatly. 

Half a month later, Shi Hao returned to the wasteland region and officially returned to the imperial palace. If the little pagoda wasn’t so lazy, they would have returned more quickly. 

“My child became the Stone Emperor?” Shi Ziling felt deeply moved as he stood in front of the Central Heavenly Palace. When he returned to Stone Capital again, he thought of too many things. 

“Your majesty, that witch came. She has been waiting for you for several days already.” Peng Nine immediately welcomed him. 

Shi Hao met the witch again. She was still just as strange and devastatingly beautiful. Her figure was perfect, and she was incomparably lively and crafty. She was quite the character. 

“Your Majesty Demon Emperor, I bring you good news! Your Yue Chan fled during the disaster, hehe!”

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