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Chapter 507 - Hidden Information

“Where do you think you are going?!” The little pagoda shouted loudly. The four layers of its pagoda body shone brightly. Sword radiance swept through the primal chaos, to make it stay behind. 

Meanwhile, the undying existence even more so made his move, directly chasing after it. A fist smashed into the void’s primal chaos. 

The Willow Deity didn’t move, remaining next to the guardian spirit tree. It seemed aloof and detached as it released a scattering mist. There was a hazy immortal sound in this place. 

The undying existence roared loudly as the void was torn apart, however, he was still too late and unable to stop Five Phase Mountain. In reality, if someone at this level wanted to escape, it was hard to suppress them and even harder to kill them. 

Five Phase Mountain turned into a streak of origin energy and entered Immortal Mountain’s bronze palace. Divine light flourished in this place. Its aura disappeared, but there was still an astonishing wave of foundation energy here. 

A formation collapsed. The bronze palace hall continuously swayed. 

The little pagoda chased after it, cursing along the way. 

Five Phase Mountain entered the higher realms, and as such escaped, leaving the entrapment of the eight regions. If they wanted to meet again, they would have to ascend the route of heaven first. 

In the next moment, the undying existence and the little pagoda returned to the Archaic Precious World. Since they couldn’t catch Five Phase Mountain, they might as well return for the great opportunity. 

When one reached their cultivation levels, normal heavenly treasures were already beneath them. Only the spiritual objects that grew within the primal chaos could attract their attention, especially symbol traces within the primal chaos. 

Within the depths of the Archaic Precious World, there was a powerful waterfall, a boundless great lake, as well as a lofty mountain. Ancient trees stretched into the skies, and spiritual essence surged everywhere. This place flowed with multicolored light. 

“Willow Deity, what is going on?” After returning, Shi Hao was shocked to find that the Willow Deity was still there, as if it was trying to sense something. 

Eventually, it even sat on top of the willow tree that flowed with the green light, silently lost in its thoughts. It seemed like it had encountered an extremely great problem. 

“Yi, what is going on?” The little pagoda flew over. Its entire body shone, and it also began to sense things here. 

“Something is strange!” The undying existence’s wings collapsed, disappearing from his back. At this moment, golden armor appeared on his body. His hair shortened, but it was still yellow and dried up. He didn’t seem that old, his twenty or thirty year old appearance looked like it was carved from a blade. The edges and corners were distinct and flowing with a faint golden radiance. 

He had a human appearance. His original form couldn’t be seen through at all. It was unknown what kind of creature he was.

Shi Hao was fifteen years old and matured early, but he still sneakily brought out the dual-pupils to peer at him out of curiosity. He also wanted to know what the Willow Deity’s true appearance looked like. 

In the end, as soon as that divine eye was brought out, a dazzling expanse of golden light shot over. Golden radiance flourished brilliantly, and it was so bright that he couldn’t look straight at it. 

Shi Hao was astonished. His divine awareness was burning to the point where it ached a bit. He didn’t see the other party’s original body too clearly and only felt as if there was a golden sun in front of him that blazed with divine light. 

The undying existence gave him a look. His eyes were extremely deep, but he didn’t say anything. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. Existences at this level were terrifying as expected, to the point where he couldn’t treat them with normal reasoning. 

“Stop trying, you can’t see through him. Do you really want to see what he looks like?” The little pagoda descended. Its pagoda body released pure white splendor.

Shi Hao was embarrassed, but he still nodded. 

“He popped out from a rock, a natural born existence.” The little pagoda laughed loudly. 

“What kind of creature is that?” Shi Hao looked towards the undying existence curiously. 

The undying existence gave the little pagoda a look. His expression wasn’t happy, and those eyes flowed with knife-like radiance. Pressure exuded from his body. 

“If I speak the truth, it easily brings about your hatred. Why did I even bother freeing you?” The little pagoda put on an act, and then it mysteriously said, “In reality, he was actually incubated within an egg, but he was nurtured for a million years. That’s why I said he jumped out from a rock.”

When Shi Hao heard this, he was shocked. What kind of creature was this? To stay within an egg a million years… this was too terrifying!

