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Chapter 518 - True Record

Shi Hao swooped past. The black golden clothes were brilliant and sparkling, but not a single drop of blood remained on it! Meanwhile, around his body, blood erupted. That corpse fell down. Zhao Qi died a violent death. 

Everything happened in an instant. Everyone inside the palace was greatly alarmed. 

Everyone here reacted quickly. They blocked up this palace, cutting off Shi Hao’s route of retreat. Everyone quickly recovered. Their eyes were full of greed as they stared at the bone book in his hands. 

The palace was extremely grand. Chaotic energy pervaded the air. 

There was a momentary silence where no one said anything. They were still fighting a great battle just now, yet they immediately quieted down. The atmosphere was extremely tense. Killing intent continued to grow inside the entire ancient palace. 

Shi Hao stopped. He was once again trapped at the center. All of the auras were aimed at him. The bone book entered his hands, its cover feeling a bit rough on his fingers. He didn’t know what kind of vicious beast left it behind. 

He lowered his head to look carefully at it. This bone was dim without any luster. However, it was heavy. Even though it was only the size of a palm, it was several thousand jin in weight. 

Shi Hao used his hand to pinch it. The bone was tough, and it was hard for external force to break it. 

From a certain perspective, Zhao Qi succeeded in sending this piece of scripture into Shi Hao’s hands to incite everyone’s hostility. Unfortunately, Zhao Qi used his own life to do so. 

The palace was enormous and extremely spacious. It was unknown what era it was constructed in. It was not that extravagant, and instead had a plain and dull appearance. 

Killing intent extended outwards. Everyone surrounded Shi Hao, ready to unleash crazy attacks at any moment. 

“Hand over the bone book!” The Nine-Headed Snake’s voice was hoarse. Its eyes released cold beams of light, and its tongue fluttered outside its mouth. It used its enormous body to block in front of him. 

The Ancient Ironblood Tree had long recovered. Its leaves were lush and flourishing. It took root within the void. The tree was entirely scarlet red as if blood was flowing everywhere in its body. A powerful strike could erupt from its body at any moment. 

There was also the Blue Dragon. It moved its enormous wings and brandished its long tail, causing waves of blue electricity to surge. It stared in this direction. 

On the other side, Xuan Ming, Bi Gu, and the others also occupied an advantageous position while looking for an opportunity. This scripture’s value was impossible to put a price on. Even if the sect masters of the higher realms came, they would still take action to fight over it. 

The situation was dire; however, Shi Hao didn’t hurriedly accept or reject their demand. He was still thinking whether he wanted to throw it out to harm others or to hold onto it and try to forcefully break out. 

He lowered his head and concentrated. He extended out his divine senses, actually trying to inspect this precious bone at this crucial moment to see what exactly was recorded. 

As soon as his divine senses entered it, it stimulated some type of restriction. The dull bone shone and erupted with a solar essence flame. The flame was golden in color and throbbing about. 

Shi Hao was astonished. He hurriedly protect his body. If it was a normal person, they definitely would have immediately been burned into ashes and it would have been hard for them to survive. 

The solar essence flame was known as one of the world’s most formidable heavenly flames. Its temperature was astonishing. Regardless of whether it was magical artifacts, flesh, or other substances, it could refine them all, burning them into ashes. 

This place immediately erupted with heat that was hard to defend against. The fiery light burned through a bit of primal chaos, lighting this area up brilliantly. 

Even the surrounding people were shocked and quickly backed up. This fiery light rushed far into the distance, almost burning the nearby experts.

One of the golden daoists’ clothes lit up. It was greatly stirred up, and its eyes were full of passion. It couldn’t help but shout out, “This was left behind by the heavenly emperor, one of my race’s supreme inheritances!”

“Stop him!” The others also cried out loudly, fearing that Shi Hao would pry into the scriptures. 

The Golden Giant was the first one to move. He lost an arm, but was still extremely valiant. He brought out a golden mountain that quickly enlarged. In an instant, it turned into an enormous golden mountain and slammed down towards Shi Hao. 

The Blue Dragon spat out golden electricity and brought out a little bell as well. Each time it trembled, it would make one’s soul feel like it was leaving the body. It was extremely strange, making others not dare to approach it. 

