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Chapter 516 - Confrontation

The headless corpse fell down. Blood dyed the ancient palace’s floor red. That head tumbled far away, its expression showing alarm and terror. The mouth was opened, as if he wanted to say something. 

“You want me to rejoin your head? You still want to continue living?” Shi Hao was astonished. 

Zhuo Yun’s wish to survive was extremely strong. He did everything he could to open his mouth and move his eyes. His vitality still hadn’t been lost. The spirit between his brows was still flickering, as if it wanted to escape. 

A light chi sounded. Sword energy swept out. While feeling fear and unwillingness, the space between his brows was penetrated by a golden magical sword, completely ending his life. 

Shi Hao was extremely calm. The other side continuously provoked him repeatedly, and he even showed powerful killing intent towards him. His bottom line had long been crossed. 

“You, don’t come over!” The other three cried out loudly. They turned around and left, showing great fear on their faces. 

Even individuals as powerful as them now had extremely young looking appearance. They lost their peak strength, having half of their body’s cultivation lost. They no longer had their high and mighty confidence. 

“Stop!” Zhao Qi shouted. He felt extremely anxious inwardly. Not long ago, he had also stood against Shi Hao. 

At the same time, Shui Yue, Xuan Ming, Bi Gu, and the others brought out their secret treasures. They also walked up to dissuade him. They felt greatly shaken inwardly. Zhuo Yun wasn’t weak, but he actually fell in the lower realm. 

“Dao friend, we travelled across the sea together. After entering the chaotic ancient palace, we will naturally be at odds against each other. However, you still cannot act like this. We cannot struggle internally. After all, there is still a group of great enemies outside.” Bi Gu said. 

These individuals felt extremely uneasy, and their thoughts were a bit complicated. Some of them wanted to rope in Shi Hao, and there were some that felt extremely terrified of him. They felt an extremely powerful killing intent from him. 

“Brother Shi, let them go. Those supreme experts are going to catch up quickly. If you do this, we are weakening our own strength.” Shui Yue spoke. Silver light emerged on her body, making her look extremely holy and pure. 

Shi Hao wasn’t in a hurry to make his move. He looked at the remaining three people and wanted to see how long the reincarnation force would last. 

“Ah…” One of them cried out loudly. His body shone, and then it began to gradually ‘mature’. His cultivation was the highest within the three individuals, so he recovered first. 

Then, the two others also trembled. Their spirits solidified. They felt as if they had been in a bad dream and finally broke free from that strange situation. 

“The time isn’t that long.” Shi Hao pondered while stroking his own chin. He carefully thought about this technique. 

“You… devil!” One of them was absolutely frightened, hiding within the group with an extremely pale face. 

The other two individuals’ expressions were also ugly. This was truly humiliating. Four of them went up, yet one of them died, and the other three had half their souls scared off. 

“If I was a devil, would I let you go?” Shi Hao said. After carefully analyzing his technique, he understood the power of the supreme being bone a bit more. 

Those individuals’ faces were extremely angry, but there was also a wave of fear. 

“Brother Shi, let’s end it here. The great enemy is about to arrive, so we should stand against them together.” The young lady named Ying Ying spoke. 

The atmosphere was extremely tense. Some individuals feared that there was hostility, while others secretly rejoiced. Even though they were all from the higher realms, they were still competitors, so the relationship between them was complicated. 

“He killed our people, and then killed Zhuo Yun. Acting like this again and again, wouldn’t our higher realms not have any dignity left?” Zhao Qi secretly transmitted sound. He was opposed to this suggestion. He didn’t want Shi Hao to hear him, so this type of sound transmission was only done in secret. 

However, he underestimated Shi Hao’s spiritual senses. Shi Hao felt a wave of mysterious fluctuations. He unleashed his divine senses and caught this will. 