“How else do you think he became so strong? He is just a non-innate creature, yet he is so hard to kill and managed to reach such greatness.” The little pagoda said. 

Shi Hao was able to hear it give out rare inside information. He earnestly asked for guidance about how that existence became so powerful, and what non-innateness there was to speak of. 

“He was born as a non-innate existence, but he was buried into a chaotic small world by someone and incubated for a million years, so when he hatched, he naturally became extremely powerful, obtaining an innate imprint. What a tragedy! After he was born into this world, that chaotic world directly collapsed.” The little pagoda said. 

Shi Hao was greatly moved inwardly. Could it be that only through incubating into an innate existence could one become powerful? He continuously frowned. 

The Willow Deity came to and saw his confusion. “Innate and non-innate are the same. Non-innate individuals grow step by step and obtain more experience, so if they can rise to greatness, they might become even more powerful.”

Shi Hao nodded and used this opportunity to learn more. 

This was a rare opportunity. Three supreme giants were here, and anything they said was enough for him to digest for quite a while. That was why he listened sincerely and with great open-mindedness. 

Eventually, the Willow Deity and this undying existence both turned into human forms. It was extremely astonishing. When he blurted out a question, he never expected to obtain an extremely serious answer. 

When one was born within this place, this heaven and earth, certain forms would be extremely close to the dao. 

The human form was one of the forms that were suitable for cultivation, and through this form, one could approach immortality. 

Shi Hao was shocked. This topic was still too early for him. If the Willow Deity didn’t talk about it, it would have been hard for him to even hear about such a saying. 

“Even though this senior is in human form, wasn’t there still a pair of golden wings preserved?” Shi Hao carefully looked at the undying existence.

“In the past, he had not formed them. Those wings became one of the greatest embodiments of his flesh and dao strength, but they also serve as a limitation in his advancement.” The little pagoda seemed to be taking joy in others’ disaster.

“There is something like this?” Shi Hao was astonished. 

The undying existence sneered and said, “I do not believe these to be shackles. Even if a suitable cultivation body is produced, I would like to ask what the point in doing so is. To take the final step? I left behind the golden wings and didn’t transform them, instead turning them into one of the most powerful methods that allowed my strength to become invincible in this world. Doesn’t this make me even more free and unfettered?”

“Then, little pagoda, what about you? Why aren’t you turning into a human form?” Shi Hao asked. 

“The pagoda form is also suited to eternal existence. It is also a medium for preserving the natural dao.” The little pagoda said proudly. 

“Becoming the most powerful might oftentimes become our own restrictions in breaking past our hurdles.” The Willow Deity seemed to be feeling some deep emotions.

“Is that why you decided to undergo rebirth?” The little pagoda asked. 

“Rebirth, isn’t that just a life and death struggle?” The Willow Deity said. 

When the undying existence heard this, he couldn’t help but be moved. When he looked at the Willow Deity, his expression was a bit complicated. He looked towards the heavens with an incomparably serious expression. 

The little pagoda was shaken. It cautiously asked, “Rumor has it that since the ancient times, those that wanted to take that step would all encounter great horrors and strangeness?”

The Willow Deity nodded. The divine tree that shone with brilliant green multicolored light behind him swayed with the wind. The immortal energy that wafted about was holy and pure. 

“Something’s not right. Even though I heard of your name before, but… who exactly are you? Are you really not a creature of this world?” The little pagoda suddenly said. 

The Willow Deity smiled. It shook its head and said, “You are overthinking things.”

After speaking up to this point, the divine tree behind it turned into a streak of green light. It rapidly shrunk, turning into a divine ring before moving towards the back of its head. It shone with sparkling and brilliant immortal light. 

Shi Hao who stood on the side was greatly stirred up. Even though he didn’t really understand what they were talking about, he could still guess at a few things. 

The Willow Deity looked at him and seemed to have sensed something. Its eyes rested on his chest and said, “It seems you got another bone. In the future, your magical force will be boundless and your abilities will be remarkable.”

Shi Hao was stupefied. 

“Removing it is too much of a pity.” The little pagoda shook its head. 

When these words were spoken, Shi Hao was even more shocked. He gradually understood what they were saying. 

