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Chapter 513 - World Mountain

The world mountain was dark brown in color. While walking on its surface, one could feel the how solid it was. There was also a feeling of standing in space. 

The mountain appeared on top of the golden mountain. Stars adorned the nearby leaves. Standing here felt like gazing into a boundless and distant starry sky. It was as if he was at the edge of the world. 

“Holy! Let me go crazy here!” The divine striking stone immediately threw itself over and frantically devoured everything. When it saw the world mountain, it looked like it had just found the source of all life. 


Sparks flew everywhere. The divine striking stone cried out miserably. It couldn’t chew it at all. No matter how sturdy and immortal it was, it still couldn’t do anything to the world mountain. This stone mountain was just too hard. 

From its perspective, if it could devour a piece, it would allow it to evolve into an unimaginable level. He would then possess the most foundational natural laws of this world within him. 

This was a priceless material, and it could even be considered a supreme treasure!

The world mountain was hard to find throughout the world. A piece could only be found when the heavens were opened. 

From a certain perspective, this mountain was priceless. It could smash through a world and destroy all living things. This was a chaotic supreme treasure core before it was even refined. 

If one earnestly refined it and engraved one’s dao, merging it with the world mountain’s foundational natural laws, there would be nothing this mountain couldn’t destroy. Everything would be shattered under its power. 

Legends said if even a fingernail sized chunk was removed from the world mountain, it would still be enough to crush a true mountain. Its weight was difficult to imagine. 

This mountain was extremely bizarre. When others approached it, they would sometimes be crushed into a bloody paste by its tremendous force, and sometimes, it would be completely peaceful and instead nourish all creatures. 

Right now was its peaceful phase. A few individuals entered and left, and from time to time, loud sounds could be heard and divine light surged. All types of precious artifacts were being activated.

There were people fighting intensely, and there were others that were using weapons to cut at the world mountain to remove a piece. Not matter how small of a piece it was, if they refined it into a magical artifact, it would reach an unimaginable level. 

Unfortunately, as precious artifacts flew about and released loud sounds, the world mountain remained immortal. It was difficult to damage it in the slightest. 

Not even divine artifacts could do anything. If they forcefully attacked, they themselves might break. This was the world mountain, a true chaotic supreme treasure core. It was hard for anything to damage it. 

“This is the world mountain that accompanied the elder tree, and now, it actually came to the ancient sun tree to stay by its side!” The divine striking stone came to this conclusion.

This made the eyes of others go red. Regardless of whether it was the ancient golden tree or the world mountain, they were enough to make people go mad. Shi Hao was speechless, but he couldn’t do anything. Not even supreme experts could move it in the slightest. 

“Why haven't Willow Deity and the little pagoda returned?” He asked softly. He was extremely regretful that they weren’t here. Otherwise, these two things wouldn’t escape them. 

Forget about others, just this world mountain alone was probably enough to make the little pagoda go mad. This was a chaotic supreme treasure similar to itself. As a natural material, it might even be able to restore its true appearance. 

The mists on this mountain were extremely dense. Human figures appeared everywhere, and from time to time, great battles would erupt. There were individuals who secretly hunted down their opponents as well. 

“Even though this mountain is great, there’s no way to bring it away. There’s no point in fighting over it here.” Shi Hao said to himself. He reckoned that not even the little pagoda could completely devour this mountain and had to slowly refine it. 

“There might be some stuff on this mountain. They wanted to get closer and that’s why they decided to fight. Otherwise, why would they risk so much?” The divine striking stone said. 

Shi Hao nodded. He stealthily advanced towards the mountaintop. This mountain really was large. Even with his speed, he had to travel for quite a while. 

“Yi, you are still alive?” An astonished voice sounded. The mists on the mountains became more and more dense. There was chaotic energy floating about that made one feel suffocated. 

Several figures flashed past. They were precisely the geniuses and noble ladies of the higher realms. Their group had been scattered, and they seemed to be in rather sorry states as they struggled against the supreme experts here. 

Shi Hao saw Zhuo Yun, Xuan Ming, Shui Yue, Lan Yu and the others. Some frowned, and some smiled. Their reactions were all different. 

“Hurry, the Nine-Headed Snake and Ancient Ironblood Tree have caught up. They are extremely ferocious!” Hong Huang reminded. 

