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Chapter 519 - Obtained Natural Luck

It shouldn’t be, right? He lightly sighed and then came to this conclusion. It was because he heard that the Transcendence piece was in the Supreme Palace and not in the Chaotic Ancient Palace. 

“Leave behind the precious scripture!”

The Purple Golden Ant shouted loudly. After transforming into human form, purple hair flowed behind him. The little hammer he spat out from his mouth flowed with purple energy. It smashed downwards with astonishing power. 

At the same time, Bi Gu and Xuan Ming also took action. The scene was chaotic right now. They wanted to take advantage of the chaos to seize the bone book and then escape. 

Shi Hao turned around. He didn’t slaughter towards everyone and instead dealt with the sphere of blue light that was blasting towards him. That dragon had ignited his spiritual essence to mount a hidden attack against him. 

The Blue Dragon’s vitality was just too powerful. It only needed a moment to recover and return to its peak. However, its chin was shattered and destroyed. This was not something even someone like a supreme expert could recover from in a short period of time. 


It roared. A ball of flames emerged from its throat. It was deep blue, and instead of blazing heat, it possessed terrifying chilliness. 

“Netherworld flames!” Xuan Ming and Bi Gu cried out and hurriedly retreated. 

These flames were extremely special. There was a deep coldness within its chilliness, as if it came from the underworld. According to legends, it could ignite one’s soul. It was extremely terrifying and wasn’t inferior to the solar essence flame. 

“I was going to leave you with your life, yet you didn’t cherish it.” Shi Hao said. Even though the reincarnation force couldn’t be used immediately again, after merging with the Imperishable Golden Body, his body still became powerful. 

He displayed the true Kun Peng technique here. His fist flowed with overflowing golden light, and dark light flickered about it as well. On one side was a golden great sun, and on the other was a vast and mighty black sea. 

When this fist brandished about, the great yin and great yang swirled together, erupting with incomparable might. The two fists merged together and struck forward. 

A hong sounded. The netherworld flames were scattered!

The Blue Dragon backed up in retreat and spat out large mouthfuls of blood from its mouth. However, Shi Hao had no intention of letting him go. A golden Peng appeared in his right palm. It raised its head and roared. Endless golden light followed it as it swooped down. 

At the same time, his left palm produced a black Kun fish that was extremely soft and yin in attribute. Waves stirred up, sealing this place. 

In that short instant, they clashed several dozen times, causing the space here to distort. The powerful Blue Dragon’s body swayed, and its luster became dim. 

The Blue Dragon brandished its tail to forcefully break out. In the end, it encountered the black fish’s boundless black mist, immediately leaving it greatly shaken. The force of great yin entered its body. It was hard for its flesh to endure it. 


Then, a great sun descended. The golden Peng swooped down, immediately tearing its body apart. The Blue Dragon’s life ended just like that.

“It’s not a humanoid, and there is the word dragon in its name! I’m really lucky this time!” Shi Hao was still a youth. At this time, he revealed a smile that was extremely brilliant and splendid. 

However, in everyone’s eyes, that smile left them feeling horrified. The powerful Blue Dragon was killed by him just like that?!


The heaven and earth pouch shone with auspicious light, collecting the Blue Dragon’s enormous corpse away. Inside, fairy Yue Chan cried out in alarm when she saw an auspicious beast with a pure bloodline become Shi Hao’s spoils of war. She had a feeling that he had become even stronger. 

“Why did I see a female?” Bi Gu was incredibly shocked. 

“It can’t be that fairy Yue Chan you are thinking about, right?” Xuan Ming also saw a flash. After coming down into the lower realms, they had previously seen Yue Chan’s picture. Even though they hadn’t seen her for many years, they could still recognize her.

“Shi Hao, do you have someone detained inside that heaven and earth pouch?” Bi Gu asked. 

Shi Hao shook his head, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t want more issues to arise. 

Bi Gu was doubtful. He came down into the lower realm just to look for fairy Yue Chan. Now, he began to have doubts, and his entire body felt restrained. How could the fairy inside his heart appear inside another person’s heaven and earth pouch? This thought made him go crazy.

The chaotic battle continued. Other supreme experts slaughtered over. The two bone books both entered people’s hands, so two battles immediately broke out. It was an incredibly messy battlefield. 

Not even noble ladies like Shui Yue and Hong Huang could remain calm anymore. They sent messages to Shi Hao that they were willing to cooperate and break out together. 