“We cannot let him go. We are all from the higher realms, so how can we let him act so unbridledly? He continuously killed our people. He is just the descendant of a vicious prisoner in the lower realm. The blood of sinners flows through him, so we should take action together to suppress and kill him. There are three drops of golden liquid on him that can perfectly make up for our loss.” Another person secretly spoke. His face was a bit pale. It was precisely one of the individuals that had almost been killed. 

Some people seemed to agree, while others frowned, expressing their opposition. This area immediately became a bit quiet. 

Shi Hao’s divine senses were exceptionally sharp, capturing these people’s spiritual willpower and their cold intentions. He wasn’t cold-blooded, but he wouldn’t act too kind towards enemies either. Impending disasters needed to be dealt with early. 

He walked forward. His appearance was delicate and pretty, and his eyes were extremely bright. His clothes fluttered about, giving him an aloof and detached look. There was an intelligence and outstandingness to him, as if he was an immortal.

“You… stop!” Some people shouted out. 

No one expected that Shi Hao would be so decisive. His movements were fast to the extreme. A Kun Peng appeared below him, bringing him with it as it rushed over. 

In addition, a cry tore through this place. A layer of symbols covered this area densely, erupting within the chaotic mists. It surrounded those young males that suggested killing Shi Hao.


Someone took action. A secret treasure smashed down, but it was knocked back by a barrier of light. It couldn’t approach Shi Hao’s body. 

There were others that used a precious technique, distorting space. However, it still couldn’t break past the barrier. The divine ring around Shi Hao’s body flourished with power, as if it was a stellar stream revolving around him. 

He displayed an astonishing defensive strength. Even though there were several individuals that took action at the same time, they were all forcefully blocked. None of their attacks landed!

This all happened too quickly! Natural laws disturbed this space, and Shi Hao captured those people!

A peng sounded. The pale face of a young expert was tossed onto the ground. He couldn’t help but cry out, continuously struggling to his feet. However, the symbols surrounding him entered his body, immediately causing him to transform greatly. 

“This is…” Everyone cried out in shock. They all shivered inwardly. 

In that instant, the genius from the higher realms that proposed for Shi Hao’s assassination aged several hundred years. White hair and bear appeared, his skin became saggy, and his eyes became muddled. He became incredibly old. 

This scene was just too strange, completely opposite of what had happened previously. It was as if half their lifespan was stolen, leaving them unbearably senile. 

They only fought for a brief moment, but this youth already became incomparably old. He shouted in horror. His body trembled and shone, and his life’s spiritual essence leaked out. It was as if he was burning. 

“It is also restricted by time. In the end… can he recover?” Shi Hao said to himself. He was rather doubtful. This time, he didn’t hesitate, and with a peng sound, a slap landed, blasting that frail body into ashes. 

“You’ve crossed the line!” Xuan Ming’s face fell as he spoke. 

“How have I acted excessively? They were plotting to kill me. Could it be that I cannot retaliate?” Shi Hao calmly asked. There was a type of hurriedness and calmness that made others feel great reverence. 

When the others heard this, they all became silent. 

Zhao Qi’s voice said in an overcast voice, “Regardless, you still shouldn’t have killed them. Are you breaking off relations with our higher realms? Are you going to kill all of us?”

“What an accusation. I am just acting in self defense, so how is that cutting off relations with the higher realms? Can you represent them? If you can, will you issue commands and represent the higher realms’ great sect masters?” Shi Hao sneered. 

The atmosphere was incredibly heavy. The expressions of Zhao Qi and the others were unpleasant, but they still didn’t act blindly without thinking. 

“Why did it have to end like this?” Lan Yu sighed softly. The situation was now difficult. If they tried to ally with Shi Hao and rope him in, then Zhao Qi and the others would definitely harbor resentment. 

They were at a standstill. No one moved. 

Shi Hao looked extremely calm and unhurried. Even now, he didn’t have much misgivings. If others treated him unfavorably, then he would return the favor. He looked at Zhao Qi and the others with a piercing gaze. 

