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Chapter 517 - Seizing Chaotic Precious Books

“Just a sinning descendent, one that doesn’t show the higher realms any respect and acts so viciously. Today, you will die here!” Someone said. His figure became indistinct. 

He was quite fearful of Shi Hao’s methods. As such, he used a treasure to protect himself. He disappeared and attacked while hidden. 


A streak of auspicious light suddenly erupted, emerging from the void. This extremely sharp attack flew towards the back of Shi Hao’s head. 

Shi Hao shifted to the side. The golden magical sword in his hand spun and then hacked out in that direction. An enormous streak of sword radiance emerged that made this place rumble. 

A figure appeared. This was a purple-haired male. His eyes had malicious intentions, and there was a short spear in his hand that was extremely sharp. It released symbols, making this place indistinct. 

Multicolored light flashed, and he disappeared again. 

“En, a short spear made from the bone of a void beast?” Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. This was definitely a rare secret treasure. 

Void beasts were just too rare. Regardless of whether it was its fur or symbol bones, they were priceless. It was something that could only be stumbled upon but not sought after. 


Shi Hao was fearless. He pointed out with his hand, and a stalk of grass emerged. Then, sword energy rushed into the heavens, drowning out that area without letting an inch escape. 

A pu sounded, and blood erupted. The figure in the void staggered outwards. This genius from the higher realms’ shoulder was dripping with blood. He almost had his shoulder blades penetrated. His face was downcast. 

“Everyone, we need to work together! That Imperishable Golden Body contains archaic secrets. Once you kill him, it will be ours. We can bring it back and carefully research it. Perhaps we might be able to imitate a few!” Another individual spoke. 

Zhao Qi laughed coldly. They had Shi Hao surrounded and were going to kill him. They felt that he was too much of a threat. 


Berserk energy erupted. The Golden Giant took action again. It already went berserk. Golden hair fell down from his head like a waterfall, and blood energy rushed into the heavens. It had collided fiercely against Shi Hao several times, but each time, it was on the losing end. It had already been completely infuriated. 

The supreme experts on the side all cooperated and took action together. Precious techniques lit up one after another, covering that area. This place erupted with chaos. 

“Imperishable Golden Body, now that’s good stuff. You should just leave that battle tool behind!” The Silver Lion roared. 

Even though they were born inside the Archaic Precious World and had been isolated from the outside world for countless years, they had still heard of this type of rare treasure. It was just too hard to refine. 

The first was that it was too hard to find the materials, and the second was that the formations that had to be carved inside of it were too complex. They were like the stars in the sky. However, it truly was heaven defying, allowing a weaker individual to kill a stronger one. 

“Fine, let’s see how he escapes!” A young expert from the higher realms cried out excitedly and cooperated. 

Even now, everyone was still hesitating. The divine ability Shi Hao displayed might be related to the Imperishable Golden Body. One had to know that there was an unrivaled golden body in the archaic era with boundless might. It could display strange divine abilities. 

“Ao hou…” A supreme expert roared. It turned into a golden wolf. It left behind streaks of afterimages as its enormous golden claws flickered by Shi Hao’s side. 

At the same time, others also took action. Symbols interweaved. That genius from the higher realms in particular carried a short spear and once again silently pierced out. 


Shi Hao smashed a fist out, sending the Golden Giant staggering backwards. Its fist dripped with blood, and its bones were displaced. Golden blood energy surged with intense fluctuations.

“Break open!”

Shi Hao released a light shout. Endless electric radiance erupted here. Ten Suan Nis charged out, embodying the pinnacle of this technique. They brought a sea of lightning as they rushed in all directions. 

This was the precious technique most suitable for battles against many opponents. It was an attack that did not distinguish between allies and opponents, covering every inch of space with electric radiance that also carried purple energy. This place continuously rumbled. 

Of course, this technique also had focused properties. After forcing back the Silver Lion and Golden Wolf, he gathered four golden Suan Nis to attack the youngster that was hiding in the void. 

