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Chapter 515 - Chaotic Ancient Palace

This was an extremely strange scene, as if it came from a picture scroll. The golden divine flower had bloomed! It sent out auspicious colors, but what it produced was actually an exceptional beauty. This was something unimaginable. 

How could a flower do this?

Everyone was stupefied. This scene was full of mysterious energy. No one dared to rush in recklessly. 

The Sun God Flower was golden and flowing with multicolored mists. Divine light shone resplendently. By its stamens, golden liquid sparkled and released their fragrance. There were at least ten drops inside, but they were all swallowed by that egg. 

Everyone stared at this without daring to take action. Those that took action earlier had all been impaled to death by golden divine chains. 

That egg was golden, but it was transparent. There was a beautiful elegance to it, as if it was made out of golden divine jade. It was like something out of a fantasy. All types of light swirled about, illuminating this place with rainbow radiance. 

Meanwhile, that woman was curled up within the egg. She was so beautiful that it shook one to the core. Golden hair covered her ivory-like sparkling white naked body. Her long eyelashes lightly shook, as if she would awaken at any moment. 

“Who is this? A natural born divine child?” The divine striking stone muttered. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. This was the first time he saw this type of creature as well. He had a feeling that this woman’s background was extraordinary, and that in the future, she would definitely be incredible!

The other people were also thinking and secretly plotting. 

“Could this be the soul of the Sun God Tree, producing a human form through this flower? Did it transcend worldliness and turn into an exceptional beauty?” Someone muttered. 

The geniuses and noble ladies of the higher realms were all emotionally moved. This was a divine level existence. If this individual returned with them to the higher realms and entered their great sect, after proper nurturing, they would definitely be able to overlook the world!

“Perhaps it is due to the various changes that are happening as the golden tree evolves into a world tree that this world tree produced a spirit. It truly is exceptional, not restricted to the five elements.” There was someone that made this association. 

At this moment, quite a few people took action. The Nine-Headed Snake was the first to make a move. One of its heads shone and began to cry out. This was a type of divine will guidance that drew others closer. It thought that this female might be confused and ignorant after being born, and so this might let her feel a sense of intimacy and allow it to bring her away. 

Clear splendor spread outwards. A green beam of light flew out and rushed towards that head. It cried out miserably, and then the area between its brows split open. Blood directly flowed out from its eyes, and it tumbled onto the ground. 

This head immediately lost luster. It was almost cut off. 

Another supreme expert was in an even more miserable state. When an expanse of golden symbols scattered down, his body was ignited and burned into ashes. Both his body and spirit were destroyed.

“That’s sun flame essence! So terrifying!”

Everyone’s expressions changed. Whether this was released by that egg or the golden flower, they couldn’t be sure, and there was no way for them to find out. 

“What exactly is she? Is it an existence born to carry out the will of the world’s fate?”

Some people became doubtful, but there was no way for them to verify their suspicions. 

The two daoists from the golden crow race were puzzled as well. Then, they gradually became excited. While staring at that egg, they said with a trembling voice, “Could it be the reincarnation of the Crow Emperor?”

Legends had it that their race originated from the Sun God Tree. One of their ancestors was produced from the tree. This ancestor broke out from a shell and ultimately became a celestial emperor. 

That was precisely the first generation, the most powerful expert of a race. That existence had been produced by the world, and was an innate existence that was known to be unrivaled throughout the nine heavens and tenth earth. 

And now, this lady was also born from the Sun God Tree, blooming from a flower. Since the same things were happening, was another Crow Emperor going to be born?

Suddenly, this golden divine flower moved. It flowed with misty light. Its speed was too fast, and it directly flew towards that Chaotic Ancient Palace. 

This change of events was completely unexpected. It was inconceivably fast, only leaving behind a golden streak behind it. It was as if it disappeared in a flash. 

“It went inside. Hurry and chase!”

Everyone woke up from their stupor and began to move quickly. They no longer had time to surround and kill Shi Hao, because there were more important things now inside that palace. 

The space in this place was restricted, making it difficult. 

The chaotic palace and world mountain were parallel to each other as they were supported by a few golden leaves, so there was no need to make a detour before and they could directly climb those branches. However, it was different now. 

The golden flower did not drop off and continued to be connected to that branch as it entered the chaotic palace. Everyone climbed this branch to hurriedly chase after it. 

Shi Hao was at the very back. He also followed along, wanting to see exactly what kind of opportunities there were. 

