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Chapter 506 - Please Leave

As the sect master, even if he wasn’t the most powerful expert since the heavens opened, he could still oppress the rest of the world with his power and go where he pleased. He was practically invincible, so how could he leave just like this?

This battle was unavoidable. Even if Immortal Heavenly Deity’s projection was destroyed, the others still couldn’t just back off!

Western Sect’s sect master was completely golden in color, and his body was swirling with a mysterious force. This was the embodiment of one who cultivated the Vajra Unbreakable Body to its peak. When he took a step forward, the dome of heaven would be destroyed. 

The world didn’t seem to be able to hold his true body. Extraterrestrial light appeared on the surface of his body. He didn’t increase in size, but the universe seemed to have shrunk instead. It was as if stellar streams were swirling about his body. 


His palm slapped over, and that powerful magical projection rumbled in the void. The golden dao body was undying and possessed supreme divine might. Primal chaos surged between his palm and fingers. 

The Willow Deity formed a magical imprint and released a seemingly ordinary attack. His long and slender fingers brushed outwards, causing sparkling white luster to flicker about. It contained extremely simple and pure profound mysteries of the great dao as it collided with the zhang six precious body. 

The space around them was annihilated without any sound. The zhang six golden body backed up, while the willow branches swayed back and forth. The stellar light between the two collapsed. Chaotic mists surged and surrounded both parties. 


Sword radiance shone brilliantly. It was as if primal chaos was being sliced apart. It was like the never-fading light light of outer space, and in the blink of an eye, it became extremely blinding. It wanted to slice apart Willow Deity’s arm and the green divine tree behind it. 


On the side, the little pagoda turned into a heaven connecting enormous pagoda that suppressed downwards. It collided with an immortal sword, causing a tremendous sound to erupt. The explosion was so great it sounded as if divine steel had smashed into the heavens and caused it to split apart. 

Purple energy surged, and then it formed a magical projection. It broke free from the pure white pagoda body and dispelled the pagoda’s power. Meanwhile, his main body held the immortal sword while advancing murderously towards the Willow Deity. 

Sword radiance immediately streaked across the sky like a rainbow. Natural dao laws swirled as all of these attacks aimed at the Willow Deity’s key points. Every single streak of sword energy was grand and magnificent as they tore through the air like stellar rivers. 

The undying existence also took action, attacking with great force. The pair of golden wings moved about, causing lightning to erupt and golden multicolored light to fill the sky. 

However, he was stopped by Five Phase Mountain. The mountain body enlarged and released the five elemental divine lights corresponding to metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. They formed the core energies of all living creatures and blasted forward with tremendous power. 

When Immortal Heavenly Mountain’s projected image was killed, Five Phase Mountain naturally didn’t remain calm. It fiercely took action and continuously attacked. 


Suddenly, Western Sect master moved past Willow Deity and rushed towards the undying existence. His golden palm and fingers seemed to possess everlasting power as they collided with his golden fist, causing the space around them to explode. 

A golden magical projection that was unrivaled, and a body that had reached the pinnacle; these two sides clashed without either side giving an inch. It was incomparably ferocious. 

Meanwhile, a streak of sword radiance hacked down into the purple energy. The matchless expert that was fighting against the Willow Deity moved sideways to evade the blow, and then he sent sword rainbows flying towards the undying existence. 

This was a great chaotic battle. One’s opponent wasn’t set and could change at any time. As long as they could effectively and efficiently get rid of the other party’s main battle force, they could gain the advantage. 

Following a weng sound, Five Phase Mountain turned around and formed a precious imprint to suppress down on Willow Deity’s head. It sent down streak after streak of radiance like a waterfall to surround the figure below. 

While accompanied by green light and the fluctuations of life force, a sparkling green willow branch absorbed the five element energy to nourish itself. A hazy radiance emerged around it. 

Five Phase Mountain released a strange cry. This world’s original energy was simply nourishment towards that guardian spirit divine tree and could be refined by it. It was completely shocked. 

Five Phase Mountain withdrew its multicolored light and turned into an enormous mountain. It crushed down with its immortal body to shatter that figure and the great tree that was full of vitality.


The green branches rushed high into the sky. An extremely soft force circulated, neutralizing this extremely rigid force. In just an instant, they fully wrapped themselves around this five elements great mountain. 

