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 Chapter 503 - All Arrived

This bone felt gentle in his hands. It released a soft radiance instead of dazzling brilliance, but it wasn’t dim either. It felt extremely comfortable when he held it. 

Shi Hao was greatly moved. He carefully confirmed his suspicions and sensed it. He believed that he had picked up a supreme treasure; this was definitely what he thought it was!

Immortal Mountain’s people weren’t able to recognize what this item was, which caused this supreme treasure to be hidden in the world of mortals, casually tossed over here. If they knew what it was, they definitely wouldn’t have treated it so carelessly. 

In the past, Shi Hao had seen half of it before. Part of it was in Stone Village, and it had given him great benefits. It opened up a path of cultivation and helped him establish his foundation. That was precisely the True Primordial Record that was left behind in the village. 

There was another half piece that he unexpectedly obtained from an auction in Stone Country Capital, and he carried it on him. He quickly brought it out, piecing these two sparkling bones together. 

Unfortunately, it still wasn’t complete, missing one final small piece. 

He began to develop his own suspicions. If he was able to piece together the complete bone, would that be another piece of the True Primordial Record?

Based on what the Willow Deity said, the True Primordial Record had a total of three pieces. 

The first was called Divine Guidance. Some of the giants in the higher realms had seen it before. The second was named Transcendence, which many people came down to search for without any luck.

Could it be that this was the second piece, Transcendence? He felt like that wasn’t likely to be the case.

“If it really is the middle piece Transcendence, I most likely wouldn’t be able to comprehend it yet. Those are things only those giants could touch upon,” he said to himself. 

The divine striking stone came over and appraised it, saying that it was at the least a heavenly bone. However, it was damaged now, so nothing was displayed on its surface and no imprints were visible.

The little pagoda drooled. It tried to entice Shi Hao into letting it devour it and merge it with its pagoda body.

Shi Hao naturally refused. The value of this bone was too great, and it was difficult to find throughout the world. There were no replacements for it. If it was destroyed, that would truly be a tragedy. 

The True Primordial Record came into being before the opening of the heavens. It existed within the primal chaos, according to the Willow Deity. The dao traces that were engraved on its surface were the most simple and plain type, but it possessed a type of miraculous force. 

It was something that was naturally produced, an existence of the natural force of this world. The birds and beasts engraved on it emerged one after another during the countless years after heaven and earth were established. 

Regardless, the material was the same. It was gentle and sparkling, something that was definitely related to the True Primordial Record. Even though Shi Hao was feeling great restlessness towards his parents’ matters, he was still excited right now. He was overjoyed at this unexpected good find. 

This was definitely an enormous find. When the two pieces were put together, only a small piece was left before it could become complete. When they were all pieced together, it would definitely bring him a great surprise. 

The divine striking stone cried out loudly, imitating Shi Hao’s attitude back when he was in the Hundred Shattering Mountains. It shouted noisily, “Mine, mine, all mine!”

The materials in this treasury were piled up like a mountain. They released precious splendor, as if there was a large mist of radiance filling this place. It was so dazzling that it made one dizzy, unable to free themselves from this sight. 

Rare materials were like straw here, piled up randomly one after another. As for divine materials, there were at least twenty types, causing the little pagoda to release a strange cry.

However, even at this juncture, it allowed Shi Hao to make the first move and collect what he wanted before it went in. 

It was truly unknown what kind of event happened in the past that made it become so cautious. It strictly complied with a type of ‘balance’, remaining so inflexible and accommodating on this matter. 

After looking through the items, Shi Hao became rather reluctant. The things here were too precious, for example the sun stone, which blazed with golden light. This was a fallen heavenly sun concentrated into a sparkling stone. It was turned into a fist-sized object. Unimaginable amounts of energy were contained within. 

Even those gods and devils in the higher realm treated this a as top quality precious material. The value of this item was extraordinarily great. 

“Yi, what luck! There was actually a piece of chaotic earth here?” The little pagoda was astonished and overjoyed. 

Chaotic earth wasn’t some ordinary object. It was a divine material that exceeded normal divine materials. It was difficult to find in this world, something that could be discovered but not sought. It was because there were imprints from the chaotic era inside that could be used to forge matchless precious artifacts. 

Back then in the Kun Peng nest, Shi Hao had obtained a piece. It wasn’t that large, but it was tricked away by the little pagoda. The piece this time was the size of an infant. 

“Good stuff!” The little pagoda laughed mischievously. It was going to devour it all in one go. 

Shi Hao stopped him. He wanted a piece for later on to make a precious artifact. However, in the end, his proposal was straight up rejected by the little pagoda. It told him that with its help, what weapon couldn’t be refined?

“I want to fix the imperishable battle clothes!” Shi Hao cried out, but it was too late. The inch tall little pagoda already completely devoured the pile of divine materials in front of it with a single gulp.

Shi Hao could only watch on helplessly. In the end, he provoked a look of disdain from it. “Hand over that piece of sparkling white damaged bone, and I can consider helping you find some divine materials.”

