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Chapter 502 - Immortal Heavenly Deity

It was as if stellar streams were fading in and out of existence, as if morning dew surged with multicolored light. It continuously flickered within this world. All types of light flew about chaotically, bringing out an order that was both complex and profound, but immediately after, they were extinguished again. 

The terrifying fluctuations and incomparable aura interweaved together. The sky was like a tattered painting. It swirled with a strange mist of radiance and released hua la la sounds. 

This scene was extremely abnormal, with natural laws that were difficult to peer into and complicated mysteries that were hard to understand. Chaotic light circulated about, creating a scene that was terrifying to the extreme. 

Heaven and earth were experiencing a great change! An unsurpassed powerful individual was about to emerge and descend into this world!

The inch tall little pagoda swayed gently. Pure white multicolored light scattered down, surrounding Shi Hao within to protect him. 


Not far away, a bronze ancient palace trembled. It came precisely from the one on Five Phase Mountain. It had not collapsed, and was currently resting within the mountain region. 

Green rust covered its surface, but right now, it was gradually coming off. The entire palace actually began to shine, becoming translucent like green jade. It almost didn’t seem like copper anymore and instead like precious jade. 

This sparkling and bright copper could be considered a rare sight. 

“The bronze cauldron located on an undying location!” The little pagoda said. It treated this situation seriously. If that person descended, then there would be huge trouble. It might even get caught up in the chaos and be forced to fight. 

In the distance, that existence went mad. His body was small and shriveled, but the golden wings seemed to approach the heavens as they reached beyond the clouds. Vast and mighty golden mists and multicolored light shone, and they rumbled with thunderous sounds. 

With a shake of these wings, the world began to explode!

This was an incomparably terrifying scene. Hehad gone crazy and no longer worried about the consequences. The heavens seemed to be like porcelain that had suffered an attack; cracks quickly emerged, and they extended far beyond this region. 

Meanwhile, below his feet, the surface of the ground directly ruptured, silently being annihilated and forming a gargantuan abyss. He shook the five element divine chains, causing metallic sounds to ring out incessantly. 


Five Phase Mountain shouted loudly. If it didn’t take action, this entire great earth would cave in and not a single blade of grass would remain. Immortal Mountain would inevitably vanish from existence. 

Fortunately, its five element foundation could transform all living things. It represented the five great origins of heaven and earth, powerful enough to protect this place. 


Following an explosive sound, the pair of golden wings descended. Thunder and lightning interweaved. Chaotic energy surged intensely. The type of force that was produced was powerful to the extreme as it shattered all restrictions.

The altar was blasted apart!

The five element divine chains that were locking down the immortal creature were bound to this altar, making it hard for that existence to flee. However, now that the ancient altar was broken, this existence was going to break free. 

The golden wings moved. The essence energy produced from the stellar streams outside this region endlessly converged on this location, entering those wings and rushing into his mouth and nose to quickly replenish his foundational energy. 

A giant from the higher realms was about to come down, leaving him with no choice but to fight with his life on the line. He no longer feared inflicting heavy injuries on himself as he used a secret technique to forcefully detonate that altar. 

The withered yellow hair on his head fell down to his feet, covering his dried and shriveled body. Golden beams of light shot out from his eyes into the sky as he gazed into the heavens. They were full of war intent. 

Five Phase Mountain shone. With a violent tremble, symbols covered the sky, forming five spheres of hazy radiance. This was a type of force made of the most basic power, and right now, it tried to trap that existence. 

Now that the situation developed to this point, sealing him became extremely difficult. Only after that giant from the higher realms descended and cooperated with it could they have a chance of success.

Symbol light rushed into the heavens and sprinkled down on heaven and earth. The chanting of scriptures sounded, and an enormous seated figure emerged in the air. A resplendent silver halo curled up around its entire body. 

Each time he chanted a word, an enormous mountain made from symbols would be produced. They crushed down towards that creature. This was an extremely bizarre and terrifying scene. 

“Immortal Heavenly Deity!” The little pagoda cried out. 

That person appeared after all! It sat in the air and continuously chanted sutras. A supreme power of will surrounded this place, making the entire mysterious region resonate and tremble in response. 

This was an existence with boundless might. Its figure was indistinct and seated high above in the ninth heaven. The silver white splendor formed a divine disk, and it was as if a great silver sun was surrounding him. 

Symbols were released from its mouth one after another. He chanted the Immortal Mountain’s scriptures, and didn’t hold anything back to eliminate this undying existence. 