These people rushed past immediately, dodging towards the side. They were still at a disadvantage as they fought. Blood had long been shed. 

Of course, there were individuals that had fallen on the supreme experts’ side as well. 

Shi Hao avoided them, not following their party and instead continued to head towards the mountaintop. He already smelled a faint fragrance that greatly refreshed his mind and gushed with vitality. 

“Heh, he seems to be rather brave, daring to go up alone. He really is looking for death.” Zhuo Yun fled while laughing coldly. 

“Careful, it is dangerous up there!” Lan Yu shouted in warning. 

As soon as he approached the mountain peak, Shi Hao noticed Bi Gu, Zhao Qi, and the others. They all held secret treasures in their hands while fighting against others. However, the supreme experts outnumbered them. These individuals fought while backing up, eventually escaping. 

They were trying to disturb the supreme experts from having their way. 

Shi Hao finally saw what there was here that made everyone fight intensely. Even the geniuses from the higher realms’ eyes became red with greed, let alone those like the Nine-Headed Snake.

There was a flower on the world mountain. It emitted golden splendor and wafted pleasant fragrances. Those that smelled it all felt extremely comfortable. 

“A divine flower produced by the ancient golden tree!” Shi Hao immediately understood. 

“If it is allowed to mature, it might be able to produce a world fruit!” The divine striking stone also cried out strangely. They actually ended up encountering this type of object. 

One of the sun tree’s branches reached over, producing a flower that perfectly rested on the top of this world mountain. It was several zhang tall. It swirled with brilliant golden radiance. 

It was quite strange. Elsewhere, the leaves of the sun tree were extremely large and could prop up a mountain, yet here, it was clearly much smaller, and even the flower was like this, not larger than a millstone. 

“The natural laws of the world mountain must have affected it.” The divine striking stone said. 

A few supreme experts stood right here, protecting this flower. They all raised their heads and looked at it. 

Why wasn’t there anyone trying to pluck it?

Even though it wasn’t a world fruit, this type of Sun God Flower possessed endless amounts of essence. If one ate it, one’s body would be completely reconstructed and experience unimaginable transformations. 

Shi Hao carefully observed this place, noticing that there were many bloody marks on this place. There were also corpses here that seemed to have been hacked to death by sharp weapons. 

“This flower is a bit strange!” He came to this conclusion. Otherwise, why did no one else try to pluck it and only guard it like this?

Shi Hao decided to take action. He brought out the deer horn he had just obtained, and then he quickly changed directions and moved out of the way. 

When the five-colored deer horn flew towards the Sun God Flower and was about to cut it off, the golden flower gently swayed and sent out terrifying divine chains of order, cutting the deer horn apart. 

Shi Hao was astonished. This deer horn was a treasure, yet it couldn’t even stand a single blow. It was destroyed as soon as it approached the golden flower! No wonder no one dared to pluck the flower. 

“Brat, even someone like you dares to butt in?!” A supreme expert turned around and rushed in his direction. 

“Is it ripening again? Golden liquid is about to flow out!” Someone cried out in alarm. 

The millstone sized Sun God Flower’s petals released. Golden liquid flowed down and was about to descend. There were three droplets, and each was the size of a dragon-eye fruit. Golden light shone resplendently and a sweet scent wafted through the air. 

This was definitely divine liquid that could bring one back from near death. Even though they couldn’t pluck the flower, they could still wait here for the golden liquid to fall. 


Magical artifacts rumbled, and precious light emerged from all sides. Bi Gu, Zhao Qi, Lan Yu, Ying Ying, and the ten or so other young men and women appeared. They took action together to attack and interfere. 

Apart from this, the supreme expert side also became agitated. They all brought out their precious artifacts. They occupied this region and wanted to seize some more drops of the divine liquid. 

“Younger generation, the first two drops were taken by you all, yet you still aren’t satisfied!” The purple golden ant sneered. It was incredibly powerful. With a single movement, space itself began to distort. 

“The golden liquid belongs to whoever gets it first!” Zhuo Yun sneered and said. 


Shi Hao found out from their words that this flower released two drops of divine liquid before, and that those drops were seized by the youngsters. Meanwhile, the supreme experts went into the Chaotic Ancient Palace, and as such missed this opportunity. 

