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Chapter 504 - Archaic Precious World


The sound of space shattering rang out. A sparkling green light flew over, striking against the little pagoda and making it tumble in the air. Its trajectory was affected, becoming a bit curved. 

“You have gone too far!” The little pagoda roared with fury. Several layers of its pagoda body shone at the same time. A powerful and ferocious Taotie that could devour all things flew out. It flew behind the little pagoda towards its pursuers. 

The zhang six golden body was rather shaken. The green bamboo pointed outwards, causing dao laws to continuously swirl about in defense. It finally struck the Taotie between its brows, sending it tumbling backwards and then dissolving it into nothingness. 

Western Sect’s master was extremely powerful. When he made a move, it wasn’t bold or powerful in appearance, but each time, it struck a crucial point that left the opponent feeling extremely uncomfortable. There was a supreme force at work. 

They already slaughtered into the depths of the Archaic Precious World. The zhang six golden body was fixated on the little pagoda, relentlessly pursuing it. Meanwhile, the others would occasionally attack the little pagoda as well. Thunderous natural laws sounded. 

Of course, the main reason for these individuals’ descent was to seal that undying existence. 

The golden wings flapped. Thick golden mists and powerful divine might fluctuations shook the boundless skies and great earth until they continuously collapsed. This Archaic Precious World suffered from unimaginable attacks. 

The undying existence was fighting intensely as well and doing everything he could to defend himself. The heavens were torn apart and dao sounds rumbled. He was incomparably powerful. The pinnacle of strength was displayed by his flesh. 

Stellar clouds lingered around his body. They seemed eternal and everlasting. A stellar stream cascaded downwards in a sparkling and resplendent manner. It was an incredibly magnificent sight. 


His left shoulder forcefully resisted a strike from Five Phase Mountain, leaving his body greatly shaken. However, he borrowed force from this, and his right palm released five-colored divine light that struck towards the powerful individual mounted on the ox. 

A metallic ring sounded. The other side pulled out an immortal sword. At this moment, the blazing sword radiance became everlasting, cutting apart all tangible matter. 

Five-colored divine light was hacked apart. The sharp energy was impossible to defend against, continuing to slice down on the undying existence. The rainbow sword light was too shocking!

The undying existence’s wings moved, sending out endless lightning. Golden feathers could be seen within it. They rumbled with explosive sounds, unexpectedly altering the trajectory of the sword light, guiding it towards the Immortal Heavenly Deity. 


Immortal Heavenly Deity formed a sky imprint with his hands and operated a world-shaking magical force to block the sword rainbow and neutralize this attack. Then, he once again chased after this undying existence.


The undying existence was besieged on all sides. His situation was dire. His foundational energy hadn’t recovered yet, causing him to be wounded. Golden blood flew outwards, splashing into the sky. Some of the blood scattered downwards, turning a mountain range into ashes. They couldn’t stop the great power of his true blood!

He raised his head and released a great roar. The world’s essence energy was frantically devoured and used to strengthen himself, replenishing his life source. He needed endless heaven and earth spiritual resources before he could reach his peak state again. 

Where is the Willow Deity? Shi Hao was startled. After entering, its aura suddenly vanished, concealing itself within the void. 

He wasn’t the only one. The others were also searching while fighting. They gradually entered the depths of the Archaic Precious World to find a great opportunity.

Everyone knew that this place definitely had a great natural force at work here, and that something incredible was going to emerge. Just now, the restrictions were stirred by others, causing an astonishing fluctuation to diffuse outwards, which was what exposed this place. 

It was clear that the Willow Deity successfully broke through the restrictions. This caused the others’ hearts to sink. They fought intensely while searching the area. Their divine senses were like a sea as they swept outwards, searching every inch of this place. 

The Archaic Precious World was extremely vast. It formed a world of its own. 

Just like that, they continued to explore while fighting intensely. 

At this moment, the little pagoda displayed its might. It was infuriated by Western Sect’s master. Its entire body was spotless white, pure, and glistening. Immortal great dao laws were released outwards to stop that green bamboo. 

Then, the layers on its pagoda body separated, forming several streaks of chaotic light that separately rushed at the zhang six golden body. They sent out endless divine might and smashed apart the space around them!

