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Chapter 514 - Reincarnation

The pure white jade cauldron was only the size of a fist. Inside of it, the three drops of golden liquid rolled about. They swirled with resplendent multicolored light. Golden mist wafted about and a great fragrance filled the air. 

Shi Hao seized it with a single motion. After taking a sniff, he immediately felt as if he had wings and rushed into the sky. His body felt light and carefree. 

Following a kuang dang sound, the cauldron was covered, and then he quickly put it away. This caused the intoxicating smell that not even supreme experts could resist to disappear. 

“You dare!” A loud shout sounded. At the same time, a streak of green light attacked over. It pierced through the mist and hacked down on Shi Hao’s body. 


Shi Hao pointed out with his hand. Symbols erupted, forming a silver shield. It collided with that green light, immediately causing sparks to shine resplendently. 

This was a Ghost Vine. Its name came from its unpredictable attacks that appeared and disappeared randomly, as well as its powerful divine might. It was dark green and full of moisture. Its body was like a thick and powerful Qiu dragon. It was another plant type supreme expert like the Ancient Ironblood Tree.

The vine that reached out was full of deep green multicolored light. It was like a blade of light as it hacked down. However, it was blocked, not being able to harm Shi Hao’s body in the slightest. It turned into symbols before disappearing. 


On the side, a loud roar tore through the air. The Golden Giant was enraged. Symbols covered the sky. Golden blood energy surged, as if a great furnace was burning. It filled the heavens. 

The Golden Giant’s body was absolutely enormous. It could raise a mountain peak and bring it around with it. However, just now, it was slammed into by Shi Hao, and as a result lost its strategic location, causing it to miss out on the sun god liquid. 

Shi Hao’s body flickered with dark light. He merged together with the fist sized black figure and put on the imperishable golden clothes. It completely wrapped around him. He was cautious, but he didn’t back off. He sent a fist smashing out towards it.


The two sides collided. This tremendous sound rang through everyone’s ears. It was as if raging waves were beating against the shores, as if they were angrily soaring towards the heavens. 

The great earth trembled. The Golden Giant retreated. Its fist was dripping with blood, and its footing was unstable. Each time his feet descended, they would make the ground lightly tremble. It could be seen just how great that strength was. If they were in another mountain region, the ground would have long split apart, and the mountains would have collapsed. 

Everyone was greatly alarmed. How was this delicate and pretty youth so powerful? He blasted a Golden Giant backwards and landed a heavy blow on him. It was extremely astonishing. 

This time, Shi Hao did not use the supreme being bone, because he already knew roughly how great that bone’s strength was. It was better to save it as a trump card instead of letting others completely see through him. 

“Imperishable Golden Body! It’s a great treasure from the archaic era!” The geniuses from the higher realms cried out in alarm. They were greatly shocked. Their knowledge and experience were extremely vast, so some of their eyes immediately lit up. This type of battle tool was extremely rare, and back then, it was an important treasure. However, as time passed, they became more and more rare. 

“No wonder he could fight against supreme experts in the Formation Arrangement Realm! With the Imperishable Golden Body in hand, he could break through his shackles and limitlessly increase his strength.” Zhao Qi said softly. His eyes flickered with radiance. 

When Shi Hao displayed his precious technique before and the supreme being bone’s symbols formed a divine ring around him, no one saw through him. Now, there were a few people who misunderstood, thinking that it was the Imperishable Golden Body’s power.

Rumor had it that the Imperishable Golden Body could engrave all types of formations and could also combine precious techniques to display the most powerful methods .

There were some that naturally thought they understood what was going on. However, they didn’t know that the Imperishable Golden Body was damaged and that the formations on it couldn’t be displayed. All of the power originated from the power of Shi Hao’s supreme being bone. 

“Capture him!” The Ghost Vine hated him the most. It directly took action. Its jade cauldron that contained three drops of golden liquid was actually seized by Shi Hao.

In the blink of an eye, it released a dark black flower. Dark mist filled the air and surrounded this place, making everything indistinct. The space around them even began to distort.