“Why is there a need to remove it? If you leave it behind and use it for yourself, when you move unhindered through this world, this will become something great to rely on.” The undying creature sneered and said. 

The Willow Deity didn’t continue speaking and ended this topic. One’s path needed to be traveled alone. No one can claim a certain path to be the correct path. 

“It’s about time. I am about to enter,” said the Willow Deity. 

“Yi, what did you find out?” The little pagoda asked. Only now did it recall that the Willow Deity had been continuously thinking just now. 

“That gate might have appeared again.” The Willow Deity said. 

“What? That gate within the primal chaos before heaven and earth were opened?” The little pagoda was shocked. 

“It’s inside this Archaic Precious World?” The undying existence was also shaken. 

“You… you aren’t saying that you are going to barge in, right? Since the ancient times, those that entered all disappeared. Only blood flows out from that gate!” The little pagoda released a strange cry. 

The undying existence also revealed a look of shock. His expression became extremely downcast. 

“I’m going to take a look first. As for what I will end up doing, I’ll decide after taking a look,” said the Willow Deity. 

Shi Hao had a feeling that the Willow Deity felt extremely distant. He was clearly right there, but it felt like he was at the horizon, as if he was truly going to leave. 

“Willow Deity!” He hurriedly cried out. 

“The primordial gate that was born together with the primal chaos has only appeared a few times. It has triggered an archaic war, as well as an ancient era divine battle. I never expected it to appear again today…” The little pagoda sighed. 

Multicolored light flashed, and the Willow Deity entered the depths of the Archaic Precious World, thus disappearing from this place. 

Shi Hao hugged the little pagoda and followed it inside. 

Within the depths of this place, magnificent mountains and rivers were connected to the primal chaos. They formed a hazy expanse, making it hard to see the scenery clearly. It was extremely magnificent, as if they were within a great sea. 

“Regardless of whether that gate appears in the higher realms or small world, it is always hidden within primal chaos.” The undying creature spoke. His eyes were flickering with light as he said, “I’m not going to recklessly enter. I am only going to enter the chaotic world to acquire the foundation energy I need. Then, I will enter the higher realms and stir up a storm.”

“I plan to take a look.” The little pagoda said. 

“Then what about me?” Shi Hao asked. 

“You can’t enter the chaotic world. You should just search about for a few opportunities outside.”

“Hey, you guys, don’t be in such a hurry to enter! What if Immortal Heavenly Deity, Western Sect’s master, and the others cast their projection down here again?” Shi Hao revealed a look of worry. 

“How could it be that easy to come down here? Even if it’s a projected image, they still have to pay a great cost. Since they were sent back, it will be hard for them to come down again,” said the little pagoda. 

While speaking, it directly took action, sending Shi Hao inside who knew how many tens of thousands of li. Meanwhile, the chaotic world rumbled with great noise. 

“What are you so anxious for? Hey, my parents are still sealed within the formation, and you didn’t even let them out yet!” Shi Hao cried out loudly. However, he had long been tossed into the distance, leaving him rather helpless. 

The higher realms’ sect masters weren’t going to come down for awhile, and the Willow Deity was going to disappear too? When he thought of this possibility, Shi Hao was immediately startled. He felt extremely out of sorts. There were still many things he wanted to talk and ask about. 

“Don’t worry. Before leaving, all of your questions about the higher realms will be completely answered.” The Willow Deity transmitted mentally. 

“Willow Deity, I really want to go through that gate together with you!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. Unfortunately, he didn’t receive a reply. 

In the depths of the Archaic Precious World, primal chaos surged and natural laws interweaved. That area was covered in great dao symbols and extremely mysterious. 

“If they aren’t here anymore, then I can only depend on myself.” Shi Hao said softly and tightened his fist. 

Suddenly, he felt a familiar aura; He immediately knew that those noble women and geniuses from the higher realms that he saw at the entrance had entered. 

At the same time, he saw a golden crow fly through the air. This was a creature from this precious world. It was resplendent like a great sun, and it released a terrifying pressure. 

Shi Hao was greatly shaken. He quickly calmed himself down. He knew that primordial land might contain tremendous opportunities. 

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