Meanwhile, that long and slender figure flew into the sky and sent a palm outwards. A profound and mysterious symbol appeared at the center of that sparkling palm. It was incomparably terrifying as it pressed towards Five Phase Mountain. 

Five Phase Mountain was startled. This was a simple symbol, used to deal with the five elements, one of the divine pattern imprints of the primal chaos era. The other party could actually casually bring it out to destroy its body!


Five Phase Mountain was greatly shaken. Five symbols appeared on its mountain body, and then they spun around to form a five element ring. It wanted to devour that symbol and refine it. 


With a jolt, this place immediately exploded. 

Five Phase Mountain swayed back and forth. The ring of light was destroyed. Five element spiritual essence surged, having a portion absorbed by that sparkling white hand. It left it continuously shaken and forced it to quickly move backwards. 


The Willow Deity reached out a hand. It appeared in front of Five Phase Mountain and surrounded it. After grabbing it, it was fiercely slammed forward. 


The mountain body was turned into a precious imprint and was temporarily controlled by the Willow Deity. With a forceful slap, it perfectly struck down on that immortal sword. Brilliant light erupted and ear-splitting sounds tore through the air. 

The immortal light was extremely colorful. The matchless expert that held the sword weapon opened his mouth and released a sphere of radiance. It turned into symbols that engraved themselves in the void, and he also sent sword light hacking down on the Willow Deity’s arm. 


The little pagoda struggled free from the purple energy around it, blasting away that embodiment before swooping down quickly. The pagoda quickly enlarged. A vortex frantically swirled below it to absorb those symbols in the void. 

The chaotic battle was incredibly intense. They all displayed their great methods. 

Soon after, the main attacks were still concentrated on the Willow Deity, because the higher realms’ giants all knew that it was the main force of the other party. If it wasn’t defeated, then there was no meaning in this battle.

Western Sect master was ancient and holy. The golden magical body was undying and sturdy. He reached out a palm that quickly enlarged. It immediately surrounded this area, covering the Willow Deity. 

World inside the palm; this was a great divine ability with a famous reputation, and the one that possessed the greatest accomplishments in this technique was precisely this sect master. It was known to be able to remove stars and capture the moon. A sleeve could cover the world, a palm could cover heaven and earth. 

The palm and fingers turned yellow. They became vast and boundless, and every single finger was like a pillar that could support the heavens. Nebulas could be seen swirling within the giant fingers. 

Meanwhile, the Willow Deity was at the center of the palm, as if he was going to be trapped within. 


The sound of space shattering rang through the air. The Willow Deity continuously formed imprints to shatter this world within a palm. Natural laws circulated, and the force of order covered this place. The world within this palm was covered in primal chaos, becoming unsteady, as if it was on the verge of shattering. 

Following an enormous hong sound, this palm changed, turning into a great furnace to refine the Willow Deity. The divine furnace was yellow and covered in symbols. Dragons surrounded the heavens. 

The Willow Deity raised his hands and ferociously slammed forward. At this moment, his hand was still holding the precious imprint formed from Five Phase Mountain, and it smashed towards the precious furnace formed from the golden palm. 

“This is the moment!” The zhang six golden body that had silently fought without speaking opened its mouth. It fiercely turned over its palm to suppress downwards. 

The golden divine furnace refined heaven and earth. Countless stellar streams poured downwards, and there were even great stars that smashed downwards. Western Sect master turned his hand in an attempt to seal the Willow Deity in one go. 


At the same time, Five Phase Mountain shone. It broke free from the Willow Deity’s control and coordinated with that vast aura. It began to suppress over as well. Both sides joined forces. 

This was planned in advance. Five Phase Mountain wasn’t that weak. It purposely allowed itself to get captured, serving as a sealed magical artifact. At this moment, it quickly enlarged to assist Western Sect master, sending out its immortal energy. 

The Willow Deity was calm. It continued to remain composed as the stellar streams slammed downwards. When its body descended onto the great earth, the divine ring around itself shone and scattered all of the symbols’ restrictions. 

At the same time, a streak of green multicolored light shot out from its palm. It produced the dao of life, causing endless plants to take root in the void and absorb the five elements energy as well as the zhang six golden body’s magical power. 