On the other side, the divine striking stone wasn’t polite either. Just like a human, it opened its mouth and continuously chomped down with ka cha ka cha sounds. All types of fragments and multicolored lights swirled through the air. 

Of course, there was still a large amount of materials the little pagoda didn’t care about. The stuff the divine striking stone didn’t eat was completely collected into Shi Hao’s heaven and earth pouch. 

These were all precious materials as well. Only, the little pagoda’s requirements were too high, so it only sought after divine materials or objects with original symbols. 

The remaining materials were going to be used by Shi Hao to replenish Stone Country’s treasury. Either way, they were Immortal Mountain’s things, and with them standing in opposition, this type of plundering didn’t leave him feeling guilty in the slightest. 

When they left the treasury, the divine striking stone belched from eating so much. Multicolored light was continuously released from its mouth, and it looked like it had become drunk. As for the little pagoda, it was completely satisfied. Its body was pure white, and all of the traces left behind by the great battle before had completely disappeared. 

Everything Immortal Mountain accumulated since the ancient times was seized by them. This type of loss was simply unimaginable. 

Outside, the great battle was intense. Immortal Heavenly Deity fought against that existence with the immortal aura of Five Phase Mountain.

“Yi, why is he still here? A projected image shouldn’t last this long!” The little pagoda was astonished. 

“Something’s off. He brought a strange magical artifact down with him.” Suddenly, it sensed something. A diagram that wasn’t previously there appeared on top of Immortal Heavenly Deity’s head. It was vague and indistinct, replenishing his scattering essence energy to allow him to fight longer. 

When Immortal Mountain discovered that their treasury had been plundered, their eyes turned completely red with anger. However, there was nothing they could do. Many people cried out loudly.

The little pagoda didn’t let any opportunities go. After coming out from the treasury, it began to sway back and forth, tearing apart the great formations here and not even letting the formation laying materials go. This even left Shi Hao a bit speechless. 

After leaving the treasury, the first thing Shi Hao did was speed towards Immortal Mountain’s medicinal fields. However, he only found wilted plants and a lack of spiritual essence. 

“How unfortunate!” He cried out in deep pain. 

It was without a doubt due to the that undying existence’s great devouring of energy after breaking free. All of the world’s foundational energy was sucked in, and the essence of sun and moon entered through his mouth. Not even the medicinal fields could avoid this tragedy. 

There were many spiritual medicines here, and it was truly a wonderland of precious medicines. However, they all withered up in the end, losing their best features. Even their roots suffered damage, making it difficult for them to continue growing. 

This place suffered tremendous losses. Shi Hao sighed inwardly and felt great regret. Did he have to leave this precious mountain empty handed? This was really going to drive him mad.

“Where is the holy medicine?” Shi Hao tossed all other thoughts out of his head and turned into the devilish brat again. He looked everywhere and even used the dual-pupil to find it. 

“Found it!” He released a cry of joy. There was a formation in the distance that was extremely well-hidden, and the spiritual essence there was cut off from the outside world. He quickly rushed in that direction. 

Along the way, he saw several rebirth ponds, but they had unfortunately dried up. He wasn’t even able to try them out. When that undying creature appeared, everything had been sucked dry. 

This was extremely unfortunate. There was precious liquid within these ponds, but it had all been wasted. 

“Little pagoda, hurry and break the formations.” Shi Hao was a bit nervous. This was the first time he got so close to a holy medicine. 

There were naturally experts within Immortal Mountain, especially this region. However, who could stop the little pagoda? With just a light sway, the divine formation was dug up, and a pile of materials was absorbed by it. 

The little pagoda’s benefits were undoubtedly the greatest. It had obtained many, many divine materials. 

“Yi, rainbow earth. Good stuff!” The little pagoda cried out. 

There was a spiritual pool here, but it had long dried up and had its spiritual essence exhausted. It was completely devoured by the undying creature through the great formation. 

There was still a stone pot here that swirled with five-colored divine light. This was a rarely seen gem that made the little pagoda drool and quickly rush over. 

“This is rainbow earth shed from Five Phase Mountain, something that can be used to grow divine materials. I always wanted to have a taste, and now I finally have the chance.” The little pagoda continuously laughed. 

“Don’t do it!”

Shi Hao stopped it, because there was a plant grown within the rainbow earth. It was rather strange-looking with five leaves. Each leaf was like the palm of an infant, but every single one of them was different in color. 

“Could this be the Immortal Mountain’s holy medicine, the Five Elements Tree?”

However this was clearly just a herb, and it was rather dispirited and downcast. Its leaves drooped, and it was on the verge of dying. Faint five-colored light flowed about it, and a sweet scent was wafting through the air. 

“Wu, in the lower realm, it can only be a herb. When it enters the higher realms, only then will it have a chance of becoming a tree and possess endless divine essence. However, this herb is still a holy medicine that was almost sucked dry by that existence. It is a holy medicine with tenacious vitality, so it is still alive.” The little pagoda also felt that it was a bit of a waste. 