This palace was extremely grand and vast. When one appeared in front of it, they would feel as if they were an insignificant grain of dust. It was simple and holy in appearance. Chaotic energy surrounded this place. 

A group of supreme experts had arrived in this place before, but in the end, they were left dejected and downcast, for they couldn’t enter. Symbol light flowed about within the palace, giving off a great pressure. The supreme experts felt as if they were ants gazing upon an enormous slumbering dragon. 

This time, when the golden flower flew inside, a branch was left behind. There was no need for everyone to ponder over the symbols on the palace, and they instead directly climbed the branch. 

Sure enough, they weren’t blocked this time. Everyone was able to successfully enter. This left them overjoyed at the unexpected good news. 

“We actually entered!” A supreme expert was overjoyed and extremely excited. 

Meanwhile, the geniuses and noble ladies from the higher realms were also astonished. They had heard rumors about this chaotic palace. There might be supreme scriptures here. 

It was because this place previously belonged to a celestial emperor. 

“No, this belongs to my clan, the dwelling place of my race’s ancestor! You all aren’t allowed to enter!” A golden crow daoist cried out loudly. 

However, who would pay attention to him? Everyone quickly increased speed. They stepped on the golden branches and rushed into the chaotic palace. 

Shi Hao seemed to be moving quite slowly, lagging behind at the very back. 

Chaotic mists curled about inside the palace. Even though it wasn’t that dense, the pressure still made others feel suffocated. Quite a few individuals felt their bodies become sore, unadapted to this place. 

This wasn’t something left behind for people at their level. The Chaotic Ancient Palace was a place only an existence who was without equal in the heavens above and earth below could stay in for a long time. 

As soon as they entered, they split into clear sides. They proceeded while taking precautions against each other. 

The palace was vast and spacious. Everyone looked around, but they couldn’t find anything. They could only continue to walk inside. Meanwhile, the primal chaos became more and more dense. Some of them couldn’t take it anymore and had to bring out their secret body protecting treasures. 

“Ah…” Someone cried out miserably. They were struck down here. 

The atmosphere immediately became more tense. They were hostile against each other to begin with, and now, someone directly took action, making the factions even more evident. 

“How about we wipe them out first?” The Silver Lion suggested. They wanted to get rid of these youths from outside this world first. 

“Agreed!” There were immediately supreme experts that expressed their approval. 

The Chaotic Ancient Palace might contain astonishing natural luck. Since they were hostile, they might as well just sweep through these foreigners and wipe them clean. 

After all, they had a huge advantage right now. If they joined hands, they could wipe out these foreigners. 

“Shi Hao, hurry and join hands with us against them!” Hong Huang hurried and spoke. She called out loudly towards him. 

“That is impossible! He killed our people, so how can you call him over?!” Zhuo Yun’s face immediately fell ashen. His arm had been hacked off by Shi Hao not too long ago, so he was still feeling great resentment. 

Other than him, there were still a few individuals with unpleased expressions. They had secretly schemed against Shi Hao before, but right now, they didn’t say anything. 

What left Zhuo Yun even more amazed was that Xuan Ming also nodded, saying, “His strength is great and is worth getting on our side.”

There were a few others that agreed. Their relationship was originally one of competition since they came from different great sects, so the deaths of those individuals didn’t affect them that much. Now that the situation was turning bad, they didn’t hesitate to accept a powerful individual into their ranks.

Shi Hao remained calm and collected. He walked over and didn’t say anything. 

“Go, let’s avoid them and hurry forward. Taking advantage of the opportunity is the most important!” Someone said and rushed forward. 

“You still want to take action?!” The supreme experts had cold looks on their faces. They all attacked with their precious artifacts. 

“Xuan Ming, use your secret treasure!” Bi Gu said.

It was still that stone bridge. It had displayed its use several times already at crucial moments. It immediately entered the void. Everyone got on and quickly fled. 

Multicolored light flashed. They entered the depths of the chaotic palace, temporarily breaking away from the supreme experts. 

The atmosphere was rather tense, because Shi Hao had killed their members before. Even though they weren’t from the same great sect, they were still all people form the higher realms, so this still created some ill-feelings. 

“Since we are travelling together, then that means we are companions. As for those three golden drops of divine liquid, shouldn’t you share two drops of them with everyone else to use as life-saving treasures?” Zhao Qi suddenly spoke.

Liquid like the golden drops could save one from near death. It was definitely a priceless divine liquid. 

When the others heard this, they all looked over, especially Zhuo Yun and the ones that secretly plotted against Shi Hao. They all revealed looks of surprise, and then they nodded one after another to express their approval. 

