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Chapter 520 - Departure

The ancient sun tree trembled. The entire tree released hua hua sounds and scattered down golden radiance. Boundless fluctuations defused outwards. 

This tree connected into the heavens. Every single leaf was extremely large and could prop up a mountain peak. When it swayed like this, it truly felt as if the entire world was rumbling. 

The heavens split apart. The enormous ancient tree supporting the world mountain and the Chaotic Ancient Palace before directly rushed into nothingness!

Meanwhile, everyone was shaken off, unable to stay on top of the ancient tree. They fell towards the sea of magma. 

“Are we going to leave just like that?” Everyone was stupefied. The ancient tree was about to leave this world. 

They began to drop down extremely quickly. Wind whistled past their ears. Golden leaves could be seen beside them. Some people wanted to grab onto them, but they weren’t able to stop themselves. They were all separated from this ancient tree. 

Every single leaf nurtured a star. The scene was extremely astonishing. 

“I do not accept this!” A supreme expert cried out. They had clearly entered that palace and saw two bone books, yet they missed them just like that. 

Golden multicolored mists diffused outwards, swirling around with brilliant radiance. The branches and leaves swayed, releasing noises like a great tsunami. It was divine and peaceful as it rushed out in an incredibly intimidating manner. 

Many individuals wanted to grab onto something while falling, but they couldn’t make contact with the golden divine tree. 


The roots were pulled out from the sea of magma, moving past everyone. The golden roots were sparkling and brilliant. They absorbed the spiritual essence from all directions, completely drying up the earthflame liquid below. 


In the end, everyone fell into the sea of magma. When they raised their heads, the ancient golden tree was already gradually disappearing into the distance. It directly entered the large crack in the sky, disappearing from this world. 

“Why did it end up like this?!” Someone cried out in lamentation. 

“We were so close to obtaining two immortal scriptures! How cruel is this? We can only watch as it leaves!” Another supreme expert roared. 

With the departure of this tree, the natural laws of this place changed greatly. The sea of magma gradually dried up and returned to being rocky ground. In addition, everyone could fly again. 

“Earthflame liquid…” Shi Hao sighed inwardly. When the sun tree rushed up, those enormous golden roots brought away too much essence, sucking the scarlet sea dry. 

A bit of golden light fell onto his hair. The Emperor Butterfly returned, turning into a golden bead again. Fortunately, it was unaffected and returned to his body at this moment. 

The ground was extremely hot. Wisps of smoke drifted upwards. This place lacked life force, as if it was a piece of ruined earth. 

The supreme experts roared continuously. Many individuals felt extremely disappointed. They were clearly so close to a great opportunity and were about to obtain it, yet they missed out just like that. 

“We were so close!” Even someone as gentle as Lan Yu couldn’t help but clench her two hands. Her large eyes were full of regret. 

“It most likely entered the higher realms.” Hong Huang brandished her fist fiercely, her face full of disappointment as she looked into the heavens. 

Shui Yue, Xuan Ming, and the others also came to this conclusion. At that moment, they felt a familiar higher realms’ aura. Unfortunately, they were shaken off, so there was no way for them to follow it. 

“The higher realms is so large. In addition, if it enters the Stellar Grave, Yin Region, or other places like those, then there’s nothing we can do. This tree has a spirit, so it will definitely avoid everyone.” Bi Gu sighed softly. 

“Youngster, it’s all your fault! If you handed over the precious book earlier, how could it have ended like this?” A supreme expert hatefully spoke and looked at Shi Hao. 

They caught a golden scrow race supreme expert and speculated that he might be able to hold the bone book, using this to avoid the Chaotic Palace’s mysterious force. In the end, they were a step late. 

“What does that have to do with me?” Shi Hao shot him a look. 

“It it wasn’t for you, we might have a bone book right now.” The Golden Giant had one of his arms removed by Shi Hao. At this moment, he also roared loudly. 

Even if it was a supreme expert that suffered this injury, there was still no way to recover from an injury like this in a short period of time. His eyes were full of cold light as he stared over. Killing intent surged. 

“If you are unsatisfied, then come and fight!” Now that they were on the ground and he no longer had to worry about the strange events that could happen on the golden tree, Shi Hao became even more fearless. As such, he revealed a smile.

“Everyone, let’s work together to capture him. He had carefully studied the bones when he held them, so he definitely remembers a few scriptures.” The Nine-Headed Snake had its tail destroyed, but its fighting strength wasn’t weakened. At this time, it spoke these words coldly.

It was part of the snake race, so its aura was naturally cold. The cold radiance in its eyes made one feel extremely uncomfortable. After being looked at once, one would feel as if there were bugs crawling over their body. 