“This is a holy medicine! Even though it is about to die and not much of its divine essence remains, we still have to bring it away in the slight chance that it is able to survive.” Shi Hao was extremely set on his decision. 

This time, the little pagoda showed a rare restraint, not devouring the five-colored earth. 

Qin Clan’s people were furious. Someone saw him bring away the precious pot that held the Five Elements Tree. All of their expressions changed, but they were powerless to stop him. 

“Good stuff. We finally got a truly important holy medicine. I hope it can recover.” Shi Hao was extremely happy. 

Back then, his parents came here precisely to beg for a few leaves of this medicine, but in the end, not only were they rejected, they were imprisoned. Today, the entire plant was taken away by him. 

“If this thing is brought into the higher realms, it can definitely produce a Five Elements Tree. Its value would be priceless!” The little pagoda gave its evaluation. 

Suddenly, it trembled, revealing shock. It looked towards the distance, and then it released a low cry. Something bad was happening. 

In the west, endless golden light blossomed, sending out auspicious multicolored light that filled the world. Then, an enormous figure emerged. It was dignified and solemn, merciful and holy. 

That was an enormous divine image. The entirely gold figure was even larger than a mountain as it sat in the sky. 

“Why did that guy from Western Sect send its projected image down here?!” The little pagoda’s expression became grave. 

That was an enormous magical projection. It quickly condensed a zhang six golden body. The golden and resplendent body quickly arrived. In its hands was a thumb thick green bamboo. 

The undying creature turned around and left, not deciding to continuously fight at all. 

What left the little pagoda shocked was that the undying creature was flying towards it. This was clearly done with bad intentions, as he was trying to split the burden. 

The little pagoda cried out loudly, “I set you free, yet you repay my kindness with such ill will?”

“Fight in my place for three days. After my foundational energy recovers a bit, there will be a generous reward,” said the undying existence. The golden wings covered heaven and earth, creating absolutely deafening noises.

The little pagoda didn’t give him a reply and directly left. It turned into a streak of light and split open the void. After wrapping Shi Hao in chaotic energy, it escaped without a trace. 

Fighting one versus three was definitely not something it was willing to do. It was never someone who liked to suffer losses.

Unfortunately, this undying existence’s speed was too fast. With a flap of his wings, golden multicolored lights surged. The endless great mountains on the ground were crushed into dust. He immediately caught up. 

He ran right behind them, involving the little pagoda and making it curse incessantly. 


A green jade-like, sparkling bamboo pointed forward, striking on the little pagoda’s body, making it tumble outwards.

Behind him, a zhang six golden body shone. It held the green bamboo as it rushed over to take action against it. 

The little pagoda was furious. He turned around and swept out its chaotic sword energy. All of it landed on the zhang six golden body; it was incomparably terrifying.

“You dare to take action against me! Be careful not to let me tear apart your temples!”

On the other side, Immortal Heavenly Deity and Five Phase Mountain caught up as well. They confronted the undying existence and wanted to suppress him while he was still weak.


Purple energy emerged from the east. An old ox appeared. It moved slowly, carrying a void figure as it descended. That existence carried an immortal sword on his back and also joined the battlefield. 

The little pagoda cursed. Why did they all suddenly come?

It fled and did not fight. It focused everything on increasing its speed, not stopping for even a moment anymore. Meanwhile, the undying existence was on guard, deciding not to fight them head on either and chased after the little pagoda without separating from it. 

The little pagoda was so angry it flipped out, but there was nothing it could do. 

It could only threaten the others, saying, “If you continue to chase after me, when all of your projected images scatter, I’m going to completely wipe out your inheritances in the lower realm!”

The appearances of these individuals one after another caused a strange transformation in the mysterious region. Life force began to flourish greatly. 

“Yi, a certain Archaic Precious World has opened. What a great opportunity.” The zhang six golden body said softly. 

This time, the undying existence that had been suppressed for endless years abandoned the little pagoda and directly rushed forward in search of that mysterious energy. 

The little pagoda cursed loudly and also chased after him, because it could sense that a great opportunity had appeared. 

“As expected, an Archaic Precious World has appeared!” The higher realms’ giants were all quite astonished. 

Shi Hao was brought along by the little pagoda, and they rushed towards that mysterious place at the first moment. He also felt rather amazed, because he saw some familiar faces here. Lan Yu, Shui Yue, Hong Huang, and the other noble ladies and geniuses from the higher realms he had met not too long ago were at the entrance. 

The little pagoda immediately rushed in, and the giants also followed it into the Archaic Precious World. 

“Willow Deity!” Shi Hao was shocked. He felt a heaven overflowing fluctuation that was extremely familiar. It belonged to the Willow Deity!

It had disappeared for many days in search of a great opportunity. Shi Hao didn’t expect to find its energy in the Archaic Precious World. It was clear that the emergence of this world was related to the Willow Deity. 

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