Meanwhile, Five Phase Mountain coordinated with this attack, and at this moment, it truly turned into the form of a magical artifact. It turned into a precious imprint, and the engravings on it dated back to when the heavens opened.

It suspended itself above the Immortal Heavenly Deity’s head and resonated with it, assisting in the chanting of scriptures. The symbols formed divine mountains one after another to suppress that unrivalled existence. 

“Something isn’t right. This individual has just broken free after being suppressed for so long, and his foundational energy has been greatly injured. He better not be sealed again.” The little pagoda said. 

Shi Hao’s family was also nervously watching what was happening. His parents, in particular, were so happy to be able to finally reunite, with tears flowing emotionally down their faces. They were greatly worried that something unexpected would happen. 

There was only Qin Hao who was completely silent. His silver clothes were shining, and his little face was extremely serious. He firmly gripped his spear, his eyes seemed to be deep in thought as he observed everything. 


When the undying existence raised his head and released the first sound, it was a great roar. His head of hair shone, and his body seemed to be cast from gold. Matchless natural laws were being released. 

Above his head, symbol mountains were smashed apart one after another, crushed by his unrivalled war intent. When his wings moved, it was as if this world couldn’t contain his body. 

A hong sounded. The pair of golden wings were like divine swords as they sliced diagonally high into the sky. 

In the sky, the figure sitting in the sky continued to chant scriptures, but it also reached out a large, sparkling white hand. It was brilliant like jade as it slapped down. 

This strike was enough to make all powerful figures tremble, and it flowed with undying energy. This was a confrontation between great daos, as well as a battle between conviction and will. 

That area exploded, and it was as if everything was going to be wiped out.

The precious imprint formed by Five Phase Mountain scattered down a screen of light, locking down all of the shockwaves of these attacks and protecting Immortal Mountain. A large portion of the divine force was redirected outside this region. 

After this strike, the undying existence’s body staggered. His body was completely golden, but it was still dried up and shriveled without the chance to completely recover. It suffered quite greatly. 

However, his war intent still surged ferociously. He wasn’t afraid. The energy within his body erupted, and his body instantly enlarged. It was as if it could support both heaven and earth as it towered into the heavens. 

Everyone could see divine force frantically swirling. Lightning crackled as it weaved about. There was a type of pressure that was hard to describe all around him that made all living things wish to look up to him. 

Soon after, symbols rumbled, and his wings unfolded. Heavy golden mist overflowed into the heavens. Outside of his body, a ring of light curled up around him like stellar streams. He looked like an ancient existence that had existed before the opening of the world. 

This was an absolutely shocking confrontation. His arms formed imprints before smashing outwards. 

The seated figure swayed. The great silver sun around him was blasted through, forcing him to stand up. He also began to form magical imprints before slapping downwards to confront his opponent. 

“So young!”

The instant the silver light was split apart, Shi Hao was able to barely make out that heavenly deity. His young outwards appearance that wasn’t over eighteen or nineteen years old was incomparably handsome and full of vitality. 

This seemed different from the dignified, ancient, and declining appearance he was expecting. It completely toppled over what he was expecting. 

In the sky, a great battle shocked the world. This was a collision of the great dao!

“Father, mother, little brother, we need to hurry and leave!” Shi Hao did not feel good about the Immortal Mountain’s currently dangerous situation. He didn’t want to stay here any longer. He was going to bring his loved ones far away from this place. 

“I’m not leaving!” Qin Hao shook his head. He looked at the sky with firm and resolute eyes. 

The little pagoda seemed to have felt something. It released chaotic energy to touch the strange supreme being aura that was being released from the altar. 

As soon as it touched it, countless symbols rose up from within. Within the vague sounds, draconic cries sounded. One could fuzzily see a divine phoenix undergoing rebirth. It was an extremely strange sight. An indescribable type of dao aura was swirling about. 

“What is this? The foundation for creating man made supreme beings?” The little pagoda said to itself. It shot the young Qin Hao a look. 

As soon as this altar moved, the old heavenly deity in the sky was immediately affected. The sutras being chanted from his mouth sent down a divine will. It was grand and divine, and it also possessed a type of dignified awe. 

“How can my Immortal Mountain’s bloodline be meddled with by outsiders?!”

“Heavenly deity, I’m not leaving!” Qin Hao cried out loudly. 

Shi Hao frowned, but he didn’t say anything.