After being nagged continuously and being attacked several times, it had long become furious. It no longer retreated and attacked with full force. 

This several layered pagoda body contained tremendous divine might. They all released chaotic light that was extremely terrifying and possessed matchless strength. They contained a heaven opening aura that turned into primal chaos. 

The zhang six golden body swayed back and forth. Even though it was powerful, there was no way it was omnipotent. It reached out a large golden hand to stop the angry little pagoda that was smashing over, releasing a world-shaking sound.

Shi Hao gasped. He was protected within one of the pagoda’s layers and was able to see everything clearly. As that golden palm moved about, the voice was shattered and natural laws filled the air. It was incomparably powerful, as if there were endless stars fading in and out of existence.

No wonder it could take on the little pagoda’s body forcefully. This type of method was rarely seen since the ancient times. That golden body was too powerful and simply incomparable. 

However, after the little pagoda displayed its might, the situation also changed greatly. It became more and more intense. The several layered pagoda body seemed to crush down from the heavens, separately striking down on the zhang six golden body.


From behind the western sect master’s head, an enormous golden disk appeared. It was like a golden sun. It blocked the pagoda body, and after the two collided, the natural laws emerged and radiance blasted outwards in all directions.


The little pagoda shouted loudly. The pagoda body that had separated into several layers surrounded the zhang six golden body, turning that area into a cage. They pressed towards each other to reform the true precious pagoda. 


The most divine and holy energy erupted. It was an incredibly great explosion, as if the universe was opening up. Endless stellar rivers flowed about. The little pagoda reassembled its body and also sealed up that zhang six golden body.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao, his parents, and his brother were sent out. 

Everything Shi Hao saw left him feeling greatly shaken. The little pagoda was powerful after all, actually daring to devour the western sect master. Was he going to be devoured? Even though this was just a projected image, it was still too shocking.

The chanting of scriptures sounded, resounding through heaven and earth. The little pagoda’s entire body became golden. The matchless existence within its body was attacking to try and break out. 

“What great power!” Shi Hao was astonished. 

That golden magical projection passed through the void, extending towards every inch of space and affecting everyone’s minds. The earsplitting dao sound seemed to be able to refine all creatures in this world. 

It was clear that the little pagoda didn’t truly want to fight to the death with him. With a gentle sway, it flung that golden existence out again. 

Even though this was a projected image, the power it could display for a short period of time was no different from its real body. The zhang six golden body shone, and as he sat in the void, he seemed immortal. Scriptures were continuously being chanted. 


Golden light extended towards the little pagoda like chains to trap him.

The little pagoda sneered and released a light shout. “Explode!”

During the confrontation just now when it devoured the zhang six golden body, it left behind a layer of chaotic natural laws. Following this shout, a large rumbling sounded as it completely exploded. 

Around the zhang six golden body, space itself seemed to sink in. The surging divine force made it sink into the darkness, and even the golden body technique’s radiance was about to vanish. 

This type of battle was terrifying to the extreme. It was hard for either side to kill the other, as they were both existences that were hard to wipe out. Special methods had to be used, but at that point, they had to pay terrifying prices themselves as well. 

The darkness faded, and golden light flourished. The ruined land reformed, and that zhang six golden body sat there without being destroyed, continuing to exist there. The resplendent holy radiance became even brighter. 

As he chanted the scriptures, the area around his arms began to burn even more furiously. Golden arms appeared one after another, and in the blink of an eye, over a thousand appeared. They all slapped down towards the little pagoda together. 

Thousand hands golden body projection!

This was a matchless divine ability. In just a second, the power was raised to its peak. Only when a matchless expert was fighting a life and death struggle would this type of method appear. 

The little pagoda released a strange cry. It was struck by a golden arm, causing it to fly outwards. It never expected its opponent’s resolution to be so firm. He actually wanted to capture it. 

“You want to restrain me as a supreme weapon? You really are quite greedy!” The little pagoda said. 

Of course, there were ulterior motives as well. Back then, after the great battle against the higher realms, for the sake of recovering its body, it had stolen an extremely important relic from the Western Sect. This triggered a great disturbance, and the sect pursued it murderously.