The chaotic palace was extremely dangerous. A few of the supreme experts died, and they then backed up to this place. 

“Looking to die!” These supreme experts took action, attacking Zhuo Yun and the others. 

“Shi Hao, come here and join our side!” Hong Huang called out. 

Shi Hao moved rather slowly. He didn’t believe these people. Earlier, there were some that hiddenly took action against him, trying to steal his interspatial precious case. It was precisely those individuals that made him ‘fall’ down the golden tree. 


An incredibly intense chaotic battle erupted. 

The golden liquid was already about to fall, and everyone’s eyes turned red. They all rushed forward. There were some that were overly anxious and already jumped out, activating their jade cauldrons to catch that drop. 


Divine chains flew out from that divine flower, immediately destroying a few magical artifacts and even cut through a supreme expert. 

“You truly are something. Did we take you over the sea for nothing? You can’t even contribute a bit? You still aren’t going to take action?!” Someone shouted in a low voice. 

Shi Hao turned around and saw that the one who spoke belonged to those that secretly took action against him. 

Apart from this, Zhao Qi, Zhuo Yun, and the others’ faces became downcast. Their expressions were not kind. There were even some who wanted to push him out to block the supreme experts. 

“We are facing a great enemy! Do not become disordered!” Lan Yun lightly shouted. 


The Ancient Ironblood Tree sent divine spear like roots hacking over. The Nine-Headed Snake’s enormous heads each sprayed out divine radiance. They also crazily slaughtered over.

“En, you really dare to take action against me?” Shi Hao never had any intentions of joining them, and someone actually wanted to hiddenly take action against him, pushing him towards the Nine-Headed Snake to act as a shield. 

At this moment, his entire body shone. He was still at the cultivation of Formation Arrangement and did not put on the imperishable battle clothes. However, there was a horrifying energy that erupted. 

Around Shi Hao, a ring made from symbols emerged, surrounding him within. He rushed towards one of the people behind him. Precious artifacts exploded, and after a cry of alarm sounded, he grabbed one of the males. 

Then, he flung that person towards the Golden Giant. That individual cried out loudly. 

Unfortunately, when this person landed within the supreme experts, he immediately got slapped by the Golden Giant, causing him to spit out large amounts of blood from his mouth. Then, the Blue Dragon roared, using a bronze bell to shatter his body protecting secret treasure. Then, the Ancient Ironblood Tree’s root hacked over, impaling him to death. 

All of this happened extremely quickly. Shui Yue, Bi Gu, Hong Huang and the others were all stupefied. 

“You dare act randomly!” Zhuo Yun, Zhao Qi, and the others roared. They all took action against him. 

“You were the ones that plotted against me first, so don’t blame me for taking action. Zhuo Yun, Zhao Qi, want to give me a try?” Shi Hao was extremely calm as he looked at these people. 

“So daring!” Someone berated and extended a hand. At the same time, Zhuo Yun also hatefully attacked. It was because behind Shi Hao, the Purple Golden Ant and Silver Lion also rushed over murderously. 

A light cry sounded. The void became indistinct. The symbols on Shi Hao’s body shot out. It was impossible to avoid them, because they were just too fast. They rushed out and surrounded the individual in front of him, causing him to cry out. 

Everyone was astonished. That individual turned into a streak of light and vanished. 


Zhuo Yun’s arm also fell. Blood poured outwards. That arm had turned into light and completely vanished. He retreated in shock, his face incredibly pale. 

“Yi, so strange!” The supreme experts behind also shivered inwardly. They didn’t casually attack him. 

“The golden liquid dropped!” Someone cried out in alarm. 

Everyone rushed forward together. They all displayed their precious techniques to seize those drops of divine liquid. This area erupted with brilliant radiance. 

Shi Hao walked up. His entire body lit up with resplendent auspicious light. Symbols covered him, forming a barrier of light that protected him from everything and directly rushed to the very front.

A hong sounded. His attack slammed into the Golden Giant, causing him to stagger to the side. He forcibly rushed through the center of everyone. 

The three drops of precious liquid landed inside a jade cauldron. Someone cried out in joy and wanted to collect it, but soon after, his smile froze. Shi Hao’s arms moved, and symbols appeared. They surrounded the jade cauldron and forcibly led it into his hands. 

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