Shi Ziling and his wife grabbed their second son’s hands. Their eyes contained anxiety, as well as a type of worry. They then looked at the strange altar. 

“Quite troublesome!” The little pagoda spoke. It stared at the altar. 

At this time, the simple and ancient-looking altar flowed with radiance. Divine chains of order descended one after another, connecting with Qin Hao and resonating with him. 

“Little pagoda, bring them away!” Shi Hao said. 

He didn’t have a single good impression of Immortal Mountain. Back then, they didn’t save him, someone they had a blood connection with, treating him like weeds on the side of the road. However, not only did they choose to ignore him, they also imprisoned his parents, injured his grandfather, and even tried to seize Stone Country. 

He stood in opposition against Immortal Mountain. The grudge between them was difficult to dissolve. He did not wish for his family to be here and wanted to bring them to a peaceful and safe place. 

“I do not need you to arrange my path!” Qin Hao’s eyes radiated brightly as he strictly refused. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. He indeed didn’t have the right to affect his little brother’s path, but if he was left here, he truly wouldn’t feel at ease. Immortal Mountain wasn’t some good place. 

Shi Ziling and his wife opened their mouths. They embraced Shi Hao, then pulled on Qin Hao, but after looking at the altar, they didn’t find the right thing to say. They knew that the situation was complex, and that their second son’s growth was deeply tied to this place.


In the sky, intense noise sounded. The confrontation continued. Silver spheres of light exploded. Immortal Mountain’s heavenly deity reappeared, and that undying existence also backed up. 

The little pagoda laughed loudly and said, “So it turns out to be a projected image from the higher realms and not the descent of his true body. It can only display its might for a short period of time. That was what I was thinking. If one wishes to come down, they have to pay a bloody price, so how could it have been that easy?”

“Little pagoda, help me!” Shi Hao secretly transmitted sound, his voice carrying a pleading tone. He wished for his family to leave this place and did not want anything unexpected to happen. He wished to spend some time alone with his loved ones. 

“Who cares how strange he is? We’ll completely loot them first!” The little pagoda said. Its body shone, and primal chaos scattered outwards, surrounding this place. With a shua sound, regardless of whether it was the altar, Shi Ziling, his wife, or Qin Hao, they were all sucked into the pagoda’s body. 

“That is one of Immortal Mountain’s people. You cannot truly bring him away.” Then, in the void, the Immortal Heavenly Deity spoke. However, he didn’t intervene and continued to fight against that undying existence. 

The little pagoda laughed coldly, but didn’t pay any attention to him. It was patiently waiting, because this was a projected image of the Immortal Mountain heavenly deity. The amount of time it could display its might for was finite. 

As expected, soon after, the undying existence no longer staggered backwards. He occupied the advantage and began to push forward murderously. Even though he would still be suppressed by Five Phase Mountain from time to time, which inflicted great damage to him, his war intent still became increasingly astonishing. 

It was extremely difficult to kill him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been sealed here. 

“Hah, to the treasury!” The little pagoda said. It brought Shi Hao with it and disappeared in a flash. 

It only needed to sweep out its divine will once, and everything could be found. It was simply too easy and done with great experience. He found a sealed cave in one go. 

Chaotic sword energy swept out, destroying the restrictions and turning the stone gates into broken pieces. Precious light swirled about so blindingly that it made one’s eyes sore. 

Shi Hao was still a bit preoccupied before, always thinking about his parents and younger brother, but after he entered this place, he was stupefied. There were so many divine objects! Immortal Mountain’s hidden wealth was truly great!

A pile of divine materials greeted his eyes. They were sparkling and translucent and swirling with auspicious multicolored light. Dazzling mists surged, and astonishing divine fluctuations rippled outwards. 

The little pagoda laughed loudly. Not even it expected that the spoils would be so great. It immediately saw many heavenly treasures that shone with great divinity. 

“Brother Hao, you are my god, Pagoda grandpa, you are the light that guides my path.” The divine striking stone woke up, swaying within Shi Hao hair as it did its best to flatter him. There were precious materials here that it needed as well. 

Even Shi Hao who had witnessed Stone Country’s treasury was left stupefied. This place was auspicious, peaceful, and too beautiful. Countless treasures were piled up together. 

“En?” He noticed a damaged piece of bone in the corner that was sparkling white and moist. Compared to the divine materials, it didn’t seem that eye-catching. However, he was actually greatly alarmed and rushed over to grab it. 

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