“No one is allowed to leave!” A golden crow daoist seemed to have gone berserk. His hair was dishevelled as he continuously slapped about madly here. He was activating all types of possible restrictions that existed here. 


Sure enough, the solar essence flame became even more brilliant. Golden flames erupted everywhere, burning fiercely. In addition, there were a few symbols engraved in the void that only the golden crow race could understand. 

“Golden crow dao friend, if you act randomly, don’t blame me for acting rudely!” The Ancient Ironblood Tree roared. It was a plant type supreme expert. Even though it was one of the most powerful experts here, it feared flames the most. It was an innate weakness. If not for the ancestral staff that had been passed down, it would have fled a long time ago. 

“This is my clan’s treasury. None of you are allowed to move!” The golden crow supreme expert shouted. 

“Nonsense. This Chaotic Ancient Palace didn’t have any masters endless years ago. Your ancestor merely occupied it temporarily for a period of time,” said a supreme expert. They no longer cooperated with each other. 

The great battle was intense. Everyone here was on guard against each other. The bloody battle continued endlessly. 

Shi Hao held one of the bone books, so he was naturally the target of one of the battles. He still wasn’t able to flee immediately and was obstructed from leaving the palace. 

“Yi, something’s wrong!” Suddenly, Shi Hao noticed that the bone book on his body was trembling as if it wanted to leave him. He immediately reached out to grab it. His five fingers used force, and his entire body shone, trapping this rough bone. 

In the distance, a cry of alarm sounded. The other individual that had a piece of the scripture also suffered from a similar problem, but wasn’t able to immediately suppress it. 

A streak of light flew across the ancient palace. That piece of bone book flew towards the grand dao platform. 

A golden flower rested there. Multicolored clouds wafted about that flowed with splendid radiance. Inside of it was an egg that contained an exceptional golden-haired beauty. 

This bone book flew out. Then, it landed inside the golden flower!

“No!” Everyone cried out loudly. Many of them tried to bring it back, but they noticed that their divine force all disappeared when they approached, making all of their efforts amount to nothing. 


Some of them couldn’t hold back anymore. There was divine liquid within the golden flower as well as an immortal scripture, yet none of it could be obtained, so how could they accept this? A group of people fiercely attacked, but then they quickly dodged. 


What left them shocked was that after several magical artifacts entered the golden flower, they were silently refined, turned into the most basic foundational source energy and absorbed!

“What kind of power was this?” The other individuals cried out in shock. They couldn’t help but back up. They felt waves of fear. 

This golden flower was too terrifying. Could it be that the ancient sun tree really developed its own will? Was its soul going to be reborn into another form?

“Haha…” One of the golden crow race’s supreme experts laughed loudly, as if he was going mad. 

The other golden crow daoist was also moved. He said to himself, “The heavens haven’t forgotten about us golden crows. Something big will definitely happen in this world, and the Crow Emperor will definitely reappear, one born with a natural divine bloodline!”

Everyone’s expressions changed. When they looked at the golden egg, they didn’t feel it was impossible.

One had to understand that endless years ago, there was a celestial emperor that emerged from the golden crow race. Rumor has it that it was precisely this ancient sun tree that gave birth to that existence!

There was someone who refused to believe in legends and brought out a taboo painting scroll. It began to burn, wishing to blast the golden flower apart. This power definitely surpassed the level of a supreme expert. 

However, the painting scroll was still decomposed and absorbed into foundational source energy. It was absorbed by the golden flower and used to incubate the golden divine egg. 

At the same time, a divine chain of order flew out from the center of the flower. With a pu sound, it pierced through the supreme expert that took action, killing him on the spot. This was a soundless type of warning. 

Everyone stayed silent out of fear!

At this moment, Shi Hao encountered a great problem. The bone book in his hands trembled and was about to fly out. He opened his ten heavenly passages to lock down this space, but it was still hard to stop it from moving. 

Everyone looked over together. Many people revealed killing intent. There was only a single ancient scripture of the two left. 

“Do you want this scripture to fly away too? Why don’t you hurry and help me!” Shi Hao said. He then turned around and left. 

The others looked at each other in dismay. They were being berated by a youth, one they even fought a desperate battle against, so how could they be willing to do so? However, after carefully thinking, they were truly scared of that scripture flying away. 

Perhaps leaving this place and then trying to seize it was the relatively smarter decision!

“Brother Shi, come here. We will help you leave!” Shui Yue spoke. Lan Yu, Bi Gu, and the others rushed forward. Regardless, these individuals didn’t directly clash with him before, so there was still relatively good relations between them. Working together right now wasn’t too bad of a choice. 