Those individuals immediately felt a great pressure. This youth from the lower realm was completely unperturbed, not fearful of their identities at all. He was also extremely powerful. This was a huge problem. 

On top of the stone table and bookshelf, the two bone books were swirling with chaotic energy, making this place look misty. This was a great opportunity everyone wished for. On the other hand, right now, no one was paying attention to the exceptional beauty on top of the golden flower. 

Shi Hao walked over towards the stone table. He wanted to seize the immortal scriptures. 

Zhao Qi and the others’ eyes were extremely cold as they watched him carefully. They were going to attack him from all sides as soon as he picked it up. 

There was a strange force around the stone table. The closer he got, the greater the pressure. It was great enough to blast one away. Apart from this, the chaotic energy the bone book sent out could also stop everyone from coming closer. 


Before Shi Hao got closer, someone rushed in, taking action against him. 

Those supreme experts arrived. When they saw the two chaotic bone books, they were immediately shocked. The all rushed forward to stop Shi Hao. 

“How wonderful! We came at just the right time. There are two ancient books displayed within the chaotic ancient temple, so needless to say, these are the supreme immortal scriptures.” The Golden Giant laughed loudly. 

The Nine-Headed Snake was enormous. Its scales flickered with deep and cold light. The nine heads in particular spat out their tongues with releasing hiss hiss sounds. The cold aura made one shiver. 

“You.. stay off to the side!” The Silver Lion was even more direct and stared at Shi Hao in front of him. 

All of the supreme experts looked forward. Whoever stopped them became enemies that had to be cut down. 

“Everyone, you all can freely take action. That person is unrelated to us. If you want to kill or behead him, then please do so.” Zhao Qi spoke. His face carried cold intent. 

He completely overthrew Lan Yu, Bi Gu, and the others intentions, not allowing Shi Hao to fight on their side and forcing him to fight against a group of supreme experts. He placed him in an extremely dangerous situation. 

“Correct, this individual is not related to us. You all can kill him as you please.” Another young genius from the higher realms spoke. He had also stood against Shi Hao before, sending him ‘falling’ down the ancient golden tree. 

“Interesting!” The Nine-Headed Snake, Golden Crow daoist, and others released sneers. They never expected there to be an internal struggle between these foreigners. 

“Then there’s nothing else to be said. We will kill him in your place.” The Ancient Ironblood Tree spoke and revealed a merciless smile. It wanted to kill the extremely powerful Shi Hao while they were in disharmony. 

“We ought to kill him first!” The Golden Giant spoke in a low and muffled voice. He raised his fist and smashed it forward. 

The Silver Lion used action to express its agreement. It roared loudly, resounding through the ancient palace with weng weng sounds. Chaotic energy surged. This was the true divine roar of a lion!

Black light erupted around Shi Hao’s body, merging with the Imperishable Golden Body. A powerful war intent surged out, making him look like a god or devil. 


The golden magical sword in his hand pointed out, and it was as if a sun exploded. Golden symbols erupted, scattering the silver ripples of the divine roar.


At the same time, Shi Hao raised a fist and sent it flying towards the golden giant. It possessed immeasurable divine light as it collided with the golden fist. A tremendous ear-splitting explosion sounded. 


A great battle erupted. The supreme experts all took action. 

At the same time, Xuan Ming, Bi Gu, Shui Yue and the others moved as well. They rushed towards the stone table and bookshelf in front, wanting to break through and seize those two bone books. 

“Who dares to act so impudently?!” The supreme experts shouted. 

The most intense chaotic battle erupted. 

“We are also going to take action, joining forces to kill him!” Zhao Qi spoke, and together with a few other individuals, they rushed murderously towards Shi Hao. They cooperated with the supreme experts to trap Shi Hao at the center of it all. 

“You are forcing me to unleash a huge massacre!” Shi Hao’s voice was cold. He roared, shaking the entire Chaotic Ancient Palace and making it rumble continuously!

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