Many people’s eyes lit up. Shi Hao had looked at both ancient scriptures, and because of that, he had almost been seriously injured by the Blue Dragon. Perhaps he truly grasped a portion of the scriptures. 

“Little dao friend, we all entered the ancient palace, and you obtained some natural luck, so you ought to share it and not hog everything for yourself, right?” The Purple Golden Ant said. It walked forward, surrounding this place with the other supreme experts. 

Xuan Ming, Bi Gu, Shui Yue, and the others all maintained their silence as they watched from the side. They also suspected that Shi Hao might have grasped a portion of the scriptures. 

“Those were immortal scriptures, not some reptile or ant inheritance. Do you think that I can remember the scriptures just by taking a look?” Shi Hao asked in response with a hint of ridicule. 

Everyone knew that the more powerful the inheritance, the more complex the symbols would be. For example, the Kun Peng technique, the imprint at the very core was only a single symbol, but when one carefully looked at it, it changed endlessly. It was vast like swirling stellar streams. 

The Nine-Headed Snake and Purple Golden Ant’s faces both had ill intentions. By saying reptile or ant, wasn’t he ridiculing them?

“The core imprint might truly not be something one can remember in a short period of time, but you should be able to remember a few of the obvious opening symbols, right?” The Ancient Ironblood Tree spoke as it watched Shi Hao intently. 

“Fuck off. Forget about the fact that I didn’t obtain anything, even if I truly did obtain something, it still has nothing to do with you all. Just now, you all attacked me from all sides, yet you want me to share it now? Why don’t you all keep dreaming!” Shi Hao’s words were rather harsh. His temperament wasn’t going to change even if he fell. 

Everyone surrounded him, but none of them acted blindly without thinking. In the previous battles, Shi Hao had long proven his own strength. Unless it was related to the two scriptures, no one would carelessly act out. 

“What is everyone waiting for? Use your most powerful methods to suppress him. This person continuously killed our world’s people, so no matter what, we cannot let him go,” said the Nine-Headed Snake. 

“Should we take action?” The geniuses from the higher realms asked each other. 

“There’s no rush. Let’s watch from the side without aiding either side.” Xuan Ming spoke. 

“You all should think this through carefully. Once we start fighting, I won’t stop until all of you are slaughtered. I won’t show any mercy!” Shi Hao said with an incomparably calm expression. 

The Golden Giant laughed deeply and said, “Youngster, you are quite arrogant! I will suppress and kill you right now!”

SHi Hao shivered inwardly, and a strange chilliness crept down his back. He hurriedly moved several thousand zhang away. A resplendent streak of golden light shone in the void, striking the area where he originally stood. Rubble flew everywhere. 

Many people backed up in retreat. The geniuses and noble women from the higher realms were all astonished. They even more so fled into the distance. 

A golden island appeared in midair. A few giants stood on top of it. The beams of light had blasted down from there before. Its power was extremely great!

“Golden Giant Race’s war island?” The golden crow race’s daoist cried out in alarm. 

The void trembled, and powerful fluctuations rippled outwards. Not far away, an enormous black mountain flew over. Symbols covered its surface. It released a great power and locked down an area. 

“Nine-Headed Snake Race’s snake mountain?” All of the supreme experts muttered. 


The sounds of wings trembling continuously sounded. An enormous ant nest appeared! Many ants with wings emerged, and all of them were as large as oxen and horses. 

This was a piece of meteorite, but it had long been excavated through, becoming a war fort for the ant race. There were many killing formations carved on it, and at this moment, they appeared in this place. 

This wasn’t all. Enormous monsters appeared in all directions, surrounding this place and releasing their pressure. 

Shi Hao said in a soft voice, “So this is how it is. I was wondering why you all were so confident. It turns out you’ve already contacted your clansmen and came with your trump card.”

Before the supreme experts climbed up the ancient golden tree, they had long set up backup plans. They had the experts of their race wait outside. When they called out to them now, they naturally showed themselves. 

War island, ant nest, snake mountain, and the others appeared. This place was completely dark, as if large amounts of clouds descended, making those present feel suffocated. 

The number of supreme experts that came were limited. After all, the truly powerful individuals had all entered the golden tree to represent their races. However, the creatures that came later brought all types of great killing artifacts from their race with them!

These war devices filled the air. They all contained clan guarding formations. 

“Kill him!” The Nine-Headed Snake released a sharp cry, giving out the order. The black snake mountain in the sky immediately released a deep radiance. Snake figures pounced down from the sky one after another. It was incomparably terrifying. 


There were seemingly endless symbols within the ant nest. There were ants everywhere. They were actually constructed from mysterious symbols. They could pierce through metal and crack stone. They possessed an extraordinary divine might. 