“Go, leave this place first!” The other supreme experts also said in a downcast tone. Right now, they were truly a bit scared. That golden flower was too mysterious and terrifying.

“No one is allowed to leave!” The golden crow expert shouted. He stirred up the solar essence flame and activated some formations to trap everyone here. 

“You’re looking for death!” The Ancient Ironblood Tree was irritated. One of its roots extended from its completely red body and turned into a terrifying bloody spear. Scarlet symbols erupted as it hacked over.


Bloody light splashed up. That supreme expert from the golden crow race cried out loudly. He was not a match in frontal combat. Even though he avoided having a crucial point struck, his body was still pierced, and as a result, that area exploded. Then, the other half of his body also exploded. 

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. The Ancient Ironblood Tree was just too powerful!

“Stop!” Shi Hao shouted. At this moment, he felt the bone book in his hands become unstable. It was violently shaking. 

Not only did he open the ten heavenly passages, he also used the Kun Peng’s force in both hands to keep it in place. He wanted to keep this portion of the scriptures, but that dao platform had a mysterious force that was going to seize the book away from him. 

“Take action!”

Lan Yu, Hong Huang, Xuan Ming, Bi Gu, and the others all took action to resist this mysterious force and assist Shi Hao. It was because right now, helping him was the same as helping themselves. 

“Hurry, we have to first stop this wave of energy!” The other supreme experts also took action. If this piece of bone flew out as well, then none of these individuals would have any opportunity of obtaining the scriptures. 

Everyone took action together, temporarily stopping their conflict. 

Shi Hao quickly rushed outwards. Divine light shone deeply within his eyes. He forcefully broke through the layer of light on top to see exactly what was recorded on top. It was because he had a feeling that he most likely couldn’t bring this bone away. 

“You all can’t bring this away. This was left behind by the celestial emperor to leave behind great fortune for my race. You all do not have the golden crow’s bloodline, so you cannot obtain the opportunity!” A golden crow daoist shouted. 

“Catch this golden crow and make him bring the bone book out.” The Ancient Ironblood Tree and the Purple Golden Ant gave each other a look, and then they told the other supreme experts to do this. 

At the same time, a line of text appeared on the bone’s surface, reflecting on Shi Hao’s eyes. He finally saw what was inside. 

“Less than a hundred characters?!” He immediately frowned. There were just too few here! However, immediately after, he was shocked again and began to earnestly study it. 

It was because the opening was only a single sentence: I did not obtain that great opportunity.

The inscripted name was the celestial emperor!

Meanwhile, there were several dozen strange symbols that were extremely mysterious behind it, as if there was some type of heaven defying great natural luck. It flowed with hazy chaotic energy. 

What was the meaning of this? Shi Hao carefully studied, but he couldn’t understand the meaning of these several dozen symbols. 

He thought deeply about this. He felt that these several dozen symbols pointed towards the great natural luck the celestial emperor was talking about. This made his heart continuously pound. 

This bone had less than a hundred symbols on it, and they weren’t particularly profound or complicated symbols. As such, Shi Hao was able to immediately commit them to his memory.

On the other side, the Ancient Ironblood Tree, Purple Golden Ant, and the others joined hands. They suppressed towards the golden crow daoist. They forced him in front of Shi Hao and said, “Hand over the bone book and let him hold it.”


Suddenly, heaven and earth began to tremble at this moment. The ancient palace rumbled, and a wave of terrifying energy filled the air. 

Shi Hao’s mind was shaken. He felt as if the shaking of the bone book in his hands became even more intense. A wave of great danger descended, so he loosened his hands.

With a pa sound, the Nine-Headed Snake used its tail to grab the bone book. Then, in the depths of the palace, a ball of light appeared on that dao platform. A faint void figure appeared. Its supreme aura was incredibly frightening. 


Suddenly, the Nine-Headed Snake’s tail split apart. It cried out in pain. That bone book rushed towards the depths of the palace and landed on that praying mat. 

Shi Hao quickly rushed outwards. In the end, he jumped out from the Chaotic Ancient Palace. The others also felt that something was off and all fled as well. 

At that moment, the entire ancient sun tree released boundless divine light, and while supporting the world mountain and Chaotic Ancient Palace, it completely uprooted itself from the ground and broke through the heavens. It actually soared upwards!

“Why… do I feel the aura of the higher realms?!” Hong Huang cried out in astonishment. 

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