The Ghost Vine attacked, releasing its supernatural methods. It continuously sent out vines through the black mist to release hidden attacks against Shi Hao. Divine splendor blossomed. Peng peng sounds continuously erupted. 

Shi Hao continuously took action, colliding with that vine. 

“Kill!” The Silver Lion, Golden Crows, and others all took action. All types of secret treasures were brought out as they attacked. All types of multicolored lights flickered about, and they all wanted to kill Shi Hao and seize back the golden liquid. 

Apart from this, Xuan Ming, Bi Gu, and the others also took action. They all brought out their secret treasure to join this battlefield. Divine light immediately danced about and precious artifacts soared into the sky. 

A great chaotic battle broke out here!

Shi Hao was situated right at the center of it all, but he didn’t stay on the defensive. He displayed a technique. Apart from releasing lightning, the Suan Ni could spit out mists as well. The old Suan Ni back in his village when he was still young used this technique before. 

In addition, this type of mist was extremely unique. If one was trapped within, no matter how sharp one’s eyes were, they wouldn’t be able to see through it, and as such were forced into a passive state. 


Shi Hao took action. Purple golden lightning erupted, attacking all sides without distinguishing between who it was that they landed on. This place was immediately covered in lightning. All types of electric radiance interweaved, and many people roared with fury. 

Mists surged, covering this place in the blink of an eye. 

As expected, this purple mist was similar to the Ghost Vine’s black mist. It left everyone confused and blinded, causing them to feel rather fearful. Even their divine and spiritual senses were sealed. It was extremely strange. 

“Damn it!”

As a result, the battlefield became even more chaotic. Everyone tried to protect themselves, not allowing others to get close to them. They all displayed powerful precious techniques and used mysterious treasures to protect themselves. 


Magical artifacts collided and sparks flew everywhere.

“Ah…” Someone cried out miserably.

The smell of blood assailed the nostrils. Blood splashed high into the air. It was clear that someone had been killed in this battle. The battlefield became even more chaotic. 

Everyone backed out. After picking a direction, they quickly fled, not willing to stay in this death trap any longer. Fighting in this place where their eyes were useless and even their spiritual senses were deprived made them feel extremely uneasy. 

“I know where you are!” The Ghost Vine laughed coldly. It was proficient in a special type of method. When the black mist diffused, it naturally had a recognition ability as well, allowing it to find where Shi Hao’s true body was located.

Moreover, it used a secret method to tell others to surround that place. Supreme expert auras surged, and divine force erupted. It was extremely intimidating. 

Shi Hao didn’t back off. He turned into a streak of light and headed straight for that Ghost Vine. While inside the dense mist, he didn’t disguise anything and completely displayed the supreme being bone’s might to test out its power. 

Mysterious light emerged that was formed from symbols. Its speed reached its peak. It surrounded that ancient vine, scattering its symbols and trapping it within. 

“What is this? Break!” The Ghost Vine cried out in alarm. He felt the same fear the five-colored deer felt before its death. When this precious technique landed on his body, he understood the truth and immediately became fearful. 

He wanted to struggle free from the entrapment of these symbols, but in the end, three magical artifacts were shattered in succession, and then his body began to quickly deteriorate, as if it had aged several thousand years. 

“This is reincarnation…” The Ghost Vine cried out with great fear. Then, his voice came to an abrupt stop. 

His body dried up, losing its luster. Its leaves became yellow, dropping off and cracking apart like old skin. Then, its body shone, as if it was ignited, before turning into ashes. 

Shi Hao was astonished. He began to think to himself, thinking that there was actually a use like this. He understood this type of bone’s power a little more. 

Within the thick fog, a demonic ape rushed over. There was a pair of wings on its back that was entirely black. The black hair was extremely dense. It possessed dark light and extraordinary strength. 

Its eyes were blood red, and its teeth were snow white and sharp. It was incomparably vicious. It roared and sent a fist over murderously. 

On top of the world mountain, divine force surged. Everyone felt suffocated. After going berserk, the power of this demonic ape would greatly increase. 

