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Chapter 508 - Golden Crow Sea

The Golden Crow could be considered one of the world’s most powerful creatures. In legends, it even more so possessed an exceptionally high position. It was rumored that the sun in the sky was an ancient slumbering golden crow.

This one was definitely far from those types of holy and divine existences. However, it wasn’t an ordinary creature either, unexpectedly possessing the aura of a supreme expert. Its entire body was golden, and its feathers released dazzling radiance. 

Shi Hao didn’t want to get caught in unnecessary problems, so he collected his aura and avoided it. He watched it fly into the difference, leaving behind a golden rainbow in the sky. 

“This Archaic Precious World is not normal! There is such a powerful supreme expert.” He said to himself. 

A great calamity had just passed. The supreme experts of the eight regions had practically vanished, all of them killed or dead. Apart from the few great sects, it was hard to find existences of this level. 

The Archaic Precious World had been sealed until now. Now that it appeared again, it made sense that there were powerful creatures inside. 


Suddenly, a rumbling sounded from the distance. The space here trembled, and then he felt as if a great flood poured down on him. 

“What is that?” He was greatly shaken. 

Golden flames covered the sky in the distance. Even from such a distance, he could feel the great heat. It was as if an ocean of magma erupted, turning this place completely dry and arid. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. Then, his scalp felt numb. He immediately turned around and ran, turning into a shadow as he disappeared. 

There was actually a hoard of creatures there, covering the sky and filling the earth. There were at least a hundred thousand beasts there, and they were all shining like torches. This pack of creatures was powerful to the extreme. 

These were flame crows, an extremely powerful type of creature that had the golden crow’s bloodline. They were actually grouped together, forming this herd that filled the skies. 

These creatures were mostly black in color. They spat out li flames that carried a bit of golden color as well. Their wings were resplendent, filling the skies with blazing divine radiance. 

Regardless of whether their individual strength was great, when all of them were grouped up together, they could crush through anything. A hundred thousand flame crows wreaking havoc was too horrifying of a scene. 

“It feels a bit strange. What happened? They seemed to be hunting down something. Could it be that those noble women and geniuses angered them?”

Shi Hao moved out of the way, and then he quickly traveled through the forest to escape this place. No matter how strong he was, he still wasn’t willing to provoke this sea of creatures. It seems like this wasn’t even all of them. 

“This is an entire clan, and they formed a city. We cannot enter their ancestral lands on our own. There are just too many flame crows.”

“However, there is most likely a supreme treasure there. Didn’t you see? There was a supreme expert level golden crow moving around. If we can sneak into that place, we might be able to obtain the extraordinary golden crow clan precious technique.”

When Shi Hao had just left that region, he heard these people talking softly in front of a valley. Those individuals were breathing heavily; it was clear that they had just managed to flee. 

He carefully observed from the darkness. Sure enough, it was people he recognized, the geniuses from the higher realms. They appeared to be in somewhat sorry states and had been chased for who knew how many li. Even the edges of their sleeves were scorched. 

However, he didn’t see those noble ladies. They were most likely separated. 

“If it was just two or three supreme expert level golden crows, then it’s not that big of a deal. We are powerful enough, and we even brought a secret treasure into the lower realm that can suppress them. We cannot miss the golden crow’s precious land.” Someone spoke. 

As expected, it was this group that stirred up trouble. They wanted to explore the golden crows’ and flame crows’ ancestral land. 

Shi Hao did not join them, instead disappearing from this place with a flash. 

He traveled over a thousand li, and then he heard the sounds of wings flapping again. In the distance, fiery light roiled. This group of fiery birds numbered more than a hundred and fifty thousand, burning the skies until even the heavens appeared to be a bit distorted. 

Shi Hao moved away again. He did not wish to be caught up in this storm. 

However, the direction he headed in this time just so happened to be the flame crows’ nest. After traveling several hundred li, he saw a city with many people. Creatures with bird heads were entering and exiting this place. 