It was because when his short spear hacked out, it exposed his whereabouts. 

Shi Hao used his body as bait, purposely giving him a chance to attack. 

The four Suan Nis were massive. They were all created from lightning. They roared together. Golden lightning and purple clouds poured over together murderously, locking everyone down. 

“Hurry and attack!” His face became pale as he shouted towards everyone.

In addition, his body became blurry again. The short spear in his hand pierced through the void; he wanted to leave. 

The Golden Giant, Silver Lion, Golden Wolf, the other supreme experts, as well as Zhao Qi’s group all erupted with power. They focused all of their attacks on Shi Hao. Now was not the time to talk about a fair fight. They only thought about killing their opponent. 

This place rumbled with thunderous noise. This entire place erupted!

Shi Hao’s entire body shone. Symbols covered his body as he moved with extreme speed. He couldn’t have cut it any closer as he avoided these attacks that were supposed to kill him. 

At the same time, he unleashed the ten heavenly passages and quickly linked them up. This place became incomparably brilliant, as if a great sun erupted. Multicolored light flourished so brilliantly that it was hard for people to look straight at him. 

At that moment, this area was frozen. 

Even though it was only a moment, it was enough. Shi Hao lead four golden Suan Nis flying towards the higher realms’ genius that had just entered the void. 

“Kill!” Shi Hao roared. 

The golden Suan Nis pounced outwards, blasting through his body protecting barrier. Lightning interweaved endlessly, making all of the hair on his body stand on end. Lightning radiance covered him. The magical artifacts on him all cracked apart, unable to prevent the lightning from entering his body. He was immediately scorched black. A miserable scream rang through the air. 


Shi Hao also rushed forward. The golden magical sword in his hand hacked down. A head that carried fear, unwillingness, and disbelief flew outwards. Blood flew high into the air from the headless corpse. 

Then, the void returned to normal, no longer being frozen. 

This short period of time was enough for Shi Hao to completely carry out this beheading. 

Everyone was shocked. He was actually able to behead someone even while being attacked from all sides. Everyone shivered inwardly and revealed unsightly expressions. 

Shi Hao rushed out and grabbed towards that short spear. This was a secret treasure! If he could obtain it, he could appear and disappear unpredictably, allowing him to fully display his power. It would be extremely troublesome for his opponents. 

“Stop him!” Everyone’s expressions changed. If someone as terrifying as Shi Hao became an assassin, it would become even more troublesome. 

A peng sounded. Shi Hao kicked up that corpse and obtained that short spear. He immediately felt quite excited. 

However, his expression suddenly changed again. He heard a cracking sound. The short spear in his hand began to burn, and then it exploded with resplendent divine light. 

He immediately tossed it outwards. He quickly backed up. 

“Ao hou…” The Golden Wolf rushed over, arriving just in time to grab this divine spear. However, it found that there were cracks on this spear. Then, it exploded, erupting with astonishing power. 

This spear had gone through a special refinement process. In order to prevent it from ending up in the hands of the enemy, once the owner died, it would self-destruct to bring down its enemies with it. 

It had to be mentioned that this Golden Wolf was extremely powerful. It was blasted until its flesh was badly mangled, but it didn’t die. 

The others also retreated to avoid suffering damage. 

Shi Hao’s divine senses were extremely sharp. After backing off a certain distance, he suddenly erupted with power, rushing towards the central region. He circulated the Kun Peng’s power, his fists shining like a great sun as he tore through the air. The entire Chaotic Ancient Palace was lit up. 


This fist slammed onto the Golden Wolf’s body. It contained just too much explosive force, immediately blasting it into pieces. Its fur, bones, and flesh flew out in all directions; it directly exploded. 

Everyone became extremely fearful. This was just too powerful! Even that formidable Golden Wolf supreme expert was blasted apart just like that by a fist. A golden rain of light scattered down, leaving everyone trembling inwardly. 