“Why would I do that?” Shi Hao sneered without paying this any attention. 

“Everyone is working towards common goals, and we travelled on the same boats. Those supreme experts are powerful and numerous. Your divine liquid will be for the sake of increasing our fighting strength.” Another person spoke. 

“We brought you out to sea and allowed you to escape several times on the stone bridge, so it could be said that we expended quite a bit on our side too. You should pay up a bit too.” Zhuo Yun laughed coldly and said. He was the one that looked forward to everyone suppressing Shi Hao the most. 

“If not for me using the interspatial precious case to open the golden tree’s barrier of light, would you all even be able to come here?” Shi Hao was cold and indifferent. He looked at Zhuo Yun, Zhao Qi and the others. “You all secretly took action against me, sending me down the golden tree. I still haven’t paid back this debt yet.”

“Then just come and settle it!” Zhuo Yun sneered. He shouted loudly, calling for several individuals to surround him.

“We are already in such a critical situation, yet you all are struggling internally? We shouldn’t be exhausting strength within ourselves. Searching for opportunities is more important.” Lan Yu spoke. 

“Talk about these things later.” Xuan Ming also spoke like this. Bi Gu and the others nodded. 

“Yi, we already arrived?” Shui Yue cried out in surprise. 

Xuan Ming’s magical artifact was formidable after all. After being used successively, they continuously moved through the void and actually arrived in the depths of the chaotic palace. 

On top of a dao platform, there were several praying mats. They actually released the sounds of the great dao. The golden resplendent flower supported the blonde woman, appearing on top of that dao platform. There were large amounts of symbols surrounding that place, as if they were listening to the great dao, listening to someone’s preaching. 

Apart from this, in the depths of the palace, there was a stone table, a bookshelf, and other items. The bookshelf was made from stone as well, simple-looking and lusterless. 

Regardless of whether it was the stone table of the bookshelf, they respectively had a bone book. They released chaotic energy and seemed extremely ancient!

“Supreme scriptures!” When everyone came here, they were immediately shaken. 

Two ancient scriptures were unexpectedly placed here. Needless to say, this was definitely a tremendous opportunity. 

Even though they all came from the higher realms, everyone’s eyes became red. They all rushed forward and stood on guard against each other. There was a chance that a life and death struggle might break out. 


Someone was blasted flying. No one was able to get close to those two bone books that were surrounded within primal chaos. 

“You have the Imperishable Golden Body battle clothes. You should go up and try first.” Zhuo Yun spoke. He still hated Shi Hao and wanted to drag him down. 

There were a few others that acted similarly. Their eyes flickered with cold radiance. They turned around and looked over. 

“You’ve been buzzing again and again non-stop this entire time. It really is annoying. If you don’t want to die, then just stay off quietly on the side. Don’t provoke me.” Shi Hao swept his eyes over him, and then he carefully stared at those two bone books. 

“You…” Zhuo Yun was furious. Was he treating him like a fly? He actually dared to describe him in such a way. He gave the others a meaningful look, wanting to join forces to get rid of him. 

“Since you all want to die, I’ll satisfy your wishes!” Shi Hao said. 

“I want to see what kind of skill you have!” Zhuo Yun shouted. He moved out with three others at the same time, and they each brought out a secret treasure. 

“Is it that amazing to come from the higher realms? Do you think that I don’t dare to kill you? If you knew how I dealt with Immortal Mountain, you wouldn’t have acted so overbearingly.” Shi Hao spoke indifferently. 

Following a qiang sound, he pulled out a golden magical sword and hacked outwards. This time, he used the supreme being bone again. He wanted to settle this in the shortest time possible. 

The sword rang with a weng sound. The sword shone resplendently and released mysterious symbols. The fluctuations were incredibly intense, surrounding Zhuo Yun as well as the three individuals behind him. 

“Ah, this is…” They all cried out in alarm. 

In just a split second, the four of them seemed to have shrunk, becoming much younger and more immature. It was as if time was turned back for them, returning from their great power back to their young and tender age. 

Not only did they look like that on the outside, their true strength also followed. 

These individuals cried out in horror. They felt great shock and fear inwardly. 

“So it turns out to be like this, and could be used this way. It really can be called a type of reincarnation.” Shi Hao said to himself inwardly. He was collected and calm as he took action in an unhurried manner. The golden magical sword swept out. Zhuo Yun cried out miserably, but he couldn’t change the result as his head tumbled off. 

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