Nearby, there were even more volcanoes that roiled with liquid. This place was covered in scorching heat. 

Even though this place was extremely hot, there was extremely rich spiritual essence wafting about. Even though one would feel scorching heat here, they would also feel their pores relaxing and expanding. There was both pain and happiness. 

“Earthflame liquid!”

Shi Hao was shocked! Near this city, there was surging liquid that wasn’t completely magma. There were several that formed springs. They released powerful spiritual essence; it was actually flame liquid! 

This was a type of fire attribute divine liquid that normally existed in magma and was hard to extract. He never expected to see quite a bit here that was collected into a spiritual spring.

There weren’t many, but it wasn’t few in number. There were eight in total. Even though it wasn’t top level divine liquid, there was quite a bit. There was a small lake that was almost scarlet red. 

Shi Hao was astonished. He felt a raging flame burning within his chest; this was his supreme being bone sensing powerful divine might. It wanted to devour it and refine it, allowing itself to become more complete and mature. 

“I can’t! There are more than a million flame crows and golden crows here! If I really go and try to steal that flame liquid, the entire world would come after me.”

He didn’t want to become a shield for those geniuses from the higher realms. Those individuals provoked the golden crows, so if he got himself involved, he would definitely be made into a scapegoat.

“I’ll wait a bit first. If they appear again and try to look for some ancestral land or something, I’ll come to look for an opportunity again.” He carefully observed this place and found that the flame crows didn’t guard the flame liquid that vigilantly, because there was so much spiritual liquid here. 

By the city gate were a few powerful fiery birds. Most of them wore black armor, but a few of them wore golden armor as they patrolled around. 

There were quite a few powerful auras in the city. King level figures entered and left, and there were even supreme expert fluctuations. They released their divine might that was powerful and astonishing. It was rather intimidating. 

Shi Hao remained here and observed for a bit. He then turned around and left. 

Two days later, he was laying within a small pond of pure white liquid that released sweet fragrance. Not far away, there were many vines twisting about. The place where he was at had divine essence swirling about. 

“I never expected this Archaic Precious World would be so rich with natural resources! There are some places where the spiritual essence even turned into liquid!”

This was a cave that had been abandoned for many years. There was a pond filled with stone milk. The pure white spiritual essence was astonishing, and it was releasing fragrance. 

Shi Hao gulped down quite a bit until he was satisfied, and then he sat inside of it himself. This had definitely been collected for tens of thousands of years, with powerful spiritual essence accumulated. 

The stone milk wasn’t a top level divine liquid either, but this type of pond that was a meter in diameter was quite astonishing. It bathed him in immortal light, making his entire body feel light and comfortable.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t evolve into earth milk. If it did, the effects would be even more wonderful.”

Despite this being the case, this pond of precious liquid was still a rare sight. The best features turned into white light before entering his chest, nourishing that bone. 

Recently, the bone became more and more active. When it felt rich spiritual essence, it would wake up on its own to absorb it. It was clearly about to finish growing.

Soon after, the pond of stone milk turned into plain water. All of its essence was absorbed. Shi Hao’s body felt comfortable and warm. With just a thought, his breastbone shone, and a powerful wave of energy surged. 

At this moment, he could see those symbols! They were incomparably complex and tightly packed. Sure enough, it was as if a portion of a heavenly text was directly engraved onto that spotlessly white bone. 

This was an extremely powerful divine ability, a supreme being precious technique that belonged to him alone!

“This sealed world has a lot of divine matter. Maybe I don’t even have to search for opportunities by the golden crow’s place.” Shi Hao said to himself. If he could encounter these types of spiritual ponds often, then it was already enough to nourish his supreme being bone. 

Without a doubt, the Archaic Precious World had been sealed for endless years. There were too many spiritual objects that were simply priceless in value. If those from the outside world found out, they would definitely flock over. 

“I have to hurry and collect things while there aren’t many people that know about it.”

In the following few days, Shi Hao’s harvest was plentiful. As he explored, he noticed several powerful clans as well. They all formed their own ancient cities.