It was a true vicious beast. When its blood energy surged, it naturally carried a wave of exceptional killing intent. This was an aura developed after slaughtering tens of thousands of creatures. 

Shi Hao’s body shifted slightly, avoiding this fist. In addition, he reached out with his palm, and with a peng sound, he grabbed its wrist. His body frantically surged with the Kun Peng’s power. Golden light erupted in this place!

This was incredibly sudden and ferocious!

The demonic ape roared loudly. Another arm grabbed towards Shi Hao, and then dark light erupted around its body. Symbols appeared endlessly, and they all gathered towards that arm. It wanted to shake Shi Hao to death. 


In the end, after an intense jolt, both sides let go and backed up. 

Shi Hao was unharmed, while both arms of the demonic ape cracked apart, continuously flowing with blood and bending at an unnatural angle. It was clear that its bones were broken. 


Shi Hao released a light shout and then quickly rushed over. The Kun Peng force appeared once again, and it was as if a divine bird rushed forth within him. It surrounded him, and then spread its wings. Its cry shook heaven and earth. 


Bright-colored blood surged high into the sky. That voice left people feeling horrified. 

Shi Hao bare-handedly tore apart a demonic ape. The two halves of the corpse were tossed onto the ground. This place reeked with blood. A powerful expert of this generation had lost its life. 

At this moment, the mist had practically scattered. Everyone moved outside this battlefield, and Shi Hao retreated to the edge as well to avoid being surrounded. 

At this moment, everyone shivered inwardly. Who exactly was the vicious beast? That youth was delicate and graceful in appearance, yet in the end, he directly tore the demonic ape apart. 

Inside the chaotic battle, Shi Hao continuously tore apart two supreme experts. This left quite a few people shaken. 

In the cultivation world, everything was decided by strength, especially in this type of life and death struggle where they stood against each other. Those that were powerful naturally left others fearful, making them think twice before acting recklessly. 

Shi Hao stood to the side. His clothes were not tainted by blood, making him look completely harmless. He was currently saying to himself, “So it’s humanoid in shape. Can’t eat him then. The five-colored deer was too much of a pity. Sigh, my roasted deer, my precious meat…”

When some people heard this, they immediately trembled in fear. This fellow looked aloof like an immortal, but why was he even more savage than a vicious beast?” He actually wanted to eat creatures like the five-colored deer!

“Too formidable! The young supreme being of the lower realm’s reputation was not in vain!” Hong Huang sighed in admiration. Her large eyes fluttered about, appearing extremely astonished. 

The noble ladies were all greatly shaken. They were shocked at his strength. 

Zhao Qi and the Zhuo Yun who lost an arm were both shocked. They felt great restraining fear and great restlessness. 

Even though the Nine-Headed Snake, Ancient Ironblood Tree, and the others were powerful, they still felt some apprehension and didn’t immediately take action. None of them wanted to be taken advantage of by others. It was because Shi Hao was like a really hard piece of bone. If they wanted to capture him, they themselves had to pay a great price. 

At that moment, the atmosphere became a bit strange. Everyone held themselves back and didn’t move out. 


Suddenly, a strange sound rang out, drawing everyone’s attention. They all raised their heads to take a look.

On top of the world mountain, that flower that was several zhang above the ground bloomed. Golden multicolored light flowed. It was brilliant and holy, as if a great golden sun was rising. 

This time, no golden liquid dropped, but the truth about the flower was revealed. 

“How could there be a person?” Everyone cried out in astonishment. 

Regardless of whether it was the noble ladies or geniuses of the higher realms or the Archaic Precious World’s supreme experts, they were all shocked. They revealed an expression of disbelief. This was just too strange and mysterious!

Golden multicolored light shone resplendently. Inside of the flower was a brilliant egg that seemed almost transparent. It absorbed the golden liquid and sucked in the divine medicine’s essence. The creature inside the egg was clearly visible.

Her golden hair scattered outwards. Curves undulated up and down her pure white body. Her eyes were closed. The eyelashes on them were extremely long and flowing with golden splendor. Her skin was sparkling. This was an exceptionally beautiful female. 

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