The little pagoda flew outwards, suffering another blow. 

The sound of an explosion rang through the air. It also began to stake it all. Its entire body shone, and it increased in size by who knew how many times. It also sucked Shi Hao over, having him sit on the pagoda. 

“Borrowing your divine ability!” The little pagoda said. 

Its four-layer pagoda body was truly a bit lacking. Comparatively speaking, his injury was truly severe. If they fought for a long time, it would most likely suffer greatly.


The little pagoda felt a sea of divine might enter its body that came from the symbols in Shi Hao’s chest. It formed a divine chain and then smashed towards the zhang six golden body. 

Shi Hao’s true body was being protected, hidden within the primal chaos. He was seated in the pagoda, indirectly joining this intense battle. 

The little pagoda’s divine might was replenished, using his supreme being bone to release an extremely terrifying fluctuation. Matchless divine light flew about, submerging everything in front of it. The great dao rang throughout this place to resist the chanting of scriptures. 


This place exploded. Both sides flew out backwards. 

“Hurry, protect my parents!” Shi Hao was anxious, fearing that the shockwaves of the great battle might affect those below. 

Even though this world was extremely vast and boundless, a battle between individuals at this caliber was hard to measure with normal reasoning. As soon as they clashed, tens of thousands of lives would be wiped out, and even this world might be reopened. 

The little pagoda shone. The pagoda body sprinkled out several formation flags that entered the great earth, surrounding that place. They then disappeared from this world. 

In the distance, the shattered space reformed. The zhang six golden body reemerged. He no longer sat there, and with a piece of green bamboo with a width of a thumb that radiated sparkling green multicolored light in hand, he rushed forward to attack. 

Even though this attack looked simple, it contained the terrifying force of natural laws. Shi Hao could clearly see everything. He was greatly shocked. He had a vague feeling that there were the True Primordial Record’s plain laws inside of that attack.

The space in front of the green bamboo distorted. The world seemed to be on the verge of collapse, as if there were many stars that appeared and then vanished. It was too terrifying.


What was even more terrifying was that the undying existence was wounded as well. He also rushed over to this side, which caused Immortal Heavenly Deity to slaughter this way as well. 

These individuals surrounded the little pagoda and the undying existence. They took action together. All types of magical light flickered, and they rushed over together to suppress and kill them. 

“Let me borrow your divine ability!” The little pagoda shouted again. 

A sea of foundational energy appeared in Shi Hao’s heart. Then, that place shone, becoming like a little sun. A small figure that sat on top chanted sutras. 

Even though this precious bone didn’t fully mature, this sound still resounded through heaven and earth. Shi Hao sat on top of that little pagoda while wrapped within chaotic light. A supreme being’s divine might was being released from his body!

This made these individuals reveal looks of astonishment. Their eyes began to burn a bit more fiercely as they rushed forward. A hong sound resounded through the air. It was as if heaven and earth were being split apart. Multicolored light filled the sky, as if a great obliteration was unfolding. 

The situation was dire. It was not looking good at all. Several powerful individuals surrounded them, and they all attacked with all of their power. This place erupted with chaos. 


The undying existence once again spat out golden blood. His body staggered and moved behind the little pagoda. 

The little pagoda released a strange cry and continuously cursed.

Hua la la!

Suddenly, during this extremely dire situation, several blazing divine chains of order hacked through the skies, separately rushing towards the zhang six golden body, Immortal Heavenly Deity, Five Phase Mountain, as well as the expert on top of the mounted ox.

“Willow Deity!” Shi Hao cried out loudly from within. He naturally knew who was the one that took action. 

Those sparkling willow branches formed the most brilliant chains of order. There was nothing these extremely powerful chains couldn’t tear through. Pu. Immortal Heavenly Deity was the first one to suffer an attack. The formation diagram above his head directly exploded. 

Another willow branch wrapped around the zhang six golden body to imprison this extremely powerful sect master!

Another divine chain rushed over, releasing weng long sounds that made the sky shudder. It aimed straight for the space between the immortal sword expert’s brows, scattering the heavy purple energy there. 

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