Suddenly, a powerful fluctuation could be felt from the distance. Fiery light rushed into the heavens, breaking through the clouds. The scarlet light surged and shone resplendently. 

Something chaotic had happened by the golden crow race’s area!

Shi Hao originally didn’t want to go, but he felt several powerful energies emerge around him. They took to the air and headed in that direction.

They were experts of the Archaic Precious World, this world’s powerful creatures. Even they were hurrying over, which means that things weren’t normal in that area. There might be some opportunities to take advantage of. 

Shi Hao displayed the Kun Peng technique and rushed over as well. 

Before he approached that area he could feel a wave of heat even when far away. Scarlet redness covered everything in front of him.

A few supreme experts had appeared. They watched from afar with burning eyes. These creatures included a powerful silver lion, giant nine-headed snake, a golden giant descendant from the ancient times, and others. They stood guard here. 

Behind the golden ancient city, a major disaster had taken place. An ancient formation had crumpled, and the archaic divine earth that had been sealed reemerged. It was sending out endless amounts of fiery light. 

Shi Hao was astonished. The volcano and earthflame liquid he found before couldn’t be considered that incredible at all when compared to what laid behind the ancient city. There was actually a seemingly endless sea of magma!

Was this magma? It was even more majestic than an ocean, and there was no end in sight. It stretched all the way into the ends of the horizon. The heat it gave off was absolutely astonishing. Scarlet magma surged and released burning energy. 

Scarlet redness and brilliant light erupted. This type of sea of magma was unheard of before. The most bizarre part was that there were boats moving across the ocean surface. These boats with ancient appearances were drifting along the magma. 

“The golden crow race’s sealed ancestral land has been opened today! There will definitely be a tremendous opportunity!” A supreme expert roared with laughter. The others gave each other a glance, and they could all see the passionate looks in their eyes. 

Within the depths of that sea of magma, boundless divine energy surged. A wave of astonishing essence energy poured over. It carried a fragrance with it that made one feel light and free when they breathed it in. 

One of the supreme experts became extremely excited. He transforming into a five-colored deer, his four hooves trampled on the void towards the depths of the magma sea. However, before it traveled that far, it dropped into the magma liquid with a putong sound. Its body was left in a sorry state, to the extent where light smoke even wafted into the air, as if it was about to be burned. 

He released a loud cry, and his face revealed horror. He hurriedly rushed out to retreat to shore. 

Since this was a ‘restricted space’ domain, those that were powerful like supreme experts couldn’t fly through. Moreover, the temperature of the magma sea was extremely high, even being able to harm supreme experts, leaving those watching horrified. 

“Yi, he came too. Should we have him explore the ‘Golden Crow Ocean’ with us? Not far away, a few youngsters appeared. One of them spoke, and it was precisely those geniuses from the higher realms. 

One of them was completely wrapped within divine radiance, and his eyes were extremely deep. It was precisely Xuan Ming, someone who tried to invite Shi Hao before but was ultimately refused. He swept an eye towards the distant Shi Hao and said softly, “There is no need. He’s just a lower realm genius. Even if he is extraordinary, he wouldn’t be able to provide much help here. He would only be a burden.”

Suddenly, an even more powerful fluctuation rippled outwards. Boundless divine force surged. Within the depths of the Golden Crow Ocean, a majestic scene emerged. An ancient tree reached into the heavens. It was entirely golden in color, and it took root within the sea. It propped up the sun, moon, and stars. There was also a grand palace that was faintly discernible and radiated with unfading radiance. 

“Could that be…” Xuan Ming was astonishing. His body trembled. 

“It’s a Sun God Tree. That palace is…” The geniuses and noble ladies from the higher realms were all shocked. They gave each other a look and simply couldn’t believe what they were seeing. 

“A legend… traces of it have reappeared!” The voice of the person who spoke was trembling.

Shi Hao was also astonished. He could feel that this place wasn’t inferior to the place the little pagoda and the others went to. The opportunities here might even be greater. 

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