This was a strange scene. Green multicolored light covered the heavens. A heaven connecting willow tree rose rapidly, shooting into the heavens. All of the chaotic energy was broken through as if it was a world tree. 

Hong. The world within the palm was shattered. The zhang six golden body flew backwards in reverse, and Five Phase Mountain also grew dim. An enormous mass of essence energy was forcefully taken from both of them and used to nourish that tree. 

It seemed to have taken root before the heavens were opened. Heaven and earth seemed like they couldn’t hold its true body. A stellar stream hung down from every branch, and every leaf carried a great star as it flickered with radiance. 

Meanwhile, that tall and slender figure stood at the top of the sparkling and translucent tree, overlooking everything. 


Purple energy arrived from the east. The expert that held the immortal sword broke free from the undying existence. He opened his mouth and roared, covering the sky with purple energy. It carried a type of great dao energy as it swept over. 


The little pagoda flew over, resisting his great power. Heaven and earth trembled violently. 

Sword radiance flashed. This expert vanished, turning into a wave of green energy. It allowed the little pagoda to rush over, and it ended up hitting nothing. 

Immediately after, dao sound rumbled through heaven and earth. Images of that figure appeared everywhere, and they all held an immortal sword. They flowed with a mysterious earthen aura and rushed forward murderously. 

Each figure was a symbol; this was his dao. He formed heaven and earth imprints that seemed to know no end!


The Willow Deity also took action. The willow tree below its feet shone. Thousands of willow branches sparkled with green light, and they all turned into divine chains of order before rushing outwards to confront that individual. 

What was incredibly astonishing was that the ends of every single branch flickered with golden light. They turned into Kun Pengs that were incomparably powerful. It was as if they were going to shatter heaven and earth!

This type of scene was extremely astonishing. There wasn’t a single expert that wasn’t incredibly shocked. 

Every single green and sparkling branch carried a golden Kun Peng with black patterns. They charged forward, annihilating all living things and techniques!

“He can even casually create the Kun Peng’s dao and merge it with his own precious technique, making it even more powerful…” Someone lightly sighed.


Heaven and earth exploded. Green energy scattered outwards. An immortal sword was smashed apart, turning into flowing light before scattering into the void. Purple energy surged as that person fell back. 

“Everyone already had a taste themselves. Do you want me to help you guys along your way, or do you want to return to the higher realms on your own?” The Willow Deity spoke. Its divine will sent out his voice that could not be distinguished as masculine or feminine. 

The tall and slender figure stood there with a sparkling green divine tree accompanying it. It was exceptional and stunning. 

“Hurry up and run already. Do you want all of your projected bodies to be killed? Even though it’s not your real body, if news of that spreads, it won’t sound good.” The little pagoda sneered. It didn’t mince words. 

Western Sect master was shining with brilliant golden light. He released his greatest pressure, and in just a split second, it shook the entire realm, and it was as if the stars in the sky were being destroyed. 

His golden face was calm. At this moment, one hand pointed at the heavens and one hand pointed at the earth. An unequalled magical imprint was formed, and indescribable chants that shook all three thousand worlds rang through the air. 

Right now, his aura was astonishing. It was as if he was the only sovereign of the heavens above and earth below, one that was absolutely without equal. 

He formed the most powerful magical imprint. Its body was incomparably golden, and all types of symbols covered his body. They interweaved through through this world and were on the verge of pressing downwards. 

The Willow Deity released a dao chant. The three thousand deities around him knelt down in worship, and sacrificial sounds could be heard. Heaven and earth trembled, erupting with golden radiance. 

Western Sect’s master sighed. In the end, he retracted his palm and did not use his unmatched magical imprint. It was because this was the lower realm, a place where he couldn’t stay for too long. His time was almost up. 


He turned into a golden beam of light that led into the heavens and disappeared. 

“Please leave as well.” The Willow Deity spoke again. It looked at the matchless expert that had purple energy surging around him. 

Purple energy surged. The figure there was straightforward as well. Even though the western sect master and himself still had some time left, continuing this face off against the Willow Deity would be pointless. 

An explosive sound rang out. He turned into a wave of purple energy and rushed into the heavens, disappearing from this place. 

When Five Phase Mountain saw this, it directly tore open the void and entered the primal chaos, not daring to stay here any longer. 

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