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Chapter 512 - A Modest Display of a Master

“Yi, where are those other two fellows?” When Shi Hao returned to reality and truly completed his rebirth, he noticed that the divine striking stone and Emperor Butterfly in his hair had disappeared. 

He jumped down from the tree and cut open the protective golden barrier of light to descend into the magma below. He released his divine senses to search for them. 

“Ao…” A sparkling stone surrounded by scarlet multicolored radiance rushed out with a great wave of scarlet magma. 

The divine striking stone was full of joy. It had devoured large amounts of spiritual objects during these past few days, filling itself with spirituality. If another person saw it, their eyes would immediately become red with greed. This was a top level supreme treasure material. 

It became more and more outstanding. Sparkling light flowed about its surface.

By staying here for a long time, there was no need to refine it at all anymore. It would become a natural-born supreme treasure by itself without the need of having any formations carved on it. It could become the most powerful weapon itself. 

Shi Hao waved. The translucent and warm diving striking stone landed in his palm. It released specks of brilliant splendor. The more he looked at it, the more shocked he became. 

“It can become a supreme treasure in the future!” He said softly. With a move of his hand, it was tossed into the scarlet liquid. The area below immediately collapsed and endless scarlet waves reached high into the sky. 

The divine striking stone released a strange shout. Large amounts of scarlet light reached into the skies, creating a truly a spectacular sight. It jolted its buttocks over as it continuously praised Shi Hao with everything it had.

“Big bro, you are the light of my life, the one that guides me through misty seas to shore, allowing me to transcend worldliness…”

By following Shi Hao, it had reaped the benefits of great opportunities again and again. Right now, it wouldn’t leave even if it was beaten. It continuously fawned on him. It turned into a scarlet little stone and hung in Shi Hao’s hair again. 

On the other side, the Emperor Butterfly appeared. It was releasing a strange fluctuation. It attached itself to the barrier and absorbed the golden light. It also received great benefits. 

Even though it was still in the form of a golden bug, there was a thin transparent membrane at both sides of its body. They were like translucent wings, allowing it to fly.

“There’s so much earthflame liquid here. If I don’t bring some away, it would be too great of a waste!” Shi Hao’s devilish brat side was completely revealed. He began to drool continuously.

Even though he couldn’t use it anymore, the villagers needed it, Stone Country needed it, so the principle he pursued was always: mine, mine, all mine!

He opened the bronze precious case and brought out the devastatingly beautiful Yue Chan out. He used the interspatial precious case to absorb the fiery liquid. 

“This is…” Fairy Yue Chan’s white clothes were a wonderful white, elegant and exquisite. This type of beauty didn’t belong in the world of mortals. Those that saw this scene wouldn’t dare believe what they were seeing. 

“Chanchan, I am collecting stuff for our wedding. When we go back, let’s give birth to a child that has the strongest bloodline!” Shi Hao teased her and stroked her sparkling white chin. 

Rumbling sounds rang through the air. Scarlet waves stretched towards the sky, The earthflame liquid surged into the precious case and spiritual essence permeated this place. 

Unfortunately, this precious world wasn’t that large. The space was limited, but it was still a terrifying amount. You have to understand that this was spiritual liquid. 

In the end, Shi Hao sealed Yue Chan inside the heaven and earth pouch. 

This spiritual liquid was fiery and harmful. Its heat was difficult to endure, and only the interspatial precious case was suited to hold it. It left Shi Hao a bit regretful, because the heaven and earth pouch was larger. 

“We should head up as well. There is a great opportunity on top of the golden tree!” Shi Hao brought them with him and rushed up the grand and endless ancient tree. 

The golden tree was releasing a type of rippling divine might. Regardless of whether it was its leaves, branches, or tree bark, they were all priceless treasures. 

Any piece that fell off would contain divine energy. Unfortunately, it was sturdy and undying, so it was difficult for even a single golden piece of bark to fall off. 

The higher he climbed, the more astonished Shi Hao became. This ancient tree was too extraordinary, especially the golden leaves, which each supported and nurtured a star. 

“This is a true legend!” The divine striking stone cried out in alarm. 

Perhaps it could be said that a legend was currently playing out. 

“I see, this ancient tree is undergoing rebirth and can’t be considered a sun tree anymore. It transcended itself and is currently evolving into a world tree.” The divine striking stone spoke.

Shi Hao was stunned. Was it going to create another world?

He also felt that this had long surpassed the power that an ancient sun tree should have. This enormous golden tree was enormous and undying, as if it was creating its own heaven and earth. 

In the past, the Kun Tree had become a world tree, one that linked up all the regions. It was a bridge between humans and deities, but it unfortunately fell during a great battle. 

After an endless amount of time passes, will this ancient golden tree also become a world tree?

“I can’t chew through it! Even if I can, I won’t be able to digest it…” The divine striking stone was at a loss. It chewed with keng chi keng chi sounds for a long time, but the golden tree bark didn’t move in the slightest.

It could only devour earth or stone type substances. It thought that since the golden tree bark was close to metal, it might be able to eat it, but it didn’t budge an inch. 

The emperor butterfly shone. It felt more alarmed that this world tree that was currently transforming. Unfortunately, there was a spirit in this tree. It released holy splendor and carried out self protection, preventing its leaves from being chewed on. 

“This is divine medicine. If a piece can be eaten, then it will be a great natural opportunity!” Shi Hao climbed up while trying to remove a piece. Unfortunately, this tree was immortal and difficult to cut. 

Even though the Emperor Butterfly was heaven defying, it was still in larva form. When it landed on the tender leaves, it could only absorb a bit of the golden splendor source to nourish itself. 

However, this was still enough to leave Shi Hao shocked. He could feel that its power became a bit more powerful. The membrane around the golden bug’s body was becoming more and more sparkling and resplendent. 