In the distance, Bi Gu, Lan Yu, Hong Huang, and the others were all shaken. They all revealed astonished expressions. This youth from the lower realm was too strong! However, without even saying much, he continuously rushed towards the two bone books. 

“You…” The Golden Giant shouted loudly. 

“Kill him! We cannot let him go!” The Silver Lion roared. 

Meanwhile, the expressions of Zhao Qi and the others changed even more. The more powerful Shi Hao was, the more restless they became. They really wanted to kill him immediately. 

Even the Nine-Headed Snake and Blue Dragon that hadn’t joined the battle yet were frightened. While charging towards the stone table and bookshelf, they looked backwards, but the expressions on their faces went stiff. 

In just a moment, Shi Hao killed two experts! This naturally left all those present feeling great restraining fear. 

At this moment, the Ancient Ironblood Tree took action. It was one of the most powerful experts here. In addition, the Golden Giant, Silver Lion, and the others erupted into action. Blood energy surged like an ocean as they slaughtered forward. 

Apart from this, Zhao Qi and two other geniuses from the higher realms also moved. There was no way out now. If Shi Hao was given a moment to catch his breath, he would definitely kill them one after another. They all used their most powerful divine abilities. 

Natural laws immediately rushed into the skies. Precious radiance blossomed. This entire place was incomparably terrifying!

No matter how strong Shi Hao was, he still wouldn’t fight all of these individuals head on. He used the Kun Peng technique, weaving about this limited area like a streak of light, avoiding streak after streak of natural laws. 

“Sinner, accept death!”

“Foreigner, leave behind your life!”

These experts all shouted. They all used their most powerful methods to attack the figure that was moving about. 

Shi Hao roared loudly. He also used everything he had. He used the Kun Peng technique to avoid the radiance, and at the same time, he opened the ten great heavenly passages to protect his body. He also used the supreme being bone with everything he had. 

A powerful aura filled this place. Symbols covered this place densely. This place immediately shined brightly. A screen of light stretched outwards. 

“Not good!” Someone cried out loudly. This wasn’t the first time they saw Shi Hao use this divine ability. 

However, this screen of light was extremely fast. With just a simple sweep, many people were struck. They all cried out in shock.

In that instant, those that were swept through immediately became extremely old. The state of their bodies became terrible to the extreme, as if they had already reached the end of their lives. 

Zhao Qi was old and gray-haired. He roared as he tried to flee. 

Beside him, the other two individuals were even worse off. They seemed as if they already had one foot in the grave. Their divine force was weakened to the limit. They did everything they could to jump and escape, but they couldn’t fulfill their wishes. 

Shi Hao was like a supreme god or devil. His hair flew about chaotically as he descended from above. His foot tramped down, and with two pu pu sounds, these two were turned into ashes. 

Of course, not everyone was like this. The Ancient Ironblood Tree was extremely powerful. Even though its leaves dried up a bit, it was still quite powerful and could still attack. It erupted with endless bloody light, and in that instant, leaves danced about in the sky, turning into arrows as they swarmed towards Shi Hao. 

It was also because of this attack that Shi Hao’s movements were stopped, allowing Zhao Qi to escape disaster. 

Shi Hao was astonished. This Ancient Ironblood Tree’s vitality was too powerful! Not even ‘reincarnation’ could make its life reach its end. 

“Yi?” Shi Hao’s expression changed. This time, he simultaneously took action against everyone. The supreme being bone’s radiance scattered outwards, but the result was that the time was extremely limited and about to run out. For example, that Ancient Ironblood Tree’s aura was quickly becoming more and more powerful.

He made his decision and rushed to the other side to face the old Silver Lion. Even though it began to shine and was about to recover, it still hadn’t regained its initial state. 


Shi Hao’s fist slammed down, causing endless light to erupt. 

The old lion trembled. It brought out several precious artifacts to protect itself, but it was all useless. The magical artifacts were all shattered by the Kun Peng fist. 

“Ah…” It roared loudly. Its body crumbled under the power of the first. It was full of unwillingness. It was about to recover, yet in the end, its body was starting to crack apart under Shi Hao’s strike. 