Chaotic energy surged. The solar essence flame burned, all types of precious techniques flew about, and magical artifacts suppressed downwards. This place erupted with chaos!

Shi Hao was in great danger. His divine gaze was like lightning, piercing through the light formed by the flame essence to stare at the bone piece. He wanted to clearly see the things recorded within it. 


The great golden mountain slammed down, causing the space here to distort. This was an archaic divine mountain refined by the Golden Giant’s ancestors, and it had long been turned into a divine magical artifact. 

It carried endless golden multicolored light, scattering apart the divine light protecting Shi Hao’s body. 

For the sake of observing the scriptures, he didn’t put up a defense and instead evaded it. He shifted outwards, moving into the distance like a Kun Peng. With a hong sound, the enormous mountain peak slammed into the ground. The ancient palace rumbled with noise. 

If not for this palace being vast and left behind by a taboo expert, it would have long been crushed into dust. Despite this being the case, the ground still trembled greatly and shook intensely. 


Scarlet multicolored light filled the sky and leaves danced about. The Ancient Ironblood Tree went crazy. Earlier, it suffered a blow from Shi Hao, becoming weakened by the reincarnation force, so it now wanted revenge. All of the red leaves turned into blades of light before hacking downwards.


Shi Hao released a light shout. Ten heavenly passages opened, locking down space and freezing those leaves in midair. Then, he dodged again, moving to another region. 


The Purple Golden Ant took action. Even though it was only a zhang in length, its divine force was astonishing

This type of strong wind and mysterious force made everyone back off in retreat. They could feel a powerful pressure even from far away. 

Shi Hao was greatly shocked, but he didn’t fight back. The Kun Peng’s force was displayed, and like transient light, he backed off. He continued to study the bone book to try to understand its contents. 

“What do we do? Should we take action?” The geniuses and noble ladies of the higher realms were all moved, but they didn’t want to muddle the waters. They wanted to wait until the opportunity presented itself. 

Shi Hao pried inside and finally saw an imprint. He was able to grasp numerous symbols, immediately leaving him shaken. 

“This is…”

The symbols weren’t completely unfamiliar. When he saw the beginning, his hand trembled, because it was just too familiar. This was the True Primordial Record, and it was carved by someone onto this piece of bone!

The Willow Deity had said before that a few taboo existences had seen the True Primordial Record before. 

From the very first part, he was able to see that this wasn’t false. Otherwise, how could it have been recorded here?


A tremendous pressure attacked over. All of the supreme experts joined hands, smashing over like a stellar stream. Multicolored light burned, surrounding this place. 

Shi Hao withdrew his mind, because he couldn’t continue his observation. He was currently facing great danger. 

He quickly evaded, dodging this storm. 

Blue Dragon’s little bell enlarged, becoming larger. It rang in a long and drawn out manner. Ripples continuously diffused outwards towards him and made his primordial spirit become unsteady and actually leave his body!

Shi Hao was shocked. He had been too careless! For the sake of prying into the ancient scriptures, he placed himself in a dangerous situation. 

“Divine flames burn the heavens!” A golden crow daoist shouted. With a raise of his hand, golden flames erupted, surrounding that fist sized figure to completely burn into ashes. 

“Let’s see how you avoid disaster now!” The Golden Giant also roared outwards. The golden peak descended and smashed towards his body. 

The others also took action. They attacked at both his flesh and primordial spirit. 

At this dangerous moment, Shi Hao’s mind was calm. Even though his soul had separated from his body, he still didn’t panic. He used his flesh like a precious artifact, sending it fleeing into the distance.

This situation was beyond dangerous, and he managed to avoid this disastrous situation!


Divine light flickered. His primordial spirit rushed into the space between his brows, returning to his body. The pupils of his eyes immediately lit up, no longer appearing lifeless. 

In that instant, he tossed the scripture outwards, choosing a comparatively stronger expert, the Nine-Headed Snake. Then, he retreated to the side. 

“En?” Everyone was startled. 

The Nine-Headed Snake’s eyes flickered with radiance. It used its tail to grab the bone book, and then it cautiously looked at everyone here. Then, like a streak of lightning, it fled outside the ancient palace. 