“What a pity! If the emperor butterfly could eat the sun tree, then it would definitely transform!” He said softly. 

“Hurry and rush upwards! This is a world tree! Forget about the Chaotic Ancient Palace, just this tree alone is one of the world’s greatest natural forces. It might produce things like world fruits. If we can obtain one, then that would be heaven defying!” The divine striking stone said. 

Shi Hao was moved. He quickly rushed up. 

This tree pierced through the clouds and entered the heavens. A golden leaf could prop up a mountain. It was as if they entered a world of fairy tales, leaving others feeling as if everything was a bit unreal. 

Shi Hao increased his speed. When he saw that the Emperor Butterfly could absorb a bit of the divine splendor, he left it below to slowly absorb it. Perhaps it might have a chance of breaking through. 

After proceeding for several days, Shi Hao and the divine striking stone didn’t know just how far they had traveled. They felt as if they already left this region. Even though they couldn’t fly and could only run, they still travelled an extremely long distance. 


Five-colored light flashed. A magical artifact suddenly appeared. It attacked at the back of Shi Hao’s head ferociously and accurately. It was a deer horn that contained the power of a supreme expert. 

Shi Hao lightly shifted his body, skillfully moving to the side. He saw a five-colored deer, and right now, he had turned into human form. He was full of killing intent. This was precisely the individual that attacked.

“It’s you again!” Shi Hao had already met it before. 

“You are quite daring. You aren’t even a supreme expert, yet you dare to come here. If you hand over all your magical treasures, I’ll leave you with your life.” The five-colored deer was extremely direct and didn’t hide his intentions. 

“Why should I?” Shi Hao asked. He looked around and saw that this was actually an ancient battlefield. 

There were quite a few creatures that came here in the archaic era. There were some skeletal remains on the tree trunk and branches, and even more rested on the golden leaves, creating a rather strange sight. 

This was clearly a divine tree, yet there was such a ghastly scene here. 

“Cultivation is a battle in itself. The weak prey on the strong. I am a supreme expert, and you are an insignificant Formation Arrangement Cultivator.” The five-colored deer said indifferently. 

At the same time, he lightly pointed out. That deer horn returned and quickly enlarged. It scattered down five-colored divine light, submerging Shi Hao underneath. 

Then, something shocking happened. Shi Hao’s chest shone, and then an expanse of mysterious symbols appeared, turning into a ring of light and surrounding him within. 

The five-colored deer’s power couldn’t penetrate through, and that deer horn actually began to crack apart!

“What kind of power is this?” The five-colored deer was astonished, refusing to believe what it was seeing. 

Shi Hao was extremely decisive. He turned into a divine rainbow and rushed over. The symbols around him formed a divine ring, surrounding him and preventing all attacks from landing on his body. 

The five-colored deer activated his precious technique again. In the end, they were all completely dissolved, unable to break through the barrier of light. 

In addition, Shi Hao immediately covered his body with symbols. They were like scriptures, fully displaying their profound mysteries. They attacked with supreme divine might. 

The five-colored deer was astonished. This was just a Formation Arrangement expert, yet his divine force was comparable to a supreme expert. However, why did this precious technique make him feel such fear?

He turned around and left. For a supreme expert, running from a Formation Arrangement Realm cultivator was great humiliation. However, right now, he couldn’t worry about that. 

The divine senses of a supreme expert were sharp, allowing them to seek luck and avoid calamity. They possessed an unfathomable type of instinct. He felt that if he didn’t back off now, there was definitely danger of dying under this strike. 

However, his reaction was too slow. Both sides were too close, and because he was too self-confident before, it became hard for him to immediately leave. 

In addition, Shi Hao’s speed was just too fast, and this precious technique could disturb the five-colored deer’s senses too. When he approached, he could even deprive it of its divine sense. Its was immediately covered under this mysterious ability’s power. 

“No!” He cried out loudly. 

The body protecting symbols around him were wiped out. Several precious artifact emerged from his body one after another, but in the end, they still completely shattered. They were like rotten wood before that divine light and directly exploded. 

“How could this be?!” He was full of fear. They were separated by a great cultivation realm! He had never heard of a Formation Arrangement Realm cultivator being able to attack a supreme expert before unless they used some type of secret treasure. 

“This breaks normal reasoning, it's… an early stage supreme being!” He seemed to have understood something. He released a frantic roar and tried to struggle free.

Then, these symbols descended, covering him within. His body continuously withered up, and then he was set aflame. In the end, he turned into a streak of light and disappeared from this place. 

“A freak!” The divine striking stone muttered.

Shi Hao thought for a long while. His confidence in his own symbols increased by a large amount. It was even more powerful than what he had thought!

The five-colored deer was looking for remnants within this ancient battlefield. Because it wasn’t powerful enough, it had always lagged behind the others. However, it was quite careful. It never expected to meet Shi Hao. He wanted to take advantage of a weak opponent, yet in the end, he died. 

After rushing past this ancient battlefield, the golden mists above filled the air. They became more and more mysterious. A few leaves actually had buildings standing tall. This was left behind by some ancient people. Apart from these, there were some stone statues as well.

They were all built on the golden tree trunk and enormous leaves. It was an extremely astonishing sight. 

“I’ve arrived!” Shi Hao finally saw the Chaotic Ancient Palace. It was right above him. He had reached the top of the golden tree.

At the same time, he saw a few figures. They were moving about the divine mountain next to the ancient palace and fighting intensely.

“There’s a mountain?” Shi Hao was astonished. 

Primal chaos surged. This mountain was indistinct. A powerful aura surrounded it. 

“This is a world mountain produced by the world tree. It is an exceptional natural creation! Hurry up and go!” The divine striking stone shouted. 

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