“Hou…” At the same time, Shi Hao roared loudly at it. The fluctuation roiled out like an tsunami.

A pu sounded. The Silver Lion’s body began to crack apart, and then it cracked apart on the spot, dying under Shi Hao’s roar!

It was proficient in the lion roar divine ability, yet in the end, it died under a similar sound wave technique. Blood blossomed into the air. 

On the other side, the Golden Giant was on the verge of recovering. Its body erupted with endless radiance. Golden blood energy surged as it rushed angrily at Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao activated his body’s divine force. The golden magical sword in his hand hacked down. The Golden Giant used magical artifacts to block this attack and also backed up, but he was still struck by the sword. 


Blood splashed outwards. He avoided a fatal blow, but his enormous arm separated from his body, dropping down. The great pain caused him to roar in anger. 

At this moment, the Nine-Headed Snake, Blue Dragon, Purple Golden Ant all noticed that something was wrong. The Ancient Ironblood Tree attacked again. They began to surround Shi Hao with attacks to suppress and kill him. 

“En, after using reincarnation, it can’t immediately be used again?” Shi Hao was startled. He was learning more and more about this technique’s mysteries as he continuously fought. 

This type of supreme being technique had a cooldown time before it could be used again. However, after thinking about it, he still calmed down, because all powerful divine abilities had their limitations. 

In addition, when using the reincarnation power, the expenditure was great. If his flesh hadn’t been cultivated to the extreme, not mention him, even normal people wouldn’t be able to tolerate the backlash. 

Shi Hao backed up, avoiding the joint attack. 

“Yi, the blood everywhere activated the formation!” Someone cried out loudly. 

The stone table shone. Many symbols appeared in its surroundings. It was because there was blood flowing towards that area. With a hu sound, the bone book on its surface rose into the air. 

Someone was testing things out, using their precious technique to seize it. 

“Ah, it succeeded!” Cries of surprise sounded. 

Bi Gu looked at the bone book in his hand and simply couldn’t believe what was happening. Just now, all of their efforts were in vain, yet now, it was so easily accomplished. However, endless killing intent immediately poured over. Everyone focused on him, placing him in great danger. 

“Bring it away!”

Bi Gu’s eyes flickered with radiance. He was extremely decisive. He used a precious technique that sent this bone book outwards into the hands of Zhao Qi that was the furthest away. 

“Hou…” The Nine-Headed Snake, Ancient Ironblood Tree, Blue Dragon, and the others roared. Killing intent surged into the heavens as they threw themselves outwards. 

Zhao Qi’s face was pale. No matter how fast he was, it was still pointless. This chaotic precious book landed in his hands, but he couldn’t bring it away at all. It would only bring him death. 

In that instant, he decisively made his choice. With a raise of his hand, he tossed the book towards Shi Hao. A flash of ruthless light emerged within his eyes, and a cold smile appeared at the corner of his lips. 

Shi Hao was at the center of everything. Unless he killed everyone, this bone book would only draw the mad onslaught of attacks from everyone. Zhao Qi’s actions could be considered incomparably vicious. 

Shi Hao’s divine senses were extremely sharp, and his reactions were quick. As soon as Zhao Qi raised his hand, he knew what was going to happen. As such, he moved first. His expression was incomparably cold as he charged forward with the Kun Peng body technique’s extreme speed!

The two individuals seemed to have moved at the same time. As such, it seemed almost as if Shi Hao was the one that took the initiative.


He killed him in an instant. When the precious bone book landed in his hands, he unfolded his body, allowing dazzling radiance to erupt. It was as if a supreme god or devil was descending into this place. Zhao Qi was ripped apart into two pieces. 

Blood splashed everywhere. Shi Hao’s entire body shone brilliantly. His killing intent clearly soared into the heavens, yet right now, he looked handsome and aloof. This was an extremely contradicting scene. 

However, it left everyone gravely shaken!

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