At the same time, a powerful vitality diffused outwards. Many seeds sprouted in the void. Young blood-colored trees took root one after another to submerge Shi Hao. 

This was the Ancient Ironblood Tree Race’s formation. They also had powerful individuals that attacked viciously. 

At this moment, heaven and earth erupted. A great battle took place, with Shi Hao surrounded by terrifying powers attacking him from all sides. The supreme experts all focused on Shi Hao, all for the chance that he might have remembered a short piece of the immortal scriptures. 

“Stop them as well!” A supreme expert shouted, wanting to surround and wipe out foreigners like Lan Yu, Bi Gu, Shui Yue, and the others as well. 

Xuan Ming had long retreated to the edge. At this moment, he brought out the stone bridge. Everyone followed him, and in a flash, they broke out from the encirclement. 

“You all truly think of me as some pushover…” Shi Hao said. He made his way through the skies, avoiding all types of killing lights and stepping over all the symbols. He still didn’t suffer any damage in the end. 

“This is a Four Division Formation, one zhang to the left, ten zhang forward…” The divine striking stone in his hair sounded. 

“That is a war island formed from the five elements. Enter from the metal gate, leave through the fire gate…” The divine striking stone continuously transmitted sound. 

Even though these clan protecting formations surrounded the skies, they couldn’t immediately harm Shi Hao. He moved about within them, continuously evading while attacking. 


At this moment, the divine striking stone cried out strangely. It was thrown out by Shi Hao, turning into a streak of flowing light and smashing forward. With a peng sound, it struck against the head of the Golden Giant. 

“Ao hou…” Even as a supreme expert, after suffering from this strike, blood continuously poured outwards. Its ears were ringing with sound, and cracks began to appear on its skull. 

“It’s so hard! It hurts!” The divine striking stone cried out with ao ao sounds. 

The Golden Giant had lost an arm already, so he had been furious a long time ago. Now that he was ridiculed like this again, he was angered beyond belief. Golden light erupted from his entire body and poured forward. 

With a wave of Shi Hao’s hand, the divine striking stone flew back. Then, he threw it out again, infusing it with divine force. 


This time, the sound was even more earsplitting. It was as if metal struck together! The scarlet rock that carried faint golden luster flew at the Golden Giant’s head, releasing loud metallic sounds. 

The Golden Giant cried out miserably. Blood continuously flowed from that area. His forehead cracked apart, making its brains almost visible. 

Shi Hao was astonished. After devouring large amounts of divine materials and a sea of earthflame liquid here, the divine striking stone actually evolved to this level. As expected, it really was a supreme treasure core. 


In the next instant, Shi Hao was like an arrow that left a bowstring. Under the guidance of the divine striking stone, he turned into a beam of light. He rushed forward, and then he unleashed his most powerful fist!

At this moment, he was like a great Peng that had spread its wings, as well as a Kun Fish that devoured the heavens. He unfolded his body, sending his right fist burning with heaven overflowing divine flames smashing forward. It was as if it was supported by the force of heaven itself. 


Even though the golden giant did everything he could to defend himself, his sole arm remained convulsing. It was simply not enough to block this attack. He immediately exploded, dying under that youth’s hands. 

Soon after, Shi Hao appeared by the Purple Golden Ant’s side to fight in close quarters against it. Both parties’ flesh was extremely powerful. Even though the Purple Golden Ant was only a zhang or so in length, its power was even greater than that of the golden giant. 

This was a fight between those at the pinnacle of physical strength!

Finally, the Purple Golden Ant’s body violently trembled. There were cracks all over its body. It wasn’t Shi Hao’s opponent in the end, and it continuously coughed up blood as it backed up in retreat. 


Shi Hao sent out a palm, blasting off its head. Then, he put its body into the heaven and earth pouch. This was precious fleshly medicine. 

“Aohou…” The Nine-Headed Snake shouted loudly and attacked frantically. However, under Shi Hao’s reincarnation force, its quickly shrunk, and nine heads were swiftly torn off by Shi Hao, ending its life. 

“Hou…” The Ancient Ironblood Tree erupted with rage. However, after experiencing an intense battle, it was still blasted to pieces by Shi Hao’s stalk of grass heaven connecting sword energy. 

Shi Hao broke free from the enclosure, leaving a trail of blood behind him. He killed all of the most powerful experts, leaving everyone here greatly intimidated. 

The war island, snake mountain, ant nest, and the others all backed up. There was no point in continuing this battle. They would only be adding to the casualty count. 

Shi Hao turned into a streak of light and disappeared into the horizon. He soon arrived in an area with a formation. Chaotic energy filled the air. His parents and little brother were sealed up inside. 

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