Two golden daoists took action. They unexpectedly activated some type of restriction, causing the solar essence flame within the ancient palace to surge and blaze intensely. 

“Haha… As expected, it really is my race’s ancestral land!” The golden crow race’s supreme experts cried out with joy and continuously laughed. 

“Take action!” The geniuses and noble ladies of the higher realms took action. A large net appeared in Shui Yue’s hands. It flickered like the stars in the sky as it surrounded and trapped the Nine-Headed Snake. 

This was a secret treasure. The Nine-Headed Snake struggled about, but it wasn’t able to immediately break free. 

Shui Yue didn’t collect the net and instead chose to back off. 


The Golden Giant brought out the golden mountain peak and smashed it downwards, making the Nine-Headed Snake cough out blood. It was extremely unwilling, but in the end, with a sway of its tail, it tossed the bone book out of the net. 

The solar essence flame surged. A streak of flames wrapped around the precious book and led it into the golden crow daoist’s hands. As a result, the Ancient Ironblood Tree ruthlessly took action. A branch slammed downwards, causing the golden crow daoist to cough out blood continuously. 

Inside the palace hall, the solar essence flames burned furiously. Everyone brought out their secret body protecting treasures. Another extremely chaotic battle erupted. 

Shi Hao rushed towards the bookshelf, and he also led the blood on the ground towards that area to activate the formation and obtain it. 

He wanted to see what the second ancient scripture was. 

Of course, he wasn’t the only one that had this intention. Xuan Ming, Hong Huang, and the others were already moving. They gave each other a look. All of their expressions were calm, not saying anything unnecessary. 

Apart from this, the Purple Golden Ant and a few other supreme experts walked closer. They had the same intentions. 

The blood essence was guided over into the grooves on the ground, causing strange changes to take place here. Streaks of lights shone one after another. The formation recovered, and as expected, the bone book on the bookshelf floated upwards. 

At this moment, a stone bridge emerged. Xuan Ming’s speed became fast to the extreme. He was the the first one to reach the bookshelf and immediately grabbed the bone book. 

The Purple Golden Ant was extremely powerful. It possessed innate divine force, and through it, its precious techniques and magical artifacts produced shocking destructive power. When it opened its mouth, a purple golden little hammer was spat out. With a dong sound, it landed on the stone bridge and shattered the barrier of light. 

A shua sounded. It rushed over. 

Xuan Ming’s expression changed. He asked Bi Gu and Hong Huang for help. 


A scarlet precious fan appeared in Hong Huang’s hands. When it moved, crazy winds blew about and fiery light surged, covering the Purple Golden Ant. The divine might that was produced was seemingly limitless. 

This was a terrifying attack. The power of this fan was boundless, making the Purple Golden Ant tumble backwards. At the same time, Xuan Ming also became a bit unsteady, falling off his own stone bridge. The precious book left his hands. 

Lan Yu, Bi Gu, and the others flew over to seize the bone book. 


A long and drawn out bell sound could be heard. The Blue Dragon swooped over, using that little bell to clear the way. Right now, the little bell was enormous as it moved through the sky, making everyone’s souls feel unsteady, as if it was going to leave their body. Everyone backed up. The bone book immediately entered its mouth. 

Shi Hao was determined to obtain this scripture. He rose into the air and attacked with everything he had. 

A period of time had already passed, so the supreme being bone could naturally be used again. He used the reincarnation force, sweeping it through the skies to attack everything around him. 

Everyone released strange cries. They all backed up. 

Blue Dragon was frightened. It bore the brunt of the attack. A magical artifact was brought out to defend itself. 


The bell lost its luster. After suffering from the attack of symbols, it flew through the air. Countless cracks appeared on its surface as large amounts of light surrounded it. 

The Blue Dragon roared loudly. It was greatly shaken. However, its body still shrunk, changing from its great current self back to its youth. Its divine force was weakened and quickly declined. This made it feel great fear. It immediately turned around to run.


Shi Hao rushed forth and slammed out with his fist, blasting that enormous dragon mouth apart. The bone book fell out, and with a single grabbing motion he obtained it. Then, he turned around to leave. 

“Could this be the True Primordial Record’s second piece, Transcendence?” He asked himself inwardly. 

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